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The light of the dark

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Bakugo Katsuki fought against the bonds, he had to get free, get back to his class. He glared at all the villains around him, the ones who had attacked the camp looked very pleased with themselves. I am gonna make them regret this… IS THAT A FUCKING CHILD? Bakugo could only stare as a young boy, about 2 toddled out into the bar, looking like he just woke up from a nap.


“Zuku, what you doing up, it’s late.” The leader, fucking Hand-fetish, Bakugo called him, put on gloves that cover all but two fingers, and lifted the child up. Zuku yawned.


“Want Mua-nii…” he mumbled, getting comfortable.


“Aw, you keep getting all his love Shigaraki, leave some Izuku for the rest of us!”  The gemstone villainess pouted.


“Go find your own baby brother to bother.” Shigaraki muttered annoyed but cradled the child carefully to his chest. The child, Izuku Bakugo noted, cuddled into the villain happily. Shigaraki smiled softly. “Go back to sleep Zuku. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.” Izuku nodded, It wasn’t long before he had fallen into a nap again, small fingers clinging to the villains shirt.


What the fuck?” Bakugo muttered in shock. He thought back to the U.S.J. The villains spoke about fighting for Izuku, was this who they were fighting for? A child? He thought back to what Yamikumo said, that like heroes, villains have a reason for doing what they do. It would be a few more hours before Katsuki found out the reason for the league.





Bakugo jolted awake at a pat on his leg, he looked down at the child who had so calmly gone to sleep on the villain’s lap.


“Who you?” He asked


“Bakugo Katsuki, who are you?”


“Call Izuku!” The child beamed, his wings fluttering happily. “Can you play?”


“I’m a bit tied up.” Bakugo muttered, Izuku nodded, and ran from the otherwise empty room. He came back with Tomura.


“You sure Zuku?” He asked concerned. Izuku nodded, the villain sighed, glaring at Bakugo. “don’t you dare try anything, hurt him and we kill you.” He let him out of the bonds, Bakugo rubbed his wrists, before Izuku grabbed his shirt and pulled him along, taking him out into a small garden, where the other villains were sitting.


Bakugo remained silent as the child, Izuku, placed a flower crown on his head. The villains were watching him carefully, it was clear to Bakugo that they would leap in if he proved himself a threat to the child. Izuku seemed so different to the villains, he seemed panicked at the idea of him being hurt… he was more hero then villain in this case.


“He is more of a hero…” Tomura spoke out, Bakugo looked up at him. But Tomura was watching Izuku with a small smile. “But the heroes don’t deserve him… not after what his own… biological father did.”


“Who’s his biological dad?” Bakugo asked


“Flame thrower.” Tomura replied, Izuku looked up at his name with a concerned look.


“He has a demon. They follow him round ca-cause of a deal.” Izuku said


“A demon?” Bakugo stopped. “You’re an earthen Angel…” The villains shifted uncomfortably.


“You better not tell anyone that. We don’t want to put him in danger.” Tomura scowled.


“How did you find him?” Bakugo asked curiously.


“Abandoned in a dumpster. New born.” Tomura replied. Katsuki froze, looking at the happy child making more flower crowns.


“You took him in… you saved him.” Bakugo realised, as Izuku got up to give Tomura a flower crown.


“Surprised to hear of villains doing a good deed?” Dabi asked, he was watching Izuku with a smile.


“I guess… I didn’t think there were any free ones left…” Bakugo muttered


“You know about them? How did you find out?” Tomura asked, Bakugo didn’t even notice another villain join them.


“My dad’s one… luckily he can hide his wings. I am guessing Izuku is a… dream granting Angel, rare, powerful. Right thing to keep him safe from the world.” Bakugo said, remembering what his father told him about his kind… their kind.


“That makes you one too.” Tomura said


“Yeah… We’re known as… I can’t quite remember, but we’re meant to rain justice and stuff. We can hide our wings which helps a lot.” Bakugo said, Izuku gasped and stared at him.


“You have wings too? Can I see?” He asked, Bakugo gave a small nodded, and two amber wings appeared. Izuku stared at them with shining eyes, before he giggled and sat next to Bakugo, so he would covered by one of his wings.

“You are the first earthen angel he has ever seen.” Sensei said, from where he sat next to Tomura. Izuku beamed.


“Papa!” He waved, Sensei smiled softly.


“Do you know how to fly?” Bakugo asked, Izuku nodded. “Heal?” Another nod. Bakugo thought. “I probably should have learnt what others can do.”


“I grant wishes!” Izuku smiled.


“Yep, that is specific to your kind of angel. I sort of have a sword.” Bakugo explained. “See earthen angels can be different kinds from their parent. My Dad is a guardian Angel. He is able to lead people down the right path in difficult times. And his special power is basically being able to guide people in their minds. My sword helps me bring down demons. That’s my power.”


“You can fight demons…” Izuku stared at him with wide eyes, Bakugo nodded.


“Never really encountered one before… so never really needed too. But if Flame thrower has one… then I have to break their deal… somehow… I honestly have no idea what I am doing when it comes to being an earthen angel.” Bakugo admitted. Izuku leaned against him, patting his arm in understanding. Sensei looked at Tomura, who gave him a sad look back, they both understood what the other was thinking, and they knew the others were going to like the idea.


“If there comes a time, we are found by the heroes. Anytime anyone of us can care for him. You will need to protect him.” Sensei said, Bakugo looked at him.


“But, I’m a hero… you’re villains.” He asked


“You are our enemy yes, but you are the same as Izuku. It would be dangerous for people to find out about you, you understand how urgently we need to keep him safe.” Tomura said. “And, if the time comes we have to part… it would be better for us to know he is with someone like him, then someone like his father.”


“I can do that…but what about his mother?” Bakugo asked


“She is not on earth… she has visited a few times… and is watching over Izuku, but she says his destiny’s on earth, and this is where he must stay.” Sensei said. Bakugo nodded.


“Between me and my dad… we can keep him safe if the time comes.” Bakugo nodded. He didn’t trust them, sure, they were trying to kill All Might, but they were also protecting someone like him. And he trusted their judgement on keeping him safe. Bakugo curled one on his wings around Izuku slightly, he had not shown them off in years… it was nice to have them out in the open… maybe one day they could all live without the fear of being imprisoned…