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The light of the dark

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“Babababa… Izuku babbled, before looking up at Tomura expectantly

“Really?” He asked. Izuku, seemingly pleased with his reply, continued to babble nonsense. Tomura found it oddly endearing.

“Do you think he might start talking soon?” Astral asked

“It’s possible, he’s been making those noised for weeks now.” Deimos said.

“Oho, what do you think his first word will be?” Crystal beamed. Tomura lifted Izuku up, so they were eye level. Izuku stared at his brother, a little confused.

“Izuku, say Tomura.” Tomura told him. Izuku tilted his head to the side, looking like a little confused puppy. “Come on, I know you can!”

“O-a!” Izuku giggled, clapping his hands, clearly proud of himself.

“No. Tomura. To-mu-ra.”




“How about Onii-chan?” Crystal said.

“O-i!” Izuku beamed, clapping happily. “O-I, o-i, o-i!”

“Well, he knows his vowels.” Astral smiled, watching the scene fondly. “That’s one step, but seriously, he’ll pick it up if we just keep talking to and around him.” Tomura set Izuku back on his lap. The baby balled a fish in Tomura’s shirt as he yawned. Tomrua quickly settled him in a crook of his arm, and rocked Izuku slowly. Izuku made soft cooing noises as he settled into his brothers arm.

“It’s all okay Zu, it’s okay to sleep.” Tomura whispered softly. The Baby’s eyes closed, as he cuddled into his brother and in no time at all he was asleep.

“It’s cute to see how much Izuku trusts you.” Crystal smiled

“Makes me jealous.” Astral added with a quiet laugh. Then the door opened and Grain stepped in.

“You got a new guy wanting to join.” He stepped aside, behind him was a man around Tomura’s age, most of his visible skin was purple, burnt and stapled together. Tomura was kind of glad Izuku had fallen asleep, he had a feeling that the appearance of the man would scare him. “Introduce yourself.”

“I’m Dabi.” The man said

“Your real name would be better.” Tomura glared at him distrustfully.

“You’ll know it when you need to know it. Anyway, if I join, I have one condition.” Dabi said. Astral, Deimos and Crystal gave each other a look. A lot of people had joined the league since the word of Izuku had gotten out there, but none of them had ever put in a condition of them joining. And they would be lying if they said it wasn’t worrying. Tomura watched Dabi suspiciously. His arm moved ever so slightly, holding Izuku even closer to him. Dabi gave a quick look at the child, before looking back at Tomura.

“What is this condition then?”

“You want to kill All Might, I want to kill Endeavor.” Dabi said “That’s all I want.” Tomura blinked in surprise.

“Oh, sure, he’s all yours.” Tomura shrugged, before checking he didn’t wake Izuku. Dabi gave Izuku a sad look.

“Heroes fucked up my life, may as well help you fix the world for this one.” Dabi motioned at Izuku as he took a seat.

“To be honest, most of us are here to fight for Izuku’s future. Welcome to the team.” Crystal beamed.

“We’re a league, not a time.” Tomura grumbled.

“Same thing.” Crystal giggled. “Oho, wait until Izuku wakes up, he loves meeting new people!”

“I think I’ll just end up scaring him.” Dabi muttered.

“Na, Izuku loves everyone!” Astral smiled


When Izuku finally woke up from his nap, he was hungry. He whined lightly, and began to squirm in Tomura’s arms.

“It’s okay, ssh. I’m here Zu, I’m here.” Tomura hushed him, accepting a bottle from Kurogiri. He brushed the teat across his lips, Izuku immediately began to suckle on it. Tired eyes opening to look up at his brother. Tomura smiled down at him. “There, that’s better isn’t it.” He said, Izuku made a gurgling sound, and reached up to grasp the sides of the bottle in a weak grip. Once he had finished, Tomura burped him, then settled Izuku in an upright position on his lap. Izuku cooed softly as he looked around, before his eyes settled upon Dabi, who froze up, half expecting the child to cry.

“Ba!” Izuku said, small arms began to reach for the scared man. Tomura chuckled slightly, before holding Izuku out towards the new ally.

“Seems like Izuku wants you to hold him.” Tomura said, Izuku began to babbling and making grabby hands at Dabi. The new villain sigh, getting up to take the child, before sitting again. Izuku staed up at him for a moment, before resting his head against his chest and patted his arm lightly. Dabi relaxed a little since entering the League hideout.

“I am beginning to feel Izuku maybe empathic. He seems to know when people need a hug before they do.” Deimos muttered

“Not really. Most young children can high influenced by emotions. Like how stress can actually effect a baby in making them sick.” Kurogiri explained.

“Well… I guess I needed this.” Dabi said softly, unable to stop himself from hugged the child back.