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Losing Control // Maxvid

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The summer was over, and so was camp Campbell. Everyone was being taken home by their parents or legal gaurdians, everyone except for Max. Max sat alone at the front gate that welcomed campers, now giving them a farewell for the summer had ended. 

David and Gwen were running around the camp cleaning it and making sure it was in order to be left alone until next summer. While cleaning David was looking for his phone, in his cabin, the mess hall, he even traced his steps several times, he don't know Max stole it.

Instead of messing with David's tinder again, Max was just taking close to a million photos of anything, filling up David's storage space. Max took photos of his surrounding and then of himself. And instead of them being a lot of different pictures, he took at least 20 photos of the same thing. 

David finally gave up looking and went to the entrance gate thinking all the campers were taken home. Then he saw Max on his phone, "Max?! Why didn't you tell me you had my phone? I hope you weren't messing with my Tinder again."

Max snickered tossing David's phone at him, "Don't worry. I wasn't on Tinder." David gave Max a confused look as the boy walked off and down the entrance trail.

"Wait Max, you have to stand here for your parents to pick you up. They'll be here soon," David gave a hopeful look to the ten year old. 

Max rolled his eyes. "They aren't coming. They dropped me off at this hell hole trying to get rid of me. They can't come get me. Just let me walk into the nearest town and out of this place."

David wanted to ask Max why, but then Gwen walked up with her bags in her hand. "Alright these are the last of my fucking belongings in this shitty camp, I'm going home now. David are you going to sit here and wait with Max?" She asked.

Max looked to the ground angry as they spoke. "Yeah, hopefully I won't be here much longer, I believe his ride will come soon.. And you say you couldn't find their number on his papers?" David began to worry.

Gwen shook her head. "No number from neither parents, good luck trying to get ahold of them if it gets any later." Gwen got in her car and started it. "See ya next year losers!"

With that Gwen drove out of camp. David stood beside Max, who was now sitting and leaning on the pole that held up the welcome sign. The two looked at the forest in silence.

David was the first to speak after a long time. "So... Max? Do you know anyway to contact your parents? It is getting pretty late. I might just have to take you to my home, and we can try again tomorrow." Once David suggested that idea, Max perked up.

"You mean I won't have to walk around the fucking woods in the dark looking for some shit-town? Alright, let's go camp man."

With that Max hopped off the post and grabbed his one bag of camp clothes, his toiletries, and Mr. Honeynuts and speed walked to David's car. "Oh, um ... well, I'm glad you are so excited for this idea. Let's just go home!" David was at first kidding with Max, but was now serious.

Even though he knew better than to take Max to his house.

Max hopped in the passenger side of the small car and buckled his seat belt, he threw his bags to the backseat. "Come on David, I want to fucking sleep on a bed. A comfortable one too, after dealing with laying in a tent and sleeping bag, then sleeping in this car, I just want to sleep comfortably."

David was confused as he set his bags in the backseat as well and shut the back door. "What do you mean, you haven't slept in my car before?" David said as he sat in the drivers seat and buckled up, adjusting his rear view mirror.

"Until tonight." Max said as he laid his seat back, took off his jacket - to use as a blanket - and propped his feet on David's dashboard.

David grinned as he started the car. " Alright Max. Goodnight then, I'll wake you up when we get there. My home is a few hours away so you can get some good rest." David hummed the camp song as he finally drove out of camp Campbell for the summer.

Max was already asleep when David stopped at his first rest stop. It was a gas station, with only one worker, and a bathroom set up on the outside of the store. David stepped into the small dirty restroom, mold and mildew everywhere. It disgusted David, but he wasn't there to use the toilet. No, David was there to let go of his urges.

His sexual urges.

Sitting in a small cramped car with Max set David on fire. The fact that Max fell asleep as soon as they got on the road, and started snoring the softest snore, made David want to hold Max and feel his heartbeat. He wanted to feel his heartbeat speed up as his breathing sped up, as he was being felt upon, as Max was being penetrated by David.

David blushed madly as he thought about how Max would look so sexy, panting heavily as his eyes would be half lidded. David groaned as he let off a load smoothly. If he continued to hold it in, not planning the stop at the rest stop, he wouldn't have been able to hold himself back from Max's sleeping form. David was already stepping into a trap by allowing Max to come to his house, but he couldn't leave Max out at camp alone still waiting for his parents.

He still cared for Max's safety, even though David himself wasn't safe. David was a pedophile, and he knew it. He didn't even think being a pedophile was that bad, since he was able to control himself around the children or the other counselor.

Except for that one time.

