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A Present for You

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       [Name] sighed, her head down her black hair covering her dead white eyes. She was bored, she had no idea what to do, at least not anymore after Cronus broke off their moirallegiance. [Name] let out another sigh; she should have stayed quiet and never told him, then she wouldn’t be in this situation. [Name] looked up towards the sky of Beforus, her eyes tearing up with translucent [b/c] tears. How could she have told him? Why did she tell him?! she bit her lip, leaning her head back down hiding her face behind her hair as silent tears began to fall from her eyes.

       She hiccupped softly before it turned into sobbing, rain began to pour down on the dream bubble of Beforus. Why? Why did he want every other troll in this dream bubble except for her? She was red for him, she cared for him, she stuck by his side and never made fun of him… and yet… the moment she told him that she was red for him, he freaked out and ended their moirallegiance saying that they shouldn’t see each other. [Name] didn’t know what was more painful, the ending of their moirallegiance, his rejection, of the thought of him avoiding her. All in all it was too much for the poor troll.

       Falling to her knees, [Name] stayed in the rain, allowing it to mercilessly pelt her with its icy sting. She didn’t care; she could not feel it compared the pain in her heart. Her body felt numb, as did her mind, while she sat there in the rain. [Name] had stopped sobbing, but small tears still fell down her face, but she still hiccupped. She could not bring herself to get up, it felt as though all her energy was sucked out of her body. 

       It was a long while that [Name] sat in the rain, unmoving, unseen, but eventually she somehow found the strength to get up. Heading towards her hive she took a deep breath, she had a lot of redecorating to do. Walking into her hive it was nothing but a throwback greaser-styled hive, she did it to make Cronus feel comfortable, she even had “poodle skirts” that she asked Porrim to make so she could dress up with Cronus’s Greaser style. Unfortunately now that they were no longer palemates, [Name] had no need for all of the greaser memorabilia, so sighing heavily once again [Name] set to work changing her hive’s interior from the once familiar look into something different.

       It had been almost 4 months since then and no one had yet to speak to [Name], well everyone except for Porrim, who was the only person she would let into her hive. Of course by this time, Porrim was able to tell everyone that [Name] had gotten over the incident, but was still anxious to come outside…
       A week later there was a knock at her hive door. No one came by to [Name]’s hive, at least not at this time in the early evening. Carefully She cracked the door open seeing no one, until a colourful item on the step caught her attention, bending down she picked up…

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