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The Mermaid Princess and The Pirate Captain

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Marinette stared in horror at her mother. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

“Mama! You can't possibly be serious?? You want me to marry Prince Nathanael!” Marinette exclaimed, her beautiful light pink tail swayed under her.

“Marinette, you must marry another royal mer! If you don't then it could cause this kingdom to fall!” Queen Sabine explained, swimming over to her daughter.

“But, mama!” Marinette tried to say, only for Sabine to interrupt her.

“Marinette. You will be meeting him in a couple of hours. I expect to see you in your royal attire and ready to meet him.” Sabine stated in a serious tone.

Before the princess could refute her mother's words, Sabine swam out of the room, leaving her daughter alone to her thoughts. Marinette sank down to her magenta coral floor. Tears flowing down her face and mixing into the water surrounding her. Her scales shined in the light that shone through her window from the sky. Marinette looked over at her window. It wasn't really a window, more like a hole in her room. She sighed before getting up and swimming over to her clam bag and began to pack a few important belongings. She planned on leaving and taking her important items with her. She would find her papa and live a happy life.

She packed up her shell collection, her bracelets, and she grabbed her tiara. She stared at the beautiful piece, made of gold scraps, shells, and coral. She sighed before placing it in her bag, grabbing her brush, something her mother gave her from the human world. Hot Pink with white prongs. She also grabbed some magical enchanted items, a ring to turn a human into a mer whenever they enter the water while wearing the ring, a necklace that creates a air bubble around a person or creature's head, and a couple others.  She closed her bag, pulling the thick seaweed strap around her shoulder before leaving a note on a scallop shell then swimming out her window.

She swam away as quickly as possible, only for that to fail when she heard guards swimming after her. She squealed and bolted out at top speed. She could hear the guards getting closer, she looked around for a place to hide, seeing a coral tube. She dove straight into it and curled up inside, staying completely quiet. The guards swam past, shouting her name.

Marinette stayed where she was for a good thirty minutes, before determining that it was safe. She swam as fast as her tail would allow in a different direction without stopping. After an hour, she finally stopped, panting from exhaustion. She sank down onto a bed of kelp.

“I-I did it. I swam away from home! N-now to find where my papa lives.” Marinette said to herself before looking around, rubbing her light pink arm scales. “B-But where do I go?” She mumbled, before swimming up to the surface.

Marinette poked her head out of the water. Breathing in the air for the first time, coughing a bit, her body not used to the air. Her first time away from her kingdom, and she wasn't scared, no, she was thrilled. She smiled as she looked up to the blue skies. Suddenly, she heard a large wave. Looking forward, she saw that the wave was coming for her. She squeaked, before ducking back under the water.

Marinette sighed when the wave went past her carrying with it the shadow of something she’d never seen. Must be one of those human made boats she’d heard of but never yet had an opportunity to see for herself. When a splash, a few miles behind her, sounded. She looked in the direction of the sound, seeing a body sinking.

Her instinct kicked in, she swam over to the person, grabbing them under their arms, and swam up to the surface.

The moment they broke surface, the person began coughing. She gasped a bit, realizing the person she just saved, was a human.

The man coughed a bit more before looking around. “W-What happened?” He asked looking around.

“Captain! You alright?” A woman’s voice called from what Marinette could only think of as a higher point.

The boat was nearly on top of them and she saw the face of another human looking directly at her! Marinette made another squeak before releasing her hold on him and diving under the water.

The man looked around, confused.

She looked over to the man from the safety of the boat’s shadow. She watched his legs kick, noticing his arms moving as well.

‘Is this how humans swim? It's very strange.’ Marinette thought to herself.

She watched from under the safety of the sea, seeing a large vessel. She heard rumors of big ships, made of wood, whatever that was, and humans use said boats to travel across the sea. Marinette swam up to the underside of the boat, and touched it. Amazed at the feel of this wood.

She jumped when the boat moved. She looked around, frowning when she realized she lost her human. She grabbed onto the underside of the boat with her claws, as it began to move. She wanted to know where this big boat was headed.

“Come on, Carapace! I swear I have no idea who saved me. When I heard Rena shouting, whomever it was, released their hold on me,” the man explained to his friend.

“Captain. From what Rena Rouge explained, it looked to be a girl, around the same age as all of us. The only difference was… Well... RENA!” Carapace called out to the woman.


“What did that girl look like again?”

“Oh! The one who saved Chat? Well she was a mermaid, had pink scales on her arms, and I caught a glimpse of what looked to be a pink tail.” Rena explained from the poop deck.

“A mermaid? But we're hundreds of miles from any mermaid kingdom. Why is there a mermaid around here?” Chat Noir asked, putting on his captain's hat, a black hat, with cat ear like pieces sticking up on either side of the main part of the hat.

“She might be a lone mer, one that travels between the kingdoms and interacts with humans? Though, she seemed pretty skittish around us.” Carapace stated.

“I hope I meet her again, I'd love to thank her.” Chat Noir stated, smiling up at the sky.