One day during the summer, during swimming camp, David slipped up and was caught staring at the children lustfully and Gwen caught him. Gwen investigated and actually found out Davids secret, but she promised the red head not to tell anyone.

Not willingly at first, but After David threatened to report her as a pharmaceutucal drug dealer, Gwen backed off his case. He knew where she kept getting all those anxiety pills from.

David was finally done with his business. he discarded his sperm into a trashbin and got back into his car. David saw Max sleeping peacefully, he noticed Max probably got hot without the air conditioner on, since he pushed his jacket on the floor and was lifting his shirt above his belly. This turned David back on, but David decided to just drive it out and ignore his temptations. David was getting tired and needed to get to sleep, so he couldn't stop at anymore reststops if he wants to be at his home before morning.

David lived very far away from Camp Campbell, and far away from any other major cities. David lived in a well built stone and wood house, with a fireplace and a treehouse, yet he lived in it alone. With no neighbors, grew up with his parents in this house near the creek, and once they died he inherited the house. But he spent his summer at camp Campbell and he drove into town during the day the rest of the year. He didn't like being in the house alone.

But tonight Max was going to be in the house with David and the 24 year old man was more than excited.

He couldn't wait to show him around and take him to his room. Show Max all the collections and family photos in his room and lay him on the bed. David was ready to lay down in his bed and sleep with Max beside him naked. David hoped Max would be comfortable in the house for one night, while being turned on and fucked.

David's opposing thoughts combined in his mind, between his caring fatherlike side and his pedophillic side, he didn't know how to think. Especially while Max was seducing him without even knowing, without even trying

Max was making David all hot and bothered by just breathing and slowly raising his exposed gut and partial chest.

After driving for an hour and a half, David couldn't hold it anymore. It was torture sitting beside the defenseless boy, breathing in the scent of Max and listening to his soft snores. The child lover in David was trying really hard to come out and rape Max, but David stopped himself several times. 

Because he cares for the boy's emotional capability, David knew that if he touched Max in any way, Max would never recover. When a child is raped, they are emotionally broken, David didn't want Max to experience that. 

But at the same time, he wanted to experience Max. 

David needed to satisfy himself sooner or later if he wanted to keep his hands off Max, and he couldn't stop at any more rest stops. 

David finally decided to jerk off in the car beside Max, but he had do do it secretly so the boy wouldn't wake up. 

David turned up the radio to a point where he couldn't hear his own sexual breaths of heat as he stroked his dick. He cracked the window so some of the heat would die down, and so Max wouldn't wake up from too much heat exposure. 

 David ran his clamy pale hands up and down his shaft as he kept giving Max glances. Looking as he finely tanned skin, thinking about his beautiful turquoise eyes, imaging Max looking at him with those eyes and rubbing his skin on David's. 

David moaned as he was growing closer to his climax. David thought about how small Max's penis was and how perked his nipples would be when David would rub across them. He imagined Max holding onto him tightly as he slowly inserted himself into the boy's anus, and how Max would moan David's name into his ear and beg for him to stop, and then moan for him to go faster. 

And once Max would have his orgasm he would scratch at David's back from pleasure as he would roll his eyes back. Just the thought overwhelmed David, he ejaculated into his right hand as he was still driving with his left. 

Max shifted in his chair, making David nervous. Max flipped to his side in the chair, now facing David. Max's lips were slightly parted as he was trying to say something. Little did David know, Max sleep talks. 

Max tried to speak, but nothing came out except air. David calmed down once he realized Max was still asleep, he basically had a mental heart attack. 

David noticed that Max was reaching out for something and was confused, then he  whispered his teddy bear's name. David seen the bear at Max's feet, but his hands were covered in jizz. David didn't want to touch Max's bear and then the bear would be near Max's face, but a part of him did. 

 A part of him wanted to take his dirtied fingers and stick them inside Max's open mouth and he wanted Max to suck on his fingers, twirling his tongue around them, licking them, trying to taste all of David. Part of David wanted to sexually molest Max, but yet he didn't. 

Instead David wiped his hands on a napkin he kept in the car, and handed Max his bear. Max felt the bear and slowly enclosed it in a tight embrace, rubbing his nose in the bear's fur. David thought this was the pureness that leaked from the boy whenever he wasn't cursing, this killed David's sexual mood. When he realized Max was more cute and adorable than sexy and lustful, David didn't want to abuse him, he instead wanted to care and nurture Max. 

The rest of the car ride home went smooth with out any more sexual tension in David. Once the two were finally at the house, David first unpacked the car, putting his and Max's bags in the house. Then he went to go wake up Max.

Max was still dead asleep, stretched out in the passenger seat. David tried his hardest to wake up Max verbally, but he got no reaction. David went to nudge Max to wake up, but he didn't want to touch him and get any sexual ideas.

