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People change, and life goes on right? That's what Kim Seokjin thought, but now he's not too sure how he feels. Unfortunately, it is going back to old high school (aka the school where both of his cheating ex-boyfriends Taehyung and Jungkook go). In all honesty, there's a lot of things that do not believe the boys themselves, but he can only hope for the right?

"Jinnie, hurry up you're gonna be late for school!" Jin's mother yells downstairs from the living frightening the boy.

Jin runs towards his bedroom door grabbing his bag and heads downstairs. "Sorry mom I'm ready now," he apologizes putting his bag on his back, walking towards the door.

She looks over at him and smiles "Ah, honey, I hope you have a good day," she gushes squishing his cheeks.

"Thank you," Jin says starting to open the door. "And go to all your classes," she laughs sweetly, Jin smiles back and walks out the door closing it behind him.

He sighs as he sees other students walking to school. Ugh, I guess I have to go then huh? Fuck.



All of Jin's first class are the worst. The teachers were rude, and the students would not stop staring at him. Luckily enough for him, his ex-wasn't in any of his classes. But it's nowhere, and the bathroom is not an option.

"Why could not I just stay at my other school?" Jin sighs to himself mopping as he wanders to the cafeteria.

"Jin hyung is that you?" Jung Hoseok, his childhood best friend.

"Hoseokie" Jin yells excitedly running over to Hoseok and pulling him into a hug. "I missed you so much," Jin says hugging him tighter.

Namjoon walks over awkwardly cough trying to get the two's attention. "Namjoonie baby is that you?" Jin asks quickly pulling Namjoon into the hug.

"I've missed you guys so much," Jin says breaking the hug to look at the boys. "My babies have grown up," he pouts.

Hoseok grits as Namjoon stands awkwardly with a smile. "We're dating now!" Hoseok blurts out with a proud smile as he grabs his boyfriend's hand.

Jin's eyes widen, and he pulls the couple in for another hug. "My babies! You two are so cute together," Jin gushes squeezing the couple tighter despite their attempts to wiggle away.

"Okay, hyung let us go before you pop us" Namjoon jokes patting the older's back.

Jin reluctantly lets go, "fine," he whines making the chuckle couple.

"Come on let's get something to eat, yeah?" Hoseok suggests pushing the cafeteria doors open with the boys following behind him.

"Okay, you two go get food I'll find a table" Jungkook and Taehyung sitting with two other guys.

Fuck, I hope they don't notice me. Jin plops down on the seat, awkwardly looking around for another pair of eyes to meet his. He quickly looks forward to hoping they do not notice him, but when he looks up he is still focused on him.

Oh, fuck me. He watches him stand up and his eyes are still on him. "Hey Jinnie, long time no see huh?" He smirking questions, eyes still gazing straight into Jin's soul.

Jin blinks and looks around hoping his dream, and he is not in front of him right now. "U-uh yeah," Jin stutters eyes still wandering around the cafeteria. He takes a seat next to Jin, admiring the older.

He moves in closer to Jin. "I missed you so fucking much Seokjin" He whispers in the male's ear.

Someone, anyone, please help me.

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Fuck, I hope they don't notice me. Jin plops down on the seat, awkwardly looking around for another pair of eyes to meet his. He quickly looks forward to hoping they do not notice him, but when he looks up he is still focused on him.

Oh, fuck me. He watches Taehyung stand up, sauntering over to his table eyes still on him. "Hey Jinnie, long time no see huh?" Taehyung questions with a smirk, eyes still gazing straight into Jin's soul.

Jin blinks and looks around this is a dream, and he is not in front of him right now. "U-uh yeah," Jin stutters eyes still wandering around the cafeteria. Taehyung takes a seat next to Seokjin, admiring the older.

He moves in closer to Jin. "I missed you so fucking much Seokjin" He whispers in the male's ear.

Someone, anyone, please help me.

Taehyung moves in closer to closing the eyes tightly, preparing for whatever might happen.

The two hear the sound of footsteps trudging towards them, and Jin opens his eyes, hoping it's Hoseok and Namjoon coming to rescue him. Instead, he sees a small angry boy with blue hair, crossing his arms against chest as he glares at Jin.

