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The light of the dark

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Tomura was playing one of his new games. A TV had been set up in the living room in a room behind the bar. Dabi was lying on the sofa, Stain sat discussing something with Astral and Deimos . Crystal stood outside the room, having just gotten back from shopping. She had found a few cute shirts and had managed to get into one.

“Okay! Go get them tiger.” Crystal smiled, quickly taking a picture of the boy. The angel looked up at her, emerald eyes swimming with confusion.

“I’m not a tiger Crystal-nee. I’m Angel.” Izuku told her, he patted her arm. “Bit its okay if you forget.” Crystal couldn’t help but coo at him.

“You’re just too cute Izuku.” She beamed. “Now, go and show everyone your new shirt.” Izuku looked at it, before nodded, giggling as he entered the room.

“Mua-nii.” Izuku smiled, running over to his brother. Tomura quickly paused his game to capture Izuku in his arms as Izuku reached him. Izuku snuggled into Tomura’s embrace as he usually did, wings fluttering happily. Tomura looked down at him with a smile, Izuku’s bright green eyes shone happily.

“Hey there zu, weren’t you taking a nap?” Tomura asked

“Awake now, want hugs.” Izuku said

“Ah, little Zu, the hugging villain. He will hug and shower you will all the love.” Tomura teased, snuggling Izuku, who giggled.

“Share all the love! Crystal-nee got me anew shirt.” Izuku smiled, he sat back to show it off. Tomura smiled at what the shirt read “Natural Born Cuddler”

“Ah, it speaks the truth. You were born to embrace the world with your hugs.” Tomura smiled, quickly embracing him again, whispering. “Why don’t you go and give everyone else a hug? I know they’ll love it.” Izuku nodded, giggling happily. As soon as Tomura let him go, he rushed to Dabi, giving his arm a hug. Dabi smiled, lifting him up so Izuku looked down at him.

“Gotcha, not letting you go now.” Dabi told him, Izuku giggled as Dabi let him down so Izuku was laying on his chest.

“You’re silly.” Izuku said, reaching up and patting Dabi’s cheek. “Silly” He added as if to emphasis his words.

“You’re so sill Dabi.” Tomura teased.

“Oh get a room you two.” Astral said teasingly.

“But they are in a room.” Izuku looked confused. Dabi covered Izuku’s ears before replying.

“Piss off asshole, don’t taint the angel.” Dabi growled

“Watch your language too.” Astral warned. Dabi glanced at Izuku, who was looking at him with confusion.

“Shut up.”  Dabi muttered, before uncovering Izuku’s ears. Izuku shook his head a little, before lying his head down on Dabi’s chest. Dabi patted his back, only glaring up at Crystal when she showed up taking a picture.

“What, I am making this really cute photo album… have ever since I joined. I need more cute pics to throw in!” Crystal pouted, Tomura shook his head.

“I want to see it later” He told her.

“Sure thing. Now Smile Dabi.” Crystal grinned. He huffed, but when Izuku started poking his cheek, he couldn’t stop the small smile. Of course Crystal got that pic. Izuku crawled off Dabi’s lap to grace Astral and Deimos a hug. They both happily hugged him back, causing Izuku to giggle happy. Before he went over to Stain and held out his arms to the Hero Killer.

“Up.” He said, Stain happily olbged, lifting the boy up easily and rest him on his lap. Izuku beamed and hugged him. Stain with a small smile, yet with a thoughtful expression. He petted Izuku’s head for a bit, before he decided it was time for him to talk up.

“You still want me to make that wish, don’t you?” He asked the child, Izuku looked up at him, and the others looked their way. Izuku nodded.

“Lots of people hurt because of it… Like Abi-nii.” Izuku frowned. “They help, but hurt, and it’s wrong… you want to stop them. And I want to help. The wish is a good wish… and will make many people smile.” Izuku explained. Stain smiled.

“You have a good heart Izuku. You would make a great hero. Though, I think you are already in many ways.” Stain told him. Izuku smiled happily. “Are you okay with granting a wish now?” Stain asked, Izuku’s eyes widened as he beamed.

“You gonna wish the bad guys being good guys away?” Izuku asked excitedly.  The other heroes watched carefully as Stain nodded.

“I wish, that all heroes, government officials and police, that are using their position of power to cover their misdeeds are exposed to the people to be properly prosecuted.” Stain said, Izuku beamed, the Arcane halo appearing around his curls once more. Hair white and eyes gold, this appeared for only a moment, but again, if felt like hours. Izuku then beamed up at Stain.

“All done!” He said, he frowned a little. “Can I have a snack?” Izuku asked. Tomura smiled, walking over and picked Izuku up. Pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“I think after that, you deserve a few snacks.” Tomura said. “I am sure we can twist Kurogiri’s arm when we explain why.” Izuku smiled happily.


Over the next few days, corrupted heroes, police and government officials were being outed and dealt with. The villains of the league took great joy from this, gathering in the bar to celebrated. Watching the news as civilians  would watch the sports festival, cheering and laughing. Izuku would watch over the scene from his place in Sensei’s arms.

“Papa?” Izuku asked, Sensei looked down at him, Izuku was watching the villains, he expression a little sad. “It is okay I’m not like you? Not a villain. That I want to make people smile like a true hero?” Sensei sighed softly, turning Izuku to face him.

“Izuku. You’re heart is pure, and I know that will never change. I will always love you, you’re my son. I’ll be happy as long as you are.” Sensei told him. Izuku smiled softly and snuggled into him. “And even though all of us here are villains, despite the fact you will always be a hero in the eyes of the law, we will be here for you. Always. Never forget that.”

“I won’t.” Izuku promised.