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I'm just a kid!

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It was a chilly autumn morning in New York, when a normal teenager walked towards the Middtown School of Science and Technology. With a rushed pace, the girl has found herself in a peculiar situation, internally debating whether or not it's a good idea to just turn around, and run like there was no tomorrow. Thinking as she went to her new school, in a new city, in a new country.

"Easy, (Y/N), everything is going to be just fine" she whispered to herself quiet encouragement, but thinking about strolling into hell itself.

Few moments later, she found herself in the main doorway into the school, scared and anxious, but a little hopeful. As she entered the school, she took a moment to acknowledge her surroundings; lockers at both sides of the corridor with students running around the place. Her eyes saw teens split into many, many groups - the cheerleaders, school musicians, nerds, bookworms, fashion fans, popular kids and so much more. (Y/N) was surprised by this variety of characters. In her old school in Poland there were only white, Christian kids, who liked to smoke outside of the school. "That's maybe because I went to a small school" she reasoned her low opinion about her home.

Her ex-home. This is her home now.

Carefully, she stepped further into the corridor, and started to look for a principal's office. As she was looking around, she noted a short, black haired boy head in her direction. He wore this cocky smile, like those jocks she saw in many American movies. He couldn't mean anything good. As the boy came closer, she was becoming more and more frightened of public humiliation.

The teenager stopped directly in front to her and smiled.

"Hey, my name is Flash. I heard you're the new Russian kid"

He stated it like it was obvious.

"W-well a-actually, I'm Polish, not Russian" she said hesitantly. The guy didn't seemed to be phased by her declaration. He chuckled slightly and loudly continued.

"In the name of the students of Middtown School of Science and Technology, I Flash Thomson, welcome you in our school. It must've been a shock coming into the civilization. Am I right?"

Before (Y/N) could react, it was too late. The other students have already gathered around them, and she could feel herself becoming more flustered by the passing seconds.

"Wow, I mean I never thought a Russian girl would come here to America. It's just crazy, man" the boy - Flash went on. "How was life before electricity, huh? I wonder how many times Putin sends his armies to nuke something".

Moments later, the kids around her started joining in into the fun. Now (Y/N) really wished she could run away. In the mass of the voices she wondered, if that was a feeling of being an immigrant in the US. She's heard how Americans have treated the Muslims with a ban on the airport some time ago. How they told jokes how dumb Polish immigrants are. How many times different was bad. When you look at it like that, America isn't a place where "all the dreams come true" like it was portrayed back in Poland. It's a place where individuality is a crime. She briefly compared herself to other minorities in this country, but she knew that for her - a white immigrant - it wasn't that bad.

As the snickering grew louder, she freed herself form the vicious circle, that has been formed around her, and sprinted towards any direction, just to get away. Ashamed and embarrassed, she walked with her head down, until she bumped into someone on the way.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking where i was going" (Y/N) muttered an apology but a person she bumped into only giggled.

"No need to apologize" a teen boy said "I'm Ned and I've never seen you around"

"Well, I'm new here" the girl said "I'm (Y/N)"

"Nice meeting you (Y/N)" Ned smiled and she instantly grew fond of him. "You seem a little shaken up, are you ok?" He asked, and she immediately cursed herself for almost crying.

"Actually, I encountered a guy named Flash. He was very..." (Y/N) stumbled with her words, but Ned finished the sentence for her.


"That would be it, yeah"

The boy seemed to understand what she meant, and tried to comfort her.

"He's like that, you know. Dumb asshole. He often calls my friend Peter 'Penis'".

The nickname given to Peter was very childish, and she felt sorry for him for such a crude choice of words by Flash.

"It's my first day here, and I was kinda looking for the principal's office, before I was ambushed" she explained to her newly found friend.

"It's just around the corner" said Ned and pointed at the right direction. She smiled and bid him goodbye, but before she could leave, Ned asked her

"Do you wanna have lunch with us? And by us, I mean Peter and me"

(Y/N) beamed at the offer, and agreed.

"Cool. See you at lunch, (Y/N)" and with that he turned around and left.

(Y/N) paused for a moment before entering the room, and hoped that her time in America will make her life less lonely.

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As the students carried on for lunch, (Y/N) once again felt completely out of place. She wasn't used to big crowds, especially crowds of teens. Over the years, the girl has developed a fear of being judged by people. She was subconsciously looking for approval from the public, watching her every move as she lived her life; whether it was when she was walking down a street, of speaking in public. After years of living in fear of judgment, she tried to seek help; anxiety was getting the best of her. So she reached out to her friends; instead of the warm understanding, she got shame. (Y/N) once again was criticized because of something she couldn't control. Long after that, Olga explained to her not to blame herself for other people's lack of sensitivity and compassion. Bearing in mind her older sister's advice, she began to fight her weaknesses, and since she was 13, she was seeing a psychologist.

(Y/N) was brought back from her thoughts, by someone calling her name.

"Come sit with us, I saved you a seat" told Ned, signifying an empty space next to him and a brunet boy.

The girl realized that she must've zoned out for a while, so she quickly made her way to the table where the boys sat.

"I want you to meet my best friend and co-nerd at this school" Ned started and turned to the guy next to him "Peter Parker"

Peter was cute teenage boy, with brown eyes and hair. She noted that he looked lost while shaking her hand. He was probably shy.

"(Y/N) (Y/L/N)" she introduced herself politely, and sat down, placing her food tray on the table.

"So...Ned told me you're the new kid in school from Europe" Peter began with uncertainty, and continued "How is it there?"

She was actually glad he asked her question not regarding her personal life, but her home country. With a small smile, she answered

"Uh, it's not far from what you have here, honestly. The cities are different, that's for sure. And the humidity here, oh god. But the weather is the same. Maybe a little warmer than Poland"

"Oh, well that's cool" spoke Peter "If there are so many similarities, what's different?"

(Y/N) thought a while about what to reply. After a brief pause, she answered "The people. The people are different, I guess"

Thought it wasn't the first thing she noticed, when she landed in the US, but the people were worth mentioning.

"How so?"

"In Poland there aren't many people who so wildly express themselves. I don't mean in in a bad way, it's because Poland is a country where you have to look for people who represent other values so publicly. It's amazing how here you're courageous enough, to show what tolerance really means. It's beautiful."

(Y/N)'s companions seemed pleased with this explanation, and by the end of the lunch break they've became best buddies. She was rather surprised with how her first day has turned out. After the lunch, they went on with their class schedules as did she. The girl was enjoying classes at the school and at the end of her first physics lesson, Ned proposed that she should join in the school's Decathlon Team.

"Dude, you're a genius! We would be BLESSED for you to join us" Ned praised, but she kept denying, because of her self-esteem low. Moments later Ned lowered his voice to his impression of The Emperor from Star Wars "Join us, (Y/N), and together, we can rule THE GALAXY!"

Peter and (Y/N) laughed, at their friend's attempt to persuade her into joining.

"Ok, I'm gonna do it. The Emperor's impression won me over" said (Y/N) still giggling at him.

"Well, I'm glad you liked it. Peter says, it's not even close to expressing his dark and powerful character" sates Ned while glaring at his best friend.

"It's not that good Ned! What you're doing is a Gollum voice. And not even a good one." defended Peter, but the dark skinned boy heard nothing of it. As they were walking down the corridor to their lockers they saw a school program playing on the TV. When they got closer, (Y/N) could hear what the presenters were speaking about

"And another attack in Queens had been stopped by the school's favourite superhero, Spider-Man" as the girl on the programme announced the news, few students that gathered around the TV cheered for the said hero. The other presenter added some news to the story, but (Y/N) stopped listening and asked her companions


Ned and Peter looked very surprised. Neither of them could muster a response to her question.

"Y-you don't know who 'Spider-Man' is?" asked Ned in disbelief "How are you even alive?!?"

(Y/N) frowned upon the reaction of her friends.

"So, he's like a famous person?" she tried again. And Ned looked like he was about to faint, but lucky for him, Peter answered that question.

"He's a local superhero. Last year he saved our Decathlon group in D.C. Ever since he's became a sort of a mascot to the school. He has fans all over the New York. And, he's an Avenger" Peter explained proudly, like this Spider-Dude was the coolest guy there ever was and emphasized the fact, that the dude was an Avenger, but (Y/N) seemed to be pleased with the explanation.

"Ok, whatever you say. If I ever meet him in person, I'll tell about his two biggest fans in Middtown High" (Y/N) joked, but the boys only exchanged glances and chuckled nervously. She noticed, but dropped the topic anyway, and moved towards her locker.

At the end of the last period, they've met up by the school entrance and started marching toward the Delmar's Shop - Peter invited her to try 'the best sandwiches in Queens' as he called them. While her and the boys were eating in the shop, the TV programme showed 'BREAKING NEWS' on the screen, and made them turn their attention to it.

"The Capital One Bank in Queens is currently being robbed by an unidentified individual, who we assume might be Chameleon, a well known New York villain. The suspect holds many hostages inside of the bank. All of the nearby units are on their way to the bank".

As the presenter announces the news, Peter suddenly blots from his seat and starts running towards the door.

"Peter! Where are you going?" (Y/N) calls out for him but he only shouts back.

