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Referencing when Beerus and Vegeta met at the beginning of DBS
and he crept up on Vegeta just to scare him.

LEMONxBeerus and xWhis!

"*" denotes a slight perspective change


"Whis, remind me again what the point of this trip is?" Beerus yawned as Whis flew them through space.

"Well my lord, its quite simple. The low-level universes that had to participate in the Tournament of Power definitely require extra attention. This is a solution to that."

"Yeah but...I just can't believe that Grand Zeno would choose to do this. It's quite surprising."

"Hm. Had you not overslept then perhaps you would've known, about Lord Zeno and the Grand Priest visiting the Earth where Bulma questioned them on the subject and started campaigning her ideas."

"WHAT!?!" Beerus cried out, "You... you mean..."

"What? That the King of All Things in this multiverse went to visit the rudest person we know, and the most temperamental person we know (besides yourself)? And that somehow an unchaperoned Goku didn't cause a catastrophe to befall us all? Yes. It happened. And you slept through it."

"WHAT IDIOTS!"Beerus shouted, "Why didn't you do something!?"

"Who me? I'm just a mere attendant, whose god was asleep after all."

Beerus growled. He was gonna choose to ignore that (sarcasm). He'd HAVE to do something about Goku's open communication with Grand Zeno. Something that wouldn't get himself erased. In the meantime their landing at the new location got his attention. They were now on a planet not unlike his own personal one and as he walked forward following Whis, Beerus noticed the counter in front of a small house which was where they were apparently headed. When they reached the counter no one was there. There was just a calendar for 'business days' and which they noted excluded today. "It seems that today is not a working day, my Lord." commented Whis. Beerus was deep in thought.
"When you first told me about this didn't mention a woman being in charge here?" He asked.

"Yes. But it looks like we'll have to come ba-"

"Show me her." Beerus interrupted Whis' answer.

"..."Whis didn't know whether to be irritated or confused as an image of an attractive girl projected in front of his lord from his staff. "Yes..." Beerus purred"...yes...Well, let's go." He gestured towards the cracked open front door. Beerus was apparently feeling mischievous, something he only did when he knew he could get away with it. He went around the desk and inside the home with Whis curious but, silently in tow.


It smelled nice inside. Like pastries and such. Coming from the back of the house into the living room (Y/n) was surprised to find no one in there. She definitely had sensed godly ki in her house. She turned around and thought she thought she saw a glimpse of...a It was weird. As she looked back and forth the image would disappear. She started to walk back to the kitchen but felt a heavy presence of god ki behind her. Whirling around once more hoping to see something, anything and still finding nothing (Y/n) began to get frustrated. "What the hell!"She mumbled, backing up slowly ignoring the presence that she felt. She didn't notice Beerus behind her, finger pointed at her head. Right before she backed into him he shouted "BANG!" She literally leapt into the air and landed on her face. Turning over to lift herself up, she came eye to eye with a Destroyer bent down near her having a light laugh at her expense.

"You should really pay more attention to your surroundings." he teased.

Her eyes widened as she gasped loudly. "Oh! My gosh! A Hakaishin in the flesh!" She quickly jumped up and bowed deeply. "What a pleasant surprise!"

Whis chimed in. "Please excuse my Lord, he has been acting a bit strange lately."

"Oh yes, it's quite alright." (Y/n) said, "I actually haven't seen any of the Hakaishin before yours. A couple of the Angels and all of the Supreme Kai have come to meet me but so far no G.o.D.s . I guess they're not super interested in my work." She chuckled softly.

"Well, this Beerus-sama of Universe 7 and I am Whis his attending Angel." Whis continued politely.

"Yes of course, Universe 7! Nice too meet you! I'm (Y/n) and I uh, well as the "God-cierge" I talk with Supreme Kais so that they can inform me as to where and how my teams are to speed the development of certain planets up. Yeah, its mostly to cater to Universes with the low mortal levels but, it doesn't exclude the ones that are doing well either. So um..."