"I'm sorry, are you trying to kiss my boyfriend?" Jin's eyes widen. He frantically shakes his head moving away from the male. This guy is so damn scary for someone so cute and tiny.

"Yoongi, relax babe," Taehyung scoffs attempting to take a boyfriend back to his seat.

"Relax? That slut is trying to kiss you!" Yoongi exclaims pushing Taehyung out of his walking closer to Jin.

"S-slut?" Jin asks trying to hold back his tears. He's not used to this. People are typically kind to him and he's misunderstanding after all, but he can tell this guy hates his guts.

"Yes, you slut," Yoongi scoffs. "If you touch it, you will regret it," he threatens.

"I'm not a slut nor do I want your man, and even if I wanted him I could get him easily," Jin snaps back. "Right TaeTae?" Jin questions, innocently smiling at Taehyung who was shunned by his outburst. Yoongi rolls his eyes and walks back to the table, dragging the boy behind him.

Hoseok and Namjoon silently sit down at the table scared by their friend. "Wow, Jin, what happened when you moved?" Namjoon asks picking up a fry.

"That shorty called me a slut," Jin says glaring at the boys at the other table. "Honestly if they want a slut can I be one," Jin shrugs making the two boys choke on their food.

"Wait a damn minute, hold on bro .. You need to chill with that," Namjoon coughs out.

"Who are those guys sitting with them?" Jin asks, staring at the boys sitting across from them.

Hoseok looks over the other table, rolling his eyes. "The short one is Min Yoongi and the other is leaving Park Jimin," Hoseok answers looking back at Jin.

"Jungkook is dating Jimin and Yoongi is with Taehyung" Namjoon adds.

"They are like the cutest couples at this school," Hoseok jokes grabbing a fry and feeding it to Namjoon.

"Let's see how cute they'll be when I come around," the older chuckles. Namjoon shoots his boyfriend to worried when Jin stands up walking to the other table.

"Uh, what is he doing," Namjoon asks to watch Jin walk up to the boys.

"Maybe he's just going to be nice?" Hoseok shrugs praying that their friend is not doing what they think he's doing.

"Hobi he said something about being a slut," Namjoon says blankly.

"Oh shit, he would not," Hoseok says still staring at Jin talking to the group of boys.

"He probably would," Namjoon states picking up another fry.

"Shit he definitely would, would not he?" Hoseok asks worriedly with Namjoon nodding his head in agreement.



Jin struts over a group of boys with a smile on his face. I'll make them regret never cheating on me.

"Hey, Kookie, remember me?" He asks, placing one of his hands on Jungkook shoulder.

"U-uh oh hey, hyung i - it's uh been a while" Jungkook stutters looking up at up Jin.

I forgot how easy he is, how to boring. Jin takes a seat next to the male blushing. "Did you miss me?" Jin asks smiling. "I missed you," Jin sighs biting his lip.

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"Hey, Kookie, remember me?" He asks, placing one of his hands on Jungkook shoulder.

"U-uh oh hey, hyung i - it's uh been a while" Jungkook stutters looking up at up Jin.

I forgot how easy he is, how to boring. Jin takes a seat next to the male blushing. "Did you miss me?" Jin asks smiling. "I missed you," Jin sighs biting his lip.

"Can you be a slut somewhere else, please? He has a boyfriend," Yoongi chimes in rolling his eyes.

Jin bites his cheek and looks up at the boy giving him a fake smile. "Slut? I'm just one of his old friends," Jin pouts standing up from the seat. Jungkook grabs his hand, staring up at him, eyes begging for him to stay.

Taehyung glares at the two, jealous of how close Jungkook is with the older. "Hyungie, can I talk to you in the hallway for a moment?" Taehyung asks standing up glowering at Jungkook.

Jin looks over at him and smiles. "Sure Taehyung," Jin shrugs letting go of Jungkook's hand. Taehyung walks away from the group into the hallway, with Jin following behind.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Taehyung asks, hands shaking in anger.

Sensing the tension he smiles sweetly afraid to piss the boy off more. "I was just saying hi," he answers taking a small step back from Taehyung.

"Why are you being nice to him? You're still mine Jin," the male growls pushing Jin up against the wall.