"Yeah, sorry I forgot about that thing that I was supposed to do at the apartment" quickly explains "Aunt May is gonna kill me if she will know i didn't do this thing"

"Thing? What thing, Peter?! Surely it can wait" she continues, but Peter runs through the doorway and calls

"Sorry (Y/N)! The thing is important!" and then he's gone.

With a deep sigh she sits down next to Ned, and questions him

"Does he do that a lot?"

He just shrugs and says "He's a very busy man"

The day went by with (Y/N) spending time with Ned; they explored the city and Ned showed her some 'cool places' like the comic shop and electronics shop and then they went to the Brooklyn Bridge to watch the sunset. At 8.30 they both parted ways home and promised, that next time, they'll bring along Peter. As (Y/N) made her way home, she wondered about Peter's weird behavior. It was normal, he was busy. But the more she deliberated the topic, she felt something was not right, but brushed the thought away. She made a mental note to ask the boy himself about it later.

She stopped before the door to her home, turned away and took a looked around, feeling watched. She breathed out when she saw a cat on the tree looking directly at her. She shook her head at her silly caution and stepped inside.

What she didn't know, was that she was indeed being watched, not by a cat, but by a certain Web-Slinger. And he was wondering about what brought a girl like her to the other end of the world.

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The next day, entering the school was a lot easier than yesterday for (Y/N). Today, she knew she had someone to go to. Maybe they weren’t friends for a long time, but they were now. And it’s all that mattered. As she moved towards her locker, a familiar voice stopped her.

“I didn’t think you would show up today” Flash started with a cocky tone “Thought you knew better.”

Facing Flash wasn’t as scary as their first encounter, but she still wasn’t prepared enough for the second one. Slowly she turned to him and said

“Well I have nothing to be afraid of, so I don’t see your point”

Her voice was calm but alarmed and was hoping that he didn’t notice. Sighing, he moved closer to her, but without a predatory look.

“Look, I’m sorry I made fun of you yesterday. It was rude of me to do such thing.”

The apology completely threw her of the tracks. She could barely muster a response.

“Uhh, okay? I guess? Why are you apologizing?”

Flash annoyingly rolled his eyes and responded

“No reason. The teacher saw me making fun of you, and said if I won’t apologise, then my A+ in chemistry will disappear. I still think that you’re some kind of immigrant trouble.”

‘Huh, so I guess I’ll be left alone. For a while’ she thought to herself as Flash walked away. Her thoughts were disturbed by Ned calling her name.

“Hey (Y/N), that jerk wasn’t giving you a hard time, was he?” the boy asked concerned. She only shook her head and laughed.

“Even if he was, I’m not sure that you defending me would make a difference.”

Ned looked fake-hurt and then both of them started laughing.

“Did I miss something?” Peter appeared from behind of her with a smile on his face and approached his friends.

“Only Flash apologizing to me” informed (Y/N). Both of them stopped laughing and looked at her wide-eyed.

“Holy shit! He did?” Ned screeched.

“Easy there, he only did that because the teacher made him” she retorted “But I’m pretty sure that he’ll leave me alone for a bit.”

Before they could start talking, the bell rang and all three of them had to move to the biology lab. Usually, the desks at the classrooms were single ones, but in the lab, you had to have a partner. And since Ned was partners with Peter, (Y/N) had to sit with someone else. When she entered the lab, the teacher, Mrs. Jenkins, urged her to come to her.

“Miss (Y/L/N) since you’re new at this school you still don’t have a partner. You’ll be sitting with miss Jones.” she gestured at a pretty girl in the middle of the class with her head in the book. (Y/N) hesitantly strolled to the desk, thinking about the girl - was she mean, a nerd or gay. ‘Wait, what?’ she asked herself, feeling attraction to the young woman in front of her. ‘Take it easy tiger, you’ve only been her for a day. It’s too soon to drop the bi bomb’. As she sat down, the girl looked up to see her. She was darker skinned, with messy, curly hair and intelligent brown eyes. (Y/N) felt like she was staring and cleared her throat.

“Mrs. Jenkins told me to sit with you.” she started cautiously, hoping the beautiful girl won’t start laughing at her.

”Okay” she shrugged and nodded without much enthusiasm. “I’m Michelle”

“(Y/N)” she introduced herself shyly.

During the lesson she glanced at Michelle multiple times, and hoped she wouldn’t catch her staring. Because if she would, she would become extremely flustered and, possibly, would run away. (Y/N) wasn’t ready to tell anyone that she felt attraction to both sexes. She was scared that they’ll resent her because of her sexuality (it happened before) and would tell everyone. As the bell rang she quickly gathered her things and bolted out of the room, rapidly walking towards her locker. When she felt like someone could discover her secrets, she became defensive.

She was brought back from her thoughts by Michelle.

“I saw you running out of the classroom earlier. You didn’t look well. You okay?” her features didn’t show concern, but curiosity. (Y/N) tried to put herself together and calm down, so she muttered

“I’m fine, I just thought I forgot my history notebook” the lie didn’t do unnoticed by Michelle, because the second she said that, the girl asked her

“I thought we don’t have history today (Y/N)”


The girl’s face flushed as she turned her head away, to think about a better lie. Instead she came to a realization;

“How do you know which classes I have today?”

It was Michelle’s turn to blush and when she struggled with finding the answer, (Y/N) smirked to herself.

“I’m a very observant person. You’ve been here for only a day, and Flash made fun of you.” Michelle mentioned (Y/N)’s previous humiliation, with a straight face. Her words made the (Y/H/C) girl drop her gaze to the floor, feeling disappointed. She nodded and said “Okay” and turned again to her locker, but Michelle continued.

“You seem like an cool person, do you want to hang out after school?”

The request surprised (Y/N). She definitely didn’t see that coming. The only thing she could do now, was to absently nod her head. Michelle seemed pleased with the answer.

“Cool. Meet me at the entrance.” Once again, (Y/N) could only nod and with that, Michelle smiled at her and walked away. She stood there of a few seconds, before she shook off the giddy feeling that settled in her stomach.

Just like Michelle had told her, she waited for her by the school entrance after the last period, feeling stressed out. She didn’t even noticed her walking up to her, until she made her presence noted. As they walked, they started chatting about everything they were interested in; feminism, science, books, etc. (Y/N) relaxed and really enjoyed her time with Michelle. She turned out to be a very interesting person, and the two of them quickly became friends. As they planned the next marches they would attend to together, Michelle suddenly stopped and turned towards something, and (Y/N) followed the suit. She saw an alluring café, with many plants, bookshelves and tables inside.

“We’re here” Michelle announced and moved towards the cozy place. When they were inside, (Y/N) took a look around. The place was beaming with peace and coziness, and was filled with different flowers and plants. The room was lighted with big windows at the front of the place, and with smaller ones above their heads. Tables, sofas and armchairs were situated all across the area, and each piece of furniture looked like it was brought from a different shop (or at least a different furniture set). The bookshelves were located on two ‘floors’. On the left side from the door stood a staircase to the ‘balcony’, where an entire wall was a bookshelf. On the other side of the room stood a cash register along with a pedestal for desserts and behind it, a coffee machine, counters with cups and above them, a drink and dessert menu. There weren’t many people, but all of them chatted with themselves. Music accompanied the cheerful atmosphere, along with the sounds from the TV playing in the background. When they moved deeper into the café, (Y/N) asked her companion.

“How did you find this place?”

When they sat at the table, Michelle answered.

“I just like to explore the city for some nice places. Do you like it?”

“I love it!” (Y/N) exclaimed with a warm smile on her face, which made Michelle grin as well. They ordered two hot chocolates and started talking, their drinks arrived not long after. The conversation continued for two hours, until it was interrupted by an announcement on the TV. Both girls moved their gazes to the screen, as the terrifying news were revealed.

Once again, (Y/N) was introduced to the real crisis of people who are living in fear.

“A mutant extremist group called ‘The Brotherhood’ attack has occurred. Their target was a Brazil embassy in the United States. The deaths of at least 18 people had been confirmed. Among the victims, was a Brazilian ambassador, Luiz Alberto Figueiredo. The reason for this incident to happen, was a violation of mutant rights in Brazil. The government is preparing to use weapons in this conflict against the radical mutants. An international debate has started, on whether or not the mutant species is a direct danger to the human society.” The speaker continued, but (Y/N) stopped listening, and turned to Michelle, who looked sad upon hearing the news, and questioned.

“Do you think there will be a war between humans and mutants?”

It took a longer moment for her to answer the question, and while she did, she looked uncertain.

“Honestly, I don’t know. This situation has been going on for years now. I’d be surprised if they won’t start acting now.”

With a deep sigh, the (Y/H/C) girl focused on the news of raging fear on the TV, as the images passed showing peaceful mutant demonstrations turn violent by humans attacks. The headline read “ON THE BRINK OF WAR”. As the news fueled the fear of conflict, weapon dealers cheered upon the sound of gunshots and bombs. Each side was equally frightened, and that terror of being defeated, was unbearable, each one arming either with missiles or with powers. In this war, no one cared about the defenseless, the innocent, wounded, old or young. They only cared to wage hostility and doom.

Humans vs. Mutants

A fight without a true victor.

