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A New Hobby

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Your hands felt your face as you tried to keep your groggy eyes open. With the last box almost done being unloaded after your move, you desperately wanted a break. But, you pushed on, grabbing the sides of the hefty box, your fingers curling around its cardboard edges. You lifted it, stumbling to your new studio, a massive grin on your face as you set the box down in the chair that as half pulled out from under the dark oak desk. You sifted through it, your hands feeling at a tube of paint that had exploded in the box. A sigh escaped you, grumbling a bit. You cleaned it up and set your tools on your desk, happy with the result. After a good nap in your absolutely comfortable bed, you shot up from the blankets, tossing them off. You were eager to explore the town, along with the new classroom you had been offered. 

You showered quickly, too excited to care too much about how you looked, you threw your hair under a hat, threw on your favorite hoodie, sweatpants, and sneakers. Your hand snagged the keys off of your front door dresser, dashing out of the door with your phone in your hand. You fiddled with the lock for a moment, locking your new door as you typed in the address to the new studio. As you went about typing in the address you saw an article pop-up off to the side. "America's Number 2 Hero bids us farewell! A new home inbound!" A soft smile stretched across your face as you finished putting in the location. After a bit of roaming, wrong turns and sightseeing, you arrived. The building was average, the windows empty of its previous fliers and other knacks. The owner had mailed you the key in advance, twirling your key ring on your finger, you found the one you'd be sent prior to your move. 

As you unlocked the doors, you pushed them open, seeing the massive room you'd been provided. Your heart fluttered in your chest as you dashed around, seeing the fresh bathroom, the mini kitchen you'd be granted and your own small office. You didn't hesitate to think of what exactly to put in here, your mind racing with ideas. After a bit more of thought and exploring, you left, locking the door of course. You smiled to yourself one last time as you went online, searching for supplies and other tools you'd need to make your studio come to life. Your feet hit the pavement lightly, your stride was slow and easy.

 A few blocks away you heard what sounded like screaming, wails and loud crashing. You swiveled around to see smoke in the direction the noise came from. You quickly shoved your phone in your pocket, quickly turning to run in the direction of it. Your body sparked with energy as you shifted into its comet form, the red and bright pink embers sparking off of you as you whirled through the air. Landing a few feet away from the commotion, you spotted a gunman holding a woman hostage and a massive fire coming from the building behind them. He had 3 others with him, one man with a quirk that seemed like he was on fire, your mind chalking up the mayhem to him. One of the other men had green skin, his cheeks rose as he spits some sort of acid at the ground in front of the crowd of policemen trying to apprehend them. The last man had massive red devil-like wings, his hands tipped with massive red claws that seemed stained with blood. 

You took a sharp, deep breath, clenching your fist, you dashed forward, the same red and pink energy from before radiating across your arm as you hit the man holding the woman. He shot wildly into the air, hitting his wingman (pun intended). An officer shouted from the crowd, "What do you think your doing!? Your gonna get hurt!" When your hat left your head, a few people in the crowd recognized you now, chatter going around talking about who you were. Your eyes scanned the other 2, watching as the green man inhaled again, getting ready to attack. You swiveled to your left, comet engaged, you tackled him. When you raised one fo your hands, it sparked a soft blue, a rope of blue stars forming in your palm. You quickly wrapped it around him, your arms working to swing him around at the other 3 who were trying to get away. In the end, they all sat, tied up, firemen quickly putting out the fire. The police thanked you, meanwhile a small crowd of civilians cheered you on. After the commotion died down, you grabbed your cap, which, sadly got singed once it left your head. A sigh slipped past your lips. One day here and you already had to do work. But thankfully, you felt proud of yourself. 

As you stumbled home, a bit tired of your exhilaration, you hadn't fought in almost 2 weeks so your body didn't have time to prepare itself. Your keys slipped into the lock of your home, pushing the door open. You went and took a quick shower, tossing the partially toasted clothes into the wash. You ate something light, an orange and a bowl of cereal since you were being lazy. Once you were ready, you finished up your shopping for supplies as you attempted at earlier, and slipped into bed, quickly dozing off. The day was over, and you were ready to work the following morning.  

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Once all your supplies arrived at your studio, you reveled in the equipment. You rolled your sleeves up and got to work. You pushed around small desks, moving chairs around, setting up easels and paint palettes, fabrics, and other knacks you had gotten. You danced around the room happily, finishing up the main area. You looked at the baren white walls, grabbing a brush, markers, a palette and an apron. You brush danced effortlessly across the wall. slathering blues, purples, pinks and accents all over the piece. When you finished, you stepped back, your eyes widening at the galaxy you splattered across your wall. The white stars were mesmerizing to you, your face flushing a soft red as you marveled at your work. You grabbed a purple marker, writing small words around it, a little description of yourself, things you liked, and a small doodle of yourself under the words. You wanted everyone who came in to do the same when your classes started. 

After a bit more decorating and stocking up the bathroom with toilet paper, paper towels, etc, you moved on to the kitchen and put away the snacks, beverages, plates, cups, and utensils you also ordered. When you checked your phone it was 6: 34, your eyes fluttering as you looked around your now decorated studio. You looked at your stack of fliers on your table, and the new banner you had. You dragged it outside, your feet sparking with that same energy from yesterday, lifting you off the pavement.

 You hammered one end of the sign in place, then the other, dropping down you stepped back in awe. Your heart fluttered in your chest as your brain flooded with thoughts of having people delve into what you loved most. You dashed inside and grabbed your fliers and your keys, locking the door, the bell you set up above it chimed, a smile spreading on your cheeks as you set up fliers all around town. 

After about an hour of putting up fliers, more sightseeing, and grabbing a quick bite to eat, you stood in front of the gates of the most admired hero academy in Japan. U.A. Your eyes twinkled in delight as you marveled at it, leaving on flier close to the entrance. You dashed off, a smile on your cheeks as you finished up your journey. Your classes were scheduled to start in a week, the rest of this week being used for people to sign up and call for inquiry and questions. 

Once you stepped foot in your house again, you snagged your phone from your pocket, tossing your jacket over the back end of the sofa. You already had a few messages, your thumbs flicking through them and replying to various questions. "Should we bring our own supplies?", "Is there gonna be food?", "Can I bring friends?" You beamed at all the attention this was getting already, and one person who messaged you seemed a bit.. shy? You asked them for their name, of course, to write it down with the others. Toshinori Yagi, they typed. The name rolled off your tongue as you said it aloud, cracking a smirk. 


They inquired about whether they should bring their own works and such, along with tools. The conversation was lighthearted but tense, almost as if you could feel his anxiety through the phone:

>T: Sorry for all of the questions, I just really really would like to get into this class. You said it was ok to bring previous work?

>Y: Yes that's perfectly fine! Its more encouraged as well! I'd love to see what people have to offer.

>T: Ah! Well thank you, and alright. I'll be sure to bring my sketchbook with me when the classes start. 

>Y: Alrighty then, I'll add your name to the roster for sure. I hope to see you there!

>T: You too! Oh, and may I have your name? If you don't mind me asking that is.. 

>Y: Oh it's (Y/N)! I'll add your contact as well just in case you need anything to ask me during the week. Its pretty late and I have to get to bed since I have a bit more prep due at the studio tomorrow. Since your so eager you can stop by! I'll be there at 3 o clock. Have a good night Yagi!

>T: Oh!! I'll stop by then... Nice talking to you madam. Good night! 


You set your phone down, a wide smile on your face as you went and got ready for bed. Your blankets coiled around you as you got comfy, quickly slipping into a deep sleep. 

When you woke up, you hopped out of bed, going through your closet, you grabbed your favorite jacket, tugging the zipper down, a plain white shirt, black pants, and your socks. You showered, ate quick and dashed out the door. You had brought one of your own sketchbooks with you, putting in your headphones as you walked idly to your studio. You had an eagerness radiating from you as you finally reached the doors. It was 2:55 when you checked the time, the city busy with life. When you opened the door, the fresh smell of paint and freshness hit you like a truck, sending a shiver down your spine.

 You finished with set up, moving a few tables and other things. You sat down in a free chair and checked your phone, seeing you have an extra 5 new people inquiring about the program. As you were entranced in thought you heard a soft knock at the open door of your studio. Before you looked up, you heard a deep but raspy, almost timid voice coming from the direction of the entrance. "M-Ms.(L/N)..? U-Uhm... It's Toshinori." Your eyes lit up, springing from your seat, you walked over, finally getting a better look at the figure in front of you. 

He was towering over you, quite easily at that. His frame was thin, his chin sharp and angled. His cheeks were sunken and his eyes... or lack thereof? Maybe? You couldn't tell. They were overshadowed or sunken in. His pupils were small but they were cerulean blue, and they pierced right through you as he stared down at you. His hair was disheveled, two long twin bangs hung on either side of his sharp face. He was wearing a baggy brown jacket, black pants, and white shirt. His clothes were obviously too big for him, but he looked comfy. His hands clutched onto a small green sketchbook, a few papers sticking from the edges. He seemed so.. oddly inviting. You almost hugged him, his aura drawing you in. But your eyes looked up and met his own icy gaze, his face flushing a soft pink as you parted your lips to speak.

"O-Oh! Well hello, Toshinori! It's nice to meet you. You already know who I am. Let me show you around!" He nodded meekly, which you found a bit cute for someone his size. He was tall but he seemed so fragile. You showed him the supplies, your office if he ever needed to talk alone when other people were around, the tables and spots he could take up and claim before anyone else got if he wanted a specific seat. The kitchen, which you rambled on about how you'd cook and bring things for the people who came. He seemed so focused on every word that slipped past your lips. When you were done with your mini-tour, you sat with him at one of the tables, chatting for a bit, showing him your work. Finally, you asked him a bit more. "How long have you been drawing Toshinori?" "Please.. call me Toshi... and I've been kind of drawing in my spare time for about a year now.. I've never shown anyone my art before though." A soft chuckle rose in his chest, his eyes darting around the room. He shyly slid the sketchbook over to you, your fingers brushing over it. You flipped the page open, your eyes scanning it.  