After a few hours, Marinette released her hold on the ship, looking around at her surroundings. She was even further away from her kingdom, and hopefully her mother wouldn't send guards out this far to find her. She sighed and swam away from the boat, wanting to explore the area. What she didn't notice was the other ship coming towards her, or the fishing net, until it was too late.

The silver fishing net caught her up, the kind her mother warned her about humans using against mers, she screamed as her tiny mermaid fangs bared out. The net was hoisted up onto the opposing boat.

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here! A mermaid! And look at her! She has beautiful scales  and those eyes! Too bad her hair is that color, since blond merhair is all the rage right now, but look at the length! I think we can still make quite a good profit off of that. Yes we could also sell her eyes as well!! That color blue is extremely rare! Come on mates. Let's put her in the tank. We can slowly skin her of her scales!” the captain of the vessel commanded.

“Aye aye, captain!” was heard and the men started hauling the net and its contents to the tank.

“Chat Noir!” a young pirate called out from the crows nest of the first ship.

Chat Noir looked up at the woman. “What is it Bee?” He asked, curious as to why the one who's usually always passed out drunk was shouting.

“That pink mermaid! She's been captured by captain Evillustrator! It seems he's having her put in a tank in the brig!” Bee exclaimed.

“Alright crew! Let's go rescue the mermaid!” Chat Noir cheered, turning the ship's wheel sharply, headed straight for The Illustrate. The moment they were close enough, they boarded the ship, shouting and cheering.

Captain Evillustrator walked up onto the poop deck, carrying a few scales in his hand and nearly walked into the drawn cutlass of-

“Ah, Captain Chat Noir. What a pleasant surprise. What do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” Evillustrator asked, dropping the light pink scales in his left breast pocket.

Chat Noir growled, pointing his sword at the opposing captain's throat. “What did you do to the mermaid?” He all but spat out.

“What mermaid do you mean?” Evillustrator feigned innocence while trying to surreptitiously reach for his own sword.

Suddenly a high pitched scream came from the lower deck, and the crafty pirate brought up his blade. Chat Noir easily knocked the cutlass from the man’s hand and brought his own to press harder to his opponent’s neck.

“She is a lone mermaid! She doesn't deserve to be treated this way!” he screamed into his face and with that, Chat Noir smacked the handle of his cutlass against Evillustrator’s head, knocking him out.

“Go get the mermaid!” Chat commanded, a few of his crew stayed to guard the crew of the Illustrator where they were rounded up on the deck. The rest rushed to the lower deck in search of the mermaid.

He reached into the unconscious man’s pocket, retrieving the scales.

“Chat! You need to see this!” Rena Rouge called from the lower deck.

Chat Noir stood up, putting the scales in his own pocket and nabbing the other captain’s cutlass for his collection, before walking down to the lower deck. What he saw, had him blushing like a mad man.

“W-why is she human??? And naked!!” he exclaimed, embarrassed, quickly looking away. Gesturing to Rena to grab one of the blankets from a nearby bunk to cover the trembling girl in front of them, he dismissed the others to search the ship for anyone that could be planning an attack in retaliation before they were safely back aboard their own ship. Hopefully the mer would see him, Rena, and Carapace as less of a threat than most of his crew staring at her with sharp weapons in hand.

“The minute we got her out of the water she started turning human,” Carapace reported, “but she seems too skittish on those legs still. Like she’s never had to use them.” He cleared his throat to get the captain’s wandering attention back on his words. “That's not the most interesting part,” he said with a grim smile. “Her legs are missing patches of skin. Presumably from where we saw some of her scales were missing,” he explained, pushing up his glasses.

Chat Noir took off his coat, and held it out. “Give her this. Then bring her to the Ladybug. We’ll figure out who she is from there.” Chat Noir explained.

Marinette blinked, shaking a bit from the pain that Evillustrator caused her. She looked up at her savior, the man she saved. Her bluebell eyes stared up at him, noticing the blonde hair that peeked out from under his hat, covering his brilliant green eyes. When he held out the coat she was slightly confused. Before realizing that all the humans around her, had stuff covering their bodies. Rena Rouge smiled down at Marinette.

“This goes over your arms.” Rena explained miming putting on the coat, helping Marinette to put it on.

Marinette examined the big coat that she was now wearing. It was big on her, reaching down to her knees, and the arms going way past her hands. It was a pure black color, with accents of green. She looked behind her, noticing a piece of fabric hanging off the back. Rena Rouge noticed her confusion.

“That's our captain's ‘tail’ if you will. He's our black cat captain.” Rena explained. “Come on, let's get you on our ship, where you'll be safe.” Rena stated, trying to help Marinette stand up.

The moment her legs touched the floor, she fell over. She looked up at Rena before gesturing at the coat, followed by her pointing in the direction Chat Noir left. Bee who’d come back just in time to see all of this, chuckled.

“Rena, she wants the cap to carry her.” Bee exclaimed in delight, heading up the steps and shouting. “CAPTAIN! THE GIRL WANTS YOU TO CARRY HER TO THE SHIP!”