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As the weeks passed, (Y/N) had joined the school Decathlon Team, and was so far, one of the best students in school. Her friendship with Ned and Peter grew and she went out with Michelle a couple of times. Her time was passing fairly pleasantly, and she was enjoying herself more than she ever had. Only the relations with her family haven’t flourished.

(Y/N)’s family was rather difficult. They weren’t bad people, they were just cold. And it all began when her brother Dawid disappeared. It was an unexpected turn in their lives; the med student, the good son, suddenly vanished into the thin air. Body was ever found, despite the long search for him. Only thing left was his car. He was supposed to visit his friend in Poznań, but he never texted that he got there. After a few hours of not responding, parents called the friend he was supposed to see. Turned out, he never came. Two days later his car was found in some town near Poznań. No signs of struggle or a fight. The keys and his stuff were still in the car. It looked like he never left. 4 months after that, they dropped the international search, and pronounced him as dead. Not long after, (Y/N)’s family left for America.

The topic of Dawid was taboo in the house. No one dared to mention him. The wounds were to deep and parents slowly faded into their grief. (Y/N) and her siblings were expecting them to divorce. Neither of them were able to stand each other’s presence, and became very distant and bitter towards themselves and eventually, their children.
(Y/N) could understand what was happening in the house, but her younger siblings couldn’t. Iza was 8 years old, and Adam was only 5. They were bright kids, but they couldn’t possibly understand why mommy and daddy were so distant. Their now eldest sister, Olga, on many occasions has found them crying and blaming themselves for their parents’ behavior.

“Is mommy upset with me, (Y/N/N)?” Izzy asked her sister with eyes full of tears threatening to spill.

In moments like that, she could only ease their minds and comfort them with lies.

“They are just tired with work.”

She knew that wouldn’t be enough to explain why they were acting like that, but she couldn’t just tell them that they are shutting out themselves to the rest of the world because they are grieving. She didn’t expect them to understand the pain of losing a child. Although because of it, she was losing her parents.

One day, (Y/N) was coming home from her, as she liked to call it “date”, with Michelle, she could hear the quarrel in her house from the street. Cautiously, she opened the door and stepped inside. Her heart stopped for a second, as she took a closer look into the living room. Her mother’s porcelain dish set was broken on the floor, along with some of the flowerpots and the dirt and flowers from them. And in the middle of this mess stood her parents; shouting at each other with anger. Indistinctly she could hear a child’s wail.

The two adults haven’t spotted her as she moved towards the stairs. When she got to the room from which the crying was heard, she saw little Izzy crying in Olga’s arms, and when she moved closer, a little body launched onto her sobbing. She quickly cradled her little brother in her embrace, and asked the elder sister.

“What the hell happened?”

Iza cried a little louder when she heard the question and Olga patted her back lovingly, and turned towards (Y/N).

“Iza mentioned how Dawid used to teach her how to play chess, and mom snapped at her, saying that he’s dead and he’s never coming back.” Olga said and continued “Then dad started shouting at her for even bringing out his name. Now they are shouting at each other, trying to find the one responsible for his death. It’s horrific.”

For a moment (Y/N) stood there, watching her little siblings crying, looking for comfort. It was out of instinct, she took Adam in her arms and then putted him on Olga’s lap, quickly throwing “Hold them” to her, and angrily walking out of the room, as Olga called out her name.

As she marched into the living room, not caring about the broken porcelain, she stopped in front of her parents, who were still in heated argument and spoke loudly.

“What the HELL were you thinking, shouting like that at Iza?”

Now both of them turned their heads to her, with a sharp looks on their faces. Her father was the one who has spoken up first.

“What makes you think that you can talk like that to us? Have some respect.”

The response has made her even angrier, and she questioned again.

“I can talk to you like that, because I am the only reasonable person at this house, and now you two are acting like emotional teens, not caring about the damage you cause!”

It was her mother’s turn to scoff at her seriousness, and she snapped at her.

“Stop playing the adult now, dipshit. You’re just a dumb kid, what can you know about how to deal with adult problems?!”

The insults were a surprise to her, but her mother continued.

“You have no right, NO RIGHT to disrespect us like that. I yelled at that crybaby, because she was stupid enough to say his name!”

“SHE’S JUST A KID! SHE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND!” (Y/N) yelled back. At the corner of her eye she spotted her siblings gathering to watch the exchange.


(Y/N)’s mom was furiously red on her face, but she was only getting started with her monologue.

“And who do you think you are? What made you think that you can talk like that to us, huh? You know nothing. You’re still a dumb teenager, it’s YOU who can’t understand what his death meant to me. He was a perfect child. You are a disgrace.”

That made (Y/N) stumble back, looking hurt as her mother resumed her taunting. She never heard her say such things to her before.

“You are an abomination. Faggot, mutant, what else?” That news had made (Y/N) stop. Mutant? “You can be whatever you want to be, you’ll never be special. You’ll never be good. And you will never break the chain.”

With a horrified look on her face, (Y/N) turned first to her father, then to her siblings, who looked just as horrified as she did. Stumbling on her feet, the girl started to quickly back out to the front door. When she got out, she started to run. Behind her she could hear her name being called, but she didn’t care. She ran forward. Ran and ran until she stopped somewhere in the city.

Breathing frantically, she ran her hand through her hair, trying to believe what she just heard. She couldn’t possibly be a mutant. Then she noticed the people were staring at her, so she slowly started to move. She didn’t know where she was going, she didn’t care. Looking down at her feel, she could feel the tears prickling in her eyes. Because she wasn’t looking where she was going, she once again bumped into someone.

“Shit, kid. Watch where you’re going” an irritated female voice said to her, as she mumbled a quiet ‘Sorry’. (Y/N) didn’t dare to look her in the eyes, she tried to walk away, but a firm hand on her forearm made her stop.

“You look like shit, are you ok?” the mysterious woman asked her with an annoyed, but concerned tone. (Y/N) shook her head as a ‘no’, but the stranger only gripped her arm tighter and repeted.

“I’m gonna ask you again. Are you sure you’re ok?”

It took her a few seconds to respond but finally replyed.

“I am very much not okay.”

When she said those words she broke down crying, like the time she was 7 and fell from her bike, but then her mom was there to wipe away the tears. Now she was alone. She cried for all the words she heard tonight; abomination, faggot, mutant.

The strange woman only looked perplexed. She did an awkward pat on the back gesture and tried to comfort her.

“Uh, it’s gonna be okay, kid. Don’t stop believin’. Or something like that.”

Her attempts at comforting (Y/N) had made her briefly laugh, but she was welcome for it nevertheless. Once she pulled herself together, she thanked her, but the dark haired woman only shook her head.

“Don’t thank me. Do you have somewhere to go tonight?”

(Y/N) hesitated for a second, but she denied. The woman sighed and offered

“If you want you can crash at my apartment. Don’t worry, I’m not some kind of a rapist.” she said “I’m a detective. Jessica Jones.”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” she answered and shook her hand.

“So, do you want to share with me, why you are so shaken up?”

The girl shook her head and said

“If you don’t mind, I don’t like talking about my personal problems with alcoholic women.”

Jessica shrugged and answered


(Y/N) giggled and moved with the detective, already feeling safe in her presence.

Chapter Text

When the elevator’s door opened, Jessica motioned for (Y/N) to move out first.

“What the…” the girl heard Jessica mutter under her breath, as she quickly walked towards a blonde woman, who was standing near the door at the end of the corridor. When (Y/N) carried along her newly found friend, she saw an inscription on the door. It said “Alias Investigations”. The detective stopped directly in front of the other woman, what caused (Y/N) smash her body onto hers. The raven haired woman only rolled her eyes, and started with an irritated voice.

“I told you to stop coming here, Trish.”

The tall woman moved uncomfortably in her spot, looked at (Y/N) and shifted her gaze back to Jessica.

“Look, you can’t be upset with me forever. I understand, I really do. But I had to do this.” Trish tried to explain herself, but Jessica cut her short.

“I don’t care. I really don’t. You can spare me the apologies, cause I know that you’re not sorry.”

(Y/N) stood there awkwardly, looking at the two arguing women. She didn’t feel like it was her place to interfere. The couple fought for a while, and then Trish’s attention turned to her and she questioned.

“Anyway, who’s that?”

The detective looked around the corridor, to avoid her eyes when she answered.

“She we distressed, and didn’t have anywhere to go so I said she could crash in with me.”

Trish looked at her companion emphatically, her expression saying “Really?”.

“Are you running an orphanage now?”

This question has made (Y/N) frown and answer before Jessica could.

“I’m not an orphan. It’s just for a night, because my family is being unbearable.”

“Anyway, you should really go now. I can’t handle being with you in the same room, Patsy.” Jessica cut off the talk.

“Please, Jessica…” Trish began, but once again was interrupted by the detective.


Her tone was sharp and cold, which made Trish take a slow step back, and eventually, turning away towards the elevator.

They stood there for a few moments, unmoving. It was quiet. Then Jessica snapped back to reality and unlocked the apartment door.

Inside, (Y/N) looked around the living space of her benefactor. The place looked like it was ambushed, shot at and destroyed. There wasn’t much furniture. The room was simple. (Y/N) could tell that Jessica wasn’t a sentimental person; she didn’t have any family souvenirs, no photos.