The page was littered with soft sketches, the pencil was smudged lightly and the page had light stains all over it     

The page was littered with soft sketches, the pencil was smudged lightly and the page had light stains all over it. His art was good, very interesting to look at, his crosshatching caught your eye the most though. You smiled and looked up at him, his face contorted with worry. You chuckled as ran your hand across the page. "This is really good Toshi!" You beamed at him, watching as he raised a hand, scratching the nape of his neck gently and accepting your compliment. After a bit more chatter, he looked at his watch, grumbling. He grabbed the book from you lightly, apologizing frantically. "I-I have to leave sadly. Uhm.. hopefully I'll see you when the classes start!" "Ah! Alright. Be safe! Can't wait to start classes with you." He smiled warmly at you before walking out. You locked up, going on your way home. You got comfy, sitting at your desk jotting down a few things as you sat. The way his figure looked to you was enchanting. He was so... unique to look at. His sharp features struck you with inspiration as you sketched out his face, a soft smile painted on your lips. 

You sat your pencil down happily, sighing in content as you got up from your desk     

You sat your pencil down happily, sighing in content as you got up from your desk. You got comfy in your bed, checking your last bit of messages. You finally drifted off to sleep, your eyes fluttering shut as you slipped into a deep slumber. 

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It was finally time for your classes to start. You were already in your studio, gazing at the wall you put your work on. A grin spread across your face as 1 by 1, the people poured in. They introduced themselves to you happily, talking and chatting with each other. They all sat at the tables, showing each other their sketchbooks, works, folders full of things they produced. You scanned the room as people greeted you, smiling in content. Toshinori stepped into the door, his gaze falling over the number of people in the room. There was about 20-23 of them, including yourself and Toshi. You had told people there would be 4 sessions each week, and it'd be 2 classes per session. Yagi waved shyly at you, his face flushed a soft pink as you walked over and shook his hand. Once everyone was settled, you clapped and called for attention. Yagi sat close to the front, his eyes focused on you as you spoke.

He looked happy, a small grin painted on his sunken face. "Now everyone. Before we get started, everyone introduces themselves to me! With a twist of course... Say your name aloud and then go to the wall on your left." You gestured to the wall with your galaxy mural on it. "Write your name there after you say it and one thing that you enjoy to do! Don't write too big but write it big enough to read!" You set markers on each table, watching as Yagi palmed the marker, coughing into his hand lightly. The first few people went up, saying their name then happily darting over to the wall. Yagi was among the first table, as you went and read what people had written, you saw Yagi hesitating. He was standing at the wall, his hand lightly trembling at what he should write.

 He had already scrawled his name on the wall, but before you could say anything to encourage him, he smiled and scrawled something else besides his name. He looked at you, smiling warmly. It melted your heart for a second, giggling, you waited for the rest of class to get up and write. When introductions passed, you passed everyone thick paper and set aside things for them to use. You asked prior to the session if everyone had artistic experience beforehand, the majority telling you they had. You instructed them all to do a warm-up, which consisted of them drawing the thing that they said they liked on the wall. Everyone chattered and spoke with one another, the room seemed so lively to you, a smile painted over your face.

Yagi was scribbling slowly on his page, his hand movements were slow and dragged out as he made his work. You seemed so fixated on him, your eyes still glued to his hand movements. After about 10 minutes you told everyone pencil downs, their eyes darting up to see you sitting on a glowing platform in the shape of a star. They all looked at you, just before you went around and looked at everyone's work. You spoke with them, giving them words of encouragement, a few tips, and pointers, etc. You finally got to Yagi, looking at the paper happily. He seemed a bit embarrassed to show what he had drawn, you gently very gently pushed his hand over. It was a very messy sketch of a koi fish. You smiled at him, looking up at his nervous expression. "I love koi fish. They're so pretty, ya know?" 

He really likes hatching, you thought to yourself     

He really likes hatching, you thought to yourself. You smiled at him once more, his face flushing red. He scratched the nape of his neck again, smiling at you softly. As you finished viewing people's art, you went to the kitchen, coming back out with a small cart full of snacks. You set them up on the table pressed against the wall, smiling as you told everyone to come up and eat. They all happily obliged, getting in an orderly line to get their snacks. You noticed Yagi still sitting at his table, twiddling his thumbs softly. You walked over toting a small plate in hand. Your fork dug into a slice of cheesecake you had gotten yourself. "You ok Toshi?"He waved his hands frantically, startled by your approach. "I'm alright! I just have a strict diet... Can't really eat everything." You sat down for a bit as the rest of the group still lingered around the table. "Well tell me what you can eat! I'll bring that just for you. Don't want you being left out now." He looked at you wide-eyed and cracked a soft smile. 

His voice caught in his throat as he spoke. "Soft foods.. mangoes, bananas, soft cakes..  Yogurt is good too! Soup, pudding.." He trailed off as his phone buzzed. He looked at it and frantically shuffled his papers together, trying to stuff them back into his sketchbook. "S-Sorry Ms.(Y/N)!! I have to go! I'll be at the other sessions though!" He quickly got up, shuffling quickly out of the door. You gently trailed your fingers over the koi fish drawing, grabbing it. You walked over to the wall, scanning it. You spotted his messy but legible handwriting, leaning in, you read what he had written. 

Your face beamed as you read the wall     

Your face beamed as you read the wall. The little doodle of the fish only made you even happier. When the session was over and everyone left, you washed dishes and packed up, cleaning up everyone's papers and organizing them into binders with everyone's named neatly printed on the spines of them. You locked up and made your way home, getting comfy. You scrolled through the news feed on your laptop.

"Allmight saves a group of children in a school fire!! Number One Hero Strikes again!!" 

 Your eyes scan the article, looking around you see a small video clip embedded in it. As you hover your mouse over the play button, you click it, the video playing out as you see Allmight emerge from the building holding a few small kids in his arms. He spoke with the reporter, his hearty laugh following his signature catchphrase just before he lept into the sky. You smiled. Wondering you thought of meeting him. You shut your laptop, just before you hopped into your bed. Your eyes shut quickly, your dreams filled with bliss as you slipped into a deep sleep once again. 


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A month and a half fly by quicker than you expected. Yagi has been attending your classes ever since, and to your surprise, you've been growing closer and closer to him with each passing session. He'd message you after you got home, always apologizing for being "annoying" or "intruding". You found his constant state of worry to be cute. He'd send you pictures of his art he made when he's home or if he misses a session. At some point, he even walked you home after classes. You both enjoyed each others company, his smile always warming you to the core. He opened up more and more to you, which made you feel even happier. He seemed so tense when you first met and he didn't really speak much to the other people in the class. So him getting this personal was honestly astounding. 

He eventually told you about his health problems, and how severe they were. You worried about him, occasionally during class he'd cough up a bit of blood, trying his hardest to cover up the fact he did. You'd bring his tissues and even a special handkerchief for him. He cherished that thing so much he didn't use it. On a particular day though, something that you didn't expect to happen did. You were walking home late one night, peaceful. You had just gotten back from a cafe, coffee in hand. Your music was calming your fractured nerves. The class was a bit hectic today but you managed. You were about 3 blocks away from your house when you felt a large hand grab your arm before you could react, a loud snap rang in your ears. You wailed in pain, seeing your arm had been completely snapped. You fell, looking back, you saw a large figure, eyes wide and spinning in its sockets. His brain was.. exposed? You gawked for a moment, getting on your feet.

Your arm was leaking, blood pouring onto the dark pavement, glimmering in the young moonlight. Before you could respond again, you blacked out. You woke up in the hospital, a worried skeleton man sitting by your bedside. Your eyes were barely open but you could recognize those features from a mile away. "T-Toshi..?" "(Y-Y/N)!! You're awake! Thank god I-I was... I..." You saw tears well up in his eyes, you shot up from your bed, out of reflex you stuck a hand out and cupped his cheek. "H-Hey! Toshi.. there's no need to cry... Shhh. It's ok. I'm ok." He exhaled hard, his massive boney hand cupped over yours. He gently pecked a kiss on the palm of your hand, nuzzling his face into it. He opened his eyes again, realizing what he was doing. He pulled your hand away slowly and set it down, twiddling his thumbs idly. "Toshi.. I do have one question. What exactly attacked me. I've seen plenty of quirks but what I saw was.." You trailed off. He raised a hand softly, his voice taking on a serious tone.

"The thing that hurt you was called a Nomu.. They come around every so often. It's fairly easy to contain them now but if they get to people before a hero can then.." He looked away, his face lost color, which was a clear sign that people had lost their lives to those things. You looked down at your arm, the cast was tight but, it held it together. You finally got a look around the room, seeing you weren't at an official hospital. There was a small, gray-haired girl sitting at a desk across the room. He saw the confusion on your face and waved his hands lightly. "Ah! I-I forgot to tell you. Uhm. This is my good friend, Recovery Girl." The woman swiveled in her seat and waved to you, a warm smile painted on her thin lips. You waved back. "So where are we...?" "U.A nurse office." Your eyes widened. You were actually in U.A! But.. How did he get you into here? Just as that thought crossed your mind he spoke again, "Allmight brought you here after he got the Nomu under control and he contacted me since I'm one of the few people who know you well enough.." Yagi was friends with Allmight???