Jin lets out a laugh, pushing the boy away. "I'm not yours anymore, you cheated on me, remember? Whatever we had is over," he scoffs, leaving Taehyung standing alone in the hallway.



As soon the last bell rung Jin walked straight home, still pissed about what happened with Taehyung. "He's such a fucking asshole," Jin mumbles to himself as he opens his house door.

He walks in to see boxes all over the house and his mother digging around in one, he tries to tiptoe upstairs in hopes she doesn't hear him and ask for help, She pops her up from the box giving her son a big smile running up to him and pulling him into a tight hug.

"Hey honey, how was school," she asks still holding onto him.

Jin stares at her blankly before forcing a smile. "It was great, mom! I saw Taehyung and Jungkook that was so much fun," He answers sarcastically.

She gasps dramatically pulling away. "Did those jerks bother you?" She questions.

"Nope, but Taehyung's boyfriend did," Jin answers walking upstairs to his room.

"I will go up to your school! No one bothers my son!" His mother yells from downstairs. He rolls his eyes laying down on his bed plopping a pillow down on his face.

Why did we have to move?

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There's a low knock at his door and, Jin lifts the pillow from his face to see his mother standing there with a weak smile is planted across her face. "I hate the be the barrier of bad news, but your stepfather is-"

"Coming, my stepfather is coming. I know I need a moment," he sighs, letting his eyes close as he takes a deep breath.

"I know," she whispers.

He sits up to look at his mother, a fake smile is plastered on her face but can see right through it. "He's no good," he mumbles and watches as the smile drop.

"I know," she repeats running her fingers through her tousled locks.

"Then why do you stay?" she opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out, he can see the sadness in her eyes as she musters up a smile for him. "I get it. I'll get cleaned up so he won't have a reason to yell."

He stands there, idly watching her figure leave from the doorway, thoughts start to consume him and all he can think about what he might do next. Seokjin's bond with his mom is strong. They went through his biological father's cheating and his stepfather abuse. Some find their relationship odd, but they don't know what goes on in his home.

He snaps out of his thoughts and gets ready to go downstairs. He paces around the room, his hands shake with nervousness, once he hears the house door open. A sudden chill takes over his whole body despite the warm temperature throughout the house.

He walks downstairs and takes a look at his mother with caked on makeup, a white dress, and her hair now done. She stands next to his stepfather with a smile, but he knows its fake, all of this fake.

"Hello, sir," he says approaching the older man with a bright smile.

"Seokjin," He sighs placing a hand on the younger's back making him flinch. "How was school?"

"It was great, I made some friends actually," he lies, the fake smile never faltering off his face.

"That's good. Well, we are going to have dinner with one of my business partners today. He has a son your age who goes to your school," his stepfather notes. Jin smiles, nodding his head along pretending to be interested.

"What's his name?" Jin asks, faking enthusiasm.

"Min Yoongi," the older answers and the smile on Seokjin's face drops upon hearing the tiny demon's name. "Do you know him?"

Yes, I do all too well. He grimaces at the thought of being around that angry munchkin.

"I met him today, he was very kind," he lies. Not like his step-father would believe him if he told the truth.

The male smiles and takes his hand away from Seokjin's back. "That's good, maybe Yoongi will like you. You're a handsome boy," he purrs with a small smirk, caressing the younger's cheek.

Jin's eyes widen as he intakes a sharp breath, almost afraid to look at the man. "Thank you, sir." The man nods in response, patting his lower back before walking off into the living room.

He stands there shunned uncertain of what do until his mother comes over and pulls him in for a hug as he stood there blankly unable to speak, unsure of what to even think.

"Go to your room and get dressed nicely, okay? We can talk about this later," she whispers in his ear. His mind doesn't even process what she says, but he does as expected. He wanders to his bedroom, sobbing quietly once the door closes behind him.

Time seems to pass quickly when he hears the doorbell ring. He frantically gets up from his bed throwing on a better outfit before going to his bathroom and washing his face and putting eye drops in his red eyes. He walks downstairs seeing a man and woman standing next to each other with sweet smiles planted across their faces as Yoongi stood in front of the two with a scowl. Jin rolled his eyes unconsciously seeing the boy but put on a fake smile as he went to greet the family.