"That's just lovely." Beerus said stepping forward opening his arms."I will enjoy seeing much more of you." Whis raised an eyebrow. A hug? What was happening right now? He recalled the times that his beloved Destroyer had behaved like this in the past: The planet with all those traveling circus girls, the Amazon women...and oh..the Dragon ladies.

"Oh um! Thank you Beerus-sama!" (Y/n) closed the rest of the distance and hugged him. His skin was so warm and smooth... As (Y/n) started to pull out of the hug, Beerus wrapped an arm around her waist.
"Very bold of you." He said giving her a strongly predatory look.
"Oh, my apologies Beerus-sama." She blushed madly. "I figured since...I just assumed that...I mean you looked to have wanted the contact..? Did did I overstep?" She nervously questioned.


"No (Y/n), you didn't." he said walking over to a big recliner in the living room and sitting back. He gestured towards you to come to him. "If fact, I think you greatly underestimate just how much... "contact" as you put it that I am in the mood for right now." He said while you came closer. When you got to him you were a little bit confused. He couldn't possibly mean...

"You won't be needing these." He said, making a subtle gesture that disintegrated your clothes thus leaving your body exposed. A chill in the air made goosebumps rise on your skin and your nipples harden. He pulled you onto his lap as he layed back in the chair and let loose his stiff erection. Whis had created a stool for himself to sit on just behind the recliner, giving him a perfect view of your fully naked body perched on his lord's lap. You giggled nervously trying to cover yourself with your hands 'I don't know if...' you had started to say but the destroyer stopped you by grabbing your arms and placing them around his neck. "Relax. I can already smell you." He smirked looking you dead in the eye. You looked away shyly you were maybe just a little bit..excited. He began to slowly grind his hips causing friction between his cock and your clit. He had small 'pricklies' close to the head instead of fully sized sharp barbs and the texture felt heavenly against you. It caused you whimper quietly at the foreign but pleasant feeling. "Look at me (Y/n)." He said sternly with eyes fixed on your face , while increasing the speed. Your chest became heavy and you began gasping as the dry humping caused pleasure to start making its way through your body. The sensitive folds of your cunt started to coat his rod with layers of your feminine essence. Beerus hummed at your increasing wetness and pushed his pants the rest of the way off. He then grabbed your hips to lift you up and began pushing his full length into you. It took a few thrusts for him to get in all the way; you were so tight he could barely fit. He went painfully slow so that you felt every single pulse of his length as he fully sheathed himself inside you . You dug your nails into his shoulders and let loose a needy moan; his pricklies felt ten times as good inside of you plus, your twat had never been stretched this far. Whis reached over and ran his fingers down the front of your neck and then cupped your breast, giving them a nice squeeze as Beerus started to pound you at a steadily increasing pace. Soon Whis disappeared and Beerus was slamming into your pussy at almost godspeed. Your wet folds were slick and dripping now with a mixture of his precum and your own pussy juice. Your loud gasps and moaning mixed with Beerus' grunts filled the room with nothing but noises of pleasure. Every impact of you exuberantly riding him made your tits jiggle to his viewing pleasure. He occasionally licked your face as he let his claws dance down your back, sometimes squeezing your ass. "I love your enthusiasm," he remarked pounding even faster, "That's right continue to submit to your god.. you've done exceptionally so far... Look, you've even managed to get Whis all riled up." He gripped your hips again slowing you down and that's when you noticed Whis towering behind you. Beerus smirked when you exclaimed at finding a topless hazy-eyed Whis with a large dick print showing through his maroon pants. He was rubbing himself from the outside of the slacks with his face contorting in pleasure, moans from his beautiful voice seemingly trapped in his throat. He placed one hand on your shoulder and took the other and pushed two fingers into your pussyhole next to Beerus' cock. Immense pleasure began to overcome you. With Whis pumping his fingers in you fast and Beerus fucking you slow all you were experiencing an unfamiliar intense, heat in your loins and an almost aching sensation in your engorged clit. Whis