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Irrational Fears

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Midoriya jogged down a sparsely filled street. It was getting late; most business owners had already closed up for the night. He checked the time on his phone, and quickened his pace. “Why did we have to meet out here?” he thought, “and right before curfew too.”

He thought back to ten minutes earlier, when he had returned back to his dorm room. He opened his door and was about to walk in, when he saw an envelope on the floor. “What's that?” He asked himself as he bent down and picked it up. Curious, he opened it and pulled out the piece of paper inside. It was a letter addressed to him.

It read: Dear Midoriya, I have a problem that only you can fix. Please meet me in the town below the school, at X-street, 30 minutes before curfew. Please come! You’d be a real life-saver. –Anonymous. P.S. Also, don’t tell the other students about this. I’d be embarrassed if they found out.

Midoriya skimmed over the letter a couple more times. He was confused. “Why me?” he thought, “Why would this person ask me for help specifically? If it was so important, why not go to a teacher instead?”

He checked the time on his phone, and saw that it was ten minutes before the meet time listed. Despite his suspicions, he decided to go to the meeting. He immediately shut his door and ran towards the stairwell. He rushed down the stairs, sometimes jumping down several steps at a time.

As he exited the stairwell and ran towards the entrance, he heard a kind voice ask “Hey Deku, where are you off to in a hurry?” Midoriya slowed to a stop and turned toward the source, where he saw Uraraka sitting on the couches with the rest of his female classmates.

“Oh! Uhh, h-hey Uraraka! I'm just heading out on a run!” he clumsily exclaimed.

“Again?” someone else asked. “Didn’t you just get back from one?” He looked over to the voice. It was Yaoyorozu.

“R-right!” he stumbled, “But I forgot to do a cool-down lap, and if I don’t then my legs will cramp up tomorrow during training.” He looked among the group, unsure if he hoped they saw through his lie or not.

It was quiet for a couple seconds, before a voice broke through.

“Okay! But don’t take too long! If Aizawa catches you out past curfew he’ll expel you!” The group of girls breaks out into fits of giggles. Midoriya didn’t see who said it, but he smiled in the direction he heard it from.

“Right!’ he said, “I’ll be quick.” With that, he turned and ran through the entrance.

As Midoriya passed only slightly familiar streets and buildings, he thought about his current situation. He was suspicious. Of course he was. After all it had only been a few weeks since Kacchan was kidnapped, and even less time since All Might had to retire due to him losing his ability to control One-For-All. But these facts only made him more worried, and more determined to reach the meeting place soon. After all, it would be dangerous if there really was a student waiting for him out here.

“Besides,” he thought, trying to quiet his fears, “the note has to be from a student. No one without an ID can get on campus grounds without setting off the alarms.” He tried to use this information to calm himself down, but still.

Something felt off.

Midoriya slowed his pace as he approached a corner. “This is it!” he thought. He took a deep breath for courage and turned the corner.

Standing in front of a now closed bakery was a smallish figure, wearing a white sweatshirt and an approx. knee-length skirt. “Huh, that’s weird,” he thought, “I could’ve sworn all the girls were in the living room area.” He took another look at the figure. “Maybe it’s a girl from a different class?”

“Hey there!” he exclaimed, slowly walking closer to the figure, “Are you the one who sent me the letter?” The figure gave a small jolt when he spoke, before slowly turning to face him. Even though Midoriya still couldn’t see their face, he had the eerie feeling that they just got the biggest smile across their face.

“Oh Izuku, I just knew you would show up! I just knew it!” the girl exclaimed, very excitedly moving her arms to her sentence. The voice sounded familiar to him, but Midoriya could not remember who it belonged to. He chose to cautiously move closer to the girl in front of him, until he could see her face. And stopped suddenly when he did.

“Toga?!” he exclaimed, frantically back-pedaling away from the girl in front of him.

The smile on her face grew even bigger as she removed her hood.

“That’s right Izuku! It’s me! It’s me, Toga!” she happily exclaimed.

Midoriya turned to run.

“No, wait!” she hurriedly exclaimed, “I really do have a problem that only you can fix. Please just hear me out.” Midoriya knew better. He really did. But when he turned his head to look at her, there was a sad look in her eyes that struck within him.

He sighed. “You have five minutes. After that, I'm running away and calling the police.” He said, trying to sound as threatening as he could. “Also,” he continued, “you do not come any closer to me. If you do, the previous threat will apply.”