"Ah, here he is. This is my stepson, Seokjin," his stepfather introduces placing a hand on his back. He waves at the couple with a bright smile, completely ignoring the smaller male in front of the two.

"Wow, your boy is so handsome," Mrs. Min gushes as Mr. Min nods, agreeing with his wife. "Have you ever thought about being an idol or an actor?"

"Yes, I-"

"He's taking over the company. No need for silly things like that," his stepfather buds in with a scoff. "Seokjin, why don't you go show Yoongi your room, hm?"

Jin smiles before silently leading the other up to his bedroom, Yoongi's eyes narrowed as soon as he stepped in. "So, does your dad-"

"Stepdad," Jin corrects, glaring down at the younger as he plops down onto his bed.

The younger puts his hands up in defense with a low scoff. "Right, stepdad. Ya know, it would be nice if you stayed away from my boyfriend," he snarks changing the subject.

"I don't like him nor do I want him," Jin states blankly as the other takes a seat on his bed.

"Everyone wants him he's at the top of the list for a reason," he jeers, feeling as if the older was lying. "You can tell me the truth."

"You're also at the top of the list," Jin deadpans causing the younger to choke.

Jin stifles out a laugh watching the younger's coughing fit. "You're unbelievable," he sputters out.

"Thank you," Jin chuckles quietly staring the male down.

Yoongi's eyes dart around the room unsure of where to look, reluctant to look at the older. "Stop doing that," he groans, covering his hands over his face.

"Doing what?" Jin asks faking innocence, causing the male to groan again.

He puts his hands down, finally facing the older. A blush spreads across his face as he looks down at Jin's lips. "Pouting like that it makes me want to kiss you, and I despise you so stop."

"You should kiss me. I wouldn't argue against it," Jin shrugs cutely, and Yoongi rolls his eyes.

Yoongi can't seem to wrap his head around how he hates Jin and want him at the same time. He slowly starts to feel himself losing control around the older. "Okay, suit yourself. I'm just going to sit here being my usual kissable self-"

Yoongi's presses his lips against his cutting off his words, drawing away with lust filled eyes. Jin slowly pecks, the other's lips over and over again, trying his best not to laugh at Yoongi who was becoming noticeably annoyed. "Fuck Jin just kiss me properly," he whines, smacking the older's shoulder.

"What about Taehyung?" Jin questions teasingly, gaining an eye roll.

Yoongi kisses Jin again, throwing his arms around the older's neck. "Who's Taehyung?" He mutters out breathlessly against the older's lips. A smirk plays against Jin's lips as the other desperately kisses him, hands exploring his body.

He feels numb, the only thing on his mind is revenge.

1. Y̶o̶o̶n̶g̶i̶

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Jin walks into class a dreamy look is placed over his face as he thinks about the last night. He plops down in his seat next to his friends, Hoseok looks up at him, his smile quickly drops as he notices the look on the older's face. "What did you do?" he questions, eyebrows furrowed.

Jin turns and smiles at the two trying to stay calm, but his face and body movement shows it all. "What? Uh, nothing? What are you talking about?" he squeaks out.

Hoseok taps his boyfriend and the other quickly turns around confused. "Joonie, look at him he did something, right?" he questions eyeing the boy down, making him feel small.

Namjoon grabs onto the other's wrists, pulling him closer their noses touching as he stares into his eyes. "Yup, I can totally see it in his dark and pretty eyes. Wow, you're really attractive!" the male beams earning a smack on the back from his boyfriend.

"Why do I talk to you weirdos?" Jin groans, attempting to pull away from the younger.

"That isn't the point I know you did something or did you do someone?" Namjoon questions releasing the male whose eyes go wide. Jin chuckles looking away from the pair, already aware of what they will say when he tells him.

The two eye each other nervously hoping their friend isn't that stupid, but they both know he is. "You didn't, Jin please tell me you didn't," Hoseok pleads, scared for his friend. "We thought you were kidding. See! I knew we should have stopped him."

"You can still stop while you're at it. It will only end in a messy gang bang and that's not what you want. We know from experience," Namjoon advises, gaining shocked looks from others around them.

"I'm not even going to ask," a random person sighs as they pass by the table. Jin mouths to the other for help, but they shake their head no and continue walking.

"So who was it?" Hoseok questions excitedly, bouncing in his seat.