You gawked at him for a second, he looked a bit worried still. "Sorry, he kind of left before you could tell him thank you! But he said he hopes you get better." Your face flushed red a bit. The Allmight saved you, and then told you to get better?  You smiled, sighing in content. "Your arm should be healed by tomorrow." Recovery Girl chimed in. You nodded, a warm hand on yours helped you up out of the bed. You stumbled a bit, huffing as Yagi held you up. "I can walk you home if you need." He shot you a soft smile, his eyes still obviously full of worry. You nodded, getting your soiled jacket, you guys made your way out of the building. His hand never let go of yours, as if he let go, he'd lose you or something. He draped his baggy coat over your shoulders, to your surprise, he was even thinner than you thought. You both walked in silence, for the most part, your eyes drifting up to meet the starry sky. "It's so pretty out tonight.." You mumbled under your breath. He smiled once more, his hand holding yours tighter. "Only because you're out tonight.." He chuckled, his little compliment making your cheeks hot. "Oh hush silly." You voice a bit shaky. 

The moonlight hit his face in such a way that entranced you. Your eyes seemed to twinkle as you stared at him in awe. He seemed so peaceful with you this close to him. His breath was slow and steady but with him pulling you so close, his heart seemed to pound against his chest, almost as if it'd shatter his ribcage at any moment. Seemed possible enough, he was bone thin. You rested your head softly against his side, which made him jump at first. His face turned beet red, his eyes focusing on everything but you. "Were close to my house.. just a block more." You both stayed quiet the rest of the way, your heartbeats and the ambiance of the late night being the only thing you both heard. Once you got to your door, you dug through your pocket, grabbing your keys. You unlocked your door, gently pushing the door open. Yagi seemed to linger for a moment before you looked back and spoke. "You can come in silly. I don't bite." He hastily stepped in, sitting on the couch. You gently placed his coat over his shoulders, smiling.

He thanked you as you went to your room. Your arm was removed from the cast before you left, it still hurt a little. But you managed. You grabbed a few clothes and went to go shower, cleaning up and changing clothes. You went out into the living room, to try and talk to Yagi about when he'd like to go home. But.. when you went to go and speak, you found him peacefully asleep.

 His chin as tucked into his chest, his head lolling back and forth a bit     

 His chin as tucked into his chest, his head lolling back and forth a bit. His bangs dangled in front of his thin face, his coat wrapped around his thin frame lazily. Your face flushed a soft red, you walked over, hesitantly. You planted a soft kiss on his forehead. You spoke softly, "Thank you Toshi.." You helped him lay down on the couch, running to your closet and throwing a blanket over him. You saw him stir a bit before he grabbed the blanket and held it, pulling it over his chin.  

You then went to your room, falling asleep quickly. Exhaustion took over you, your dreams were unstable and menacing.

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You woke up at around 2 PM, your arm was asleep, dangling around as you sat up in bed. You grumbled and slithered from under your blankets. When you walked into the living room, you had completely forgotten Yagi was laying on your couch, still fast asleep. He must have been really tired. His chest rose and fell slowly, his breaths were steady. He looked so content. You realized just how much you were staring at him, and finally, you walked over. 

You walked to the couch and kneeled in front of it, your face just a few inches away from his. His breath was hot against your cheek. You were more curious than flustered, your hand raising to touch his face. You never got to see him up close, so your imagination got the better of you. Your fingers lightly grazed his sunken cheeks, his features still sharp. You ran your thumb over his chin softly, then went and gently brushed over the dark circles under his eyes. You sighed ever so softly and got up, walking to your kitchen. You got all the stuff you needed to make coffee, after a few minutes, you had your cup of coffee you so desperately needed. You made one for Yagi as well. You poured lots of cream into your cup, stirring it as it switched hues to be more caramel and inviting. 

You watched as Yagi stumbled into the kitchen, his legs seem a bit weak as he tries to hold up his weight. He chuckles softly, his gruff voice sounding raspy as he talked. "I smelled coffee..~" He had a goofy grin on his face, his cerulean eyes seeming softer than last night. You smiled and handed him his cup, watching as he added just a bit of sugar before taking a sip. "Oh god that must be bitter--" You shuddered, looking at him as he cracked a smile. "Not for me. I just prefer this kind of coffee I suppose." You giggled a bit, leaning against the counter. You both chatted for a bit longer, Yagi taking out his phone. "Ah! A reminder before even I forget, my friend at the police station, Naomasa, wanted to speak to you. AllMight will be there as well." Your eyes twinkled a bit when he mentioned AllMight. You could finally thank him at least!

Yagi thanked you for the coffee, leaving swiftly right after. You went and got ready, showering and putting on a white tank top, light grey jeans, black sneakers, and a loose black jacket draped over your shoulders. You got your keys and locked up, your legs seeming too weak to hold your own weight. You walked anyway, passing by the spot you got attacked. The blood on the pavement was semi-dried by now, your eyes widening as just how much there was. You rubbed your arm, shivering at the thought. A few feet away from the blood you spotted a pale blue.. hand?? You walked over, seeing as no one else was around, you looked at it. It had a bronze-like socket piece on the end of it. You reached your own hand out towards it and gently touched it, looking it over. You seemed suspicious of it and tucked it in your jacket pocket, grumbling at the thought of you even having it. 

You sighed deeply, tapping your foot a few times, a small star platform raised up, twirling for a moment as it grew to accommodate your weight. You sat on it, sighing as you were whisked through the air and to the police station. When you landed, your legs dangled over the side of the platform, it evaporating as your feet made contact with the ground. As you walked into the police station, you saw AllMight, a black haired male, and Endeavor standing around in a circle. AllMight spotted you first, waving to you as he walked over. "AH!! Hello, Ms.(L/N)! Glad to see that you're alright!" He grabbed your hand, shaking it vigorously. Your whole body vibrated at this, a smile on your face as he walked you to the group. "Ah. There you are. I'm Naomasa, a detective here at the police station. Are you alright?" "Nice to meet you, and yes. For the most part, I'm fine!" You remembered what you had picked up, quickly shuffling through your pocket. You held out the hand, speaking softly. "This was at the scene where I got attacked.. I don't know whose it is but. It seemed...offputting to me." AllMight seemed to freeze as he stared at the hand, taking it from you. "League of Villains." He said seriously, giving Naomasa a look of concern. He nodded and took the hand, stuffing it into a plastic bag. "Thank you for grabbing this. It gives us more evidence for this case." 

You nodded softly, Endeavor looking at you. He scoffed and spoke, his voice deep and menacing. "Arent you the Number 2 Hero in America? How couldn't you take on a simple Nomu? You call yourself Number 2 but you can't even hold your own." He sucked his teeth, his words like venom as he spat at you. "She doesn't know what they are, let alone much about them. She just moved here, lay off of her Endeavor." Naomasa butted in, his voice serious. "That isn't an excuse." "She didn't know. Cut it out Endeavor. She was caught off guard, it was late." He seemed to growl, looking down at you. "What the hell is your quirk anyway? If its useful at all that is." You clenched your fist tight, red sparks rolling off of it. You gritted your teeth, your fist only getting smaller as you clenched it tighter. 

"You don't seem very useful to me, so her being here was for what? She can't even hold her own, yet you guys think she can help? Pathetic." You cocked your arm back and punched him square in the stomach, watching as he keeled over in pain before going tumbling through the room. His body went limp for a moment as he hit the wall, knocking a few picture frames off and a few thumbtacks out of a stray board with papers on it. AllMight grabbed your hand, pulling you off to the side. Naomasa sighed, speaking, "He kind of deserves that." AllMight chuckled, trying to contain his laughter. Endeavor got up, huffing a bit as he walked back over to the group, grumbling and staring down at you with a grimace. "Whatever." He spat.  

After a bit more talking and discussion, they sent you off home, AllMight saying one last goodbye and thank you before you left. You checked your phone, seeing that your friends from America had messaged you after hearing the news. 



You sighed and messaged them both, first Kemuri. Your adopted sister was the sweetest thing ever, seeing she had replied right away made you happy. You told her you were ok and told her to pass the news on to Ami for you, tucking your phone away in your pocket, you went on your way home. You unlocked your door and blissfully sat on the couch, grabbing a quick snack from the kitchen. You messaged your class 1 by 1 and told them there wouldn't be a session tomorrow but you would have a replacement session on Saturday. A few agreed to come, others saying they'll wait till next session. With that, you fell asleep on your couch, peaceful as can be. 


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You sat up in your bed, your hair dangling in your face wildly. You felt cold for some reason, despite having a blanket draped over your half nude body. You shuddered and looked at your window to see if you left it open, but the window was shut tight. You threw the blanket off of you, your frail hands having trouble keeping your grip on the blankets. You felt lightheaded and drowsy, trying to get out of bed was such a hassle, the thought of staying in it all day crossed your mind. You finally managed to get up, lightly treading through the house to try and get to the bathroom. You had snagged your phone on the way there, check your messages.

7 messages from Toshinori Yagi


You sighed deeply and thought about how you'd operate today, seeing as you were in no condition to do anything. When you checked the messages, you giggled for a moment, looking at the picture he had sent you. It had a caption but you were so focused on the photo you didn't see it.

>T: A little paint mishap!! Got a bit messy haha. 


He was so cute and silly. Your heart fluttered when you saw the caption, still looking at the image a bit. Your hands were shaky and clammy, making it hard for you to hold your phone still. You tried your best to reply, your head lolling back and forth as you weakly typed out a response.


>Y: Dawww. You look cute when you smile, you should do it more.~ Anyway, sorry I didn't reply sooner, I'm not doing too hot right now haha. Pretty weak at the moment.


>T: Oh no! Ms. (Y/N), that's terrible! I'm coming over to take care of you, I bet you can barely stand.


He was right sadly, you sighed and told him fine. You struggled to take the shower you needed, but you managed, waddling weakly to the living room with a blanket wrapped around you. You were wearing a white shirt and black shorts, your body trembling, feeling as if you were on fire. Your skin stung like someone was scraping you with needles and pricking at your delicate skin. You felt yourself slipping under just as you heard desperate knocking on your door. You weakly responded, your voice hoarse. "C-Come in Toshi.." He peeked his head in, his cerulean eyes focusing on you. He sighed and walked in awkwardly, holding a bag in hand. He was wearing a white shirt that was about 10 sizes too big for him, same with his green cargo pants. He walked over to you and frantically set the bag down, gently placing a hand on your forehead. He yanked it back, wincing softly at just how much you were burning up. "W-What happened? How'd you even get sick like this?" You shrugged weakly, sitting up slowly just before his frail hands helped you lay down more comfortably. Toshi gently cupped one of your cheeks in his hand, sighing as he watched your face twist into one of confusion. "Rest Ms.(Y/N). You're obviously fatigued.. I'd prefer if you let me help you?"