added a third and then fourth finger, now shoving them all in and out of you as fast as he could with his knuckles brushing constantly against Beerus' slow thrusting cock making your pussy gush and the Destroyer God spurt more precum. You couldn't take it. Your body went into sensory overload and screamed when your first orgasm blasted through you. Your walls contracted around Whis' fingers and Beerus' cock and you squirted, your cum pouring out and splashing over their arm and pelvis respectively as you went wild arching forward, body shaking. Beerus could only spare a growl, bucking wildly as he lost control and his seed shooting into you filling you with an amazing warmth that made you squirt just a little bit more. Whis moaned loudly too, rubbing his free hand against his pants as he withdrew his sticky fingers letting some of the blended cum slowly ooze out of you. "My lord...?"groaned wantonly. "Do it Whis..." Came Beerus' husky reply. Whis quickly turned you to face him and pushed you back until you were laying against Beerus' chest. He used his staff to discard the rest of his own clothes. As the Destroyer traced circles over your breast with his claws sometimes digging in around your nipples, Whis stepped forward to enter you. You were slightly stretched from him finger fucking you but still way too tight for him to stick his entire thick girth into you at once next to Beerus' still unsated erection. He first slid the head in, moaning in delight at the combined feeling of friction from the still thrusting Destroyer and the soaked slickness of your insides. You continued writhing in a heightened frenzy of euphoric bliss, with tears forming in the corners of your eyes and even a trickle of the saliva leaving the corner of your mouth. You came again, this time your walls clamping around both men and releasing creamy cum that coated both deities. The fresh gooey fluid made it slippery enough for Whis to slide up to half of his shaft inside of you which had you moaning and hissing uncontrollably. Beerus reached forward and grabbed your legs, lifting them up and pulling them back so that you were fully spread eagle before the eager attendant. One last hard thrust elicited loud and excited moans from all of you. The feeling of two cock heads brushing against the furthest reaches of your stretched out orifice had your head swimming; the overpowering rolling orgasms caused you to continually squirt, draining everything you had physically. Whis erratically slammed your pussy with a certain desperation to hit the peak that he had been patiently waiting for, while Beerus was snarling and nipping at the exposed sensitive flesh of your neck and shoulders thrusting into you just as quickly. His claws painfully dug into your thighs piling on to the myriad of stimulation that you were already experiencing. They couldn't get enough of each other but they also couldn't get enough of you; slick hard cocks sliding back and forward against each other and engulfed by your spasming wet cunt was more than incredible. It was nirvana. Beerus lost control once more, this time letting loose an almost completely animalistic roar and like a chain reaction the soft moans of enjoyment Whis had been making became intense yelps of satisfaction as he and Beerus released together inside of you. Your abused pussyhole gave its last huge gush of cum, splashing haphazardly out of you until your body went limp. Dazed from such a spectacle, you slowly blacked out.

---time lapse---the next day---

You woke up groggy, tired, hungry, and strangely with no aches or pains. You would've gotten out of bed but there was no point. You planned on going back to sleep anyway. Bed... How did you even get to your room? And cleaned off and into sleeping attire? The last thing you remembered was ....Oh yeah that...Well yeah...How nice of them to take care of cleanup after such a huge ordeal (for you). There was a glass of water and a plate of fruit on your once empty side table you suddenly noticed. As you sat up all the way to further investigate, a voice cut through the quiet room. "Well, well. Good to see you awake." Whis said. I took Lord Beerus back to his palace but, you should know that we really enjoyed our time with you. You smirked. Its not like you did a whole lot. You simply survived. Whis went on. "That being said, take this." He handed you a small pager. "This is to get my attention. I healed you completely but I understand you still have needs. When you get to 100% you can give me a ping and I'll send Supreme Kai to get you. Lord Beerus and I want to see you again as soon as possible!" He chirped.

Oh no. What the hell did you get yourself into!?!