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paper planes ➢ yoonmin

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Jimin pulled his robe tightly around his frame as he tiptoed through the corridors. Shivering, Jimin wonders why he even agreed to do this. In the middle of the night, an excited Taehyung had shaken him awake and told him to follow him, claiming he had “found something sick” on his late-night ventures around the castle. Too tired to question how the Gryffindor managed to get into the Slytherin dorms, Jimin got up and followed.


By now, the noises he heard throughout the castle were starting to get to him. Jimin was terrified and on the verge of calling it quits, but then Taehyung stopped in front of a doorway. The door was old; it was made of wood with many holes and it looked as though it was about to fall off its hinges.


“This is it,” Taehyung whispered, opening the door and motioning for Jimin to follow him inside.


The door led into what looked like an unused classroom. Taehyung’s flashlight shone on desks and chairs pushed to one side of the room, the light sweeping across an upturned garbage can— until it finally landed on a large, ornate mirror propped up against the wall. The mirror had an elaborate gold frame that was glowing under the light being projected upon it, two clawed feet at the bottom of it. Engraved at the top of the mirror’s frame was the words ‘Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.’


Grinning at his friend’s awestruck expression, Taehyung began to explain what he knew about a mirror. “I found this when Jungkookie and I were sneaking around one night. Jungkook, bless his Ravenclaw heart, figured out that the words at the top mean ‘I show not your face but your heart’s desire’.”


“Woah,” Jimin said under his breath. “What do you see?”


Taehyung blushed. “That’s between me, myself, and I.”


Jimin already knew what his best friend saw: Jungkook. Taehyung had been crushing on the second year since he first met him. He couldn’t help but find it adorable how Jungkook was Taehyung’s ‘heart’s desire’. He wondered what it would be like to love someone like Tae loves Kook.


“Look in the mirror, Jiminie.” Jimin did as he was told. He stared at the glass and there he was, but he wasn’t him. He was taller, broader, and he looked more confident. Mirror Jimin stood in between his mother and father, who were looking down at him with pride.


“What is it? What do you see?”


“It-it’s me, but also not me? I-I’m with my parents, and-and they’re proud of me.” He admitted shyly.


“Aw, Jiminie... If it makes you feel any better, if I were your dad, I’d be very proud of you. For, uh, existing.” Tae said in a vain attempt at comforting his friend.


They stayed there for a little longer, discussing the things they saw and how badly they wanted them. They could’ve talked all night if it weren’t for Taehyung looking at his watch and realizing it was almost five in the morning. Walking back to their respective dorms, both boys knew that they would soon return to the Mirror of Erised.



The next day, Jimin had a hard time paying attention to his surroundings due to lack of sleep. He was constantly yawning and stumbling, wanting nothing more than to go back to his bed and sleep.


As Jimin half-heartedly staggered to herbology, he slammed into a mass. He looked up and realized that that mass was a human. A very handsome human. The boy had pale blonde hair and soft features, although his expression looked annoyed.


“S-sorry! I didn’t see you!” Jimin said, apologizing instinctively.


“Watch where you’re going.” Was all the mystery boy said before striding off.


Not thinking much of it, Jimin made his way to his Herbology class.



Two nights later, Taehyung and Jimin were out of bed at three o’clock am once more. The two were anxious to see the mirror again, both reveling in the ridiculous ‘realities’ in their reflections. Jimin and Taehyung let their anticipation get the best of them as they made their way the classroom that held the Mirror of Erised. Their giggles and heavy footfalls echoed throughout the hallway during their journey.


Naturally, such careless behavior caused them to get busted by none other than Argus Filch. As the two best friends were in different houses, they had to call in both Headmistress McGonagall and Professor Slughorn. Taehyung and Jimin were lectured for what felt like an eternity on why they should stay in their dormitories at night. It was ultimately decided that they would be given detention after school on Monday, which would cause them both to miss the Quidditch game they had bet each other on. Of course, they could always find out who won from the other students, but seeing the game happen was also part of the thrill.



Monday came around sooner than expected, and the two dragged their feet to the detention room. Once Jimin and Taehyung entered, they only saw one other person sitting at one of the desks: the boy Jimin had bumped into two days prior.


Jimin cautiously took a seat next to him, Taehyung on his right and the boy on his left. He quickly noticed that the boy was working on an assignment, his quill moving furiously as he filled in the questions. Peering at the top of his paper, Jimin learned that his name was Min Yoongi.


Jimin smiled. Lovely name for a lovely-looking guy, Jimin mused before pulling out his own homework to get started on.


It wasn’t long until Yoongi began to get bored with his arithmancy worksheet. He opened his backpack and pulled out a pack of pale pink post-its. Jimin watched as Yoongi ripped off a sticky note from the top of the stack and promptly began folding it into a paper airplane. After finishing the last crease, Yoongi closed one eye and aimed before throwing his airplane. The paper vessel sailed from his desk to the corner of the room, landing nose first in the trash can. Watching Yoongi’s prideful smile, Jimin giggled, causing the former to turn his attention to Jimin. Embarrassed, Jimin quickly ducked his head and looked back to his paper, taking note of the soft chuckle that emitted from the boy next to him.


Not five minutes later, a paper airplane made from a green sticky note landed smoothly on Jimin’s desk. On the wing of the plane, written in messy handwriting, were the words, ‘Hey. Jimin, right?’.


Jimin all but blushed as he looked up to find Yoongi grinning at him. Jimin quickly turned the airplane and scrawled on the other wing, ‘That’s me. You’re Yoongi, right?’ before sending it off. Almost immediately, the airplane was sent back, the message now written on the side. ‘Yep. What’re you in for?’ It read.


What is this, prison?’ Jimin wrote, ‘My friend and I were caught sneaking around at night. You?


Damn. You don’t seem like the type of kid to do stuff like that. I’d suspect chewing gum in class or something, not this.’


Well I’m full of surprises. (He bullied me into it.) You never answered my question.


“Defacing school property”. I doodled something in a textbook.’


‘Woah, calm down there bad boy.’


‘Don’t make fun of me, Park.’


Yoongi and Jimin threw their paper plane messages throughout the entire detention period, and Jimin couldn’t help but be disappointed when the bell rang, the teacher informing them they could leave.


“Bye Jimin,” Yoongi said as they left, “talk to you later.”


Maybe, Jimin thought, detention isn’t so bad if I’ve got him here.



Two nights later, Jimin realized that Taehyung never learned his lesson, as once again the Gryffindor shook him awake and insisted that he get up to go to the mirror. However, Jimin also realized that he couldn’t refuse his best friend, so he walked groggily at Taehyung’s heels to the empty classroom. Taehyung excitedly pushed open the door and scurried up to the mirror, cheeks red and a huge grin as he looked at the image he saw.


When it was Jimin’s turn to stand in front of the mirror, his parents were no longer in sight. Instead, he saw himself just as he was, but Min Yoongi had his arm wrapped around his waist and was looking at him fondly.


“Jimin? Is it different this time? What do you see?”


Jimin couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he said, “It’s him. The paper plane guy.”