Jin shakes his head and laughs earning a groan from the two. "I don't kiss and tell," he shrugs with a smirk.

"We'll tell your mom," the couple say in unison and the older looks shocked as the two smirks at him.

"Okay fine! It was Yoongi. He came over to my house because of some business stuff with our dads and we made out a little," he answers shyly, blushing as he remembers last night. "You can't tell anyone this! It will only ruin my plans."

The two look at each other, eyes wide in fear. "Your plans? Jin hyung, what the fuck are you trying to do?" Hoseok questions with a sneaking suspicion him and Namjoon are involved somehow.

"I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but your little Taehyungie will murder you," Namjoon warns, putting emphasis on the word will as the other nods in agreement.

"I know," he whines, wiggling around in his seat. "But I want the taste of sweet revenge! So hear me out, please?"

The two spare each other knowing looks before looking back at the older who's pouting at them, using his cuteness to as an advantage. "Fine, go ahead," Hoseok sighs as he rubs his temple.

"Remember how Jungkook and Taehyung cheated on me? Well, I was thinking of about their boyfriends to fall for me and them as well," Jin orders

"Wow, that's really stupid," Hoseok deadpans.

"Hm, sounded better in my head." he shrugs with a pout. "So, who is Park Jimin? I don't expect him to be attractive like at all," the older questions as he sits back into his seat.

"Shut your dirty whore mouth!" Namjoon shouts, leaping across the table in an attempt to attack the older.

Hoseok quickly grabs the younger, pulling him back down as he pets his head lightly. "Calm down, Joonie. Short guy, amazing dancer, amazing ass and nice thighs," he says as if it should be obvious.

"Don't forget his eyes," Namjoon adds in, cuddling into the other.

"Oh yeah, his eyes are amazing like they're so intense yet sweet and just lures you in. Imagine being fucked by him and having him stare-"

"Okay how about no? Now can you please tell me where I would find him?" Jin sighs quickly cutting off the other's dirty fantasy.

"Oh, the library he sits there during lunch when Jungkook has practice," Namjoon blurts out.

A smirk appears on Jin's face as he gets up from the table, leaving the two there confused. "Thank you for being useful my darlings," He chuckles patting both of their heads. "Yah! What are you two waiting for?" Jin shouts at the two and they reluctantly follow the male to the library. making sure to stay behind as he goes.

Jin walks into the library looking around for Jimin, he looks back and the two, point to a boy sitting at the middle table with black parted hair wearing a large sweater pretty much swallowing him. He fakes a smile as he walks up to the boy, pulling up a chair next to him. "Uh hi, I'm Seokjin, Kim Seokjin. I'm kinda new to this school, I don't really have a lot of friends," he partially lies.

The male's eyes widen as he looks at the older and a bright smile appears on his face. "Oh hi im Park Jimin, you can sit with me! I would love to have someone as beautiful as you beside me," he gushes sweetly placing his phone down.

"Aw thank you I'm not all that," Jin giggles lowering his head down.

"Are you kidding? You're gorgeous," Jimin chuckles, his hand gently stroking the older's thigh.

Jimin's phone starts to vibrate and he picks it up, Jin peers over to see a call from Jungkook and his smile quickly drops. "You should answer them," Jin says sweetly but to his surprise the younger declines it, placing his phone back down on the table.

"It's no one important. So do you want to hang out after school? Since you don't have many friends," he beams, hand grasping the older's thigh slightly. "We could be friends!"

"Sure! That sounds great actually!" Jin agrees with a bright smile.

"Can I have your phone number? You know so I can come to pick you up and stuff," Jimin asks sweetly sliding his phone over to the older.

Jin types in his number and hands it back to the younger who fills the phone up with heart emojis for his name."I can't want to hang out with you, Jiminie," he whispers in the other's ear as get up from his seat, leaving the boy sitting there stunned.

The walks out of the library doors happily only to get yanked to the side by his two friends who are fuming. He smiles gaining a glare back from the two. "What did you do?" Hoseok questions sternly, hands on his hip as if he's a mother scolding his child.

"We're hanging out after school," Jin squeals despite the judgment he's getting from his conscious. It's not like he likes him or anything,

"Wow, you're so powerful," Namjoon mumbles.

