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Is This Just Fantasy

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A sharp pain pierced his thigh and then his body felt like it was on fire. The archer ducked his head and blinked a few times to clear the tears that had suddenly sprung to his eyes. Looking down, he found a tranq dart had landed in his right thigh. Yanking it out and tossing it aside, he turned to face the adversary that had fired at him. But as he turned, he almost lost his feet as he lurched to the side. He was losing his balance, but it didn't feel like his consciousness was fading and he had to wonder just what had actually been in that dart.

The gang member he was now facing tossed his dart blower down and stepped toward the Green Arrow, along with the others who were defending the warehouse. With pain coursing through his body, Oliver was able to duck an attack from the right but missed a fist to his abdomen. He cried out in pain as he fell down to his knees. 

That hurt more than it should. The pain amplified tenfold and his vision blacked out for a second. It felt like that shark was biting into him again. He was in the midst of trying to figure out what was going on when someone kicked him from behind, hitting him smack in his right shoulder. Images of Lian Yu, when Conklin was whipping him flashed through his head, followed immediately by the blinding pain.

It hit him then. He knew what this drug was. He'd experienced it before, back on Lian Yu. Everything always led back to that God-forsaken island. Memories crashed through his mind, one after the other, and pain overwhelmed him. He realized then that this fight was something that should probably be continued later. The archer pressed his hands into the floor, shoving his body up onto his feet, trying to ignore the momentary blackout in his vision. Oliver managed to shove past the goon standing directly in front of him and knocked a grappling arrow, aiming upwards. He thanked whatever deity was still looking out for him that his arrow flew true and hooked up through the skylight. Once he was on the top he stumbled a few paces before regaining his balance as best he could, then he took off down the roof, disappearing into the night.


Felicity Smoak was sitting on the couch in the living room of the apartment she shared with her apartment and the boy she was beginning to consider as her son. It still felt odd to think. Just a few short months ago she didn't have either of those things and now she had a family. Her team had always been her family. Oliver had always been her family. But being able to say she had a husband and child still blew her mind. 

She had put William to bed just a few hours ago and had decided to sit down and quietly read a book. Being a tech genius and moonlighting as vigilante often meant she didn't have enough time to sit down and just read, but after being fired as Overwatch she suddenly found she had nights free. Some would have used this time to catch up on sleep, but she was finding that sleep just wouldn't come when she knew her husband was out in the streets alone doing God knows what. No, she wouldn't see sleep tonight until he walked through that door and gave her a solemn hug, letting her know that he understands how she's feeling, how she's worried, but yet unable to fix it. She thought it ridiculous, that he could end her worry in a heartbeat if he wanted to, but she supposed that Oliver had to do what he had to do to get through everything that's been happening lately. She'd let it go on just a little longer. Her husband didn't have a job anymore either since he was impeached, and unfortunately, that meant a lot more time for him to spend unsupervised in his other job as the Green Arrow. That she had to sit and wait and worry more often. She told herself that she was fine with it but she also knew that was a lie.

So, Felicity sat on the couch with her favourite crochet blanket wrapped around her and her favourite book in her hands as she read quietly, a single lamp illuminating the pages from over her left shoulder. She had just looked up to check the door for any sign of Oliver for probably the hundredth time when her phone started vibrating on the coffee table. Folding a corner of her page to save it, the blonde swung her legs off the couch and set the book in her purse. She reached beside it and picked up her phone. As soon as she saw Oliver on the caller i.d. she felt her heart start pounding in her chest. 

Why would he be calling? He never calls. He just comes home quietly, trying to sneak in and not wake anyone even though he knows she'll be up waiting for him. He wouldn't call. Something had to be wrong.

"Calm down, Felicity," she murmured to herself, "Everything is fine."

She hit the green button to answer the call and held the device up to her ear.

"Oliver?" she asked breathlessly, terrified.

"Felicity," came his voice, sounding strained, "I need help."

And then she swore she felt her heart stop.