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The Powers that Be

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Disclaimer : I do not own Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Pairings: Spike/Harry

Chapter Warnings: Mentions of death, Buffy Series Finale Spoilers

A/N: This story will (like most of my others) be SLASH. For those of you who don’t know that is two men together. I do not know how often I will be able to update, but I will do my best. PLEASE NOTE THE WARNINGS AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH CHAPTER for a full summary of warnings please see the tags (if on AO3). EACH CHAPTER HAS ITS OWN WARNINGS FOR THE CONTENT OF SAID CHAPTER. I will NOT be making any other warnings besides the ones at the beginning of the chapter. If for instance, Harry and Spike get a little hot under the covers I will warn you at the Beginning of the chapter. I will not place any other warning in the story.

As you might have noticed all my WIPs for Harry Potter have been removed as I am re-editing and writing them. I had a request to work on this one and since I’ve been debating which one to do this one wins! I update on Tuesdays, please note I do not have a full outline for this story yet so I do not know who long it will be, but I’ll be working on that soon.

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Chapter One


Pain; everything was burning… his flesh and soul alike. Spike let go, forcing out an anguished cry never having come from his lips. He had known that it would hurt, but never anything like this. Not even when he was human had Spike experienced a pain like this; never… not when he got that chip, or the times that he almost made his final rest. The pain was everywhere, inside his body and spirit, there wasn't anywhere that the pain hadn't touched… and yet he felt oddly comforted by it.

For years Spike had been fighting for something to make him feel human; first it was the killing, then staying around the slayer; be it to torment, to shag, and eventually to love. Now he could feel the ultimate feeling of being human... death. It was true that there were some regrets; like not being able to bother Peaches again, or to see his Dark Princess. For a moment Spike allowed himself to push back as much of the pain as he could and think about those parting words between him and his love. It had hurt to know that the only time Buffy would say those words were when she couldn't mean them, but maybe in the after-life it wouldn't hurt so much.

Closing his eyes, Spike let the pain wash over him; let it take everything that he was so he could finally find his rest. Five minutes later he was starting to get impatient; he still hurt like hell, but it was more tolerable now, and he couldn't hear anything around him. Opening his eyes, Spike tried to see what the after-life looked like when he noticed there was nothing; no light (not that he was expecting any after all those killings) no flames, nothing… only darkness as far as he could see.

Taking a breath, Spike tried to sniff out what could be in the darkness but was once again met with nothing. Moving to check behind him he still could not see anything, which caused Spike to sigh before shrugging and placing his hands in the pockets of his jeans. If someone thought that he was willing to walk around without seeing anything they were going to be disappointed.

A soft noise came from in front him, but Spike still couldn't see anything. Then without warning a soft light glowed about ten feet from him. There was what he assumed to be a man there; he was tall; a bit above six feet and slender, a black cloak keeping his face from view. Three more lights went on around the man, one of them showed a woman, she was a head over five feet and was also covered with a cloak.

Another man and woman appeared as well, both were around six feet in height and mostly hidden by the cloaks. Wondering if they were going to show him all his evil deeds he had done in his life, Spike shrugged and decided to speak up first if only to break the silence.

"I don't know what you've planned to tell me, but I already know that I'm one of the ‘Big Baddies’ and what I've done… now if we could just move on I'd be happy to get on with my afterlife, okay mate?"

After he was done speaking Spike could hear a soft giggling coming from one of the women. Raising an eyebrow, Spike looked at the shorter of the two women in silent question before the man beside her spoke. His voice was rich; and commanding.

"For several hundred years we waited for someone to give the ultimate sacrifice for those they loved. You were chosen to give your life for the humans you had been taught to destroy. It was not certain you would meet your fate, but we are glad you did."

After the first man spoke the second opened his mouth to continue from where the other left off. This mans' voice was cold and hard, one of someone who had killed to survive and sought no pleasure in life.

"Because of you, now there are thousands, if not millions of lives who had been saved. You have protected the innocent while still holding the will of a killer. You managed to bring life into this world. You are what we created the amulet for; the ultimate savoir and hero… the ultimate sacrifice."

Next it was the taller woman's time to speak, her voice flowed over him like a soft warm breeze. Her words were spoken with pure emotion which was a great contrast to the man who had spoken from her side.

"For such a sacrifice you will no longer hold your place in Hell with those like you, but instead ascend into heaven. Normally, that would be all, and we would be on our way, but you have proven yourself more than worthy once again with your emotions. We have seen your love of the Slayer; we have watched you ever since you started to change. To have someone love another like you have loved her, and yet expect nothing in return. To think yourself unworthy of such a thing that has brought you here before us instead of being on your way to Heaven."

Taking a step towards him, the smaller woman and the only one not to speak yet opened her mouth. If Spike had thought that the first woman had held emotion, then this one was pure feeling. Her soothing voice melted something inside him and made him feel safe.

"You, one of such sacrifice have never known the true power of love and what it holds. You gave up everything to save others, and yet you have never had your love returned; because of this we have decided to change your fate. You will not be ascending quite yet, as indeed we have come up with someone much better for you.

We will grant you much power for someone of your blood… although some of us thought of turning you human, to take your demon self from you would only destroy part of you. To make your quest easier you will hold no fear for the burning rays of the blessed sun, fore it will not harm you. The water of those from pure spirit will not destroy your skin, as you have proven yourself to their God as well."

Spike couldn't believe what he was hearing, he wouldn't have to worry about the hours he was outside, nor about that bloody holy water. The small woman walked closer to him and brought his hands in her own, holding them between the two.

"As to every ying there must be a yang; to send you on your way back to where you once were would only lead you to more heartache and pain. The Slayer is not the one for you, you should know this… only pain and hate will come between you, never love."

When Spike started to bow his head in defeat, the woman dropped one of their hands and brought it to Spike’s chin to push it up to look at her again.

"You do however, have someone out there that will ease the pain in your heart. We will send you to him, in a place you know well… there are things we ask in return. Your chip will be removed, but you cannot turn or drink from those unwilling or kill those who are pure.

This will allow you to drink from those willingly, and turn, should you feel the need. To keep your secrecy, we have decided that only your fangs will change while feeding. Your demon will be a part of you now more than ever; fore we will also take your soul. That is the true cost of everything we have given you. Your soul will be lost, but unlike the slayer your mate will not care."

Giving Spike one last smile, the woman patted his cheek lightly before moving back beside the man she had been standing by before. Linking their hands together, the four people gave him a smile before chanting in a language Spike had never heard before.

As they chanted more forcefully and closed their eyes there was a soft blue glow that came around him from all sides. It was then everything the four of them had said started to fully sink in. He was to leave everything behind and go somewhere he didn't know and try to find his mate… who was male.

Spike never even got the chance to panic, as the glow spread through his being and the pain was there once again although reasonably less this time. Before he passed out there was a soft voice inside his head, one that Spike hadn't heard while in the strange space with the four people.

'Do not worry, little one… you're going back home…'