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Naked as we came

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Grow up, I’ll see you at midnight, said the note.

It was midnight, maybe couple of minutes after midnight. The hour of the day I’ve been looking forward to the entire day. I had to find a way to kill the time. Marzia, I thought. Yes, okay, that will work, but not good enough. It did the work of killing time but I was so anticipated and kept checking the time. 12 hours, 8 hours, 6 hours and then Isaac and Mounir came to our villa for dinner. All I wanted was for the clock to strike 12 and I’ll see him. Him. Oliver. He’s been out all day and I was left with Marzia and my parents and the guests, who left when it was a little after 11:55 pm.


At midnight or so we ended up in his room. My room. Our room, I thought. He sat on one of my beds that were conjoined by him. He was wearing a green, baggy shirt and white bermuda pants. In the process of sitting down he closed the door, gently but the draft suddenly appeared and I tried but failed at stopping it. It slammed and It made a sound, a sound that I hope none of the residents had heard, Oliver giggled at my childish reaction. And then, we were left in the silence.


We were quite for a while, just looking around the room. He was sitting and I was standing above him at the foot of the bed. I really didn’t have a clue what to do, what to say, should I say anything at all, should I just hug him, should I get under the covers ,what should I do? I felt my heart beating, really fast, my heart was in my throat. I was breathing faster, he was breathing normal, deep but normal. I sat next to him. I was now sitting on one of the beds that have been my home of many holidays of ours. The bed where I used to sleep, read books, listen to Busoni and Bach on my walkman, write in my so called diary but now, that he was here, that he was staying with us, I did everything the same on the bed in the next room except the new part I put in was thinking about Oliver right before I would fall into a sleepless dream and occasionally touch myself thinking about him and his big hands all over my tiny, slim body.

He didn’t say a word, was he nervous? I know I was, he knew that too. I liked the feeling of sitting next to him, just the two of us, just Elio and Oliver, sitting alone on the bed, after midnight, not talking, breathing and letting our desires take us where we needed to be. I took of my snickers and then my socks and threw them away. I wanted to say something, anything, I wanted to ask him where he was the whole day, I wanted to tell him about the dinner with Sonny and Cher, tell him that my father made me wear that ridiculously looking shirt just to satisfy them and my parents. But I got interrupted. He took off his espadrilles, put them aside and now we were both naked, just our feet, actually. And it was perfectly clear to me where this was going. So we weren’t gonna talk and there’s only one thing left to do.
It’s been days since our first kiss and I didn’t want to stop there, he’s been avoiding me for some time and I couldn’t take it hens the note slide underneath his door and the answer I got this morning. Slowly removing every fabric that covered our skins, the shoes were just a start and I wanted more.
I started playing with my foot, teasing him, crawling my toes and put my foot on top of his.

“What are you doing?” He asked with a smile, looking down at out feet.
“Nothing.” I answered, my voice was shaking.
Then he put his foot on top of mine. I let out a silent moan.
“This makes you happy?” I felt him looking at me, I couldn’t look at him, I was too nervous, was afraid I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded.
“You’re not gonna get a nosebleed on me, are you?”
“I’m not gonna get…”

And I went for it. I wanted to tackle him down on the bed with my right shoulder and my entire body but he being this huge and tall guy didn’t move an inch, I puled his shirt and then climbed on top of him. I grabbed his shoulders while I was getting up and he got the hold of my thighs and placed them around his hips. Not a word was spoken, he breathed in my stomach while I played with his hair, messing it all up, devouring it. His hands were on my back and sliding slowly down my spine and grabbing my ass with those enormous hands of his. Few seconds later, I sat in his lap, I was straddling him, his body between my legs and his hands back at the top of my spine, one was caressing my neck and the other on my hip. I was shaking, my lips were trembling when I bit a side of his neck. All sorts of chemicals were going through my body, my brain, my heart. And all I could think was This is finally happening, I have him underneath me, take me Oliver, please. I gently grabbed his face and kissed him, he breathed in my mouth, he then grabbed my face and kissed me again, deeply while I reached and pulled my shirt over my head from the back. He helped nearly at the end, only saying “Off, off, off, off, off “ and I did the same the moment my shirt ended on the floor with me shaking my head and smiling down at him. My hands were on the top buttons of his shirt, my hands were shaking so much that I only did one while he kissed my stomach. That made me feel warmth everywhere in my body, the stomach kiss showed me how much I wanted his lips and mouth anywhere, anytime, just like when he kissed my foot while I was bleeding from my nose.