"You should have seen it! Jungkook called him and he turned off his phone, and then I gave him my phone number," Jin rambles, shocked he even pulled it off.

"Park Jimin has your phone number?" The two ask in sync shocked the Park Jimin gave away his phone number.

"Yup! He put so many hearts for my name. It almost made my heart flutter," he gushes, squealing happily. "Almost, I'm not emotionally invested in any of them. This is going to be fun."

The pair shoots each other looks behind the older's back unsure what to do with their masochistic friend. "Fun how? I'm more scared if anything!" Hoseok spats.

Jin chuckles hooking his arm onto the two, walking down the hall. "It's going to be okay just help me, please. I need someone to lie for me I can't do all of this on my own," he reassures.

"Fine, but the moment you get caught you don't know us. I want to graduate high school, not be on Kim Taehyung's hit list," Hoseok chuckles.

"I promise I will pretend you never existed if I get caught," the older giggles letting go of the two, sticking out his pinky.

The two eyes widen as pointing behind the older, Jin looks at them confused as he turns around slowly to see Yoongi standing there. "Jin can I talk to you? In private please?" he asks, softly grabbing onto the older's wrist.

"Oh yeah of course," Jin mumbles as the smaller male drags him away. "What could he possibly want?" He thinks to himself pouting as they walk away from his friends.

Chapter Text

"Jin, can I talk to you in private please?" he asks, softly grabbing onto the other's wrist.

"Oh yeah of course," Jin mumbles as the smaller male drags him away. "What could he possibly want?" He thinks to himself pouting as they walk away from his friends.

"Look, about last night. I don't know what came over me," Yoongi confesses with a small chuckle in disbelief as he stares down at the ground.

"Let's just stay friends, maybe?" Yoongi suggests looking up at Jin's lips, anything to avoid staring into the elder's eyes.

"Maybe it's better if we don't talk to each other at all?" Jin shrugs, and the younger finally looks up at him, defeat shown in his eyes.

Yoongi stays silent, and Jin rolls his eyes walking away from him when he suddenly feels a tug at his hand. "Jin can we please talk about this?" Yoongi begs. "I'm sorry for how I treated you let's be friends."

"That's not why I'm doing this Yoongi-ah." He doesn't spare the male another glance as he walks away.

He sees Hoseok and Namjoon standing his locker waiting for him, and he walks over mustering up a smile. "What did he want to talk about?" Hoseok questions. Jin let's out a sigh as he leans against the lockers crossing his arms.

"He wants to be friends," Jin chuckles throwing his head back.

"And what did you say?" Hoseok questions once again glancing over at his boyfriend who also looks concerned.

"No," Jin shrugs stepping away from the lockers.

Hoseok face lights up as he hooks his arm with Jin's. "Good job, Seokjin!" He teases ruffling up the older's hair. Jin gives the male and glare, and he backs away putting his hands up in defense. "Right right. I'm sorry hyungie."

"So is this shit over or?" Namjoon asks suddenly. "No," Jin scoffs rolling his eyes.

"Look here you dumb bitch don't come crying to us when you fall for one of those idiots," Namjoon hisses as Hoseok backs away from the two.

"I won't," Jin argues.

"You don't know that!" Namjoon shouts and Jin can see the disappointment in his eyes. "Fuck the plan Jin. You're so much better than this."

"You obviously don't know me." Jin walks away from the two and out school doors. He needs to get his mind off of everything anyway.

Jin plops down on a bench, his head still filled with thoughts. Maybe Namjoon is right? He should learn to let go, but can't seem to. Now that he's back, he wants revenge more than ever karma is taking too long to come.

He hears someone sniffling beside him and turns to see a boy in a black hoodie wiping his tears away. "Hey, are you ok?" Jin asks, and the boy turns and looks at him. "Jungkook? What happened?" He scoots closer to the younger and rubs his back to comfort him.

"Nothing hyung! I'm fine," Jungkook says wiping the stray tears from his cheeks. "I'm fine!" He reassures with a smile.

Jin stares the boy down, despite the bright smile on his face that sparkle in his eye is no longer there. The older cocks an eyebrow and wraps an arm around the boy. "You're not fine. I know you, and I know when you're lying. What happened?" Jin asks sternly.

