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The light of the dark

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The villains watched the baby, as Izuku began to happily babble to them.

“Okay, that had to be a quirk, right? His quirk.” Crystal said

“It’s uncommon for some one to be born with their quirk…” Astral muttered.

“Are babies meant to glow?” Deimos asked, Izuku watched them all with his tiny fist in his mouth. Tomura lifted him up.

“What did you do Izu?” He asked, Izuku babbled around his fist. Tomura sighed but smiled. Of course he couldn’t expect Izuku to tell him.

“I suggest we keep surveying him for a while to see if it happens again. I’ll keep notes when I am around. I suggest you do too Tomura.” Kurogiri said

“Yeah, yeah, fine.” Tomura nodded. Izuku babbled up at him. “Come on, hands out your mouth.” He said, getting a wipe to clean the baby’s hand. “There.”

“Mua.” Izuku smiled, before yawning.

“I think it’s nap time.” Tomura stood up, carrying him upstairs. He settled Izuku down in his cot, smiling down at him softly. “I think you made Sensei really happy when you called him Dad.

“Papa!” Izuku giggled happily. “Papa! Mua!”

“Yeah.” Tomura smiled, sitting on his bed, the baby taking hold of his hand. He yawned and cuddled it close to his chest. “Go to sleep Izu, I’ll be here when you wake up.” He smiled softly.

“Mua…” Izuku mumbled, emerald eyes closing as he fell asleep. Tomura watched him quietly.

“What’s your power like brother…” He muttered quietly. He had never seen a quirk that worked like Izuku’s, and they weren’t even sure what it did? Maybe it was an appearance change quirk? That would explain the hair and eye change…

He pulled out his phone to search the characteristics Izuku had shown, hoping to find something, anything, that could set them on the right path. He glared as it took it to a list of Urban legends.

“You’re fucking kidding me…” He growled softly, before an image caught his eye, he pressed it, bringing it up. It was a photo of a being looking over their shoulder at the camera, as if shocked someone was there. Their hair was white as snow, and eyes of the purest gold – Just like Izuku… Tomura thought, but he took notice of the giant pair of wings that burst from the persons back. The feathers going white to black. He quickly looked at the description of the photo, to find there wasn’t one, just a name.

The Earthen Angel.

Tomura search that instead and found more urban legend sites, he decided to give them a shot, after all wasn’t sensei considered to be an urban legend too?

He found what he thought was a decent explanation and began to read. From what he could tell, Earthen angels were baby angels that were accidently left on earth, placed on earth or simply left behind. Though, some were the offspring of an angel and human, the angel parent leaving the child with the human parent. These beings took a more human form, but upon activating their abilities would take upon a more angelic form, an easy way to tell if someone is an earthen angel is if they use their powers and their appearance changes, Hair goes white and eyes gold. Their wings would start growing throw around the age of 1, Tomura glanced at Izuku. If he suddenly sprouted wings, he would have to explain what he just found out to sensei. But to think, if it was all true, if Izuku was an Earthen Angel… what were the chances of him being found by villains. It was a laughable thought.


“Have you heard of anything like this before?” Kurogiri asked, AFO had been strangely silent as he explained what had occurred.

“I have heard rumours, but nothing more.” AFO answered carefully. “But, if he is what I think he is, we need to protect him at all costs.” That surprised Kurogiri. “If the heroes or government got hold of him… he would never see the light of day again.”

“Is he dangerous?” Kurogiri asked

“No, if he is, he will be the furthest thing from dangerous.” AFO said. “We can only wait and observe him for now. He is nearing 1 year old… we should have confirmation soon.” Kurogiri had no idea what was on the villain’s mind, or what Izuku could possibly be. AFO let him head back to the bar, where Crystal, Deimos, Astral and Dabi looked at him expectantly.

“So?” Crystal asked

“He isn’t sure himself, he has a possible idea, but he needs to wait for something to happen. I am assuming it will occur when Izuku is around 1 year old, so we all need to keep an eye on him.” Kurogiri told them.

“And does this Idea make Izuku dangerous?” Deimos asked

“I was assured that if Izuku did happen to fall into the idea, then he is the least dangerous thing anywhere. But, is sure that if anyone outside us got hold of him, he would never see the light of day…” Kurogiri added.

“So, the least dangerous thing in the world, but powerful enough for the government wanting to keep him under wraps?” Dabi said

“It wouldn’t be the first time. I have name several cases where children born with exceedingly rare and powerful quirks were taken from their families never to be seen again. “ Kurogiri sighed and began to clean some glasses. “If Izuku happens to be just that… we need to keep him safe.”

“Basically, everything we were doing before.” Crystal said, Kurogiri nodded.

“But, it would also mean wed have to be careful of who tried to join the league. Meeting them first outside the bar, background checks into them, if they are deemed safe they can come in.” Kurogiri said, planning to do everything to keep Izuku safety within their crowd.

“Look at Kurogiri go all Mama Bear for Izuku.” Crystal giggled, Dabi and the other men chuckled. Kurogiri’s yellow eyes narrowed, but at least they couldn’t see when he blushed at their teasing.