He seemed so concerned. The worry on his face was overbearing and you couldn't say no to such a loving face. You smiled warmly, reaching up a shaky hand, you gently ran it across his face. He flushed red, staring down at you surprised by your gesture. He leaned into your hand, gently inhaling and just taking in you even touching him. Your face flushed a soft red, you melted into the couch as if whatever weight you had on your shoulders had been lifted. He snapped back to reality, his eyes shooting open after being closed. "S-Sorry.." He chuckled, the nervousness in his voice prominent as he got up, shuffling through the bag and pulling out a few things, a cloth, a small heater, 2 cups, and a small wooden box. "I'll make us some tea, ok?" He looked over at you, grabbing the box, cups, and cloth. He shuffled to the kitchen, grabbing a kettle from one of your cabinets after a small search. He filled it with water before setting it on the stove, looking back at you to speak. "Are you hungry? I-I can cook for you if you'd like." You looked up at him, thinking to yourself what you'd want to eat. Your stomach growled a bit, sighing, you lay back down. "No, I'm fine Toshi.." You trailed off as your head dangled lightly on the arm of the couch, your hair falling over the edge. You were about to drift off again when a bony hand reached over and touched your chin, lifting it to look at whatever direction it guided you in. When your eyes met Toshi's, his hollowed deep eyes. It was like staring at 2 sapphire gems in the darkest of night. You were fixated on his gaze you didn't even realize just how close his face was to yours. You could feel his warm breath on your cheek, his nose was almost brushing against yours, his forehead leaning gently on your own. "Tea's ready..." He whispered to you, sending a shiver down your spine. His gruff voice made you shudder, your mind racing as he gently set the cup in your hands. You could see he used every ounce of courage in his body to do that, watching as he quickly pulled away and scurried along after handing you your cup. 


You suddenly felt weak again after taking a sip from the cup, your head spinning wildly. "Toshi I might... go to sleep again." You saw the look on his face change from content to worry again, your eyes fluttering closed as you set your cup down. It was half done, but you couldn't bear to stay awake much longer. When your face met the couch, you blacked out, your body shuddering as you slipped into a deep sleep.


You were cold. So cold. Your body was shaking violently, your feet planted firmly in the snow beneath your feet. Your toes curled as you took a weak step forward, your vision blurry and hazy as you walked forward. You felt dreadful, your body weak and frail as you kept walking. You felt like you were on fire, the embers of a phoenix itself were rolling off of your skin like water droplets seemingly. As you kept going, the barren landscape around you only makes you more and more uneasy. As you try to focus on the sight ahead, you see a dark red spot in the snow, something laying in it. You finally get closer... and closer... until you realize. Its your arm, laying in a puddle of blood, seeping into the glistening white snow. You look at your left side, seeing that it's been gushing this entire time, you panic. The blood only bursts out in a wave, almost as if it was filling up a room and engulfs you, you hold your breath, but to no avail. The blood pushes past your lips, flooding your lungs, stomach, everything. Your eyes flutter open, tinting the crimson hue that you saw all around you. Finally..


You shot up from the couch, unintentionally you headbutt a groggily looming over you Toshinori. He shoots awake, holding his chin angrily for a moment before he quickly tries to figure out why you suddenly woke up. You whip around to see him sitting on the couch, a pillow laying across his lap. He was half slouched over, his eyes wide. You had tears rolling down your cheeks, your face was steaming hot. Everything felt like you were on fire. You took long deep breaths, your body shaking nonstop as you tried your hardest to stay calm. Just as quick as you got up, you were pulled back, thin arms draped around your shoulders as you were pulled into a tight embrace. Thin fingers swept through your hair, pushing it out of your sweaty and tear-stained face. "It's ok... It's ok. I'm here." You stopped. It was as if everything froze, your heart pounding in your chest. You felt like it could break out at any moment, your hands grabbing lightly at the throw pillows that littered your sofa. His voice soothed you, his low voice sending a calming vibration through your being as he uttered those words. Your breathing slowed, your eyes fluttering open and closing slowly as you relaxed in his touch. Finally. You drifted back off to sleep, your dreams plagued with the silhouettes, and figures that resembled Toshinori. Your weak body finally being able to relax.. You smiled as you slipped under, seeing a beaming smile on his face as you closed your eyes. 


When your eyes opened, it was dark outside. Your curtains billowed in the wind seeing as they were open. You tilted your head a bit, still a bit hazy from your little nap. You felt frail arms still tightly holding onto you. You looked up, but so did Toshi. His head was resting on yours, his sharp chin resting just above your forehead. He was obviously stretching his neck to rest there, and you only worsened that when you looked up. He seemed so peaceful. So content with you being here with him. His eyes slowly opened to look at you, the blue pearls in the surrounding darkness of his eyes focused on you. He was tired, but with how he was acting it only made your heart jump into your throat, making you choke on your words as you tried to joke. "Good morning sunshine.." The moonlight from outside hitting his face and ragged hair at the perfect angle. He looked majestic almost. When you pulled away from the hold, he looked internally distressed for a moment, before he smiled and rubbed his face. A chuckle rose in his chest, his lips parting slightly as he mumbled. "Morning to you too silly..." He scratched the nape of his neck, his legs outstretched. You got up from the couch, taking the 2 cups to the sink. You realized he had put the cloth on your head while you were sleep, as evidence of why there was a damp cloth in your lap when you sat up. He walked behind you to the kitchen, slowly tugging the fridge open. "Am I allowed to cook for you now? Your stomach is protesting from earlier." He shot you a soft warm smile, nodding lightly to his offer. He pulled a few things from around the small kitchen. Beef, carrots, potatoes, snap peas, sauces, herbs, pots, and pans. He laid everything out on the counter, getting ready to cook. You went back to your resting place, sitting idly on the couch as you waited. You hugged one of the throw pillows lazily, sighing as you watched him scuffle around the kitchen, busy at work.


You watched as he poured the sauces, herbs, and other ingredients into the massive pot he had set up, smiling as the aroma from the food pierced your nostrils in such a way, it made your mouth water. You sat up again, too driven by hunger to care about a spinning headache you awoke from sitting up too quickly. When you made it to the kitchen, he was scooping a portion of the curry he made into a bowl that already had rice in it. He handed you the bowl happily, a welcoming expression painted on his angular face. "Here. I'll get us something to drink." He shooed you back to the couch, you following what he said, he sat next to you after going back to get drinks and his food. He observed you carefully as if to see what you thought of his cooking and to your delight, it was amazing. You reveled in just how good the flavors and sauces blended together, how the smell only made you want more. He had a significantly smaller bowl, probably because he knew he wasn't allowed to eat much. He sighed as he saw your grin only getting wider with each bite you took. When dinner was done and compliments were exchanged, you went and washed dishes. When that was done, Toshi walked you slowly to your room, helping you get into bed. He sat on the edge of it for a moment, his face flushed a deep red as you put a hand on his arm, pulling him back into the bed with you. He shivered, his posture stiffening as you let your actions speak for you. You looked him in his eyes, a smile painted on your delicate lips. "Thank you for all of this Toshinori... Thank you so much." You smiled more, his body shaking as he tried to process what you had told him. He got in even closer, your faces just inches away before you felt it. Your lips ever so delicately brushed against one another. You both panicked, huffing as he pulled away and made a B-Line for the door. He said his goodbyes, before you heard your front door slam shut. You sighed, hugging your pillow still as a small portal opened up next to you. You reached your hand through and locked the door, your mind finally going blank and you slipped into another drowsy sleep. Very much needed after today.  


Chapter Text

When you sat up, you groggily rubbed your eyes. You sighed deeply and snagged your phone weakly off your dresser. Your brain drifted in thought for a moment, just before a chill traveled right through your core. You thought back to Toshi's lips brushing against yours. Your face warmed up, a small bead of sweat rolling down your cheek. You giggled to yourself, going to message him first. 


>Y: Hey Toshi!! Hope you got home safe. I was going to ask, did you want to hang out today? If you're up for it that is.


You set your phone down and got up, waddling around before you finally snagged some clothes and went to go shower. When you finished up, you felt a bit less lightheaded and drowsy, so that was a start. You got dressed and pinned your hair up messily, snagging your shoes then your phone. You checked to see if he replied but he hadn't. You shrugged it off, he was probably busy, so you didn't push it. You skipped off back to the police station, seeing that Nao had called you back there for an update. When you walked in, once again, AllMight was there, studying a bit of paperwork. He was wearing.. Yagi's coat? The brown baggy jacket he always wore to class. You knew it was his by now, you'd only ever seen him in it. You brushed it out of your mind and sighed, walking over and gently resting an arm on the desk. "What're you reading over?" He looked at you, the shadows of his eyes making it impossible to read his expression behind that massive smile he always sported. "Just a bit more stuff on your case.. The League of Villains was involved. I have to be on this as much as possible since I've had a run in with their leader. He's.. a dangerous man." He sounded so serious. It kind of scared you, but you didn't admit it. 

