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Phineas and Ferb in Dimmsdale: Double Dating Danger

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When Cupid told the cherubs that he needed the dream reports and research notes on that weird machine by the end of the day, he didn't expect them to deliver said goods literally by the end of the day.

And by that, we mean at 11:59 PM.

"You know that by 'the end of the day', I didn't mean 'one minute before midnight', right", Cupid nagged. "I've been waiting for those reports for six whole hours! Now I have to stay up all night to look over those papers of yours!"

"We're sorry for the misunderstanding, sir", Amandus the cherub apologized.

"We promise it won't happen again", Caron, the other cherub promised.

"I hope so", Cupid muttered. "Thanks anyway. Both of you are now dismissed."

The two cherubs saluted and flew away. As the duo are no longer in Cupid's view, he closed the door of his mansion and glanced at the paperwork he received.

The first reports he looked at were the dream reports Amandus had received from Harvey Sandman. The Mattress King not only dealt with sleeping wishes, but also recorded just about every dream nightmare, or other somnological vision imaginable, which are then stored in separate dream reports. Seeing how he got a towering amount of paperwork presented in a trolley cart, it wouldn't surprise him that he got about every single dream Trixie ever had.

The other reports were research notes from Caron, who was assigned to find out what that weird machine was Trixie was attached to earlier that day. The report was entitled 'The Mind Machine Neo (as it's apparently called)'. Cupid also received the machine itself, and a log record, it seems.

He put the research notes and the device on his working table, and parked the trolley with dream reports next to it. Cupid then went to the kitchen and prepared an extra strong cup of coffee.

This was going to be a looong night, and he needed all the caffeine he could get to stay awake.

6 o'clock AM. Cupid had become a lot more insightful on Trixie's situation.

Cupid learned from the dream reports that Trixie's been dreaming more often about Timmy ever since the start of the week. A few standout dreams included them at a ferris wheel ride and them at a beach.

Another curious aspect is that Trixie had a recurring dream. It matched what he had heard of what happened at the Blue Moon of the Vegon System during the Darkness Crisis, which may allude to what Cupid had suspected about Trixie's memories.

Meanwhile, Cupid learned from the research notes that the Mind Machine Neo let the wearers of the attached helmets travel through one's own mind, generated in a way it's explorable as if it were a real world. It's an upgraded version of a similar device, with added functions such as the ability to exit the mind internally and a guide designed to match with the current mind.

The log record Caron attached it with wasn't part of an existing function. Caron had it conjured up with the magic wand he lent from Binky, based on the last few hours of activity. Unfortunately, the log record was not based on what happened in the generated world, but on what happened in Trixie's brain proper, so most of it were vastly unfamiliar terms and codes Cupid couldn't comprehend, asides from dates and timestamps.

However, Cupid did figure out that something happened inside Trixie's brain that caused her to have gained new memories. The dates and timestamps attached to it seemingly matched with the day of the Darkness crisis, adding to Cupid's suspicion that Trixie had rather regained old memories.

Cupid pondered. All of this, combined with his own love reports, seems pretty clear evidence that Trixie knows about the Darkness crisis again, and in turn, about fairies. Though, Cupid felt like he only needed one more piece of evidence, so Jorgen wouldn't just brush his claims off. If one would take a look at all of it separately, they wouldn't think much of it, since it only seems to hinge on a theory. Cupid needed something that could tie it together more easily.

At that moment, a short male with a balding forehead and lavender curly hair abruptly interrupted his research. Harvey Sandman himself. His appearance surprised Cupid.

"By Eros, Harvey", Cupid exclaimed irritably. "Couldn't you at least knock on the door?"

"Sorry to barge in, but I got my latest dream report on miss Tang in", the Sandman himself said. "I remembered that one of your little helpers told me you were doing a bit of research on her dreams, so I decided to bring you this one personally."

Cupid comprehended Harvey's reasoning. To be honest, he did wonder what Trixie would be dreaming of after the sudden love surge for Timmy.

"Oh, okay, thank you", Cupid said, taking the report out of Harvey's hand and laid it down on the table.

"May I ask you what the research is for", Harvey queried. "Is Trixie seeing someone special? Y'know, considering you're the god of love."

"Yes, it's Turner", Cupid replied.

Harvey looked up surprised. "Turner? As in Timmy Turner?" he asked.

"Yep", Cupid confirmed. "The same Turner you dealt with when no one could sleep. I thought you would've known, seeing he appears frequently in the more recent reports."

"Hey, I don't exactly read the reports, I just extract the dreams and convert them into documents", Harvey defended. "I don't wanna break anyone's privacy. They're still potential mattress customers, after all."

