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home is when i'm alone with you

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She found him lying face down on the bed surrounded by papers when she got home from picking up Noah from Lucy's.


"What are you doing?" She couldn't help but laugh at him a little, kicking off her shoes and shrugging off her coat. He was wearing his serious-work-time sweatpants but didn't appear to have gotten very far. He turned his head enough to speak without being extremely muffled.


"Taking a break from existing."


"Oh." She pushed some papers towards the headboard before lying down, mirroring his position but with her cheek pillowed on her arm. He opened one eye and gave her a mildly amused once over. 


"What are you doing?"


"Taking a break from existing with you." Feet padded down the hallway.


"Mama, Rafa can we-" He stopped short in the doorway and giggled. "Whatcha doin?"


"We're taking a break from existing, Noah." He scrambled up on the bed, straddling Rafael's waist at first before copying his mother's relaxed pose, acting as if this were an everyday occurrence.


"Oomph." Rafael exhaled sharply as the little boy's weight blanketed his shoulders and back. "Thanks guys." He said, slightly wheezy.


"After our break, can we get pizza?" Noah whispered. Olivia snorted. He had asked at least twelve times on the way home. 


"Noah no." She whispered.


"Noah yes." Rafael whispered indignantly.


"Overruled." Noah quipped, making both Rafael and Olivia bubble over with laughter.