"Do you remember my dad?" Jungkook questions and Jin nods grabbing the younger's hand for him to continue. "Well, he's back at his old habits," Jungkook shrugs letting out a dry chuckle.

"He's in the hospital. He overdosed." Jungkook tries to muster up a smile, as tears roll down his face once again. "I'm so tired. Dad spends all our money on drugs. He doesn't care anymore. I know it's not his fault, but God do I fucking hate him" he sobs as Jin pulls him in for a hug.

Jin strokes the back of the Jungkook hand as the younger lies his head on his shoulder. "I can't tell you that everything is going to be okay or things will get better soon. I don't know what's going to happen. No one does. But I know that you can come to me and I'll be there for you no matter what, ok?"

"Ok," Jungkook mumbles as Jin press kisses on the top of his head. "Jin hyung?" The older lets out a small hum in response, and Jungkook takes a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, for what I did to you," Jungkook says moving away from the older staring up at him. "I didn't realize how much I loved you until I lost you. I'm a horrible person, and I'm beyond sorry. You didn't deserve any of that," Jungkook apologizes but the older looks at him and smiles.

I will never be able to forgive you. "Its ok Kookie. I'm over it now."

Chapter Text

He couldn't believe it himself, but every day he found himself feeling less like himself and talking to Namjoon and Hoseok less or some days not at all. And that's not like him at all. Maybe it might've been the guilt or the fact he was too embarrassed to be around his friends after the shit he pulled. He's not even sure why he was angry Namjoon was looking out for him, but he was too stubborn to see that.

What surprised him the most is he was hanging around Jungkook more, they'd go on small dates or the boy would pick him up from school and drop him off. It didn't cross his mind how close they were. He didn't notice until now as he looked around Jungkook's living room as they sat around watching some wack horror movie.It felt normal until he noticed how close they were, how Jungkook's arm slung around his waist protectively as Jin laid against him. It was almost like they were back together. Almost as if what had happened before never really happened at all.

Jin feels a tap on his shoulder causing him to flinch slightly, he turns and looks over at Jungkook whose seems to be holding back a laugh. "Hyung you good there?" The younger questions.

"What?" Jin questions finally snapping back to reality he nods. "Oh yeah I'm fine this movie is just terrible," He lies forcing out a chuckle.

"I know I picked the worst for the best," The boy grins.

Jin quirks an eyebrow, "I don't think that's how that works."

Jungkook shrugs, "Well shitty movie aside what's on your mind?" He asks, grabbing the remote and shutting the T.V. off, "And don't say nothing that would be a lie and I know when you're lying. I also know your thinking face, and that right there was your thinking face."

"You think you know me so well?" the older asks teasingly earning a nod from Jungkook.

"You're my childhood best friend, I pride myself on how well I know you," Jungkook says confidently with a wide grin.

Jin couldn't help but feel a little guilty. He had almost forgotten they were best friends. It's like any happy memory with Jungkook had been erased. It makes sense he lives his life so bitterly.

"Aw Kookie," Jin coos fakely patting the younger head. Jungkook's eyes light up as the male leans closer to him. "Get a life babes this obsession you have over me is kinda unhealthy," Jin whispers in his ear.

The younger pushes Jin way with a pout making the older laugh, "But no seriously what's wrong?"

"Huh? Nothing at all," Jin sighs leaning back into the couch.

"You would tell me if something was wrong though?" The boy asks seriously. It had been so long since him, and Jin has been this close, all he wants is to gain the older's trust back.

"Of course," Jin responds sitting up, grabbing his phone off the coffee table. "Damn its getting late I didn't even notice," He sighs showing Jungkook the time.

Jungkook eyes widen, "Time flies while you're having fun. Do you wanna just sleepover?" he questions.

"I'd love to but-"

"But? No no, no buts just stay I doubt your mom would get mad she's chill," the younger begs."Yeah, but my step-dad," Jin tells the boy who rolls his eyes in response.

"That asshole? Fine, I'll drop you off," Jungkook sighs defeated standing up from the couch stretching as he walks to the front door.

"You, don't have to do that Kook," Jin whispers following behind Jungkook who ignores him and grabs his keys. "Seriously, I can walk home," he urges, slipping his shoes on.