"Yeah, yeah", Cupid dismissed. "Anyway, the research is mostly to see if my theory about something concerning Trixie is true."

"What do you mean", Harvey asked.

"The last time Trixie was so passionate for Timmy as, say, 100%, was during the Darkness crisis, remember that?"

"Yeah, it's quite a horrifying event", Harvey shuddered. "Even if most if it was caused by the Eliminators."

"Right", Cupid said. "Anyway, with all the evidence I've collected so far, it seems like Trixie might have remembered all of it again, in spite of going through Jorgen's memory wipeout, which shouldn't leave any trace behind."

"Yeah, I think it's because she and the other humans met all the supernatural stuff, including us fairies, right", Harvey deduced.

"Yep, and Jorgen believed it was okay to wipe Trixie's memories due to materialistic love", Cupid explained, "but if she did remember everything from that fateful day, then that means the Forgeticin Jorgen used did not entirely work."

"Impossible, Forgeticin is a very powerful substance", Harvey stated. "It can wipe out any desired memory… unless it's connected to-"

"True love, the one thing fairy magic cannot affect", Cupid finished. "Unless you want your loved ones to end up like a brainwashed zombie, but that can also be reverted by true love."

"Okay, so there's a chance that someone remembers the Darkness crisis", Harvey recapped. "But why would you be so concerned about it?"

"Well, it means Jorgen made a huge mistake", Cupid replied. "It's also entirely possible that Trixie's memory has grown immune to the Forgeticin, if it has been strengthened by true love. Either way, it means he either has to find another way to have Trixie forget about fairies but keep her love for Timmy… or give her fairy godparents."

"Quite a predicament", Harvey pondered. "So, what does this report say?"

Cupid began reading through.

"I think it might be the final piece of evidence for Jorgen to believe in me", he finally said.

5:15 AM, Dimmsdale. A van full of very Inator-like materials is driving through town. It was Rodney and Orville's van.

"So, this is Dimmsdale, hm", Rodney pondered.

"Looks like your average regular Springfield-ish town", Orville commented. "Reminds me a lot of Danville."

"But we know that looks can be deceiving", Rodney stated. "This is a locale in which strange things have happened ever since its founding in 1665. And I'm going to find out what those strange things are powered with, with the help of the Oddity Locatorinizor, and the Energy Storageinizor, both of which I have yet to construct. But, I have already conceptualized them with the blueprints!"

"So, I assume we need a location to build them in, and stay", Orville asked.

"Exactly, my boy", Rodney grinned. "Let's find a location that is abandoned first."

"Such as that dilapidated building over there?" Orville asked, pointing towards a house that looks quite ruinous.

"Yes, this is precisely what I had in mind", Rodney stated. "Let's park the car on that curb and unload the parts while I get my Skeleton Key-Inizor. Don't forget to turn on the camouflage mode, son."

After the car had been made invisible and the house had been unlocked, Rodney and Orville decided to explore the abandoned home.

"How odd", Rodney mused. "The dust layers I see are only about two days old. This house must've been abandoned not too long ago."

"Do you think there might be a few secrets in here?" Orville questioned.

"I wouldn't doubt it, Orville", Rodney responded.

The two then made it into the attic. There seemed to be a bed, as well as an old computer and a carpet, and from the looks of it, all of it seemed to be used just as frequently as the rest of the house.

"This almost looks like a bedroom for a 53-year old that still lives with his mother", Rodney deduced. "But that would imply that there's a person more pathetic than Heinz."

"That's actually very possible", Orville pointed out.

"I know", Rodney admitted. "I just like to belittle Slouchy as much as I can."

Orville snickered at the nickname. Doofenshmirtz was often called 'Slouchy', because he slouches.

Orville stopped snickering when his father walked over the carpet.

"Wait, Dad", Orville called. "Walk over the carpet again."

Rodney did as told, and realized something weird as well.

"You're right, Orville, something is up with this carpet", he agreed. "Or rather… something's under it!"

He removed the carpet from the floor, revealing a metallic door. There also was a button. Orville pressed on it, which caused the door to open up, revealing a chute.

"After you", Orville offered.

Rodney then jumped into the chute.


Rodney landed on a cold, hard floor, and ironically enough, right next to a pillow. Soon enough, his son landed on him.

After the two stood up, they looked around. It looked like they found themselves in an underground laboratory, and one that hadn't been used in a while. It was full of machinery and devices that had a thick layer of dust. Most notably, however, were some scribbles that said 'FAIRIES' here and there.

Rodney grinned. "Orville, get those Inator parts in this lab", he commanded. "This hideout is much better than I imagined it would be!"