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Messed up...

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5 YEARS AGO (In Highschool)
"I love you Zhengting ge~ What are you doing?" Linong was talking to Zhengting through the phone.

"Love you too~ Look honey I'm a little busy right now can I call you back?" Linong frowned, but agreed. 'Zhengting ge hanged up on on him automatically. Linong sighed. Why is Zhengting ge always so busy. He barely spends time with Linong and is always busy afterschool.'

Linong was walking through the streets looking for the perfect gift to get for Zhengting, as he was walking he saw Zhengting in a cafe through the window.

He was about to wave until his eyes widen. He didn't know who Zhengting was with but he saw Zhengting leaned in to kiss someone. Linong was on the verge of crying.

Linong was about to leave but Zhengting saw him and his eyes widen. He ran out of the cafe to reach Linong but Linong ran. Zhengting chased after Linong. "Nongnong wait!" Linong kept running. Zhengting kept running but there was a bunch of people in the way. He lost sight of Linong.

"Dammit!" He took out his phone and tried calling Linong.

*The person you are calling is unavailable at the moment.*

He ruffled his hair and sighed. He messed up.

Linong walked home. He opened the door and saw his mother.

"Linong? Why are you crying? Are you ok!?" She pulled him into a hug and he cried.

"Zhengting cheated on me with someone, I saw him kiss someone in the cafe." His mother looked angry. "How dare he cheat on my son." She continued hugging him.

"I thought this news would upset you because you were dating Zhengting but I guess it won't. Sweetie I got a new job, we have to move to a new house and you have to move schools." Linong felt relief. He didn't have to see Zhengting.

"When are we going?" Linong wiped his tears away.

"In a week. You better start packing, you don't need to go to school. I already contacted them that you were going to a new school. Linong nodded and went upstairs
to cry.
Time skip
"Mom I'll be fine you don't need to worry about me I'm grown up now." Linong hugged his mom. "Just make sure to take care of youself, and how are you going to get
to college?" She asked.

"Zhangjing ge is driving me." Linong's phone was ringing. "He's here, I better get going. I'll make sure to call you when I have time. I love you mom." He grabbed his
suitcase and walked out the door.

"Bye son, I love you. Take care." Linong got in the car and waved goodbye.

"You sure are a momma boy." Zhangjing chuckled as he drove off. Zhangjing was Linong's first friend when he went to his new school. Zhangjing invited Linong to come eat lunch with him and his group and Linong accepted his request. Everyone began to love Linong because he was just so cute and kind.

"I guess I am, I never meant my father." Linong looked out the window.

"Hey, how are you and Yanjun ge?" Linonh asked. Zhangjing scoffed. "His jokes are so annoying, it's not even funny." Linong laughed remembering the first time he meant Yanjun. Yanjun was his second friend and the first thing Yanjun said to him was, "Whale, whale, whale, look who we have here." Which he got smack in the head by Zhangjing.

Linong chuckled at the old memories.

Linong turned on the radio. Linong and Zhangjing favourite song came up, they looked at each other and grinned. They sang out loud and jammed in Zhangjing car.
In College
Linong and Zhangjing got out of the car and walked to the front, only to see Yanjun and Chaoze

"You're late." Choaze said while pointing at his watch. "Well at least I can drive." Zhangjing rolled his eyes, Chaoze smacked Zhangjing on the arm and walked towards Linong to give him a hug.

"Nongnong~ come give me a hug." Linong gave Chaoze a hug.

"Hey we better head to the office to get our schedule and room." Yanjun said.

They all walked to the office to get their schedule and their room number. "Hello my name is Dinghao and that's Jeffery, we're here to show you to your rooms." Dinghao smiled and Jeffery looked down feeling shy. They all smiled at the two of them.

"Hey, Choaze and I are roommates." Linong grinned and Chaoze sighed in relief. Zhangjing sighed in distress and Yanjun grinned. He put his arms around Zhangjing shoulders and said, "looks like we're roommates." Zhangjing glared at Yanjun and scoffed. Dinghao and Jeffery giggled.

They seperated and went to their rooms. Dinghao was showing them to their room and was talking to Chaoze about whatever. Linong was just following them from behind
in daze. Until he accidentally bumped into someone and fell back.

"Ouchie." Linong rubbed his butt. A hand reached out in front of Linong, Linong looked up and was surprised to see a handsome boy. He grab his hand and was pulled up in a standing position.

"Umm thank you." Linong blushed and looked down. The handsome boy didn't say anything, he looked at Linong up and down, he nod his head and walked away.

Linong was confused.

"Omg Linong did you just get help from Chengcheng?" Dinghao asked in shock. 'Uhm I guess? Why? Who is he?" Linong asked in confusion.

"He is one of the top 3 popular boys in our college. You should be careful of him." Linong was shocked that he bumped into one of them. He didn't want to cause any drama.

"Could you tell us a bit about the top 3?" Chaoze asked in curiousity. "I'll tell you guys more info once we get inside of your room." They continue to walk and finally made to their room and walked in.

(The room had two beds two closets and a washroom)

Dinghao sat on of the bed and began to talk.

"The one thing that they all have in common is that they're rich. Fan ChengCheng is one of the top 3. Chengcheng is the cold type, he's always rejects girls and only talk to his best friends, Justin and Xinchun. He's calm and smart. The courses he's taking is psychology and biology."

Those were the courses Linong was taking. He gulped.

"The next person is Cai Xukun. Xukun is a playboy, he flirts with almost everyone, including the teachers. He's really close with Wang Ziyi and Zhou Yanchen. Although he's not really that smart or calm, he's funny and athletic."

Linong for some reason felt like Dinghao was about to say something bad.

"So who's the third?" Chaoze asked. Dinghao looked at them and smiled.

"Zhu Zhengting."

Linong eyes widen.