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Mama, I'm Coming Home

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In the harsh and unforgiving cold of the English winter she stood, her arms around her abdomen. Ginny Weasely was no fool. She knew the end was near for her. There was no thread of hope to hold on to, no miracle waiting to happen which would save her from the terrible fate she was to face. She had tried to be strong, had tried to keep the promise she had made to her Harry, but she just could not go on anymore. There was nothing to look forward to. The wizarding world she had grown up in, the often cruel and predujiced but oh so wonderful world, had been replaced with a nightmarish inferno. Voldemort had taken his brand of destruction and laid waste to the magical community, all in his lust for more power. And there was no stopping him anymore. Her beloved Harry, the Savior of the wizarding world, her light in a world full of darkness ― was gone. Gone so young, all so that monster could rage around and inject even more of his evil into this world. Tears rolled down her eyes as she pictured his face, his beautiful green eyes sparkling with mischief. What she wouldn't give to just be able to hold him one more time, to look in his eyes and tell him how much she loved him, to hear his voice as he suggested one of those ridiculous baby names he had thought of. She sobbed even harder thinking of their baby, their unborn child who would never get to know it's father and who very well may not even get a chance to come in this world.


What hurt her the most was how she had to face all of this alone. How at the end no one was there to hold her hand, no one to reassure her, no one to tell her how much she was loved. She would die a lonely death, surrounded by evil minions and their even more evil master. Well technically she wasn't all alone, there were some members of the DA left, some very dear friends too and then there was Hermione Granger, the last remaining member of the 'Golden Trio' as the death eaters had mockingly termed them. But these people did not matter to Ginny as much as her own family and her Harry. So yes she was alone in the face of her inevitable end.


She looked towards Hermione, the older witch was bloody.and beaten but her pride and her Gryffindor courage were still intact. She held her head high and refused to bow down even when she knew there was no other way. Ginny wished she had Hermione's courage as well but frankly she just didn't care anymore. There was no point in fighting, not when there was no hope of winning. And she was tired, so tired. All she cared about was just getting it over so that she could finally be reunited with her family. Her Harry.


As she watched all of her fellow Light Warriors get their fate decided by Voldemort one by one, she couldn't help but look over at the monster sitting in the high throne, lounging there and watching the proceedings in bored manner. He would occasionally throw in a hex or two but he usually let his death eaters do all the work. There was an air of sadistic glee throughout the elegant ball room of the manor. Malfoy Manor to be exact. The triumphant expression didn't waver from his face either.


At last it was her turn to face the maniacal wizard. She tried to wipe all the sorrow and anger from her face that had made a permanent stay there ever since this nightmare started. Instead she held her head high, happy to greet death like an old friend. After all her end meant an end to all this pain too.


"Ooh look what we have here My Lord. The blood traitor. And not just any blood traitor but Potter's little slut", the annoyingly child-like voice of Bellatrix Lestrange rang through out the room. Many of the death eaters laughed and jeered at her words. She saw Voldemort straighten in his throne. "Ah little Misss Weassely iss all grown up. And sshe's been having ssome fun too" Voldemort hissed in his serpentine voice. Even more laughs followed his statement. She ignored it all. She just wanted it to be over. "I have no doubt it's Potter's spawn. My Lord will you allow me to have my way with her?" Bellatrix asked her Lord adoringly. "Well since you have been such a good servant to me my dear Bella, you may indeed do with her as you please" came the reply.


The next few moments were total hell for Ginny. She was hit by hexes, jinxes and curses from every side. She tried to protect her child as best as she could even though she knew it was in vain. In a few moments both of them would be dead. She could hear her friends yelling in the background, she could feel Hermione's mounting desperation as tried to reach her, she could hear the howls of laughter from the death eaters and Bellatrix's mad cackling. Finally she could hear Bellatrix get ready for the coupe de grace. She closed her eyes. This was it. The end. Her life flashed before her eyes. Her mother stroking her hair... Her father obsessing over another pointless muggle object... The twins completing each other's sentences... Charlie and his dragons... Bill and Fleur... Percy in his ministry robes... Ron eating like a Neanderthal and getting teased by Harry and Hermione... Harry... His sweet face as he kissed her... The day they found out about the baby. The tears fell again.