“Yeah, just pull it.” He said, grabbing the front while I pulled the back and failing at it, only to end on my back behind him, unbuttoning my own jeans. “Or I’ll pull it.” He said with a smile and turned around and laid on top of me, not crushing the weak boy underneath him, kissing my chest while our legs were intertwining. I was gasping the entire time, I wanted him inside me so bad but I also wanted this to never end because I knew what was coming next and I was scared a little. He pulled from kissing my body and started unbuttoning his bermudas. So many buttons, I thought. I was getting hard by the seconds, I felt like I was gonna explode very soon if he stops. You’ll kill me if you stop. There was a massive dose of adrenaline coursing through my body that I almost didn’t feel the light metal necklace land on my stomach. He was doing his belt and I picked up his David’s star necklace from my stomach and slip it in my mouth, playing with it with my tongue, while looking at him. He threw the belt almost very violently on the floor and removed his underwear and shorts and then he came back to me. I felt his erection, a big one, it was hitting my thigh, almost rubbing against mine, through clothes. Eye-contact didn’t break, the whole time we were preparing for the next step. Being able to look him in the eyes made me fill very secured, he wanted this too, it’s too late to back out now, not really but I never wanted him to stop making me feel like this. My neck was being filled with kisses from him while my hands were playing with his beautiful hair once again, I kissed his right cheek. You’ll kill me if you stop.

Oliver, being a big guy above me only made me feel more secured about anything in the world at that moment. He wouldn’t hurt me, I thought to myself. A gentle giant, my lips were still shaking, emotions got bubbled up in my stomach and all I could do was breathe. I want this, I want it more than anything now, I want you, I want you to devour me Oliver, just do it.

He took a pause from everything and got up from the bed, leaving me breathless, only to completely remove his clothes and mine as well. He was so gentle, first he removed my 501 jeans and then my boxers, I smiled at him, innocently and brought up the necklace from my mouth and placed it on the night stand. I was naked now, in front of him, not a single peace of fabric was covering my skinny, white, muscle-less body. Naked, like I imagined in my thoughts before falling asleep. He is here, this is real, we are gonna make love or fuck, very soon . He smiled back and got back on the bed. I’ve seen him in his short shorts and with nothing on top and I wanted more. It didn’t matter to me if he was naked, without clothes , I wanted him naked in a way where I can be naked for him as well, vulnerable, without a secret in the world, because, being with him in my bed was my only secret and now this was happening. But now he is naked, and he is beautiful. Maybe at a strange place and strange time a strange thought popped into my head Chiara never got this far, I smirked at myself, hoping he didn’t notice it.

He stood above me, looking at me, and then we looked me in the eyes. Everything got so quiet. My emotions were growing ad getting wild much like our cocks did. He kneeled between my legs and then gently flipped me on my stomach. No, Oliver, I want to see you, I want to see your face when you enter me, I want to look at when you cum. He raised my legs so I was also kneeling with my face with stuck to the pillow. Then, he spread my butt cheeks and bent down to kiss the bottom of my spine. I grabbed the pillow, preparing for the pain as I started to feel him at my entrance. And then he stopped.

“Oliver?” I whispered.

He grabbed my stomach from underneath me and flipped me on my back now. My legs were now wrapped around his waist and my hands were holding his. “You’re too beautiful not to look at.” He said and I blushed, faster than any time in my life, blushed in front of this man. I closed my eyes and covered my face with both of my hands and started giggling. “Don’t hide your face from me, Elio.” He said, removing my hands away from me and looking me deep in the eyes, he smiled and then got down and kissed me, softly ,biting my lower lip and then kissed my nose. “Are you sure you want this?” He asked, I nodded.
He grabbed both of my legs and put them on his shoulders, still holding my hips and kissing my left foot. He kissed my right foot that day I got a nose bleed, now they’re equal. I sunk into the mattress, still trembling, avoiding his eyes.

And then I felt it, I felt him, It didn’t feel like another cock was entering me, more like, It was Oliver. Oliver. I was flushed red, my eyes were shut tightly so I don’t know Oliver’s reaction, only mine. Still trembling and now red in the face. In that moment I felt everything, absolutely everything. Not only the feeling of him getting inside me but also having a part of him hitting my emotions and my wildest dreams about him. The pain was there, enormous amount of pain running through out my body, I wanted to scream but I didn’t want him to stop. Inch by inch, he was entering me, slowly, moaning at every inch he became closer and closer to me. When he was all in, he stopped, it still hurt. We became one. A part of him was inside of me and the thought made me feel everything, again, I was in pain but I was happy, I was scared but safe at the same time. Emotions got the best of me and I teared up a little. “Elio.” He whispered my name as he laid on top of me with all his weight.

There was not a part of him that was not touching me, kissing my tears away and deep kissing me on the mouth with tongue. I was overwhelmed with everything around me, on top of me. The pain started to settle down as I asked him how he feels, “I am okay, Elio… How do you feel?”, I finally said :” I think I’ll be fine too.” He gave one of those Oh-honey smiles and kissed me again and then got up with my legs wrapped around his waist. The first thrust was painful as hell, I told him to move, looking at his eyes and so he did. The second thrust was lass painful and finally there was some friction. The next thrust was finally the one we were looking for and I was finally moaning, not loud, I didn’t want to wake my parents and Mafalda up. Later on we found the common tongue, he was moving slow and fast, our bodies made sounds, sweat was all over the beds, friction was making me hard and every time he would look at me I would feel him grow even harder inside me. I was able to move my body with his, my lower parts not just hands and arms.

