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The light of the dark

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Izuku looked at Katsuki’s wings that surround him. He could hear people demanding Katsuki to answer questions, Izuku turned, wrapping his small arms around on e of Katsuki’s legs, his wings and body quivering in fright.


“Hey, it’s okay.” Katsuki said, peeking down from a space between his wings. Izuku looked up. “I promised to protect you right, people like us need to stick together.”


“Okay Kacchan… why they mad?” Izuku asked


“Because they are idiots and despite training to be heroes clearly don’t know when they scared the fuck out of a child.” Katsuki looked up glaring at his class mates, Izuku gasped.


“Bad word Kacchan.” Izuku whispered.


“Oh yeah… tell no one and don’t repeat it.” Katsuki added, Izuku giggled, he let go of Katsuki’s leg and peeked from between his wings, looking up at the other teens. All they could see was one bright Emerald eye, and soon followed by a growling noise. Katsuki peeked down at him.  “Hungry?”


“Can we have Katsudon?” Izuku asked happily.


“Let’s see if we have the stuff to make it.” Katsuki said, stopping for a moment, he looked at his class. “Touch him and I will kill you.” He warned, and slowly raised his wings, Izuku stood there looking at him. “this is my class of idiots.”


“Hi I’m Izuku!” Izuku waved. They all stared at him in shock, even more so when Katsuki lifted him up and carried him into the kitchen.  They ended up following them, Katsuki set Izuku on the side and began to look through the cupboards.


“Dude is it safe to put the kid there?” Kirishima asked


“I can fly!” Izuku said proudly, they glanced at him nervously. Izuku fluttered his wings a bit. “Kacchan, can we fly tomorrow?” He asked


“We’ll ask Nezu.” Katsuki said

“Yay!” Izuku beamed.  Katsuki pulled out ingredients to make Katsudon, saying nothing to his classmates, but listening to Izuku mumbled about how he hopes his Dad was okay.


“He should be fine, after all, he gave himself up without fighting as long as you were safe. And as long as you remain safe, he won’t do anything that would put himself in danger.” Katsuki said as he got to work.


“But, what if I become not safe?” Izuku asked


“Then I feel sorry for the person who puts you in danger cause you Dad will likely kill them. And he did warn the heroes.” Katsuki said


“His dad… who is that?” Mikumo asked


“Papa is All For One, he has powerful quirk and-and he got me a Eevee onesie from Christmas!” Izuku beamed.


“So, his dad is a villain, and you just fine with that? You’re actually glad he is okay?” Kirishima asked in horror. Katsuki frowned.


“You wouldn’t understand.” Katsuki said, it was true, they could never, even if they were told…


“OI BRAT!” Bakugo Mitsuki yelled out, scaring the class.


“IN THE KITCHEN!” Katsuki called back.


Masaru and Mitsuki entered, Mitsuki immediately went to Izuku, ignoring her son completely. Mitsuki beamed.


“You are so cute.” She cooed, squishing his cheeks. Izuku giggled.


“Hi, I’m Izuku.”  He greeted.


“I’m Mitsuki, I am that brat’s mother.” Mitsuki pointed at Katsuki, Izuku looked at them and giggled.


“You look the same!” He giggled.


“Don’t compare me to the hag!” Katsuki growled. But Izuku had turned to Masaru.


“Do I look like my Heaven-Mama?” Izuku asked, Masaru ruffled his hair.


“Yes, you know your mother was renown for her beauty, she had the unusual trait of green hair, one you have gladly inherited.” Masaru smiled, Izuku patted his own curls happily, blushing at his words.


“Like Mama…” He muttered happily.



Mitsuki and Masaru sat with Izuku in the living room, Masaru’s wings were still on show, so Izuku had sat next to him, under his wing as Mitsuki read him a book. Masaru couldn’t help but glance and Mikumo, he had considered Flame thrower, or Midoriya Hisashi a good friend, Katsuki and Mikumo being the best of friends growing up and being in U.A never changed that. H looked back down at Izuku, but knowing Izuku’s heritage, that easily could. He didn’t know if Mikumo was a danger to them, but he hoped not, for the sake of his son’s friendship.


“Dinner!” Katsuki called, Izuku jumped up, ready to give Katsuki’s Katsudon a try. Masaru and Mitsuki smiled at each other when some new friends of Katsuki’s had managed to get him to make them some. Izuku happily dug in, his wings fluttering happily.


“Dude, where did you get wings from, like have you always had them or..” Kirishima asked


“Always, can hide them, so I do. Kinda changed cause the brat took a liking to me.” Katsuki said, Izuku look up with rice on his cheeks and eyes gleaming with curiously. Ashido awed and reached forward wiping his cheeks clean.


“He is so adorable. Izuku right… didn’t the villains say they were fighting for an Izuku.” Ashido said


“Yeah, that’s who we all assumed the big boss was.” Katsuki smirked.


“Papa and Nii-chan said, um… That they will make the world.. worthy of me. So I can be happy and not hurt by bad people.” Izuku said. “Papa said I can be a hero, and-and they will always love me if I did!” Izuku added happily. The hero students could look at Izuku with soft smiles.



After eating they returned to common room, Izuku giggled from his place between Katsuki’s wing and Masaru’s, Mitsuki was chuckling at the sight of the small boy giggling between them.


“What are you?” Mikumo asked, frowning. Katsuki looked at him, and then looked at his dad.


“What are you talking about Yamikumo, their human…” Kirishima smirked.


“No, you’re not.. you are aunt Mitsuki… but you three… I always thought it was weird, but you feel different.” Mikumo said, Masaru actually froze, Katsuki stood up and faced Mikumo frowning.


“If you can feel the difference… what are you?” Katsuki growled out.


“Kacchan…” Izuku whispered, everyone looked at him, the boy was shivering. “Shadow is coming…”


“Shadow…” Masaru repeated. “A demon…”


“Flame Thrower…” Katsuki turned to the window, where he could see the U.A Gate, the hero walked through, and Katsuki couldn’t help but notice the shadow behind him.


“Who called him here…” Masaru asked


“I did…” Mikumo said, “I… I couldn’t help but notice he looks like my dad…”


Katsuki picked Izuku up, who had began to cry, Katsuki looked at his dad.


“We have to run, if he finds us three here like this…..” Katsuki looked sickened, which was a shock to the rest of the class. Their blood ran cold at Katsuki’s final words.


He’ll kill us.