He gently pats your back to reassure you, his smile somehow growing wider. You swore the ends of his mouth would fly off his face with how much he was pushing that grin of his. It made you feel warm inside anyway, your hand going up to clutch your chest gently. You let out a soft chuckle, just before Nao calls you over. You scurry over, as he shoves a manila folder into your hands. "We managed to get the footage of your attack from a street camera. Its." You inhaled and slowly opened the folder, your face losing color as you stared at the grainy picture. The figure that loomed over you was massive, its brain exposed, eyes wide. It looked so... sickening. You choked back tears, shutting the folder, you handed it back. "Sorry, I thought you'd at least want some closure on the fact that thing is no longer roaming free." You nodded, quietly coughing into your hand. You saw AllMight stand from the desk, walking over to you and gently patting your back again. "Don't worry. We'll keep an eye on you if they try anything again." You looked up at him, smiling warmly. "You're free to go home now." Nao turned to leave but before he did, you tugged his shoulder. "H-Hey! I have a question. Have you seen Toshinori at all today? I messaged him earlier and he still hasn't replied. Not to push but, I'm a little worried. He usually responds to me in a few minutes." "Ah, he must just be busy. Don't sweat it, he'll reply." You nodded and went on your way to go home. 

Nao and AllMight both looked at one another, AllMight's expression turning to dread as he tried to keep his cool. This pattern repeated. You never got a message back from Yagi. It had been 8 days since you've seen him. Was it because of the almost kiss you two shared? Did he really just ghost you? It made you feel terrible, your stomach turning as you had lost a newfound friend so easily. Here you thought you had someone close to you but... I suppose not. You sighed deeply, curled up in your bed, the sheets an absolute mess. You jolted up, looking at your wildly buzzing phone on your dresser. You grabbed it reluctantly, seeing it was only a call from one of your art class students. You answered and put on your best perky attitude, answering their question before hanging up. You looked at the phone resting in your hand, tears welling up in the corners of your eyes as you huffed hard, cursing under your shaky breath. "F-Fucking.. ditching me... How could you."  You choked up as you stifled a laugh, rubbing your eyes free of stray tears.

You chuckled and held your face in your hands, weakly pushing your hair from your eyes. You looked over at your phone, buzzing a bit before settling after a vibration fit. When you went to check to see who it was from, your heart sinking practically to the pits of hell as you read the name over to yourself.  Toshinori Yagi.  You fumbled for words, quickly going to reply to the message.


>T: Sorry. I am so so so so incredibly, for not talking sooner. I was extremely busy and just. Sorry.


You sighed hard, your heart rate slowing as you looked at your phone, new tears welling up in the corners of your eyes. You were happy to hear from him. You'd be a damn liar if you said you didn't miss him. You missed him more than you could admit, your body shivering at the thought of his lanky arms curled around your waist as he pulled you close to him. Your face flushed a soft red at the thought, sitting on the couch, you checked your phone again and replied. 


>Y: Its ok Tosh-- just don't up and leave like that again!

>T: I promise I won't!!
>Y: You better not let me down..
>T: Oh really! OK!! More running it is!"


You pondered to yourself what exactly happened to him, your breath still shaky. You were more paranoid than you'd like to admit, you hands shaky and ghosting the keys of your phone to send something else. You wanted to ask where he was, how he was, why he left. So many things raced through your mind. Your phone buzzed in your shaky hands before you could get a straight thought:


>T: I know this is abrupt but. Would you like to hang out on Sunday? I won't be busy and I'd be bluffing if I said I didn't want to see you again.


Your heartbeat against your chest like a drum, your hands still shaky you replied with a yes. He sent you his address since that's where you two were supposed to be hanging out. You sighed and laid back on your couch, thankful that he wasn't hurt. But it still ached that he put distance between you two. You ended up dozing off after a bit of lounging around, your eyes shut tight. When you opened them, you were staring at the ceiling in your room, your hands lazily slung off the sides of your couch. You got up and went to the bathroom, cleaning yourself up. You made something small to eat for now, your appetite wasn't as veracious as it normally was. You got in bed and pondered about how the meeting on Sunday would go. Would it be awkward? Would he tell you that he didn't like you? You drifted off into sleep, your mind plagued with thoughts of him. 


Chapter Text

Sunday couldn't come any slower. You sat on your couch for a good 40 minutes, staring off into space while you thought of how this hangout would go. Did he consider it a date? Was he just as nervous as you were? Why were you suddenly doubting yourself so much?

You hated thinking like this about yourself. You had just gotten out of a depression and here you were, slipping right back into one. You knew you weren't as confident as you put up to be, but you were trying. Right? You finally stood, checking the time. 2 hours until you have to go meet him. Don't back out now. It's going to be ok. You inhaled deeply and went to get dressed. You showered, styling your hair into a neat little ponytail. You clipped it in place, sliding into your favorite outfit. The sweater was long and ended halfway to your thighs, the collar of it was big and hung just a bit over your chest. It was snug and cozy and outlined your curves just right. You pulled on your socks and your matching black boots, grabbed your phone, wallet, and keys and headed out the door. You locked up, inhaling one last time and sighing. You can do this.

Toshi had asked you to pick up some drinks on the way to his house, so you happily obliged, grabbing things you knew he'd like. When you paid for the drinks you walked swiftly to the address he sent you. When you got there, you walked up the steps and to the door number, clenching your fist, you gently knocked on his door. You were hoping this was the right place, and that he was here. You really wanted to see him again. You missed him alot.. oddly. Your thoughts were cut off by him swinging the door open. It startled you, making you jump back for a moment. "(Y/N)! I-It's so good to see you again..." He sounded sincere and apologetic, awkwardly, he opened his arms for a hug. You embraced him quickly, much quicker than you wanted to, but you needed this. He held you tight, chuckling deeply as you flung yourself into his spindly arms. 

You giggled at him, letting him set you down. "C-Come in. It's a little chilly out tonight." You nodded and walked in, gently slipping off your shoes. He gently tugs you over to the kotatsu, a warm smile painted across his sunken face. You sat happily, your knees hidden by the cloth draped over the table. You gently leaned against it, folding your arms in front of your chest. You leaned forward, watching as he scurried around the kitchen, setting down the drinks you bought. He seemed a bit skittish, his eyes darting around frantically as he finished cooking. He smiled and sighed at his work, you not even paying attention to the cooking. Your eyes followed him, your lashes fluttering with each time you closed your eyes.

All you saw on your eyelids was him. His face. His unruly hair, piercing blue eyes, sunken yet cute cheeks. You wanted to hold his face again, thinking back to when you first got close enough to touch his face. Your cheeks lit up, red flushing across your skin as you eyed him from across the room. It had been years since you felt this attracted to someone and it just so happened to be a quirkless, as far as you know, tall, lanky blond man who liked to draw in his spare time. Speaking of spare time, it never occurred to you to ask him what his job was. You never saw him before 3:00. Which was when your classes started. Add that to the fact he always came 5-10 minutes late. Once again, your thoughts were cut short by Toshi's voice. "Uhm.. Are you ok? Y-You've been staring at me the whole time." You snapped back to reality.

You looked up, seeing his expression. It was that of guilt. Before you could talk, he spoke again. "I-I know you're probably still mad at me for just, disappearing. I mean it with every ounce of my heart. I'm sorry." His head dangled down a bit, his bangs hung in front of his thin face, the tassels at the ends of them lightly brushing against his chest. You got up from your seat, walking over to him. His eyes were more hollow than usual, just until you gently put a hand on his shoulder.

He flinched, his eyes widening as he stared into your eyes for a brief moment. It felt like time stopped as he looked right into you as if everything you've been through up until now spoke to him. You chuckled and shook it off, pulling your hand away gently. "I-Its ok Toshi. I'm not mad at you alright?" You gave him the best smile you could, sighing softly as he relaxed. He quickly pulled you in for a hug, making your body quiver at his touch. He was so thin and yet his hugs felt so full. As if you've had someone touch you like this before. But you've never met anyone as tall as Toshi... Or you have. 

Come to think of it, Toshi's entire demeanor felt familiar now. Your eyes softly fluttered open as you scanned the room. Then you saw it. The same brown jacket AllMight was wearing at the police station last time. You squinted for a moment, your brain doing its best to piece together the connection. There was no way there wasn't one. It all seemed a bit, fuzzy to you. Suddenly you felt his lips softly brush along your cheek, leaving a kiss there. Your body stiffened, the hair on your neck raising as he pulled away, beet red and sweating. He went back to cooking, frantically setting up plates for the two of you. "C-Come on! Now we can eat!" You nodded and gently cupped a hand on your cheek, gently caressing it, a bit of warmth emitting from it.  

You chuckled as he fixed your plate for you and got his bottle of water.He sat with you at the kotatsu again, sighing in content as he set your plate in front of you. You thanked him, smiling as you both seemed to relax. It felt nice to be in his presence again. You needed this for a while now. You were more than happy to see his smile, his unkempt hair, just. His presence made you calm. Its as if the world slipped away every time you two were together.

As you ate, the lingering thought of AllMight and Toshinori being connected somehow pestered you. You thought harder and harder about it, making your head spin a bit. You decided to put it off for later. When you finished eating, Toshinori grabbed your plate and took it to the sink, you followed him and nudged him aside. "I'll do this. You can go sit and relax." "Hmm? You don't have to! I'm perfectly capable of doing this." "Sit mister. I got it." You giggled and kissed him on the cheek to throw him off, watching as his hollow eyes widened and he shuffled nervously back to the kotatsu. He sat and gently rested his head on his crossed arms, watching you. 

He had the softest smile on his face, his eyes fluttering closed and shut a few times. He looked so absolutely peaceful. You went back to dishes before you heard his deep voice echo in the room. "You know... I missed you."  You stiffened for a moment, setting the last dish aside to dry. You turned to see his beautiful blue eyes peering right into your soul. But not in a threatening way. It was soft, reassuring and sweet.

You couldn't help but beam, your cheeks slightly burning as your smile seemed to force itself onto your face. You walked over to him, sitting beside him. His arms slinked around your waist, his hands cupped gently on your stomach. He inhaled deeply, taking in your scent as he hugged you. Your back gently rested against his chest, his breaths slow and drawn out. You cupped your hands gently over his own, your gaze focusing on his hands. His hands were massive. What the hell. You didn't mind it though. He turned you around, pulling you closer. He held you up a bit, just so your faces were a few inches apart. 