This is happening, this is happening, he is inside me, Oliver is inside me. He was moaning also, started going deeper and faster, hitting the nerves inside me. I wanted him inside me forever. He went down and started moaning in the crock of my neck with my hands wrapped around his neck, his hands were holding my legs in the air. “Elio…Elio…” he moaned my name, that made me harder even more than I was.

“Oliver…are, are you gonna…” he was moving slowly now, I knew he was at the edge, without the slightest idea of how long have we been doing this.

“Yes, oh” , he bit my neck, I grab the hold of his face and looked at him. His hair was a mess, his face was red and he was panting and whispering my name.

“Come inside me, Oliver...” We never broke eye contact as he released himself inside me. I moaned at his lips at the same time he moaned in my ear.

“Oh God Elio!”

I smiled at him and then kissed his forehead. He pulled himself from inside me and kept our small distance. Once he was finally and completely out i hissed at the emptiness. My breathing was lifting Oliver's head on my chest and his messy wet hair was tickling my skin. I absentmindedly began caressing his back, it was my way of slowing his and my breathing.

I got up on my elbows with him still in the crook of my neck and got a hold of his necklace. “Oliver?” I said and showed him his necklace, “Oh, i didn't know when...Put it on me” he said and so I did. Why the hell did I want to do that after everything we just did, the irony, I guess. I loved how he looked with that around his neck. We moved our bodies to lay on the pillows, I was holding him In my arms while he fell asleep. In the middle of the night, while I was still awake, he moved even closer to me, had no idea it was even possible, i kissed his cheek and continued caressing his skin.

This was the closest I will ever be with him. I wanted that since I read his note, since he asked me to play the piano, since he broke his first soft boiled egg, since I saw his picture in my father’s files. It was that simple and yet I felt like I just climbed the freaking Mont Everest to get in the same bed with him.

He awoke some time later and asked me what time it is, his hair still a mess.” Maybe 3 in the morning” I answered, he then straightened his arm so I would lie on it, and the other one was stroking my hair, ear and cheek. I loved this feeling, I had him inside me and still a part of him was now dripping from my body. Just a boy and a man, sharing the same desire for one another. His skin, his eyes, his smile, I wanted to die just so I can have this image of him, I wanted him to be the last thing I see before they burry me. I was addicted of him, what did you do to me Oliver, you’ll kill me if you stop.

Out of the blue, he came out of the crook of my neck, looked me in the eyes, held my gaze and said “Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine”

“Elio” I said pointing a figure at his chest.
“Oliver” he whispered. That made me smile.
“Elio” I said quickly.
“Oliver” and as I heard him say his name I got hard once again.
“Elio” I said and pulled him in a rough kiss that consisted mostly of teeth and tongue.

Oliver lifted me on top of him and straight on his already erected cock. When did he get hard again, I thought but it didn’t matter. He was, once again, inside of me, and this time it felt good from the very start; i was stretched enough after only one going-in. I gasped at his hand on my cock as his other hand managed to find its way on my ass. I guessed he didn’t like me jumping up and down at him so he sat on the bed with me in his lap and moved his body in sync with mine. My head was thrown back when he attached his lips to my neck, my hands were in his hair, tugging and pulling while his were on my hips, helping me move faster or slower. I moaned his name, almost like a grunt, when I came between us only few minutes into it, some went on my chest and some on his, I came undone, untouched. He smiled on my decorated body with the fluid that came from my body and the reason it came out splashing was him. I continued to move back and forth, up and down; i was finished but he wasn't. The need to please him overtook my entire body and my will to live. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me off of him and then released himself all over my chest with a huge smile on his face when he finished.

We laid there for a while, my head was hanging from one side of the bed, his head was on the other side, we were in kinda like 69 position. I was exhausted and happy, satisfied, trying to stabilize my breathing and shaking lips. We did it, I did it, all over myself. This was what I wanted, I wanted him, and I got him, I tried him, I liked it. A hot summer night in July, Oliver and I made love, maybe the first time, the second time we fucked. I wanted more, I wanted to go again but I was exhausted and I don’t think Oliver had the strength nor the cum to go again. When he calmed down, a while later, got up and grabbed his Billowy shirt that was hanging at the foot of the bed and whipped the cum off of his chest.

“Did we make noise?”
“Nothing to worry about.”
”I don’t know, Mafalda always looks for signs.” He gave me the shirt to whipe myself.
”Well, she’s not gonna find any.” Oliver said.
When I was done cleaning myself I threw the shirt on the floor. It shined underneath the moon light all together with our cum on it.
“You wore this shirt the first day you were here, will you give it to me when you go?” I asked and he smiled and nodded, then he pulled my body away from the moonlight and I fell asleep right after he placed a kiss on my nose and pulled me closer to his chest.

It was hot that night, the weather did its part but so did we. My body was slowly starting to cool itself down but Oliver’s body next to mine brought back the heat.