Jungkook faces the older and gives him a smile, "I know but since I'm such a good person I will spare my precious time for you," he teases gently tapping the older's nose with his finger.

Jin scrunches up his nose, faking disgust as he backs away from the younger. "Wow, what an amazing person you are," he deadpans.

"Let's go," Jungkook chuckles holding the door open for the older.

They walk out to Jungkook's car and get inside starting their somewhat short trip to Jin's house. They were silent for most of the ride, letting the music playing on the radio serve as white noise for the drive. After a couple of minutes, Jungkook pulls up in front of the male's house and unlocks the doors hesitantly as he looks at the front door. He didn't want him to leave if he could lock Jin up and make him stay with him forever he would.

"You should let me come over one day," Jungkook voices out.

Jin raises an eyebrow at the statement as he turns and looks at the younger. "Do you want to face the wrath of my mother and the judgment of my horrible stepfather?" He questions jokingly.

"For you?" Jungkook whispers moving closer to the male, "Of course."

The younger's breath ghost over Jin's lips making his heart race and before Jin could say anything, Jungkook grabs the older's face gently closing the space between them.

"Wait, Kook," Jin says, catching his breath as he pulls away from the kiss, placing his hands on the male's chest pushing him away slightly. "This is wrong. You have a boyfriend."

"Let's not think about that right now," Jungkook whispers leaning back in.

That puts a sour taste in the older's mouth as he glares up at Jungkook, "So you're just gonna cheat on Jimin like you did to me?" Jin scoffs but quickly softens once he sees the hurt look on Jungkook's face. "Wait, that came out wrong what I meant was I don't what to ruin what you two have."

"I get it," Jungkook whispers moving away from the older and leaning back into seat staring out his window.

"You're not mad at me, right?" Jin questions tapping the younger's shoulder.

Jungkook looks at the older, giving him a small smirk, "Of course not. Can I still come over?" he asks, brushing back Jin's hair. The older finds himself closing his eyes sighing lightly as he leans into the male's touch.

"Yeah," Jin hums. "Just be prepared for my mom to throw a shoe at your head," the older chuckles nervously.

"I'll make sure to wear a helmet," Jungkook jokes pulling his hand back.

Jin giggles rolling his eyes as he steps out the car. "Goodnight Kook, get home safe, call me when you get home," he says closing the door.

Jungkook shakes his head with a smile as he rolls down the window. "Just say you miss me already and go," he jokes earning a glare from the male. "Night. I'll call you!"

"You better!" Jin calls out before walking to his front door.

Jin unlocks the door, pushing it open as quietly as he can to avoid waking his stepfather up. He wasn't too concerned about his mother. She always told him to be loud, so she knows he's home safe. Jin gives Jungkook one last wave goodbye and watches the younger drive away before closing the door.

Sliding his shoes off, Jin makes his way to his room when he hears a cough coming from the living room. Jin turns on the light and walks towards the couch to see his mother sitting there."Why are you so smiley?" She questions.

Jin presses his hands against his cheeks. He didn't even notice he was smiling. "No reason," he lies.

"Uh huh. Who was the person that drove you here?" she questions.

"Just a friend," he giggles, plopping down onto the couch.

His mother coos softly, shes always been fine with Jin dating as long as whoever it may be treats him right and makes him happy. "Just a friend he says," she teases.

"He is and he might be coming over soon maybe when step satan isn't here," Jin informs.

"Can't wait to meet the boy that has my son so happy," she says making the boy's eyes light up. "Its the first time I've seen you smile like that since we got here."

"Really?" he questions.

"Yeah I'm glad you have such a good friend and or boyfriend," she teases and Jin groans.

"Seriously he's just a friend!" Jin whines sinking back into the couch.

"You can't fool me dear," she tells him, the younger shakes his head.

"I'm gonna go to bed mom" Jin laughs standing up from the couch.

"Alright night baby I love you," she says throwing her legs up on the couch. His stepfather always does this when he's mad he makes her sleep on the couch despite the fact they have several guest bedrooms. He wonders how long until she finally leaves and finds someone that treats her right. He wonders if his mom really only stays to make him happy.Jin gives his mother a sad smile before walking towards the steps. "Love you too! Goodnight."