You leaned in first, he followed suit, your lips finally. Finally connecting. The kiss was so sweet, so warm, it felt like you two had been together for years and longed to kiss him again after he had been away for god knows how long. His hands trailed up your sides, one of them gently cupping the nape of your neck, the other resting softly on your side, just a bit below your ribcage. When you both pulled away, his face was flushed a deep red, his cerulean eyes hazy and clouded.

It was as if you were the only thing on this planet that he hoped for. You let out a soft chuckle, as did he, his hands snaking around your waist once more to pull you in for a tight hug. "I'm still very sorry for leaving. I was busy and I should have at least told you." He sighed as he rested in your soft hug, your arms easily going around his waist. When your arm brushed against his side a bit too much, he winced, pulling out of your grip for a moment. "Did I hurt you? S-Sorry." You looked at his side, his hand coming up and making you look at him again. "No no no. It's fine. I promise." He pecked another light kiss on your plump lips, a soft sigh coming from him. 

A smile crept onto your face again, your forehead gently pressing against his as you both relaxed. His hand gently caressed your cheek, his thumb lightly brushing over it every now and then. He hummed in approval of how peaceful this was, his eyes fluttering open, looking at you. You gently snaked your arms around his shoulders, peppering his face with light kisses. He giggled at the feeling, his hands softly grabbing your waist as you both mingled together.

His lips brushed against yours again, the hand holding your cheek pulling you closer to deepen the kiss that formed. His breath was hot against your tender lips, your face was hot to his gentle touch. As the kiss got deeper, his hands groped meekly at your hips, with every little break you both took to catch your breath, a soft groan passed his lips. He sighed deeply, tugging you closer to him.

"T-Toshinori.." "Shhh.. I just.. need this." He peppered your jawline with kisses, his tongue gently gliding across your neck as a tease. His breath was hot against it, his face just as hot as he rested his face in the crook of your neck. His hands were still settled at your hips, except his thumbs pushed into the dips of them, his fingers parted slightly as he grasped you. He huffed and kissed up and down your neck, his teeth gently gliding across soft spots. You purred and cooed as he did this, your body practically melting into his touch. He took note of your noises, humming in approval as he kept at his light teasing.

He gently nipped at your neck a bit more, trailing back up to your jaw. He pecked your lips again, then your cheek, going up to your ear. He gently nipped at your earlobe, his teeth grazing lightly against it. He whispered something that sent a shiver right down your spine and to your core. "I've wanted you for so long."  He sighed and let out a deep groan, kissing just below your ear a bit more before he pulled away. Your face was twisted into one of pure bliss, your face flushed a deep red after his little treatment. "I'd be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy that." He chuckled and nipped your bottom lip one last time before he stood, helping you up. He walked you over to the couch, sitting with you, sighing in content as he held you in his lanky arms. You both relaxed, eventually, you both fell asleep. His hands were rested around your hips, his head gently tucked in your shoulder as he held you close to him. 


Chapter Text

When you sat up, your cheek had melded with the fabric of his shirt. Yagi was sound asleep under you, his thin chest rising and falling with every breath he took. As you pulled out of his grip, you made your way to the kitchen counter where you had left your phone the night prior. You checked the time, seeing it had been 6:34 AM. You decided, sadly, that you'd head home so he could get his rest.

As you packed your things, you dug in your bag and pulled out your sketchbook, scribbling a note down on the paper and leaving it on the kotatsu. You went to the door and crept out, shutting it as quiet as you could. You made your way down the steps and out into the early morning streets. People usually weren't out until 7-8 AM so the streets were relatively quiet and somber. The soft morning air made you feel warm and sent a rush over you that made you melt in the distant warmth of the sun rising. The sky was a beautiful foggy red, mixed with the blues and purples of the night sky that had yet to succumb to its early morning defeat.

The yellow tinge of the horizon made you sigh as you walked tiredly to the train station. You waited for your usual train, swaying your hips daintily as you waited for the train to roll up on the tracks. As it did, you boarded, sitting in a window seat with your bag set at your side. You leaned against the dew-ridden window, the small water droplets rolled down it at a snail's pace, reflecting the sun that was now peeking over the horizon.

You ended up checking your phone, just to see if Yagi had messaged you. But he hadn't said anything. A tinge of pain struck your chest, but eased up, knowing he wouldn't leave you like before. When the train rolled up to your stop, you stood up and walked off, happily walking out of the station. You decided to stop by the small cafe by your home. You grabbed an iced coffee and walked peacefully home, standing at your front door. You tugged your keys weakly from your purse, smiling wildly. You had such a good night and it was imprinted in the back of your mind.

As you opened your door, your foot slid against something that had been set in front of the door. Thankfully you caught yourself on the knob, holding your weight up just barely. As you got up, you spotted what almost made you slip, a small white envelope that was probably slid under. You palmed it, taking it as you shut the door, behind you. Your legs carried you to the couch, setting down your coffee, you delicately opened the envelope, seeing that there was a note inside. It was neatly folded, and the paper was an odd shade of red.

The note had been scribbled on in black ink, some of it smudged and in other places, it was barely visible. It read, "Ms.(Y/N), we have taken a liking to your abilities and would like to recruit you. We know of your history and who you are associated with and would like to speak to you. Thank you for your time, The Black Order." You looked at the note, a bit taken aback by the people it was signed as. 

You knew about them, but only because of who was involved with it. A friend of yours that you worked with, Avery, had been revealed to be in touch with the organization. Unfortunately, Avery was the only one you know associated with them. All else you knew, was that they were bad news. You rushed back out of the house, tucking the note back in the envelope, you ran down the street, making your way to the police station. 

As you ran up to the door, you caught Tsukauchi walking in. "Hey, Detective!" He turned around, taking off his hat, he held it against his chest. "Ah. Ms. (Y/N). What are you doing here so early?" "I have a bit of something for you. We might wanna head in for this. Take a seat and such because I'm gonna have to explain a lot." His demeanor changed, to which you picked up on as he pushed the door open, allowing you to walk in front of him.

As he took you to his office, he sat behind his desk, his brown trenchcoat thrown over the back of it. He turned to face you, his hands folded neatly atop the many papers that were scattered along the table in front of you both. You took out the envelope and the letter, tossing it on the desk. You leaned forward, your hands resting on the desk. "Detective, have you heard of the Black Order?"

"No, I have not. What is this order?" You took a deep breath, your head hung a bit. "Well, just like here in Japan, you guys have the League of Villains." "Yes, I understand that. Go on." "In America, we have this group of people called, The Black Order. Their motives, or what I've heard, is similar to that in Stain's motives, but don't directly involve killing people or heroes. Rather they're more.. discreet about it. Mostly." You sat up straight, unfolding the letter, you handed it to him. "I got this letter. When I got home after-" You cut yourself off, coughing a bit.

"After I got back from visiting a friend, I found this at my door." "Why are they trying to recruit you specifically?" "Because I know someone in the group.." He looked at you, his eyes seemed hollow. "In what way?" "I used to be friends with them. Their name is Avery Vanburen. He was my childhood friend and I used to speak to him a lot until I found out he was in the group. I cut all ties with him and reported him to the police, but, I didn't have enough evidence. So they let him go." Tsukauchi nodded, reading over the note quietly. 

"I came here to give you this so you can check it for fingerprints or something." "Why is that?" You swallowed dryly, speaking up. "Because if they sent me this letter, that means they came to Japan. And maybe that means...they're gonna try and recruit people in the League of Villains." Tsukauchi stopped fiddling with the pen in his free hand, looking up at you. "T-They recruit people with strong quirks and infiltrate society as if they're normal citizens. It's hard to detect them. It really is." He nodded, setting his pen down.

"I'll contact a few people, and we'll look over this. Thank you for bringing this. I want you to stay here for a bit. We might have to relocate you if they now know where you live. We don't want you in danger." You agreed, crossing your leg over the other, you took out your phone, seeing that Yagi had messaged you. 

T: Hey, I got your note. Hope you made it home safely. Thank you for coming over, it was really refreshing to see you again and it was wonderful having you over. Thank you so much, hopefully, very soon, we get to hang out again. <33

You smiled at the message, your worried heart easing up as you read it over. After about 5 minutes of sitting in his office, Tsukauchi came back in, with both Endeavor and AllMight following closely behind him. Endeavor stared at you, still probably angry about that hit you gave him. Boy, does he hold grudges. AllMight waved at you meekly, his usual smile was more soft and casual. 

Then it hit you. That brown jacket again. You scoffed mentally as you eyed the jacket. He took notice of this and took off the jacket, hanging it over Naomasa's chair. He stood by the desk quietly, fiddling with his hands meekly as he watched you relay a bit of the info back to the three of them. Once you were done, you asked Tsukauchi where you could possibly be staying. 

"Well Ms. (Y/N), do you have any friends here that you could possibly stay with?" Just as he finished that sentence, you saw AllMight tense up, leaning against the wall a bit further. You looked at him curiously then spoke up. "Well, none of my close friends live in Japan and the only people that I really know are Toshinori and you detective." You looked at your phone, sighing as you got up and made your way to the door." 

"When I leave I'll contact Toshinori and ask him about me staying with him in the meantime. Is that alright?" "Fine by me. I just hope that this whole situation clears up soon." AllMight chimed in, his hands on his hips, "Don't worry Ms. (Y/N), I'm sure this will all clear up!" You smiled at him, finally leaving the office, you shut the door behind you quietly. 

As you left, AllMight looked at Tsukauchi worriedly, sighing as he slid back against the wall and onto the floor. "What am I gonna do? I think she's starting to put pieces together. I don't know what to do." He cursed at himself quietly, looking at his phone, which had started to buzz. A new message. 

Y: Hey Toshinori, I have a bit of a problem going on, can I talk to you later tonight?

