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Come Home With Me

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Come home with me
And meet my Momma
Let me show you where I grew up

Let me show you how the world looks
Without those city lights
I know you've never seen the sky this way

Walk barefoot through green grass
Breathe air that's clean and pure
Come home to a home-cooked meal
Better than any you've had before

Make love in the back of a pickup truck
Beneath the light of a million stars
With no one around for miles

Lay with me and hear
The sound of a whippoorwill
While crickets chirp and cicadas drone
Smell the honeysuckle on the warm summer air

Sit on the front porch and hear
the sound of rain on a tin roof
Smell the scent of the fields after a storm

Come home with me
And see the world
The way it's meant to be
The way I've always known it
Come home with me