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The New Bodyguard

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Arthur Trevelyan-Pentaghast.

Nickname's: Artie 
Titles: The Herald of Andraste,
           Lord Inquisitor,
           Sir/Lord Trevelyan-Pentaghast,
           Imekari-Kas (Child-Soldier in qunlat)
           Urtok tok (Dragon of death)
Race: Human/Dragon
Born: 9:23 Dragon (19 years old)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Class: Mage ( however is trained rouge and is unknowing of his dormant magic abilities).
Related To: Dorian Pavus (through his Trevelyan ancestry.)
         Cassandra Pentaghast (paternal aunt)


Arthur is a young man of average build, pale skin Blue eyes shimmering with mirth. He has messy midnight black hair and according to Cassandra he resembles her late brother Anthony a grate deal. his favorite color is blue and often tints his armor and weapons in similar colors And is described as stunning to look at.
Tattoo's: Slave marks from his time as the Carta's pet in Orzammar.

About him and his all round Personality

Both heroic and kind to his followers, he does his outmost to remain strong and capable for the task to defeat Corypheus and restore peace to thedas. A former warrior slave to both Tal-vashoth and the infamous Carta he is well versed in fighting and smuggling. He proved himself both strong and resilient in his misfortunes. 


Weapon of choice: Dual blades
Specialization: Assassin
Latent Branch of magic: Dreamer (somniari)
Special Abilities: Anchor

                               Backstory                                                             A Former Slave and assassin for the carta he has always wished to know the fate of his remaining family besides the mother he sold himself out to slavery for as a small boy.

By a twist of fate he has been reunited with his aunt Cassandra Pentaghast and is finally able to find closure and a sense of belonging.