“Make yourself at home. You can take the bed, I’m not planning on sleeping tonight anyway. I’ve got a case.” The host told her as she moved to her desk, and pulling out a whiskey bottle out of the drawer.

“Uhh, okay, I guess.” The girl wasn’t used to sleeping at someone else’s house, so she was hesitant to move and explore the private areas of the detective’s household. Whether she liked it or not, she was exhausted. “Can I use the bathroom, first?”

“Yeah, sure” Jessica answered without looking at her. With that, (Y/N) moved toward the bathroom to take a shower.

After 15 minutes she came out only to see two strangers talking to Jessica. When she stepped out to the main room, their attention turned to her.

“Uh, who’s that?” The taller and broader black man asked. The second one, medium high, with curly blonde hair only raised an eyebrow at her.

Jessica rolled her eyes, as she answered
“Her name is (Y/N), she had nowhere to go, and her parents are a bunch of dicks. I offered help.”

That seem to explain the presence of a strange girl in the middle of the room to them, because the next moment they’re back with bickering with each other. Once again, (Y/N) felt out of place; at an apartment of a woman she know nothing about, with to dangerously looking man, feeling like she was ran over by a bus. Once again, she didn’t feel good about interrupting the conversation - the adults seemed to have an important discussion – but she didn’t feel confident enough, to go to sleep with them just outside the door from her, without at least knowing something about them.

Her silence was acknowledged by the trio of peculiar characters, as they stopped talking and their gazes shifted to her. All of them seem to understand why she was so uncertain about being here, but neither of them wanted to start the introduction.

The black man sighed, his expression turning less hostile and more warm.

“Look kid, we aren’t some rapists or murders. You don’t have to be frightened. I’m Luke Cage, and this” Luke-man motioned to the other male, who waved his hand at her with a smile “is Danny Rand. He owns The Rand Enterprises. You don’t have to be concerned, we won’t hurt you.”

That eased (Y/N)’s nerves a little, but since she was terrible with meeting new people, she looked dubious. They took it as a sign of distrust.

“(Y/N), you must know the famous Harlem superhero, Luke Cage. He’s very popular here.” Jessica tried to explain. (Y/N) only shook her head and said.

“I’m new in the country. I haven’t heard about you. I wasn’t even in Harlem yet.”

That came as a surprise to them. Now they were uncertain of what to say, trying not to scare the teen. (Y/N) had sensed their distress, and ushered with assurance.

“That’s okay. I get that. You’re not the bad guys. You’re superheroes.”

The statement made Jessica groan and the man laugh.

“I’m not a superhero. I never wear spandex, Christ, is that so hard to understand?”

All of them giggled at her antics, and (Y/N) already could see herself become friends with these people someday. And the thought made her smile.

Chapter Text

The next day (Y/N) woke up in detective’s bed with a migraine. After she got up, she thanked Jessica for the help and the woman gave her a cell phone number.

“If anyone is a dick to you call me, okay? “

The girl couldn’t express her gratitude towards the detective, so she agreed on her terms, and left her place at 9:30 a.m. Walking home, she began to wonder what she was going to say to her parents. All the memories came flooding back to her, as she recalled the last’s night fight. She couldn’t believe the words. Mutant. That wasn’t possible. She didn’t show any signs of any mutations. She was just (Y/N).

Moving on the sidewalk she felt like she was just a reflection. A reflection of other people. She didn’t feel like she was a living, breathing human. She was experiencing like she wasn’t just inside of her body, but looking at it from behind of the glass. Her body wasn’t real, it was a mirror; and what could be seen was other people’s lives and minds.

She hated this feeling. Depersonalization was something she was introduced with at the age of 10. She was looking at the reflection of herself, and then she didn’t feel like she was inside of her body anymore. Like she was floating in space knowing each and every one of the Universe’s secrets. But it was a frightening thought. The sense of no existing was very powerful; interesting but terrifying and confusing.

Suddenly withdrawing from her thoughts she stopped before the door to the house. Quietly opening the door, and moving into the living space, (Y/N) was greeted with Olga hugging her tightly.

“Jesus fucking Christ (Y/N), I thought you were dead! We were so worried!”
The statement of her sister made (Y/N)’s heart clench as she returned the hug, explaining her absence.

“I’m sorry to make you worry for me, I wanted to have some time alone. I crashed with Michelle last night, no need to worry now. I’m back.”

The lie was necessary, because how she was going to explain that the super-detective Jessica Jones let her crash at her apartment?

Olga sighed, and her relieved expression turned into a grim one.

“The parents are officially divorcing. The lawyer is here with the papers and everything”.

That made the girl frown. Was the last night a trigger for this to happen? She didn’t want to know. When she made a move towards the dining room, from where the voices were heard, Olga stopped her.

“I don’t think this is a good idea. They were pretty pissed that you ran off after…you know.”

The girl was glad that her older sister didn’t mention her mutant outing and the yesterday fight, and she answered.

“Don’t bother with that. They can’t do anything to me.”

That didn’t ease the nerves of the redhead, as she continued to look concerned for her sister, but didn’t make a move to stop her.

“Whatever you say. Good luck.”

With that, (Y/N) entered the dining room, where her parents argued nervously between each other while consulting the lawyer, who looked sheepish. Before her parents could acknowledge her, the young attorney did; he wore rounded sunglasses and a black suit, and a crane rested on his lap. She understood that he must be blind. He tilted his her in her direction, like he could see where she was standing. The girl realized that she was staring and cleared her throat. All of the adult’s eyes were now turned to her. Her parents’ faces with displeased expressions, and the stranger’s unreadable one.

The awkward silence was broken by no other than her dad.

“Where the hell have you been?! We’ve been worried sick!”

“I crashed with Michelle. Didn’t want to stay here.”

The lawyer must’ve recognized that it was his time to leave and got up.

“Well, Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N), I’ll bring you the documents tomorrow if you wish. Now it may not be a” he paused for a second and continued “suitable moment for that.”

As he was rising from his seat, (Y/N)’s mother stopped him by saying.

“There’s no need to leave now, Mr. Murdock. It’s just a little interruption. We can move on now please.”

The attorney hesitated but eventually gathered the documents and moved to the exit.

“No, I’ll bring them tomorrow. Now you need to focus on your family. Goodbye.”

And with that he disappeared behind the doors.

Now that Mr. Murdock was out of the way, Mr. (Y/L/N) looked at her daughter and said.

“Why did you run?”

(Y/N) was taken aback by the question. She was expecting a lecture and anger from her father, but instead she got a quiet voice and sad eyes.

“I didn’t want to stay here.” She avoided his dismal gaze.

He sighed, putted both of his hands on her shoulders to look her in the eyes.

“I’m sorry about how we treated you yesterday, but you shouldn’t have ran away. We were so worried.”

The confession brought guilt to her, tears slowly gathering in her eyes, but she replied.

“I know, I’m sorry. But after what you said, I just couldn’t stay.”

Instead of saying anything, he brought her to his chest.

She always preferred the relationship she had with her dad, rather with her than mother. He could accept her bisexuality and he could understand her. She moved away from his embrace to face the other parent.

“Where did you sleep?”

Mother finally muttered, with a stern look on her face, and when she didn’t respond, she asked again, more harshly.

“Where did you sleep, whore?”

The insult stung (Y/N)’s heart as she backed away, her mother moved from her seat with a furious expression.

“Renata, stop!” her dad tried to intervene, but she wouldn’t let him.

“What? I asked you a question! Answer it!”

“I slept at Michelle’s house.” (Y/N) quietly said, which made her mom even angrier.

“You fucking faggot whore! You don’t deserve to live! Your kind is a disease!”

After each insult came another, and (Y/N) felt her pain turn into something else. As her dad defended her against her mother, the girl began to feel an unknown sensation. It flooded her body, growing in her bones, streaming through her veins, consuming her mind and soul. She wanted to do each and every painful thing that could be done to her mother. All the insults thrown at her were becoming the oil for fire, raising her hate, her anger. The rage she felt devoured her and made her feel, as if everything around her trembled.

But it was real.

The ground and the walls were shaking; the photos were falling from the shelves, the chairs moved on the floor. (Y/N)’s parents stopped yelling, lost their balance and fell onto their knees. The car alarms could be heard from the street, glass shattering, dogs barking, people screaming. Complete chaos.

And (Y/N) could feel it too. Like an echo of the past, she was brought back to the present. The rage disappearing as fast as it appeared. The shaking stopped. She stood in the middle of the mess, with her parents slowly regaining their senses, back on their feet.

None of them made a sound. Neither of them confident enough to start speaking. After a brief moment, her mother walked out of the house, onto the streets, without a word. Next, her father ran to check on his other children. But (Y/N) stayed. Unmoving. Looking into the void. Wondering not about the earthquake, but at the feelings her mother brought up inside of her. She felt disgusted with herself. Such a monstrous thoughts.

She swallowed the lump that was in her throat and moved to check on her siblings, who were heard upstairs, luckily, uninjured.

Chapter Text

The mysterious earthquake was the topic on everyone’s lips that week. The day after it took place (Y/N) went back to school, pretending everything was the same.

It wasn’t.

Every so often after the incident, (Y/N) was having trouble keeping herself at check. She was angry. At who? Truth be told, she didn’t even know.

