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The light of the dark

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Tomura was playing a new game, Izuku was curled up on his lap, his head resting on his right leg. It had been two months since  the playground incident, and Tomura wasn’t too keen on taking back any day soon. But Kurogiri had worked on a small garden outside the bar, Izuku loved it. He loved flowers too, the villains were quick to bring all sorts of plants to put around the garden, leaving ta grassy area for Izuku to play, but for now he was quite happy just to lay on his stomach and nap in the sun light. Tomura was always the one to watch out for him. He watched his baby brother nap in the sun, his hair and feathers ruffling in the light breeze. Tomura had been in the news for a while, whilst Heroes did their best to try and keep him out. A lot of mothers from the park spoke out, hoping the mysterious big brother who had saved them were watching as they thanked him as goodness knew how long it would take for heroes to finish negotiating with the villain. The whole incident didn’t paint the heroes in a good light, not as everyone was talking about it, and they made sure that the media knew that the heroes had told off the teen for saving his little brother and for protecting them. Sensei laughed about it, taking joy that a lot of people were now complaining about the heroes.


“The villain targeted his little brother, he was the only one fast enough in the area to take the villain out before there were any injuries. He saved his baby brother, he saved us. And the heroes arrived only to tell him off, as if he had broken the law.” A mother said, holding her daughter as her husband stood at her side.

“The law states that quirks can be used in self-defence. To stop yourself getting hurt, or to prevent someone else getting hurt. He acted quickly, faster then any heroes. What gave the heroes the right to have a go at him? Just because he clearly did a better job?”


“I don’t get why the heroes are making such a big deal out of his quirk. I mean sure, he can apparently cause injuries from a single touch, but lets face it, he only injured the villain. Meanwhile there is Endeavor and many other heroes doing much more damage to buildings and civilians. He could easily replace them I say.”


“He could have been hurt himself, but he clearly cared much more for his brother. It is so cute! Why can’t we have more heroes like him?”


“Sorry sensei.” Tomura had apologised when the news broke but was taken back by his laughter. “Sensei?” He asked

“You have caused a rift between the people and the heroes, my boy.” Sensei laughed. “Just because you protected Izuku and the heroes decided to tell you off. This is working in our favour.” Tomura didn’t reply as Izuku giggled happily in his arms. The two villains smiled at him.



Izuku squirmed in his lap, causing Tomura to pause his game and looked down. Izuku peeked up at him, emerald eyes gleaming playfully.

“Peekaboo Zuzu, I see you.” Tomura cooed playfully, poking Izuku’s chubby cheeks. The baby giggled and hid his face in Tomura’s leg. “Do you want me to preen your wings again?” Tomura asked, Occasional he would notice a few feathers looking out of place and to start with he would carefully pluck them from his wings, Izuku would always giggle when he did so. But when Crystal tried one time, he practically threw a fit. Izuku had never been a troublesome child, and the villains had been surprised. But, they under stood once Kurogiri did some research.

“Like a bird, Izuku probably needs to preen his wings. So, just to get rid of the feathers that are out of place.” Kurogiri explained. “I am guessing he may only trust a few people to preen his wings. So, Tomura.” The older boy was already brushing his gloved hands over Izuku’s wings, collecting the out of place feathers. To say the least, the rest of the league was jealous, even more so when Izuku would allow Kurogiri to help him preen and out of sight, Sensei was also allowed.


“Mua.” Izuku muttered, his wings puffing up a little. Tomura understood.  He carefully began to pet his wings. The feathers bristled up, one would have thought Izuku was scared, if it weren’t for the fact his wings were pushing into Tomura’s touch.

“Ah, this is what you wanted.” Tomura smiled. Izuku enjoyed having his wings letter, mostly when he was only around Tomura, Kurogiri and Sensei. Tomura assumed it was a comfort thing. Izuku soon settled  down and took a nap. Tomura smiled and continued to pet his wings. There extremely soft, and he wondered how it felt to have wings like that. But they were a very big remaindered to how different Izuku is. He isn’t completely human at all. And Izuku would occasionally have trouble with his angelic form. When he sneezed, he’s hair would turn white, an arcane halo appeared around his head, wings glaring up a little. The first time had caused them to all jump. They stared at the baby in shook.

“So…. That happening when he sneezes is new…” Crystal muttered. Izuku just giggled happily.

“We’re going to have to help him learn to control it.” Kurogiri said.

“Mamamamamama!” Izuku reached up, making grabbing hands at Kurogiri. The warp Villain happily picked up the child.


Tomura smiled fondly at the memory. It had been a year, a whole year since finding Izuku… And Tomura wouldn’t change anything for the world. Yes, once he had seen Izuku as his Co-player, someone who would have this amazing quirk and fight at his side. But finding out that he was an Earthen Angel, those changed. They had to keep Izuku safe, the government, heroes… they were all threats to him. It was their job as his family to help him. Though, fighting in front of the child was not a good idea. Two villains tried fighting in the bar , Izuku had almost immediately burst into tears, Kurogiri warped the villains from the bar, and thus the no fighting in the bar rule was set in place. Tomura lifted Izuku up, holding him to his chest, he pressed a soft kiss to the kids forehead.

“Love you little brother.” Tomura whispered, Izuku snuggled closer into his chest.