She could feel the heat of the curse reach her even before Bellatrix bellowed the infamous words "Avada Kedavra!!!". Suddenly there was a yell and then she felt herself pushed to the side as a body collided with her. Only by the bushy hair could she identify the person who had unceremoniously saved her - Hermione. She saw the older girl's eyes widen as she was hit by the curse. There was a roar of outrage from the death eaters as everyone watched how Hermione Granger cried out and fell down. She rolled over and groaned in pain, finally closing her eyes. Unconscious. Not dead. The uneven breaths could attest to that.


Everyone sat stunned. Hermione Granger had just become the second person in history to have survived the killing curse. All eyes turned to Bellatrix to see if the curse had rebounded. But it hadn't. Bellatrix stood gaping at the wand in her hand, perfectly unharmed, her eyes shifting to the unconscious girl every now and then. A barely audible "no" escaped her lips.


To say Narcissa Malfoy nee Black was shocked would be an understatement. She could not comprehend what was happening. How had the mudblood survived the killing curse? Well there was only one real explanation but it was preposterous to even think about that. But what if it was the truth. Dear Merlin that would change everything! Before she knew what she was doing, she uttered, "Bella".


The urging voice of her sister was enough to break Bellatrix out of the trance she was in. She looked in her sister's deep blue eyes and saw the same conclusion she had reached to, reflected in them. She didn't wait any longer. Rushing forward, she knelt by the girl and quickly pulled her into her arms lest anyone else try to harm her.


When Bellatrix pulled the unconscious mudblood in her arms, many of those present in the crowds thought she had finally snapped and lost her mind. Even the Dark Lord was shocked and it was an emotion he did not enjoy much. He did not like not knowing things. "What is the meaning of this Bella?" he bellowed. To add to his already growing disbelief, she did not acknowledge him. At all. Not with her usual adoration and not even with fear in the face of his anger. No her attention was completely fixed on the girl in her arms. Then she slowly turned towards him and for the first time in a long, long time he could see in her eyes a state he thought had long deserted her ― sanity. It was like someone else was staring at him through the face of Bellatrix Lestrange. And if he thought the end of his shocked state was about to come then he was sorely mistaken. She uttered the last thing he ever thought possible, "The meaning of this my Lord, is that this girl is my daughter."


There were gasps and exclamations from the crowd but Bellatrix was oblivious to it all. All her attention was focused on the unconscious girl, her daughter, her own flesh and blood. She smoothed the hair away from her face and smiled unconsciously at the springy curls, so much like her. The Dark Lord was furious. He wanted some answers but he knew he would not get them from Bellatrix. If she was the mother, then Rudolphous was the father of the girl. But as he looked up he saw Rudolphous standing looking at the two women in the center, aghast. Great, even more drama. The Dark Lord was about to go in a rage fuelled mania and kill everyone in the vicinity when he saw Malfoy's wife looking at Bellatrix with pity. They were both sisters. She would have all the answers. "You", he barked, "You tell me what's going on or I will kill you and your sniveling family". The woman practically jumped out of her bones and stared at him with wide eyes. Just when he was about to throw a crucio her way to loosen her tongue, she started speaking. "My Lord, this girl indeed is Bellatrix's daughter. We know this because of the Black Family Curse. It was an ancient curse which was placed on the members of the Black family. This curse prevents the parents from killing their own child thus ensuring the continuity of the lineage. Everyone in the family is born with the curse. The only reason the girl survived the killing curse from Bella's wand is because of the Black blood running in her veins. Bella can harm or even seriously injure the girl but not enough to kill her."


Silence rang through the room as she finished her explanation. Everyone wore varying degree of shock on their faces. As Lord Voldemort looked at his most devoted follower, he saw her looking at the girl and stroking her face tenderly. This wasn't the Bella he was used to. He must rectify the situation before it got completely out of hand. He would not let his most fierce warrior mellow down for the love of a mudblood.


"Well if you can't finish the job Bellatrix, then I must. Step aside, the mudblood will die by my wand."


"No!!!" she shrieked, "You can't kill her either My Lord." "Why not?" he wanted to know.


"Because it takes two to make a child. She's mine as she's yours." She dropped the bomb.