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The light of the dark

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It was late at night as the league of villains gathered together, sensei stood next to Tomura as everyone settled down.

“Right, this is an important meeting, Christmas is upon us, and we need to make it perfect for Izuku.” Tomura said, the villains murmured in agreement. “We spilt you all into groups to get everything done on time. Crystals team is in charge of getting gifts. Deimos’s team in charge of dinner, for mow just see how many people are joining and plan. Astral’s team is in charge of decorating. The decorating needs to happen tomorrow, Kurogiri, Sensei and I are taking Izuku to go and get a tree.” Tomura said, Kurogiri handed everyone a check list  with their team and list of what they needed to do. “He was too young to understand Christmas properly last year, so let’s make this one great.” They cheered quietly, as no one wanted to wake the sleeping angel.


“Ready to go?” Sensei asked, sorting out his jacket, Tomura nodded, Izuku was bouncing up and down next to him. He was bundled up warmly, his eyes shining. “You have to hold Tomura’s hand all the time Zu, no running off, Okay?”

“Yes Papa!” Izuku nodded in understanding.

“Good, you ready to go Kurogiri?” Sensei glanced at the other man.

“Yes. Just had to get my own list.” Kurogiri showed him a small piece of paper. Sensei nodded, and smiled.

“Okay, let’s go then.” Sensei smiled. Izuku cheered happily as they left the bar.


They first went in search of a tree, finding a couple on the street that were selling Christmas trees. Izuku gasped happily upon seeing them. Cheeks red from the cold.

“Right, so we need a Christmas tree. Think you can find the perfect one Izuku?” Sensei asked, Izuku looked up at him excitedly.

“I get to pick?” He asked

“Yes, I think you are old enough to find the right one.” Sensei smiled, Izuku beamed, tugging on Tomura’s arm, pulling him along behind him to look at the trees. Sensei and Kurogiri chuckled at the sight.


“What about this one Zu?” Tomura asked, patting a particular big tree. Izuku looked at it, and patted it too. Giggling, he beamed.

“Feels bouncy.” He giggled, and hugged it. “I like this one.” Izuku smiled looking up at his big brother. Tomura smiled and looked towards they had come, waving over Sensei and Kurogiri. Sensei chuckled at the sight of Izuku hugging the tree.

“That the one?” He asked, Izuku giggled nodded. They got the tree, and Kurogiri easily took it home.

“What now?” Izuku looked up at the adult.

“We need to buy new tree decorations.” Tomura smiled. Izuku’s eyes light up.


All Might was saw he saw him. With a young adult and a child… it couldn’t have been…

He was very conflicted, scared and overall worried for the safety of everyone in the mall. But after trying to trail him, he lost him. All Might sighed and continued his own shopping, but it was still on his mind…

Could AFO still be alive?


“This colour is pretty.” Izuku help up gold tinsel, Sensei added into the basket. Kurogiri went off to grab his own few things for Izuku for Christmas, Tomura was still close, but obviously debating what Izuku deserved. Sensei patted his shoulder and told him to go and find something, to take his time and giving him some money. Tomura thanked him and hurried off.

“Now Tomura’s gone… what do you want to get him for Christmas?” Sensei asked, Izuku looked up at him, as he held a big box of baubles.

“Um… a new game!” Izuku smiled

“What don’t we have a look in a game shop after okay. Let’s get two boxes of them, to make sure we have enough.” Sensei said, Izuku giggled and nodded.


“They have a special one, look.” Sensei pointed at what he believed to be a special Pokemon themed switch.

“Oho…” Izuku pressed his face on the glass. “Can we get him that?”

“Of course, that seems to come with a game. Let’s find one more for him shall we?” Sensei smiled, Izuku nodded.


As soon as the got back, they all decorated the tree together, Izuku ended up with tinsel tied around his forehead like a makeshift halo. Sensei passed him a star and Izuku flew up to put it at the top of the tree, then he let himself fall into Sensei’s arms.

“It so pretty Papa!” He beamed up at the tree as Kurogiri turned on the lights.

“It is. Good work, the both of you.” Sensei smiled at the two younger boys. Tomura blushed lightly, and Izuku giggled clapping his hands.


It seemed Christmas has leapt upon them after. Izuku was sitting on a giant Snorlax teddy in an Eevee onesie, Tomura sitting on it next to him. Izuku watched as he played his new Pokemon game. Izuku was giggling, and pointing at pokemon for him to catch. Sensei smiled softly at the scene. It was around 10 am when a few villains began to show up.


“~Tomura~. ~Dabi~” Crystal grinned, pointed to the ceiling above their head. They two of the looked up to find themselves under mistletoe.

“You b…” Tomura was cut off by Dabi grabbing him by the shirt and kissing him.

“What Mua-nii doing?” Izuku asked.

“Kissing Dabi… well, Dabi’s kissing him.” Crystal grinned.

“I think this is more on mutual terms and they are now kissing each other.” Astral smirked “’Bout time.” He added.

“But why?” Izuku frowned, Crystal pointed to the mistletoe.

“During Christmas, if you and someone stand under the mistletoe, you have to kiss.” She explained.

“Oh.” Izuku said. No one could have expected what Izuku did over the next few hours. He was grab someone close to him, tug them over until they stood under the mistletoe and then demanding kisses. Of course everyone went with it. Crystal filmed it.


“Mua-nii?” Izuku yawned as Tomura tucked him in.

“Yeah?” He looked at his baby brother, Izuku smiled tiredly.

“Can we do this again?” He asked, “Super fun.”

“Every year Izuku, every year.” Tomura promised kissing his forehead.