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Other Way Round

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As prominent and suspicious the tall tower in the Cindersnap Forest appeared, nobody in Pelican Town really knew its resident nor didn't really care who the strange person was. It was often forgotten that there even was somebody else living outside their community, even Linus was more integrated into it than he was. Yet, the influence of Rasmodius was everywhere to be seen. Not to the ordinary human eye, of course, but the supernatural aura that lay all over Stardew Valley wasn't coming from anywhere.
After all, the Wizard, as everybody called him, was responsible for most of the residents' destinies. Well, that wasn't the case if one thought of him being the one who had decided that Pam would lose her job and Shane would end up as an Alcoholic. He referred to the side effects of his magic as 'Karma' and he was positive about everything negative happening was because the person involved in it had done bad things in the past and deserved it.

He stood next to his black cauldron that was filled with a light green, slimy something that smelled like the dead frog Jodi had found in her dishwasher the other day after Vincent had decided to clean him because he was so muddy. Had he put frogs in it? He couldn't remember when he had stopped following the grimoire's orders. He shrugged and poured another bottle of bird's saliva in it and stirred slowly. The mixture's colour got even more undefinable when he added some fermented milk. His nose was already used to being exposed to horrible smells but some of his violet beard's hair had started curling before falling out and into the cauldron as well. His fingers reached for a bottle filled with a clear liquid. He opened it and poured something into the cauldron before leading it to his lips and sipping on it. Ahh... Russian Water had always revived his spirits. He coughed before he started filling the cauldron's content into small bottles of glass. He spilt much of it and at least a quarter of it ended up on his gown. The Junimos had started dancing around him, grabbing him by his cape in order to stop him from whatever he was about to do but he himself wasn't quite sure about his actions. What was he supposed to do with this potion? Was this supposed to be drunk? Was this supposed to be spilt on somebody? What was it supposed to do anyway? He sighed before closing his eyes and rubbing his temples. Ahh... Now he remembered. He wanted to help his special friend. The farmer had always been a lovely one, indeed. She sometimes brought him the poisonous mushrooms she found down in the mines and he tried to cut off some of her bright red hair once because one of his spellbooks swore on the power of gingers. Or was it his horoscope he had read? He scratched his head and twisted his moustache. He wanted to help her to finally get in touch with this obnoxious black-haired boy who she fell for when she had moved to Pelican Town some months ago. A love potion. He smiled before handing the two Junimos each an ampule of the mixture. Not that she had asked Rasmodius to do anything for her but he simply knew it was the right thing to do, seeing as she had no idea of how to talk to the moody urchin.

He had watched them in the saloon together, where she tried to talk to him but he only responded with how he had to decide whether or not he should let his friend win the party of billiard. It made the wizard angry, seeing how this brat acted around the nice farmer even though he had seen what he did every time he had seen her that day. He obviously worshipped her beauty, this disgusting excuse of a man, but had he ever said anything to her that wasn't absolutely meaningless? The wizard ran up and down the room, not sure what to do with this damn potion he had mixed for her good. But she was an adult, she had to be capable of processing what it had meant to fall in love with this boy and it was his duty as a good friend to help her. He swung open the door of his tower and he was surprised by the birds chirping around him. The sun had just risen and he asked himself how late it actually was and he contemplated with the thought of simply entering his tower again and emptying this bottle of delicious spirit that waited for him inside. He led his hand to the nose and pressed two fingers against his nostrils. He took in a deep breath and the Junimos helped him blend into the nature around him. It possibly was his most practical power to get invisible while walking around the town.

He followed the path up to the farm that only looked slightly less pathetic than before she had moved here. He stopped when he entered her farm and saw her kneeling next to her plant and stroking its leaves gently. She hummed a song he hadn't heard before and her red curls stood in every direction. She had tried to tame it with a hairband and a large straw hat. She wore a red and white striped shirt under her Overalls. Rasmodius drew closer to her but passed her and if his nose hadn't been this damaged from before, he would have stopped in order to catch her lovely smell. Mortals had always inspired him and so did she. He entered her house, carefully trying not to make her notice the opened front door. He poured the potion over her pillow and made sure to turn it around before leaving and heading for the mountains. Now, he only had to do the same to this boy's bed and the next day they would be closer than they had ever dreamed of being. Rasmodius already wondered what he could do with the other bottles of the potion but he decided to wait and watch the impact of those two ampules. Maybe he should merge magma slime and a rabbit's foot? Would a golden pumpkin go with this?