Little things began enraged her; a crying child in the park, an obnoxiously hot day, the lack of her favorite snack in the vending machine. And this wasn’t an easy kind of anger. This particular feeling made her want tear walls apart, crush the buildings. And she couldn’t stop experiencing it.

Sometimes she wondered, who was to blame?

Well, the easiest kind of answer popped up, her mother.

Mrs. (Y/L/N) hasn’t been seen since the day of the earthquake, when she furiously stepped out of the house, leaving her children behind, like they were some kind of luggage she didn’t need. Maybe that was the reason the girl was so tempered. But even she started to doubt the impact of her mother’s disappearance. Sure, she was upset, but her mother never was her favorite person to begin with. Losing her was like a ditching a weight from her shoulders; she didn’t feel pressured to be what her mother desired her to be. Still, she tried to shift blame onto her.

But as the time passed, she started to grow more and more afraid. Her outbursts were starting to become erratic and uncontrollable. She snapped at her siblings, her friends, even at Michelle. The uneasiness had begun to settle in her mind, slowly crawling it’s was to her heart. The fear was there, that’s for sure. Though the girl hid it behind her anger.

Sometimes she couldn’t even recognize herself anymore. The event that somewhat made her question her persona occurred at the Halloween party. She was invited along with Peter, Ned and Michelle by some guy that they were helping out with his homework.

The evening has begun inauspiciously. When the four of them arrived to their destination, the party has already started. The music played from the speakers, people chatted, danced and did all the crazy stuff, that teens do at a party. Everyone was dressed up as some character; Ned was a vampire (with the cape, fake fangs and everything), Peter was Captain America (“Wow, I wonder where did you get the idea for the costume.” “Shut up Ned”), Michelle was Cleopatra, and (Y/N) went as Wednesday Addams.

The only unfazed one of the four was Michelle, who didn’t seem to care that she was at the party. She gently took her girlfriend’s hand and guided her to the food stall.


Their relationship had been established a few weeks ago, when Michelle asked (Y/N) with a neutral tone

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

The (Y/H/C) girl stood there, surprised, and moments later she said


They were still kind of awkward with each other, but (according to Ned and Peter) were very cute as a couple.

The party continued to become louder and more crowded, and as talking to each other was becoming harder, the couple have settled for a dance. One could call it dancing, it really was just swaying to the rhythm of “Girls just wanna have fun”. Nevertheless, it was fun for both of them. When the song ended, (Y/N) excused herself to the bathroom.

When she was washing her hands, the girl looked into the mirror.

‘Olga really outdid herself with this costume’ she thought to herself.

“Everything is gonna work out” (Y/N) repeated a few times in attempt to calm herself “There is nothing to be angry about.”

She was about to find out that there was.

As she exited the toilet, she heard a deep voice just a meter from her. Some man was leaning against the wall blocking her way to the main room.

“Now, where are you going sweetheart?” he said with a sultry voice and began to move even closer to her. (Y/N) tried to move away, but the stranger took a hold on her upper arm.

“Going somewhere, sweetcheeks?” the man purred to her ear, moving his grip to her waist. Once again, the girl struggled to break free from his grasp, but in vain.

“P-please let me go!” (Y/N) cried, and the stranger clasped his hand on her mouth, preventing her to make a sound.

“Shhhhh baby, I’ll promise you, you’ll enjoy it.” The tall man whispered as he proceeded to touch her breasts.
(Y/N) was paralyzed with fear, choking on her sobs, with tears escaping her eyes. She tried to resist the man’s hold on her, but he was strong, and when she tried to kick him, he quietly laughed.

“Please baby, you won’t break free. Is it because you’ve never done it, huh? You’ve never been pounded into that little cunt of yours, huh?” The stranger hummed into her ear, causing (Y/N) to sob louder. Then, he slowly took away his hand from her breasts, and placed it between her legs.

The agony she felt in that moment. She sobbed and kicked and struggled, but couldn’t rip apart from him. He started to move his hand down her skirt just to lift it.

Then all of her fear disappeared. It had been replaced with rage.

The stranger’s hand stopped on her mid tight, as he slowly shifted his gaze to her face. And then just like at the day her mother left, the house began to shake.

There was a powerful rumble, the man fell away from her onto the floor, looking startled. As when looked up on (Y/N)’s face, he loudly shrieked and quickly moved backwards until his back was facing the wall. The echo of people shouting cut the air in the room like a knife. They were running away, but (Y/N) couldn’t care less. The lights were flashing between dim and bright, the cracks on the walls began to form. None of it mattered, because (Y/N)’s eyes were set on another thing.

The man’s face quivered with fear, as he tried to shout through the noise.

“You’re one of them! Monster! Oh God, please, PLEASE, HAVE MERCY ON ME!”

The statement didn’t bother (Y/N), she was stoic and calm, with a small smile gracing her features, almost like she was enjoying inflicting fear onto him.

“You didn’t have mercy on me. You treated me as if I belonged to you. As if I wasn’t alive. That didn’t occur to you before, hasn’t it? Now here I stand, with you on your knees before me. Now I have the power over you. Tell me do you often take advantage over young girls?”

The man closed his eyes, and looked as if he was praying. Everything around them continued to shake as (Y/N) demanded an answer.

“TELL ME!” she shouted and the stranger’s frame, now small, shook with fear, maybe the even more powerfully than the room itself.


The confession made the girl smile.

“Just like I thought. Pathetic. In comparison to you, I’m not a monster, oh no. You are worse. And like all of your kind, you deserve to die.”

In her now completely black eyes, mercy couldn’t be seen. They were full of hate and rage. There was no doubt of what she was going to do now.

As the ground was shaking, with a smile on her face, she squeezed her hands into fists and the only thing that remained of the man was his blood coating the walls in the hall.

Seconds later, she wasn’t smiling. The quaking stopped and (Y/N) was left alone in a room with blood on the walls.

The blood of the man she just killed.

To prevent herself from screaming she covered her mouth with her hand, and fell onto her knees. The room was completely dark now, and police lights could be seen from the distance. She could hear the people outside, but she was unable to focus on anything, but her previous actions.

“I killed him. I fucking killed a man.” She frantically thought. When she heard the police officers trying to get into the building, she quickly jumped on her feet. “I have to get out of here.”

Finding the back exit wasn’t hard, the walls there were still standing. When she left the house she ran. She ran as she always did. But this time, it was out of fear of herself. She was right to doubt her self-control. She killed someone. She ran till she saw the river Hudson. Her breathing was erratic and uneven. Her legs gave up on her as she once again fell on her knees.

And she screamed.

It was the most soul piercing sound you could ever hear. It was almost like in the movies, where the character had discovered their spouse’s dead body in the bath tub. Almost like that.

But it was a scream full of real agony. No one would ever wish to hear such a heartbreaking sound.

And she stayed like this until she heard a voice from behind her saying

“What the hell are you doing here, kid?”

She turned to face the stranger, and she gasped in surprise.

Before her stood a very well-known law fugitive, criminal and murderer, Frank Castle.

Chapter Text

“Leave me alone!” (Y/N) screamed at the man and ushered to move away, but he stopped her by clasping his hand on her forearm. That made the girl shake on her feet, almost falling back. Castle noticed her discomfort, and let her go.

“I saw what happened. Are you ok?”

The concerned tone made (Y/N) confused. How could a criminal care? She didn’t trust her voice, so she simply nodded. The man huffed, and continued questioning her.

“Do you know what happened inside of that house? Please, do you know anything?” Each time she refused to speak and shook her head as a no. “These earthquakes that had been raging in the city…they aren’t from natural causes. Someone has been messing with everything around here. This was caused by a rogue mutant, and it harmed many people. If you can help me, I will put an end to it.”

This very serious statement caused guilt to form in the pit of her stomach. She hurt people and now she had killed one of them. She felt fear settle in her mind, slowly poisoning her thoughts. She couldn’t be caught or discovered. They would hunt her like an animal. Made her feel as unsafe as she had made them feel.

For a second (Y/N) had consider her options; she could lie, and live, or she could tell the truth about causing all of this damage and beg for forgiveness and that would most likely end with her death.

She hesitated and stated.

“No, I don’t know anything. I ran away when the shaking began.”

Castle didn’t look convinced, but he stepped back and nodded his head.

“Thanks anyway. Go, I’m sure your friends are looking for you.”

On that (Y/N) got up from the ground, and proceeded to walk away, but his voice once again made her pause.

“One more question, ok? If you didn’t see anything why did you ran here to cry?”

The girl didn’t turn to face him, instead she just said.

“I don’t know. I was scared.”

He hadn’t got the chance to respond, because when he opened his mouth to speak, she was already leaving.

She didn’t look for her friends long. They were sitting on a bench near the now wrecked house. The first one to notice her approaching was Michelle. She shot up from her seat and hugged her tightly, Ned and Peter following the suite.

“Where were you? We were worried sick!” Peter spoke first and slowly moved away from their embrace.

“Sorry, I ran off. I got really scared and I panicked.”

Michelle only huffed in response and affectionately pecked her lips. When the kiss broke, Michelle looked into her girlfriend’s eyes and said

“Don’t do that again.”


Every interaction with her made (Y/N)’s heart fill with warmth and love. She could live just for moments like that. Forgetting the past, locking herself in one moment. Feeling at peace.

