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Hi! If you're clicking on this, you might be a reviewer looking for their story, or a reviewer hoping to get a drabble. Or, you saw a couple you like that I've written and decided to drop by. Whatever the case, most welcome to you :)

1. Review ten chapters of one of my stories- this is not to say that you go and just do 'good' or 'update' on ten chapters, because that ain't gunna fly. This is not a contest to get a drabble, but a reward to those that are already reviewing more than one chapter of my story, and an encouragement to continue doing so. So, if you're just seeing this/want to get a drabble, read my stories, actually comment worthwhile things that prove to me you've actually read 'em. On here, a03, also be sure to leave kudos :)

2. This is a list of the fandoms I'm in. You can request a couple that is NOT within my OTPs, I'd write any couple for your request. The fandom list is just to give you an idea of what I like.

3. When you request a couple (or, maybe just a character if you're not hugely into shipping) give me some hints of what you'd like to see in this drabble, like two or three tropes, or tell what tropes or characters you WOULDN'T want to see.

4. I'm not going to write smut on command, but you can choose to say you're okay with smut if I'm writing and the writing takes me there. You may or may not get smut if you say yes

5. Here's two examples of what the request form might look like, just to sorta give you an idea

COUPLE: Bellarke

Tropes: Bedsharing, not dating, no Finn

SMUT?: Yes


COUPLE: Klaroline

TROPES: All human, College, Klaus is an art professor

I will update this list as time goes on to always have the most complete list of ships here. Last updated; 4/22/18

SHIPS (* indicates I have written or am planning to write a fanfiction on this ship, in case you were interested in finding them!)

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals: Bonkai*, Kennet*, Karoline, Monnie* (Matt/Bonnie), Halijah, Tyler/Liz, Delena, Freya/Lucien, Marcel/Rebekah, Cami/Vincent, Finn/Sage Josh/Aiden, Steroline, Alaric/Jenna, Mahbekah, Beremy, Freya/Kellin

Harry Potter: Dramione*, Fredmione*, Tomione, Theodore Nott/Hermione*, Seamione*, Neville/Hermione, Hermione/Bill, Pansy/Harry, Ron/Luna*, George/Luna, Ginny/Neville*

The 100: Bellarke*, Murven*, Jactavia*, Raven/Roan, Linctavia, Raven/Wells, Bryan/Nathan, Monty/Harper, Monty/Nathan

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Zutara*, Tokka*, Aang/Ty Lee*, Taang*, Suki/Sokka, Jinora/Kai, Azula/Hahn, Bolin/Korra, Mako, Korra, Bolin/Opal

Reign: Bash*, Greer/Leith, Mary/Francis,

Stranger Things: Jancy, Mileven, Kali/Steve, LuMax,

Riverdale: Bughead*, Betty/Sweet Pea*, Varchie, Cheryl/Archie, Cheryl/Reggie, Cheryl/Toni

The Walking Dead: Bethyl, Carzeikiel, Maggie/Glenn, Richonne,

Gossip Girl: Chuck/Blair, Nate/Jenny, Serena/Dan, Jack/Georgina

Once Upon a Time: CaptSwan, OutlawQueen, Snowing, Ruby/ Whale, Belle/Will Scarlet, Swan/Graham, Henry/Wendy, Henry/Violet

MCU: Romanogers, Loki/Jane, Peggy/Thompson, Steve/Peggy, Kastle, Peggy/Sousa, Valkyire/Hulk, Thor/Darcy, Vision/Wanda, Nebula/Kraglin, Peter/Liz, Trish/Will, Peter/Shuri,

DC: Steve/Diana, Thea/Roy,

Star Wars: Reylo, Cassian/Jyn, Padme/Anakin, Finn/Poe,

TEOTFW: James/Alyssa*

Hunger Games: Catoniss*, Everlark,

AoS: Skyeward*, Fitzsimmons, Skye/Fitz, HuntingBird, May/Coulson, Daisy/Robbie

Game of Thrones: Gendry/Arya, Sansa/Tyrion, Dany/John, Jamie/Brienne, Sansa/Theon

Criminal Minds: Spencer/JJ

Ghibli: Haku/Chiro, Kiki/Tomboy,

Twilight (yes, yes, I know): Bella/Jake, Bella/Jasper, Bella/anyone from the pack

Jane the Virgin: Jane/Raf, Jane/Michael

Quantico: Caleb/Shelby

Disney/Dreamworks: Jelsa*, Hiccesla*, Helsa, Moana/Maui*, Adam/Belle, Peter Pan/Merida,

Sense8: Kalagang, Sun/Mun (I mean, I ship them all…but these two are the big ones)

That 70s Show: Hyde/Jacki, Donna/Eric

Fraiser: Daphne/Niles, Fraiser/Roz

Grimm: Nick/Adaline, Monroe/Rosalie, Renard/Juliet

Pride and Prejudice: Lizzy/Darcy

Fringe: Peter/Olivia, Olivia/Lincoln (current universe)

Percy Jackson: Nico/Thalia, Luke/Annabeth, Percy/Annabeth, Leo/Calypso

Orphan Black: Sarah/Paul, Mark/Gracie

HTGAWM: Wes/Laurel, Asher/Michaela

Misfits: Alisha/Simon, Nathan/Marnie, Jamie/Lilly, Kelly/Seth

Bones: Angela/Hodgins, Bones/Booth, Cami/Arastoo, Angela/Wendell,

Gravity Falls: Pacifica/Dipper, Wendy/Dipper

House MD: Cameron/Chase ,

Lost: Claire/Charlie, Sawyer/Kate, David/Charlotte

The Office: Jim/Pam, Angela/Dwight, Erin/Andy

POTC: Jack/Elizabeth

Maximum Ride: Iggy/Max

Teen Titans: Beast Boy/Raven

BBC Sherlock: Sherlock/Irene

Elementary: Joan/Sherlock (but, not all the time)

Divergent: Tris/Peter, Tris/Four

3%: Michele/Rafael

Kick-Ass: Mindy/MoFo*

The Host: Wanda/Ian*

Gone: Cain/Diana, Astrid/Drake, Astrid/Sam, Breeze/Coomputer Jack, Virtue, Lana

The Princess Diaries: Mia/Michael

Homestuck: Jade/Tavros

Covert Affairs: Auggie/Annie

Total Drama Island: Courtney/Duncan, Gwen/Trent

Death Note: Light/Misa,


The Clique: Cam/Claire, Massie/Derrington

Gallagar Girls: Cammie/Zach, Macy/Preston

Disney Chanel/Nick: (old ff stuff): Zailey, Sonny/Chad, Cece/Gunter, Freddie/Carly, Spencer/Sam

I ALSO WATCH and LOVE (but don’t have any ships or ship everyone): Mindhunter, Black Mirror, Warriors (used to love it but I can’t say I have ships anymore…), Bojack Horseman, Archer,

Happy reviewing and enjoy the drabbles to come!