Marinette blushed, clutching her clam bag close to her. She was thankful it hadn't been separated from her when she was captured. She heard chatter on the upper deck. Suddenly, footsteps were heard heading for the stairs, and Chat Noir came down the steps.

“I hear you want me specifically to carry you? Is that true, little lady?” Chat Noir asked, fixing his hat nervously.

She nodded and kicked her feet, forgetting she didn't have her tail. Chat Noir smiled, slowly walking over to her, kneeling down next to her, before scooping her up princess style.

“Alright, let's get you back to the Ladybug and then you can tell me about yourself.” Chat Noir explained, holding her to his chest as he walked up to the poop deck.

Slowly, but surely, crossing the wooden plank makeshift bridge, he stood on the deck of the Ladybug. Marinette buried her face in his chest. Breathing in his scent, she blushed, enjoying his smell, the scent reminded her of the smell of the ocean during a storm but also another scent she couldn't figure out. Blushing brightly, she looked up at his face.

He was so handsome, she had seen mermen before, but none of them compared to the human, he was kinder, and his looks were definitely a plus. She blinked as she noticed that she was being set down on something comfy. She looked down, not sure what she was sitting on, all she knew was that it was a lot softer than anything she's ever been on.

“So, I guess the first question is, what is your name?” Chat asked her, having set her down on his bed.

Marinette looked up at him, she wasn't sure if she should tell him or not. She clutched her clam bag close to her as she looked around the room before looking up at him.

“M-Marinette…” She stuttered out, her voice raspy from not having talked in a number of hours, and this being her first time speaking out of the water.

Chat Noir smiled. “Well, thank you for saving me earlier, Marinette. My name is Chat Noir, Captain Chat Noir. And this is my ship, the Ladybug. It’s the luckiest ship on the seven seas. Now, I have one last question before I let you get some rest. How does a mer turn human?” He asked her, crossing his arms over his chest.

Marinette swallowed, trying to figure out how go explain her unique situation to him. She fiddled with her fingers before sighing and looking up at him.

“I-I'm the only daughter of Queen Sabine of the Cheng kingdom. I-I used to be told stories of my papa when I was a little mer. Mama told me that papa wasn't a mer, he was a human. S-So, unlike most mers who can only hold their human form for 24 hours, I-I’m guessing I can hold mine for days, maybe even months!” she said excitedly before calming down. “I-I really don't know for sure, since this is my first time having them. M-Mama never let me out of the castle…” Marinette stuttered to a halt.

“So, you’re half human, half mer?” he asked curious about her situation.

Marinette just nodded in confirmation, hugging the coat around her. Looking down at her patchy legs she tentatively touched a red spot, wincing at the pain.

Chat Noir frowned, pulling out the pink scales that Evillustrator had ripped off of her, placing them on the bed in front of her.

“I managed to take these off of Captain Evillustrator, the man who hurt you. I hope these can be used to cure your patchy skin,” Chat Noir said softly. “Also, we’ll be docking at Port Le Havre in a couple of days,” he looked down a little sheepishly as a bit of red filled his cheeks then looked back up at her. “So, uh, you can travel with us until we dock,” he was smiling, “if you want to of course.”

Marinette blushed, gently taking the scales. “T-Thank you.” Marinette stuttered out, smiling shyly up at the captain.

Chat cleared his throat before standing up straight. “A-Alright than I shall fetch Rena, Bee, and the other ladies on board to help you dress like a human. O-other than that, you can sleep anywhere on the ship that you want,” he said indicating the bed she was already perched on. “Except for the crows nest,” he hastily added, “that's Bee’s spot.” He made a face before warning, “plus it reeks of alcohol up there.” Chat Noir stated, his face still red from ear to ear.

“T-Thank you, again.” Marinette said, blushing as she watched him walk out of the cabin, stumbling over his feet on the way out.

She giggled at his clumsiness. She opened the coat and took off her clam bag. Opening it up, she took out her tiara, before shoving it back inside and grabbing her hair brush. Examining it outside the water, she never noticed the spaces between the the rows of prongs. She was about to examine it further when the door opened, causing her to quickly put the brush back in her bag and close it.

“Alright!” Rena stated, dragging Bee in with her as well as 5 other girls. They were all carrying one or two items of clothing that Marinette had never seen before. Marinette was afraid she’d have to put all of them on.  

“Let's get this girl's session in progress!” Rena stated, sitting down next to Marinette, as the other girls sat on the floor. Bee on the other hand landed face first onto the bed and began snoring.

“Don't worry about Bee. She's a drunk.” The pink hair short girl snorted.

That's how Marinette's first day away from home went. Now headed for Port Le Havre, on the ship of a well known pirate captain, and with no idea of what her father looks like or what his name was, other than his last name was Dupain.

Marinette was determined to find her father. But how will she take to this close knit pirate crew? What would life upon this new home be like? Will they see her as more than just a precious little delicate girl? Will she ever be able to walk? Will more pirates come after her? Well the rest of her story is about to unfold!