She were brought back to reality by a loud noise coming from the destroyed building. A loud shout for help. All of them ushered to look what’s happening. When they got closer, a weeping was heard. People started to whisper and turnaround from the apparent horror of the scene.

Three bodies were crushed beneath a wall that fell from the building. Blood was pouring and sinking into the ground. An olive skinned girl that was near the bodies was being dragged away by two man crying out “Mike” over and over. Without a doubt she was the one that screamed. People began to clear out, just to put more distance between them and the bodies. Most of them were silent, some of them sobbed. Injured were treated by the medics. Everything was a mess.

“And it’s my fault.” (Y/N) thought to herself while she walked alongside of her friends. She couldn’t comprehend her actions. Was that her, or was she possessed by some evil force. She wouldn’t want to know.

When she got home, she went straight to her room, and dropped onto the bed and immediately fell asleep.

Even her dreams were merciless that night.

She dreamed of a rich looking mansion. Wood floor, classy looking stairs, expensive furniture, paintings and sculptures situated in the corridors and rooms. Though she admired the look and style that someone had to design the place, she saw everything in black and white. As she walked she could see the room flowing. The contours of the area were waving like a mirage. Then she heard a voice from the other room. When she entered the room none of the two men seem to see her.

“…what they’re capable of. They could be dangerous, Charles!” The irritated voice came from a gruff looking man, very tall and muscular. His words were directed towards a bald, elderly man on a wheelchair, who didn’t look amused by his colleague. The irritation later was replaced by a gentle expression.

“You were once called dangerous, Logan. You changed. I mean, you’re still dangerous, but you use it to fight evil.” The elder man argument made Logan-man roll his eyes and cross his arms on his chest.

“Charles, you don’t know how they will act. We don’t know who they are.”

“We’ve got Cerebro. Soon, we will know everything about this earthquake-making mutant.”

The statement made (Y/N)’s heart beat faster. She slowly approached the man named Charles, and now stood next to him. He looked felt calm and certain about finding her, unlike his fellow Logan.

Suddenly, his face broke into a frown, like he knew what’s about to happen. His head snapped up, eyes looking directly at where (Y/N) stood. The unexpected move made her take a step back, and made her blood run cold.

For a few seconds, Charles studied the spot where she stood, then turned to the other man, who looked puzzled with his friend’s reaction to nothingness. With a serious look on his face, Charles muttered four words.

“We are not alone.”

With that (Y/N) was violently woken up from her slumber, with a storm raging outside of her window. The room was lightened up with a lightning cutting the night sky, as the rain disturbed the silence.

She tried to calm her erratic breathing and a fast beating heart by taking a few deep breaths. The girl couldn’t shake the feeling that she got from the dream. It felt all too real. To smooth down her nervousness, she decided that a refreshment was a good idea and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

When she got back, she was still uneasy about the dream. It could ‘ve been a simple projection of her mind, or it could be her mutant powers spying on some dudes named Logan and Charles. She couldn’t decide which was true.

With an unsettled mind she drifted back to a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Text

The next morning (Y/N) woke up sore and with a headache. It was Saturday, so she allowed herself to rest a little more. Closing her eyes with a deep sigh, she recalled the last night events; the rape attempt, killing a man, meeting Frank Castle, the dream.

Oh no.

She quickly jumped on her feet, and quickly padded bare foot to the window. She took a good look around the street but didn’t spot anything strange; no cars nor anyone looking weird. Everything looked normal. She relaxed a little, knowing that no one was spying on her.

All of her weekends looked basically the same; she would get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, clean the house and then study or watch something on Netflix. From time to time she would go out with Peter and Ned or go on a date with Michelle, but it wasn’t anything special.

Being the second oldest child in the household, along with Olga she tidied the house. It definitely wasn’t her favorite work, but it would ease her mind. The red head, being a psychology student on Columbia University, told her that it keeps the mind occupied from unpleasant thoughts. It usually works, but on that day, it didn’t.

(Y/N) thoughts kept drifting towards the recent struggles, especially her newly discovered powers. Well, she couldn’t tell what they were, but at least she knew their potential extent. She knew that fear and anger triggered them, but she didn’t know how to control them, and that was the case; she couldn’t predict the possible outcome of her emotional unbalance.

The feeling of unsafety haunted her as she washed the dishes in the kitchen. Olga had caught on her defensive behavior and decided, that her sister could use someone to talk to.

“How are you doing these days? We don’t talk too much recently, you know, mom’s disappearance…and all of it.” She started uncertainly, as if she was afraid of her outburst. The younger sibling sighed and continued to wash the dishes with an absent minded expression on her face.

“I’m okay.”

That wasn’t what she was expecting. A few months back when Olga asked about what was bothering her, (Y/N) would’ve stopped her work and explain everything to her sister. She would pour her soul out, spilling every secret that was in her head, because she trusted her. And now she couldn’t even look her in the eyes. Olga suspected that it had something to do with her recent mutant ‘outing’. She could only sympathize with her, but couldn’t imagine such a horrifying news being broke down to her. She still loved her sister, she always will, but considering the currents situation of mutants in the world, she had her reasons to be concerned for her sister. (Y/N) being put in such position was heartbreaking to her, especially knowing that she had to deal with the issue on her own. Olga was ready to do anything in order to help her, but first, she had to make (Y/N) talk.

“Please, I know you (Y/N/N). I see that something is bothering you. You can tell me, I promise, I’ll try to help you. I’m a psychologist after all.” Olga tried to joke but her attempts at it weren’t very amusing to (Y/N). She finally lifted her gaze to her sister, and began talking.

“I don’t care if you think you know me. You don’t. But even if you did, people change. I changed. You can stop being the perfect sister, cause I know you aren’t. Ever since Dawid’s death, you tried to replace him. I’m sorry to disappoint, it’s not possible. Mom was right, I’m an abomination, but so are you, and everyone in this family. Everyone accept Dawid. Sometimes I wish it was you, not him. Because if that would’ve happened, mom wouldn’t be missing and I wouldn’t have been ‘outed’. You’re not helping anyone, you’re just covering your own ass. So please, stop pretending, you’re not fooling anyone today.”

Her monologue was spoken with venom and hate in words and eyes. This side of (Y/N) was revealed to Olga for the first time ever, and it scared her. The hatred painted on her sister’s face was true and terrifying, like she was about to murder her. Dark energy was felt rising from (Y/N), an utterly disturbing sense engulfed the house. It caused Olga to stumble out of the kitchen with tears in her eyes and retreat to her room.

When the sinister force fled (Y/N)’s mind she realized what she’s done. Instantly regretting her words, the girl smothered a pained sob that escaped her lips.

She couldn’t control it. The city trembled.

As everything quaked, she cried on the floor, regretting ever being born. Everything she did and said was hurting everyone around her. Pushing out everybody, snapping at the slightest disruption, killing someone. All of her previous actions floating in her mind, cumulating inside of her. Making her afraid of herself. Half of her wanted to die and other half wanted to continue on the destruction. Perfect Ying and Yang, trapped inside of the one person, unable to control it. Her own thoughts were turning against her, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

As the city shook, she let go. All of her worries, guilt, pain, anger and fear. She felt empty just letting her powers do whatever they want. Falling into a dark abyss with no way out.

“If I die, it will all end.” She reassured herself in her mind. “It’s for the best”.

The before she connected with the darkness a hand pulled her out into the light. When she opened her eyes she saw a figure in a red suit kneeling before her and holding her forearm. A mask covered face with a pair of white eyes was staring at her.

“What’s with the surprised face, huh? I betcha you’ve never seen such a hottie in your life, am I right?”

Before she could lose consciousness she whispered


Chapter Text

“Yeah, how d’you know?” The antihero asked her. Although she felt lightheaded, she mustered a logical response.

“You were in the news! You…you’re a killer!” She tried to get up but before she could, she was pulled back down to the floor by the man. He didn’t seem very moved by her answer, instead he sat down next to her and pulled out a worn out teddy bear, and proceeded to talk to her through it with a childish voice.

“Hi there, little one. My name is Shootie, and I’ve noticed that you were in trouble, and came to help you. This is Wade, my friend. He does all the ‘Shootie-ing’. Hehe. And what’s your name, young lady?”

For a second (Y/N) didn’t say anything, she was too dumbfounded to do anything. After a moment she responded with her name.

“Oh, what a beautiful name for a fair lady. Well, (Y/N) we’re here to help you. We’re been around when the shaking began. You look distressed.” Wade cooed to (Y/N) while waving his toy in front of her face. “And we rescued you! And now, would you like to become our friend? You look like a good …”

He didn’t finish the sentence because the girl snatched the bear from his hand and threw it across the room.

“OOOOOHHH NO!!!! SHOOTIE, ARE YOU OKAY?!” The mercenary shrieked and quickly jumped toward the trinket. After the close examination of the doll, he turned to (Y/N) with an angry face.

“WHY DID YOU DO THAT? YOU COULD’VE HURT HIM! GODDAMNIT, TEENAGERS THESE DAYS. FUCKING SHIT! You save their life, and they almost kill your friend! Who would’ve thought?” Deadpool yelled more irritation than anger while (Y/N) looked at him annoyed. He sighed, and kneeled next to her.

