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Disney Princesses, ASSEMBLE!

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Superella pressed two gloved fingers against her temple and closed her eyes. "Lady Mulan, you can not have a lightsaber. The team can not have matching lightsabers. There will be no lightsabers."

Lady Mulan wrinkled her nose across the round table. "I think it will prompt team bonding."

Without looking up from her phone, Snow White muttered, "You have electric martial arts powers. Why do you need a laser sword?" Superella narrowed her eyes and the phone shorted out in Snow White's hand. The White Knight huffed, flashed her fangs, and pulled out her ipod.

Ranger Aurora spoke up, "I think--"

"No giant robots!" the entire table shouted.

Aurora blew her hair away from her eyes. "Well, see if YOU can save London from a radioactive, alien dinosaur on your own next time!"