Unknown POV

I was just stepping out of the airport, my luggage in hand. It was hard to get to, considering I'm about the size of a child but. No matter. When I was about to grab a cab, my phone rang. I slid it from my pocket, seeing it was my friend, Tsukauchi. I answered, leaning against the brick wall quietly as I spoke. "Hey Nao, what's up?" "Ah, Ezekiel, it's nice to hear from you again. I hate to ask this of you, but, I have a new case on my hands that I need help with." "Oh? What is it?" 

"It's about this group of people, almost like the League of Villains I was telling you about a week or two ago." "What are they called?" "The Black Order." "Huh. I'll look into them a bit. And hey, I'm actually in Japan for a week or two starting today for a business trip. I'll drop by your office if you give me the address." "Oh that's excellent, and yeah, I'll text you the address. See you soon." "Alright. Ciao."

As I hung up, I looked around, running over to the nearest cab that pulled up. I tossed my luggage in the trunk and got in, giving the driver the address I had been told by Naomasa. The Black Order. This would be one hell of a ride for me. 

Your POV

You were messily throwing clothes into the 2 suitcases you had opened on your bed. You sighed deeply, realizing how unfortunate your situation was. You had only been in Japan for half a year and you had gotten attacked, and now, had to move in with a friend because of an organization that wanted to recruit you. Great. You weren't entirely comfortable moving in with Toshinori, but not because you didn't like him, but because you felt as if he'd be really hard to badger with questions.

He was so reserved but open with you if that even made sense. You still couldn't push the thought that he and AllMight were connected somehow off of your back, which made you itch. Before you left your apartment, you messaged your friends Kemuri and Ami about your situation, grabbed your keys, and bid your new home farewell for a while. 

When you got to the station, you boarded the train, lugging your two suitcases behind you. You skipped along down the platform at his stop, seeing him waiting meekly with his hands folded by the exit, just like he said he'd be. He gave you a firm hug, his hair tickling your cheeks as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, chuckling all the while. 

He planted a tender kiss on your forehead, pushing your hair from your face delicately. He held you with such care it mad you melt under him. He picked you up a bit before setting you down, smiling. He tugged you along, taking one of your suitcases from you as you walked with him. Naomasa had instructed that you lay low for a while, so you messaged all of your art students about the situation, sparing the details.

They all understood and wished you good health thankfully. Toshinori finally chimed in, snapping you from your daze. "So, you never elaborated, what exactly is, The Black Order?" You coughed into the palm of your hand, taking in his attire. He had on a baggy blue hoodie, the strings of it dangling in front of him due to his natural slouch. The rest of his hair, except for his bangs, was tied into a loose ponytail. Finally, he had on matching blue sweatpants, and grey running shoes. 

"Oh my god, first of all, you look adorable." He blushed hard, practically coughing his lungs out at the sudden compliment. He chuckled dryly, swaying a bit closer to you as you both walked. "That's not what I asked silly!" You both laughed, embracing the moment.

"Well. Anyway. The Black Order is kind of like the League of Villains. Except its a bit more underground. I only know one person in it. I used to be friends with them, but, we've long since broken ties. I don't know anyone else in the group sadly, and if I did, I would have given their name to Naomasa." "Hmm...I see. What's the big deal over them? I know that you told me on the phone earlier that they aren't about killing people, but, what is it they do?" "They're more of a...demonstrative group. They're based on the reputation heroes have, and how some heroes only do what they do for money. Their main goal is to bring down authoritative figures, lethal or not, and prove to the world, not everyone is how they seem."

Yagi squinted at this, his hollow eyes burrowing through you. "How do I know you aren't part of this group?" You stopped, gasping at what he said. "Why would they send me a recruitment letter if I'm already part of the group?" He snickered at you, cupping a knobby hand over his mouth and pointing at you. "Gotcha! I'm telling the Detective!" You grumbled, just as he jogged away, yelling back at you, "If you don't beat me home I get to tell Naomasa!" 

You practically screeched, jogging up behind him angrily. "Hey! Cheater! You got a headstart!" You had a sudden thought, to which you stopped completely. You tapped your foot against the pavement, a blue light forming under, and before long, you had a small star-shaped platform form under you, just big enough to hold you and your suitcase on it. You hopped on, tugging your bag on as well, you stomped on the front of it sending you propelling forward right past him. It left a blue trail of sparkle like dust behind you as you whizzed by him, giggling all the while. 

"Not if I get there first you won't!" He almost tripped when you flew past, gasping at you. "W-Whoa! No fair you cheater!" He kept jogging, a bit faster now, still lugging the suitcase behind him. "You're lucky I have long legs!" He yelled at you from afar, his figure getting smaller and smaller as you slowed down at the steps of his apartment building. 

He chuckled as he finally caught up, snagging you into a tight hug and burying his face into your neck, nipping at it playfully. "You big cheater how dare you..~" He hoisted you up, slinging you over his bony shoulders and grabbing the other suitcase you were carrying. He took you up the steps, unlocking the door, he took you inside, setting you down. 

"I'll show you to your room." He held your hand, walking you to the guest room. He pushed the door open, flicking on the light. You pushed your suitcases in, sitting on the bed that was placed neatly in the corner. You flopped back on it, giggling a bit as he trapped you on the bed, his hair dancing on your cheeks. "I've gotcha now." You chuckled, lifting one of your hands, you gently pet his cheek.

He leaned into your hand, smiling warmly, he kissed the palm of it, nuzzling it lovingly. "I'm glad I could be the one to take you in." "You say it like I'm a lost puppy." "Maybe you are." "Oh hush you goofball. For someone your height, you're so soft." "H-Hey!" He bit your finger playfully, to which you flicked his nose at. He grumbled and got up, going to the door, he turned back, giving a soft smile before leaving the hall.

As you sat up, you looked at your phone, the time read 5:34. You set your phone down on the bed, laying back once more, quietly mumbling to yourself. What was gonna happen now?  

Chapter Text

Up. Up. Up. Ok, you were up. You rolled out of your new bed, still not used to the smaller one. Toshinori let you sleep in his sometimes, but you didn't want to intrude on his space. You were never allowed to enter his room during the day, and only in the shroud of night, were you allowed into his domain. He always had worked between 5-4 PM, which means you were home alone for the majority of the day.

Naomasa had instructed you to be as scarce in public as possible in case of being spotted by the League of Villains. Especially if they were really working with the Black Order. You spent most of your time working on your art and trying to draw the loose ends of your silly theory together. AllMight and Toshinori being connected still itched at the back of your mind, and the more you spent thinking of it, the more it made sense.

But you didn't want to dwell on it too much. Today, however, Naomasa needed you to head to the station, mostly because he wanted you to meet the new detective who was helping with your case. You were eager as well, seeing as he might already have info about the organization that so desperately wanted you to join their forces. As you slid up to the police station, you pushed the doors open slowly. 

You spotted AllMight hunched over the desk, Naomasa standing next to him and... A small black figure with 4 arms clutching onto a stack of papers for dear life. He was about half the height of Naomasa and even smaller when compared to AllMight. He turned to look at the new face who walked in, turning quickly, he slid the stack of papers onto the desk, pushing it back far enough to make sure it didn't slip off. He spun on his tiny feet, his bright eyes focusing on you. Did he have pink freckles??

He looked like a kid that had spider limbs stapled on but by god, he was adorable. He waved a manilla folder with a sticky note taped on in the air, AllMight taking note, he grabbed it, setting it on the desk in front of him. Naomasa spotted you and waved you over, watching as you gawked at the small figure who only stood as tall as your midsection. He looked up at you, all 6 of his bright eyes blinking in unison.

"Oh hello! You must be (Y/N)! I'm Ezekiel!" You watched as he offered all 4 of his tiny hands to you, to which you squeaked and cupped a hand over your mouth. Naomasa rolled his eyes, looking at you as if he was your father. "(Y/N). Shake his hand." He spoke of it as if he was telling you to chose a piece of candy all for yourself. You quickly grabbed all of his hands, cupping yours over his and shaking them vigorously.

He bounced lightly, his tufts of hair swaying with him as you gave him a firm handshake. He giggled and pulled his hands away, sighing in content. "Nice to meet you too!" He bowed, his arms splaying out as he did. He straightened up again, fixing his black tie. "I'm a bit new to this case, mind, telling me a bit about what you know?" You nodded, guiding him over to the empty desk across the room. AllMight seemed floored with work, so you shot him a small wave to which he waved back meekly.

You sat with Ezekiel, watching as he shuffled and hopped back into the chair, his abdomen having the symbol of an hourglass. He was obviously based around a black widow spider. You would have thought someone with a spider quirk would be much more freakish but, here he was. Adorable. He sat up, his hands neatly folded in his tiny lap. "So, start from the top." He said proudly, his eyes blinking in unison once more. 

You relayed him the whole story, including the first letter that you had gotten from them in America. He seemed transfixed on the story, so far as leaning forward in his seat as you spoke to him. He nodded at you as you finished, raising one of his hands, he bit his thumb gently, his mandibles pawing at his hand as he thought. "The man you mentioned in your story. Avery Vanburen, that's his name right?"

You furrowed your brows. "How do you know his last name?" "I heard about this case when I was working in America. It was suspicious that no one thought to take serious note of the case. It baffled me." You nodded at him, sighing. "I wish they would have taken it more seriously." He huffed, getting up from his seat, he scurried over to the desk AllMight was at and motioned for the folder he had given him earlier.

AllMight handed it to him, his head still scanning the paperwork diligently. Ezekiel scurried back over, sitting in his seat, he pulled a pen from his pocket and clicked the end a few times. He scribbled down a few things, grumbling deeply as he wrote down the brief description of your story. You watched for a moment before you got up, walking over to AllMight. You leaned on the desk, slugging his shoulder softly. He looked up at you, a soft smile on his shadowed face. "Thanks (Y/N)."

Just then, Endeavor stepped into the police station, walking over to the desk, he greeted you, rather nicely for once. He seemed to have a scratch on his face, a few in fact. He looked a bit tired, bags under his fierce eyes. He was holding a silver metal bar in hand, stained with what looked like blood. "I got into a scrap with a Nomu. I got it under control." 