“That’s fine!” she exclaimed, “I only need a couple minutes. Although I am hurt that you won’t let me close to you.”

“Hurry up.” He said, frustrated.

“Right! So tell me Izuku, are you good at working with others?” she asked.


“Are you good at working with others?” She repeated.

“Why are you asking me this?” he asked, already growing annoyed.

“Well, you see, our boss-man, you know him as Shigaraki, is a big grouch. He has a hard time working with others. Well, recently he discovered someone who would be great to add to the league-”

“Fantastic. Can I leave?” he asked impatiently, turning to leave.

“Let me finish!” she whined. “So this person would be great for us. And probably the boss’ growth as a human. However, there’s bad blood between them. Like as in, the boss has previously tried to kill him bad. But the boss really wants to recruit this guy to our group.” Toga stopped talking, and there was a few seconds of silence between them.

Finally, Midoriya prompted “So…?”

“So! I was hoping you had some advice I could give to him.” She replied cheerfully.

He looked at her in disbelief. Confusion filled his mind, followed shortly by annoyance.

“And why would I help you, the group that hurt me and the ones I care about, as well as other innocent people?!” Midoriya snapped back.

“You know what? This is stupid, I'm leaving.”

He turned and started to walk away.

After walking a few feet Toga shouted out “Wait!”

He stopped and turned his head. “What?!” he angrily replied.

“If we don’t solve this more people will get hurt.”

“And how is that?” He asked, still annoyed.

“Right now they’re each in their own group. Which means that twice the amount of people are getting hurt. However, if we’re able to recruit him to our group, then the amount of people getting hurt will go down. Especially since we’re laying low right now.”

Midoriya paused for a moment, taking a moment to think about what she just said. Finally, he turned to face her. “Listen,” he said, “I don’t want to help you.”

“But-” she interrupted.

“However,” he continued, “speaking from experience, you sometimes have to force the person to see things from your perspective.”

“Even physical force?” she asked, speaking softer than usual.

Midoriya thought back to his final exams, and the fights that he had with Kacchan. “Sometimes, yes.” He finally answered.

Suddenly, Toga perked up. “Thank you, Izuku!” she exclaimed. “You’ve helped me feel so much better about this.”

Before he could answer, a hand reached out from the shadows of the alley next to him. Midoriya dodged, jumping into the road. He looked into the alley, where he saw another familiar face. “That’s the man who took Kacchan during the summer camp. This was a trap! I can’t believe I fell for it.” He realized. “ I can’t worry about that now, I have to put some distance between us.” He activated OFA-full cowl and turned to run---only to be promptly greeted with an incredible force to his chest. He was knocked out of full-cowl and sent flying through the air, crash landing about 10 feet away. He hit the ground hard. The air was knocked out of his lungs and his vision blurred. He attempted to get back on his feet, but a foot crashed into his chest. He started to violently cough. Midoriya watched as the person next to him reached down towards him. Then suddenly, there was darkness.


Uraraka laid in bed, worried. “Deku didn’t come back before curfew.” she thought, staring at the ceiling . She considered this for a few minutes, before deciding to take action. She got up and pulled on proper pants and a shirt, then quietly snuck out to the elevator. She took it down to the first floor, then transferred to the boys’ one.

First she stopped at the second floor to see if he had snuck in while they weren’t paying attention. She walked up to his door and started knocking. “ Deku! Hey, Deku! ” she whispered loudly.

After a few minutes of knocking and calling out to him, she had to conclude that he probably wasn’t in there. Next she went up to the third floor, and went to Iida’s room. She started knocking and whisper calling out to him. “ Iida! ” she whispered, “ Iida!  Iida! Iida!

After a minute, a voice answered “Uraraka, is that you?”

Yes! Can you open the door, it’s about Deku .”

After a moment, the door opened.

Midoriya? What about him? ” he asked, still visibly tired from being woken up.

“He left before curfew but he hasn’t come back!” she said, struggling to keep her voice down.

“What? Are you sure? Have you checked his room?” Iida asked, not understanding the situation.

“Yes I'm sure! That was the first place I checked!” she accidently exclaimed at a normal voice level. She took a moment to compose herself, before continuing. “But that’s not just it. Something seemed off about him before he left, like-”

Suddenly both children were aware of another, incredibly angry presence coming towards them. They both turned to find their teacher, Mr. Aizawa, walking towards them at a previously unseen pace. Both children felt fear almost equal to that of the USJ event.

