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The light of the dark

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The streets were empty as evening began to quickly claim the light blue of the sky, darkening it. Two men were walking, one slightly ahead of the other. The man in front was Shigaraki Tomura, despite being in his early twenties, he was the head of the league of villains, under the watchful eye of his master, his Sensei. The other man was Kurogiri, a man of little words, completely hidden by a dark mist which could become warp hole. He had somehow landed himself with the care of the childish man before him, but Sensei had told him to help guide Tomura, and that’s what he was going to do. He was the reason they were out that night, a simple recon mission, which wasn’t too interesting as they were in an uneventful part of town. Musutafu wasn’t exactly the safest of areas, but there were a few local heroes that patrol the night from time to time. And if they happened to stumble across such a hero…

Tomura’s hand twitched slightly at the thought of watching a hero decaying beneath his hands, to hear the screams as flesh decayed, blowing away like dust on a breeze. The thought sent a pleasurable shiver down Tomura’s spine. It was something the strange yellow eyes of Kurogiri didn’t miss, they narrowed slightly.

“Sensei instructed for this mission to be untraceable as possible.” Kurogiri warns, sensing the young man intentions. Tomura scowls as they turned into a darkened alleyway. Even though the streets were practically empty, the two of them had been staying within the shadows of alleys and less open areas.

I know what he said!” Tomura snapped, he kicked an empty soda can that was in his way. It crashed into many more, sending them clattering to the ground. He ignores the look Kurogiri gave him. “Sensei also said that I could any that crossed out path. It wouldn’t hurt to start raising the leagues reputation if we want to be taken seriously.”

“That may be the case, it is for the leagues best intentions to stay low. The experiments that are in progress and planning is still underway. If we lose the element of surprise, the will all go to naught with heroes on our tails.” Kurogiri replied, hoping the younger male would see sense.

“Whatever…” Tomura grumbled, irritated at how the older villain was right, he’s always right. In retaliation he delivers a particularly harsh kick to the cans on the ground. The rocket off each other, some were even sent up, bouncing into a half open dumpster. Tomura smirked proudly. Upon hearing the sigh from Kurogiri because of the chaotic disturbances makes Tomura smirk wider.

“We better not stay for too long. All Might has been back for a while so we nee-

“Kurogiri was cut off by a high pitch wail. The two villains froze, the noise was coming from the dumpster. Curiosity got to them, and they approached the source of the noise. Kurogiri kept an eye on their surrounding as Tomura lifted the unopened lid and looked in.

It wasn’t a cat by any means, or a broken machine, or even a possible trap waiting for them. Lying in the dumpster is a baby. Its tiny frame shook from its wails, disrupting the strewn wrapped and dirty newspaper that covers in. Dark fuzzes of hair stick sickly to its tear streaked head, and Tomura grimaced at the stench of faeces that mingles with the rotten trash. The cried it gives are already fading to weak snivels, red face rapidly tinging to a slight blue.

“Tomura.” Kurogiri inhaled sharply. The younger villain didn’t need to be told twice, he removed his coat and gave it to the man. He watched silently as Kurogiri wrapped the baby in some of the newspaper, before cradling him bundled up in the villain’s coat. It was a baby boy, he squirmed at the sudden, new feeling around him, but the child wasn’t wailing as loud as before.


They continued walking for some time, and the villains acted as if they had not stopped in the first place. Crickets chirped, a cool breeze rolls past them, and the moon illuminates the two villains and the baby in an alleyway. Kurogiri continued to cradle the child close, murmuring soft words for every feeble mewl it musters up. Tomura doesn’t utter a word, but his eyes never left the bundle in Kurogiri’s arms. Counting each steady flutter of breath if fights to take. He looks so small in Tomura’s jacket, only a few days old. Only just days old to be left to rot away. Too small, too small…

“We need to leave this baby at a police station, or a hospital.” Kurogiri’s voice cuts through Tomura’s thoughts like a knife. “I can create a portal at the front entrance and leave the baby there. It won’t let them know who dropped it off, but that will unquestionably alert the-“

No!” The baby is yanked from Kurogiri’s grasp. Tomura clutches the baby to his chest, a mad look in his eyes as he faces the older villain.

“That baby is dying,” Kurogiri states flatly. “And he’s going to die if we don’t get him to help. We don’t know how long since he’s eaten or anything of the sort. If we leave him with the authorities-“

“They won’t help!” Tomura screams back. The infant is wailing again, but the young villain just holds him close to his chest. “They might feed him and look after him for a few days, but they don’t care! They’ll place him in an orphanage, foster him around, but all they think about was how he ended up there. That it’s all his fault he’s there in the first place.” Nails dig deeper into the bundle as his voice rises. “Next thing he knows he’ll be tossed right back on the street because that’s where he belongs. That he is just, that he is just trash that the heroes will clean up, that the heroes will save. But even the heroes don’t care if he rots away because they think he’s trash too so, so we might as well do society a favor and toss him right back in the dumpster because that’s where he’ll be again! Might as well give him a head start in the streets and, and-!”

You’re hurting the baby, Tomura Shigaraki!” Tomura gasps like a man out of water and stumbles back. He nearly drops the bundle in his arms but secures his grip before sitting heavily on the floor. He runs shaky fingers over the whimpering infant, the other hand scratching furiously at his own neck.

“Not the streets again,” the young man whispers quietly. Blood trickles from his neck. “Not the streets.”

“Alright,” Kurogiri crouches in front of the two, movements careful as he approaches both. “We will take the baby back with us. You can verify with Sensei if we can keep him. If not, you can choose a suitable home for him to stay.” He waits until Tomura nods, dropping his hand away from his neck. The young man stands up, rocking the baby awkwardly.

“Take us back, Kurogiri.” He orders, and the older villain complies.

They step through the warp gate and Musutafu is quiet once more…