He wiped the blood from his face and angrily stepped to the desk, AllMight offering him a napkin. "Thanks for the help Endeavor. Now. In this case. We've got a small lead on the man named Avery right now." Endeavor seemingly raised a flaming eyebrow. "What do you mean?" He stepped up to AllMight, peering at the folder in his hands." "He was supposedly spotted at the airport in the U.S leaving California. Don't know what plane he got on though." "Tsk." Endeavor stepped back, turning his attention to you.

"You, fill me in on the info." You sighed and relayed the story one more time, finally, someone thought to record it. He nodded at you, clenching his fist a bit as he tapped his chin. He walked over to Naomasa, speaking angrily to him. You sighed and looked back to Ezekiel who was flipping through the pages of the folder, scribbling stuff onto various pages. He was sitting quietly, his eyes focused on the pages in front of him.

Your eyes focused on his tufts of small hair, sticking up from his head. Before you could tell yourself, no, your hand went out and reached, hovering just a few inches above the clusters of hair that so neatly perked together. Your finger brushed softly against one of the tufts as you finally pat his head. Your fingers curled into the soft hairs, making your hand tickle in delight.

He twitched in his seat, stopping his previous writing. He turned his head up, looking at you, his eyes wide. "Did you..did you just pet me?" You were silent for a moment, looking at your own hand, you gently dragged it along his soft hair, petting him. "Now I did." You said boldly. Naomasa tugged your sleeve, dragging you off to his office. "Wait! I didn't get to hold him yet!"

"(Y/N) I didn't think you'd act like this, I know he's cute but let him work." "Fine! Fine!" You chuckled and waved to him as he sat you in the chair in front of his desk, sighing as he let his office door rest open. You slid your phone from your pocket, looking at the time. You sighed softly, looking at the silly wallpaper you had come to love. It was of Toshinori, his hair flung wildly around his tired face. Blue sunken eyes were peaceful looking up to wherever, the blankets around him tangled with his thin frame. 

You adored that photo and managed to snap it when he wasn't looking. Thankfully, he liked the photo, a bit nervous about it at first, but for once, he seemed confident in himself. You were snapped from your thoughts by Naomasa leaning over your shoulder, staring at your phone screen intently. "Oh wow, how'd you convince him to let you keep a photo of him?" 

You practically set ablaze, your body glowing that bright red energy to signal you were gonna go comet, but you stopped yourself, slouching in your chair. "God Masa, announce your presence next time!" You looked back at your phone, sighing and turning the screen off. "I honestly don't know... But he's adorable." That last part slipped out, a wide grin on your face.

Your face felt hot, your eyes fluttering shut for a brief second as you thought of him. Naomasa finally let you go home, to which you jumped up, straightening your jacket. You told them all to keep you updated on the situation, and at that, you were off.

Ezekiel's POV

They really pet me. I was fuming on the inside but I didn't show it. I scoffed to myself and tugged my phone from my pocket, checking my messages. There was one from my friend asking me about the case. I brushed it off and told him it was going well and slipped out of my seat, pacing over to Naomasa, I handed him the folder I was working at and grabbed my jacket. "I'll be back same time tomorrow. Call me if you need me."

He nodded and walked back to the desk AllMight was sitting at. Endeavor was leaning over his shoulder, staring at the folder he was clutching in his massive hands. They all looked tired, but, no matter. I walked out of the station, stretching my arms over my head and yawning into the open sky. The sun was setting, tinting it a gold that faded into a sultry red. 

I sighed and made my way back to my temporary home, whistling all the while.

Your POV

Once you arrived home, you flopped helplessly onto the couch, sighing deeply and clutching onto one of the throw pillows that littered the couch. You winced and arched your back, rolling around for a moment before you shot up from the couch, looking over to Toshinori's room. He wasn't home just yet. Maybe you could take a quick peek into his room... You didn't want to invade his privacy but. Something about how he guarded his room, was suspicious. 

You took a bold move and hopped up from the couch, ducking over the couch and tumbling down the small hall and propping yourself up on your knees in front of his door. Before you could make a move, you heard the front door unlocking. You shuffled quickly to your feet and scurried to your room door, pushing it open and quickly flopping into your bed. 

You grumbled to yourself, looking around for a moment before you felt thin arms wrap around you, hugging your body close to their owner. "I'm home.." He said lovingly into your ear, making you smile in delight. He chuckled and peppered your shoulder with soft pecks, leading up to your neck and then to your cheek. He held onto your waist tight, looking around the room at the half-finished painting you had lying in the corner.

He pointed to it, making you look in the direction his boney finger was directing you. "Oh, that? It's just something I felt like making." He smiled softly, looking down at you before he squinted. "You sure? It seems like a metaphor for something." You chuckled, "I have no idea what you could possibly mean by that." 


You smiled at the painting lying in the corner peacefully, giggling as you cupped his cheeks in your hands and planted a small kiss on his thin lips. He held the kiss, pulling away, he nuzzled his nose into your face softly. You cooed and held onto his wispy bangs, looking down into your eyes. "Hey, Toshi...have you ever tried painting?" He perked up, scratching his cheek meekly.

"I have but it isn't very good." You scoffed and pat his chest, watching as he recoiled. You paused, looking at your hand, then back to his chest. You leaned forward slowly, gently putting your palms on his chest. He cooed and leaned into your touch, humming, it sent a soft vibration through your hands. You ran your hands lightly along his ribcage through his shirt, down to the dip of his midsection. 

Your hand gently glided across his sides, but when you got to a certain point, he winced, his lanky frame caving in and resting against you. "Oh..Fuck. I'm sorry." He chuckled softly and hushed you, looking down at you lovingly. "It's ok...It's not your fault." He let you run your hands along his hips, feeling on the defined outline of them. He sighed in content, letting your hands run back up to his chest, then his collarbone, just until you got to his chin. 

You looked into his sunken eyes, cooing and leaning close to him. You placed a soft kiss on his chin, watching as he leaned closer, bumping your nose against his. "Why are you so feely all of a sudden?" You pondered to yourself, looking back at his side. He followed your gaze, very hesitantly, he grabbed your chin and pointed you to look up at him. He sighed, curling his thin fingers into the edge of his shirt, he raised it, exposing his side.

It was caved in and bright red with dark purple bruises around it. The stitches were still visible in some places but for the most part, it was healed over. It looked like a poisonous flower almost, the splays of the scar open like petals that danced around their red center. You didn't speak for a moment, then looked up to his face. His head was hanging, his bangs swaying as he craned his neck up to face you again.

"I know it isn't the prettiest." He let out a half-assed chuckle. "It's something I got a while ago." You reached forward, ever so delicately, you ran your fingers along his scar. He let out a hushed whimper, his body curling in on itself again. He held onto your shoulder, his fingers digging into it a tad as you examined him. You sighed, pulling him in close and hugging him. "It's ok. You're still as beautiful to me as ever." You smiled, your eyes watering but not overflowing with tears. 

You thought once more, snapping your fingers. "Toshi! I have a question.." He perked up, his sunken eyes focusing on you. "What is it?" "You know how some artists like to paint models and such.?" "Yeah, what about them?" He saw the glimmer in your eyes and immediately recoiled, leaning back away from you and hugging himself. "Oh Toshi, please? With your physique, it'd be really good practice for me!" 

"I know! I just.. know. I'm not very confident in myself." "I know, but. It'll be just between you and me." "I. I'll think about it." You nodded, getting up, you pecked a small kiss on his forehead, screeching as he yanked you into him, peppering your cheeks with sloppy kisses. "HEY HEY!" He chuckled and bit your cheek playfully, pecking a delicate kiss on your soft lips. 

"Thank you.." He whispered to you, smiling. You hushed him and pecked his lips with another kiss, scurrying out of the room. You managed to catch a glimpse of his room as you ran past. He left his door slightly ajar, and as you peered in, the split second you had, you could see something bright red and blue laying across the bed. You couldn't quite place what it could have been but you gasped to yourself, waddling out into the living room. You flopped onto the couch and giggled, waiting for him to join you. 

He hopped out into the living room, his hair tied up neatly now. "So what movie are we watching?"

Unknown POV

"How long do I have to lay low again? Everyone else gets to go out and yet I have to pretend I don't exist." "I'm sorry but I don't want you getting caught, Avery." "Tsk. Alright, Boss. I'll speak to you later." Avery grumbled, sitting on the black couch that rested in the common room. He folded his arms across his thin chest, mumbling swear words as his hair rested against his chest. He bit his lip with is sharp fangs, piercing it unintentionally.

"Shit." He scoffed, licking the blood off. His arms twitched, legs included before they settled. his eyes fluttering open for a second before he closed them again. He threw his head back against the back of the sofa, his hair falling over the edge of it ever so slightly. 

"God I can't even work." Just then, another person stepped in, a man with sleek blueish black hair and metal piercings lining his body. "Yo dickhead, what're you still doing here?" Avery scoffed, putting on a scowl. "Remember people are on my ass metal man, fuck off." He grumbled, brushing him off as he walked through the common room and into the next one. This would be one hell of an experience for them both. "Avery, where the hell is everyone else?" "Out on patrol. Why'd you come back?" "Got into a scrap with some hand-wearing fuck. Messed up my favorite bat! I can always make a new one though, no biggie." "Wait, hands? Like, a hand on the face kind of guy?" 

"Yeah! How'd you know?" "That's our guy were supposed to be finding and working with you dipfuck! Wow, you are dense!" "Says the vampire!" "Fuck the arguing, but did you manage to get what part of town he was spotted in?" "Outskirts. He's on the edges where not many people pass through during the night."

"Alright. We got a lead."


Chapter Text


Alot of personal irl stuff has been very daunting on me and its been hard! But I'll for sure be getting back to this. No worries.