“You should be glad that Shootie is fine. And I don’t care that the readers like you! I can still curse at you! I mean, can I? Author? Anyway, I know what’ve probably thinking; ‘what an hot piece of ass he is. Sure, he can be mean to her, I don’t care!’ Wait, The Reader is said to be 15/16 years old…EW NO, don’t think that. I don’t do underage, I am not a pedophile. Disgusting perverts.”

He talked as if he wasn’t directing it to her, but to the invisible audience, which to (Y/N) was unbelievably distracting from the tense situation.

“Author? Who the hell are you taking to?” she questioned while she looked for anyone watching. Wade let out an annoyed sigh and continued his ‘monologue’.

“Ohhhhh, the famous forth wall break. You didn’t see that coming? Heh, I know what’cha gonna say ‘this bastard is making fun of Pietro!’ No, no kids, I pity Pietro, such a cutie he was! But back to the point, my beautiful readers; The Main Protagonist is about to have some good time with your favorite Anti-hero – Deadpool, that’s me. Just so y’all won’t fall into despair, ‘cause the angst has been going on for a while in the story (Thanks Author!). So buckle up for some comedy, Mr. Pool is here to save the day!”

“You’re done talking to yourself? Gosh, that was weird.” (Y/N) said, while rubbing her temples. The man sighed once again and stretched his hand to her, which she gladly took. When back on her feet, her first instinct was to run to check on her siblings, but it seemed that her savior already thought about that.

“Don’t worry, I already checked on them. They are together and your sister called your dad. We don’t have much time before he comes back. We need to move.”

“Move? What are you talking about?” she asked confused. She still wanted to make sure that her family was fine, but Wade kept on holding her arm, preventing her from departing.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You almost killed everyone, they will be scared of you.” He explained and his words made (Y/N) stop breathing for a moment. If it weren’t for Wade steading her, she would’ve already fall onto her face.

“They-they saw me?” she chocked on her words and saw Deadpool’s expression turn into pitying one.

“Sorry kid. For now, the best thing you can do is stay away.”

Unable to respond, she nodded in agreement. That made the atmosphere in the room loosen along with Wade’s grip on her arm. When she steadied her breathing he began speaking.

“Professor felt your presence yesterday’s night. He used Cerebro and found you, and since I am under his boy band’s supervision, he thought it would be a good idea to send me to get you. I told the old bald Jesus that he can suck my burned dick, but I went anyway. He can help with your powers. Look, I’m not the very considerate, so I’ll put it this way: he fix your mutant shit power and help you control this bullshit.” He paused for a second and looked expectantly at her and then continued. “So, what’cha say?”

(Y/N) wondered for a bit, and then asked.

“Do I have a choice?”

“No, not really.” He said as if it was a matter of fact.

With a hurting heart she inhaled sharply and gestured to the stairs.

“Can I pack a few things?”

“Yeah, sure. Chop-chop though. We don’t want to be late for your first day at the mutant school!” Wade added in a joyous voice.

Once in her room, she quickly proceeded to gather her belongings. Clothes, hygiene products, make up, books, electronics. Before she stepped out of the room, she turned to her desk, where two pictures stood. One photograph was of her and her family. It was taken on the spontaneous trip in Lithuania 3 years ago. Her mom looked a lot younger, everyone seemed happier. And Dawid was there, too. How she missed those times. Her gaze shifted towards the other, more recent picture of her and her friends. (Y/N), Michelle, Ned and Peter sat happily by the one of the tables outside of the Delmar’s Shop, contently eating sandwiches. All of their eyes glimmered and smile brightened on their faces. They were all laughing at the joke Ned told, when Mr. Delmar took the photo. He said “You’re the best example of self-made family. And ain’t no family better than the one you choose yourself.” A truly amazing day for her to live.

But those days are far gone.

As she closed the door, she could hear faint whimpering and crying of her younger siblings. Olga was trying to soothe them, ease their fear.

“It’s gone. And it’s not coming back.”

Those words stung, but deep inside she knew; she won’t return.

When she reached the front door, Deadpool proceeded to guide her outside, to what looked like a taxi driven by a young Hindu man.

“Mr. Pool, can we go now? These earthquakes can be back soon and I really need to pee. Ah, I see you’ve retrieved the rogue mutant. Hello, my name is Dopinder, it’s nice to meet you. ” The driver introduced himself with a slight accent and a grimace that confirmed his urge to urinate.

“I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you too.” She said as Wade jumped on the front seat, shouting ‘I call shotgun!’ and gestured for her to move in the back seat. She complied but rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath.

“I called shotgun infinity when I was twelve.”

“What was that?” Deadpool asked rhetorically with an irritated face.


They went away, leaving everything behind, and the second time in her life, (Y/N) abandoned home.

As they were driving out of the city, she noted that she hasn’t said goodbye to anyone. While passing the Queens, she decided to stop the car. She instantly got out of the car and started running towards the house she has been to many times before. The girl heard an angry ‘Hey’ shouted to her, so she briefly turned around just to shout back a quick reassurance.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back!” And with that, she continued jogging.

When she reached the destined door, she promptly pressed the doorbell button a few times, until a confused face on Michelle Jones herself.

“(Y/N) what are you doing here? I thought you said…” the girl was interrupted by a pair of lips on hers. The kiss was rushed, emotional and passionate, but it was broken by (Y/N).

“I don’t understand, what’s going on?”

“I have to leave the city now, I have no idea if I’ll be coming back. Michelle, I came here to say goodbye, we don’t have much time.” (Y/N) swiftly explained while panting from the effort.

Her girlfriend was now confused even further, as she didn’t have a slightest idea of how to respond.

“Where are you going? What’s happening (Y/N), please tell me. You can trust me.”

The girl steadied her inhales and looked Michelle in the eyes and softly placed her palm on her cheek.

“I’m dangerous and I don’t want to hurt anyone, so I’m moving out of the way. Someday I’ll explain it to you, I promise. But now, I’m breaking up with you.” (Y/N) said with tears in her eyes as Michelle paled and stuttered over her own words.

“B-b-but why? I love you.”

The mutant only smiled, tears now running freely down her face and answered.

“That’s why I’m letting you go. Because I love you. It would kill me to watch you get hurt by me.”

Neither of them said anything else as they both moved towards each other to connect in their last kiss. All of the good memories flashing before their eyes, warm feeling swelling in their chests. They putted all of their love into that one kiss. Hearts beating together in unison, souls bonded and for that one moment, they were free.

A way back to the taxi was a short and sorrowful one. Letting her first love go was a great strike to her heart and she was about to learn how it feels to have a broken heart. Wade and Dopinder were waiting patiently for her to return, and when she seated herself in the back seat, both of them looked at her with weird ‘I understand you’ faces. When they resumed driving, Deadpool began speaking.

“I know what you’re going through kiddo. Love is the world’s shitties thing sometimes. Well, when you lose it, anyway. I remember my first love. She was beautiful, talented and her name was Barbra Streisand. I know, I know, high standards, but I’m sure that she would be in the top 5 people who I would pic to take on the lonely island.” The mercenary cleared his throat, and kept on rambling. “Be free to cry, kid. Ah, young love. Almost reminds me of my first real heart break. It was by a cheerleader in my high school, named Amy Kazincki. Red head beauty. It was a delight to be with her. Ah, well, we weren’t exactly together, I was just watching her from afar, while she did all the squats and stretches on the cheerleading practice. It did all sorts of…things to me.”

“Ew, I don’t want to hear about your boners, please.” (Y/N) covered her ears, but Wade continued talking anyway.

“I remember, one day she caught me jerking off and she screamed so loud…”


“WHAT? Oh, yeah right. Child on board, forgot about that, geez.”

The rest of the ride he still babbled about his life and all kinds of bizarre things he had done, but (Y/N) didn’t really mind. It was an easy way to get distracted from the things that happened just hours ago. She left everything behind her for a hope for help. This ‘mutant school’ that Wade told her about could possibly aid her in maintaining her powers, but it could also not do that. She had her share of fears and anxiety that nothing could help her, but she still hoped. And she’s gonna hold onto it for as long as possible.

Chapter Text

When they pulled up in front of the mansion, (Y/N) was on the edge of her seat. ‘The best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone’ she once read in a book. But how? How not to try and predict all that could happen in this house? How to stop yourself from imagining the worst things that could happen there? Not think at all? Impossible. When your thoughts are flowing like water in the river, with current so deadly, that it’s taking everything on its way. When a single slip might cause a disaster. And like this, the list of things that could go wrong is beyond imaginable.

That was exactly what (Y/N) thought.

She didn’t know this ‘Professor X’. She didn’t know what measures he will take to help her control the curse that is her mutation. All she knew, was a little information that Wade had provided her with. And it wasn’t a generous amount. In a few moments, she was about to be dispelled from all of her doubts.

In her daze, she didn’t notice that Deadpool was already out of the car, and doing what looked like stretching.

“UGHHH, god fucking dammit. My ass hurts from all the sitting, Geez.” He ranted and moved into a strange position where a loud crack was heard from his spine and he sighed in relief. “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Already feeling better.”

Dopinder with a pained expression raced inside screeching ‘AHHH’ while desperately trying to keep his tights together. When his cries quieted, the girl left the car slightly unsure if she should enter or not. The fate decided for her, when a sliver haired, black woman exited the building with a pleasant smile walking in her direction. She stopped a meter away from her, as if she didn’t want to breach girl’s personal space.