But it was already too late.  

 David shook Max at first, Max still wouldn't wake up, then David began patting Max's face, still no movement. His snores never quieted or slowed down, so David knew he wasn't getting any progress. Max wasn't waking up anytime soon, he'd only get up on his own. 

David decided that if he just picked Max up and only carried him inside, nothing would happen. Max being small helped David with carrying him. David lifted and carried Max bridal style, his feet dangling, his arms still wrapped around his bear. 

David finally got inside the house with Max, he walked into his room and laid Max on the bed. Max must have realised that he was finally laying on the bed when he felt the sheets and wrapped himself and his bear in the blanket. 

Honestly, this would have given David an adorableness overload, but after holding Max for a moment, actually feeling his skin and breathing, David was thinking otherwise. 

David thought about how he could jump on the bed with Max and fuck his unconscious body. If Max wasn't going to wake up anyway, David could do what he wanted and Max would never know. He could easily penetrate the boy and abuse Max all he wanted.

David didn't want to risk it though, but he still wanted to release his fluids in or on Max. He needed to do something, or else he would just come back in the night and attack Max, and at that time he wouldn't be able to stop himself like he was doing now. 

He would slowly climb into the bed and get under the sheets with Max, David would already be fully naked. He would then undress Max and feel on his soft child skin, licking his chest and back, tasting his sweat. 

David was a terrible person, so he would feel Max's soft round butt and slowly insert his already lubed finger into Max's small premature anus. David would continuously pull his finger out and push it back in, speeding up with time, adding more fingers, stretching Max. If Max would begin to moan, David would literally eat his moans when he would kiss Max deeply. David would tongue fuck Max's mouth, making it a slobbery, slippery mess.

David would have no mercy. If Max were to wake up, David wouldn't stop, he would just shush the boy and tell him to 'let it happen'. David was a terrible person. 

 Currently David was contemplating how he should go about not molesting Max, while still letting his urges loose. David decided he was going to get close to Max, with his cock exposed, but he wasn't going to undress or penetrate the boy. He at least thought humping Max was good enough for him. If anything that was probably going to be the closest he was going to get skinship between Max and his dick. 

David unzipped his shorts and pulled them down, leaving his boxers on. He pulled Max to the edge of the bed slowly, and propped his hips in the air, hovering slightly away from David's member. David was already breathing hard from the sight of Max and his back slowly being exposed by his falling shirt.  

Max shifted to adjust to the unusual position, resting his arms under his head, and he relaxed his muscles. David was turned on even more by how seductive Max looked. He finally pulled his dick out of his boxers, he was already really hard. He set his penis in the crease in Max's jeans, and grabbed Max's waist.

David began to move Max, rubbing his cock on Max's crack. This was really overwhelming for David, being so close to Max and just the sight of the 10 year old.

"Mmmnn," David quickly cummed and bit his lip as he tried not to moan so loud in the quiet room, e the white fluid spreading all over Max's back. David would have been trying to clean it quickly, but he continued, his eyes were completely covered with lust. David somehow kept himself together and didn't go any further than just humping Max intensely. 

Surprisingly Max still didn't wake up, David was too drunk on lust to care though. He advanced from humping to grabbing Max's hand and using it to fuck into. He forcibly made Max give him a handjob, what's worse is that David wanted Max to give him a blowjob. 

David rubbed his cock continuously with Max's hand, and then sperm was covering the boy's palm. David loved this feeling of superiority, being in complete control of Max's unconscious body. David wanted to go further so badly, but he stopped once his body began to give out.

He was getting tired. 

David laid Max back down comfortably and tucked him under the blankets. David put his shorts back on and zipped them up before yawning. He walked to the edge of the bed where Max laid and stood above the sleeping boy, he wanted to get a last taste of Max before he went to bed, so he kissed him.

It wasn't a sloppy wet kiss, but rather a romantic kiss that showed more love and caringness than a craving of lust. David released Max's lips from his and stared lovingly at the boy. Max began sleep talking again, David didn't understand what Max wanted this time, so he left him alone. David didn't want to risk sleeping in the same room as Max, so he went to sleep in his parent's old room. 

Max was finally alone to sleep peacefully, sadly though he still dreamed of the after effects of David's abuse and how it reminded him of his past. He didn't know what David had done, or at least realised it was him, but his body did, so Max began to cry in his sleep. 

He whined and weeped because his dream felt so realistic, and inside, it was tearing him to shreds. The next morning Max was going to wake up to a soaking wet pillow and red eyes from the tears that he shed that night. 

Poor Max.