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Kirby And Their Two Dumbass Dads

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Meta Knight did not know how to take care of sick children. Hell, he didn’t even know how to take care of himself when he was sick! And now poor Kirby, the sweetest child Meta’s ever had the grace of knowing and parenting, was now sick in bed with a cold. Meta pushed the hair off of Kirby’s sweat-slicked forehead, his hand lingering for a moment to check their fever. Still much too high. Hopefully it won’t stay so high..

Kirby stirred awake slowly, trying to piece together their situation. They were in their room.. in bed.. their whole body ached.. and Mommy was there with them. Well, at least there was that.

“Mommy..? Mommy, why’s it so hot in here..” Kirby asked drowsily, their voice raspy and dry from coughing throughout the night. Meta Knight sighed. How he wished that he could take Kirby’s fever away.

“It’s because you’re sick, Kirby.. Do you want anything to make you feel better?” Kirby shook their head. They pulled the blankets down to their waist so that they wouldn’t be so hot and sweaty. Meta Knight didn’t like Kirby’s answer. They needed medicine, and the sooner the better.

“Kirby..” Meta sighed. “You need medicine. Just bed rest won’t help you. I’ll be right back with it..” Meta Knight wasn’t even out the door when Kirby burst into hysterics, sobbing aloud and reaching for Meta Knight from their bed.

“Mommy- Mommy, don’t go! Mommy, poyo, I need you, don’t go, please don’t leave, poyo..” Kirby wailed, desperate to keep Meta Knight by their side. This tactic worked rather well, as Meta immediately stopped in his tracks and turned right around to comfort Kirby, scooping the poor angel up into his arms and rubbing their back.

“Hey, hey, hey.. I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m right here, I’m right here..” Meta Knight cooed, trying to calm Kirby down. He’s not sure what caused Kirby to get so upset so fast, they’ve always been a very calm and happy child.. This really came out of nowhere. Kirby continued their crying, shaking in Meta’s arms profusely.

“Mommy, Mommy don’t go.. don’ want you to go away, poyo..” Meta Knight’s heart ached for this poor child. Kirby’s done nothing but love and care for others, yet fate causes them to cry like this.. Poor thing. Meta Knight wishes that he could make Kirby feel perfectly happy all the time.

“Don’t worry, dear heart, I won’t go.. I’ll stay right here with you.” Galaxia’s really imprinted on Meta Knight’s parenting, hasn’t she? Kirby was beginning to calm down. And with that, they also were beginning to fall asleep as well. Meta Knight was glad for both of those things.

Once Kirby was asleep, Meta Knight laid them down and kissed their forehead, tucking them in and leaving the room to get some medicine. He’d have to ask about why Kirby had that crying episode later, but for now.. Meta had to focus on the present. And the present was getting Kirby’s health back to normal.