“It’s good to finally meet you, (Y/N). The Professor awaits you in his study. My name is Ororo, but you can call me Storm. Now please, follow me.” Without giving her a chance to reply she moved towards the door, making the young mutant tag along.

Inside of the mansion was exactly like in her dream; classy, rich and beautiful. She marveled the beautiful paintings, now colored. Their steps were heard in the entire place; she didn’t hear any signs of presence in the house, which made her a little uneasy. Storm lead her into a room she hasn’t seen in her dream; it was smaller than the dining room, a single desk stood in the middle of the area with two old chairs before it, multiple bookshelves made from mahogany full of books stood near each wall, old maps and souvenirs were placed everywhere, and a beautiful view of the garden was seen from the big window on the wall. The study seemed even more cozy with a fireplace and a couch before it.

‘Damn, this Professor is rich.’ The girl thought to herself, when she heard a noise of an electric wheelchair in the room, and then a voice.

“Oh well, in case you’re wondering Miss (Y/L/N), I had rich parents.” The bald man said with a smile on his face.

The face (Y/N) made must’ve been very amusing, because in the next second Storm snorted a laugh. Quickly, the young mutant composed herself and questioned the strange man.

“How, I mean, did you just-“

“Read your thoughts? Yes.“ He answered her and reached his hand towards her in an introducing manner. “My name is Charles Xavier, but they call me Professor here. And I won’t read your mind again, if you won’t spy on me in your sleep.”

She reciprocated the gesture cautiously with an unsure expression. Charles motioned on the couch and urged her to sit down. When she did, he began speaking.

“(Y/N), I know that you’re confused about everything that’s been happening with you. I had it the same; when I was 8 I started to hear voices inside of my head. Only when I was 12 I understood that they were other people’s thoughts. I was scared, just as you are right now. But I need you to understand: you need to learn to control them. We all stared in the same spot as you. I want to help you. But it’s your decision if you’ll let me.”

When he finished his monologue he awaited a positive or negative response. But he was met with silence. (Y/N) was looking at him with tears she was unable to hold back. Professor looked at her with a concerned face and softly whispered her name, almost like he was trying to calm her.

“Can you accept a murdered into your school, Professor?”

The question was said to quietly, that she almost thought he didn’t hear it. But he did.

“(Y/N)…please, tell me what happened. You need to tell me.” He pushed her into confessing. After taking a shaky breath, she explained.

“I was at a party. I went to the bathroom. There was a man. H-h-he tired…he tried to r-rape m-me.”

After finally admitting these words aloud, she bursted into tears once again. Unable to look at neither the Professor or Storm she cried in silence. She felt ashamed. The man at the party didn’t go all the way, but he touched her the way she didn’t want to be touched. She wasn’t a child but she wasn’t ready for anything that happened. It’s especially hurtful when the first time she was this close to another person was when they tried to rape her. But each rape is a traumatizing experience. After it happens, you can never look at another person with trust. You have to be prepared to defend yourself if they make a move to abuse you. Human closeness isn’t the same anymore. Each touch is a painful reminder of the unwanted hands caressing your body, all in the places you wouldn’t want them to be.

In this world they teach how to avoid getting raped. This is something that tells you what kind of treatment you’ll receive once it happened. People would believe that it was you who initiated the act. ‘They was asking for it’ they would say, none of them even considering that it was rapists fault. Getting through a tough time after the assault is also getting through gossip and whispers of people. That why rape is so degrading; not only you’re stripped of your sense of security, but your dignity in other’s eyes. You can’t come back from what you once were. Unless you live in a community that accepts rape victims, you are defenseless. And that exactly how (Y/N) felt now.

“It wasn’t your fault.” She heard Storm whisper and put a hand on her back in a comforting manner. When she calmed down, Charles looked her in the eyes and said.

“You did this to defend yourself. You didn’t have a choice. I’m so sorry that this happened to you.”

“There is one more thing that you need to know, Professor.” After a few minutes of silence in the room, (Y/N) decided to break it. “I defended myself, yes. But after he let me go, I couldn’t stop. I didn’t even try to. I got angry. And scared. And then all that was left of him was blood on the walls. I didn’t need to kill him, Professor. But I wanted to. And that wasn’t something I could control.”

Both adults were taken aback by her statement. For a brief moment she regretted opening her mouth at all. Then Charles spoke up.

“That was indeed unnecessary thing to do. But I understand. I can see it in your mind (Y/N). You didn’t mean to kill him. You wanted to, but that was anger and fear. I can’t say I would’ve done it differently if he did this to me. I will take you to this school. We aren’t saints, but we want to make a world a better place. I will help you control it, whatever mutation you possess. You have a good heart (Y/N, don’t blame yourself for something out for your power.”

“Thank you, Professor. I swear, you’ll be proud of me.” (Y/N) replied, determined. Charles only smiled and said.

“Oh my dear child, I expect nothing less from you.”

Chapter Text

Xavier’s mansion turned out to be a very busy and crowded place. Although (Y/N) hasn’t seen anyone before, now the house was full of kids and teens running around. She felt energy emitting from every direction of the institute, like blankets it wrapped around every mutant in the building, creating an unique feeling to their person. In the place she could sense a certain focus she never had before. It was like this chill of adrenaline flowing through her vines, stimulating the nerves in her body.

“I thought this place was abandoned. Everyone thinks the school was shut down after the Brotherhood uprising.” (Y/N) said to the Professor with a wonder in her voice.

“Oh, everyone thinks it is. Hank created a machine that’s been generating electromagnetic waves to human’s brains, more or less like my telepathy, that affects the person’s subconsciousness, precisely the part of the brain that responds to feelings. It makes them wary of the building because they think it gives off a ‘bad vibe’, as you teens would call it. It prevents them from entering my property and also the fact that they think it’s haunted.”

Xavier paused with his explanation with a slight smirk on his face and then proceeded to move forward through the corridor.

“The reason behind your ability to not be altered by these waves is your mutation. I made sure that mutants aren’t affected by Hank’s design to ensure their safety in my school, and keep unwelcome individuals out.”

“Interesting.” (Y/N) muttered under her breath, absorbing the feel of the mansion. Here, she didn’t feel out of place. She oddly belonged. No one gave her weird looks, no one paid attention to her. Here she was just a normal teen and in every person, she saw herself.

They continued their stroll through the corridors, while Professor was pointing out familiar faces in the crowd and told her stories of his childhood, when he and Raven were growing up in this house. How they met Erik and created the X-Men. He told her all of the happy storied he had to make her feel better.

“Being mutant doesn’t mean being unhappy (Y/N). It’s just harder because of the prejudice humans have of us. One mutant doesn’t define the entire race.”

“I get that part Professor, but please tell me, why didn’t you kill Magneto when you had the chance? That question baffles me every time. Why give him one chance after another?”

Xavier stopped his wheelchair and took a good look at (Y/N)’s face. To him, she was still a teen, no matter how power, how scary she became. And teens often don’t understand the things they didn’t experience. War, pain, loss. Hope when everyone lost it, but you hold onto it for dear life. Like it was the last thing before the end. That’s what he felt for Erik. He knew that there was still good in him. But he could only hope that the Great and Bad Magneto will reveal it before it’s too late.

Carefully, he answered.

“(Y/N)… you don’t know Erik like I do. He’s more than the façade of a villain. He’s made some… horrible decisions. But we can’t give up on him. There will be a moment in which he will be put before a choice; help us or smite us. And I trust that he will do what’s right.”

There was a brief moment of silence between the two of them. It wasn’t hostile, nor was it awkward. It was a silence of respectful understanding of parties. Charles was the first one to break it.

“Well, you must be exhausted, it was an emotional day to us all. Let me show you your new room so you can rest.”

He already moved for the corridor to their left, but before he could go too far, the girl stopped him.

“Professor! Can I ask you one more question?”

The bald man wearily nodded his head.

“If you could see your life from start to finish, would you change things?”

This question threw him off the track for a second, but he looked her in the eyes and said.

“I wouldn’t do a single thing differently.”

You could feel the truth hanging in the air, but in Professor’s eyes (Y/N) saw the unfinished answer.

Even if it meant letting Erik go.

The walk to her new living quarters was short and before she knew it, they were standing outside of her room.

Charles turned himself towards her, let out a deep sigh and gestured to the door with his hand.

“You’ll be living in this space for as long as you want to stay. Remember, no one is forcing you to stay here, but this is our wisest move. The female bathroom is down the hall, as well as the showers. Your stuff is already in there, the dinner is at 7 p.m. so don’t be late. I’m gonna introduce you to some of the students here. Till then, (Y/N)”

“Thank you Professor.”

He only waved his hand dismissively and made his way through the corridor.

The room she was put in was simple; a bed, a bedside table, a desk, a closet, a bookshelf and lamps. She liked it. He bag was already waiting for her on the bed, so she proceeded to unpack he things and putting them in order. After 15 minutes she was fairly content with how it turned out. The clock on the wall read 5:10 p.m. so she decided that a little nap would do her a favor. She set an alarm for 6:45 to leave her some time to pull herself together and she drifted off to sleep.