“You two, downstairs, NOW!” he hissed at the two of them.


“So,” Aizawa started, “you saw Midoriya leave close to curfew, with something seemingly on his mind, noticed he didn’t return by curfew, and rather than report this to one of us then , you decide to sit on this until you gain the courage to sneak around yourself. Am I missing anything here?”

“No, sir.” Uraraka said sadly.

He looked at her and sighed.

“So, why didn’t you report this when it happened?” he asked.

She looked up, then quickly looked down.

“You were already so mad with the breach of trust issue, and then you were even angrier with Midoriya because of his and Bakugo’s fight.” Her voice started to break. “I just, I just didn’t want him to get in even more trouble, or worse, expelled.”

Aizawa watched her while she said this, and saw her clearly fighting back tears.

“Listen, it’s great that you care about your classmates,” he started, “however, because you withheld this from me, your teacher, I had no idea that he was gone, and that we should be looking for him. Because of your actions, Midoriya could very well be in danger, do you understand?”

Unable to hold back anymore, she started to cry, but gave a small nod to her teacher. Aizawa stood up and headed towards the boys dorm elevator.

“You two stay here, I’ll double check that he’s not passed out in his room.” He stated before walking into the open elevator. Once the doors opened again, he walked up to Midoriya’s door and started knocking. “Midoriya, answer your door. You have two minutes.” He said at a normal volume.

After about a minute or so, he increased his knocking intensity and raised his voice. “Midoriya! Come to your door now! You have one minute!”

After another thirty seconds passed, worry started to set in. He started pounding against the door. “MIDORIYA! IF YOU DO NOT COME TO THE DOOR IN THE NEXT THIRTY SECONDS I WILL BE FORCED TO BREAK THE DOOR DOWN! IF YOU ARE IN THERE, ANSWER ME NOW!” Without meaning to, he started to shout. He could hear the students in the surrounding rooms stirring awake. He would have to apologize to them in the morning, but in the meantime…another thirty-seconds passed.

Aizawa took a moment to prepare himself, and then kicked the door as hard as he could. The door gave a very audible  “creak” as it started to rip from its hinges, but remained attached. He took another moment to prepare himself, and kicked the door again with great force. This time the door gave away easily, and fell with a loud thud into an empty room. He stood in the open doorway looking over the empty room. When he turned he noticed he had a crowd.

“What’s going on?” one student, Oijiro, asked.

“Where’s Midoriya?” asked another, Ashido.

“All of you, return to your rooms” Aizawa said, trying to hide the panic he now felt.

“Midoriya hasn’t come back?”

“What, come back? He left?”

The students all started talking over one another, trying to find out what’s going on with Midoriya. Aizawa, now dealing with a missing student, was reaching the end of his patience.

“I said, GO BACK TO YOUR ROOMS, NOW!” He again didn’t mean to shout, however it seemed effective enough.

All the students stopped talking and, one by one, started to head back to their rooms. “Iida and Uraraka, you two stay.” Once the hall cleared of the other students, he spoke again. “You said he went for another run, correct?”

She nodded.

“Iida, check the area between the dorms and the school, and if you don’t find him, run the perimeter. If you run into any teachers, tell them I’ll explain it later. Got it?”

“Right!” Iida exclaimed, before heading towards the exit.

After a couple of seconds, an almost inaudible voice next to him asked “What should I do?” Aizawa turned to face Uraraka. He could see she was very upset with this outcome. He sighed and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“There’s nothing more for you to do.” He said, before continuing, “Knowing that kid, he probably worked himself too hard and now can’t move.” This statement only seemed to make her more upset. “Don’t worry,” he said, softly, “We’ll find him. Now get to bed.” He heard a small “right” as she walked away. With his students taken care of, Aizawa took another look at the room. “First things first.” He thought as he picked up the now broken door.

Something that was under the door caught his eye. “Hm? What’s that?” He put the door off to the side, and picked up the lone piece of paper and the envelope next to it. He flipped the paper over and read the note. And paused. About ten seconds passed before Aizawa could move again. He angrily shoved the note into his pocket and ran towards the exit.

As he left the building, he pulled out his phone and dialed 110. Someone answered as he reached the gates. “Hello, police dispatch. What is your emergency?”

“ I need to report a potential kidnapping.”