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Beg [for Me]

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"Get him!" Namjoon ordered with a near death harshness to his voice. "I want him dead!"

"Sir, he is dead!" A man spoke in concern for Namjoon, "Namjoon, you are my dearest friend. But pls, for the sake of humanity, find a way to relieve stress!"

"Yoongi, I will. I need to kill them all!"

"They will always be there. Please, can we go somewhere?" The man named Yoongi spoke again.

"Where would we go exactly?" Namjoon voiced with authority.

"I don't know, man. A strip club?" Yoongi shrugged off.

Namjoon became visibly flustered. Pink cheeks can't hide anything. Yoongi just had to laugh at him, huh?

"W-w-w-why THERE?!?!" The younger questioned embarrassed.

Yoongi laughed again, "c'mon man-ya need it."

"I don't need it." The younger spoke w/ harshness.

"Yes-ya-do. Now go change and-" The elder stopped to look and the younger while chuckling, "Get that blood off!"

Namjoon sighed and still listened. Deciding that he actually fears yoongi. He went to his side of the mansion. [Yes, a mansion. They were a mafia, for Christ's sake. They needed a big house.] He stepped into his room. He imagined a naked boy right there just squirm--Where is his head?

Shaking his head, he went to his closet. Ok, Kim Namjoon, you can do this. Now what can we wear? Jeans but, that's too casual. I want to show off my money. So? An Armani suit? Gucci?

There was a knock at the door, pulling the brown-haired boy out of his thoughts.

"Yo, Kim!" Yoongi opened the door, still not looking up. "I though that maybe we should--," Yoongi paused and looked up when Namjoon didn't kick him out of his room. "Why the hell are ya dressed like that?"

"Like what?"

"Wearing Gucci?"

"Yeah. something wrong?"

"We're going to a strip club. A FUCKING STRIP CLUB! Not some fancy-ass dinner!" Yoongi yelled.

'"Well excuse me for wanting to dress nice." Namjoon voiced smitten.

"I'm not drunk enough for this. You better be ready. to leave now" Yoongi sighed. 'no amount of alcohol will get Namjoon to stop being extra,'

"Yeah, I'm ready."

"Go to the care then, ya dumb-fuck." Yoongi half-yelled. He just really wanted to see his favorite stripper.

Oh yes, the remarkable Park Jimin. The one any man wants. The one that only wants Yoongi.

They got in Yoongi's car, a black, tesla-model X- p100d, and drove away.


They pulled up to the club, already hearing the loud beat of the music. The arrived at the Rose-amber. The most expensive and high-class strip club in Seoul, only the best for Namjoon and yoongi.

Namjoon looked wide-eyed at the entrance. "It looks really fancy."

"Just wait, will ya? It gets better." Yoongi spoke.

They parked the car around the side of the building, in the back. Got out, and headed inside. Weirdly enough, it was like a normal club. There was a bouncer, from what Namjoon could guess. He seemed to know yoongi thought, because as soon as he walked up to the man, the man instantly let him in with one look.

The man eyed Namjoon. "Name?" He spoke with intimidation.

" 'S ok, he's with me." Yoongi growled at the man.


Upon walking inside, yoongi met jimin's eyes from where hems. It was like Jimin knew he would be there. And Damn was yoongi already getting hard from the thoughts of last time. HE shook his head, this is about Namjoon.

"Joon, 's go to the bar." The elder barked.

Joon nodded and followed him.


They wove their way through the crowd, more like everyone moved out of the way for them. They sat down and signaled for the bartender, who just happened to know yoongi very well, and was considered a friend.

"ah! Yoongi, what a nice day to visit!" The man yelled shaking hand with the elder.

"Sure is good to be here Taehyung," Yoongi glanced at joon, "Oh! Tae, this is my business partner and friend."

"Oh! so does know?"

"Yeah he does," Yoongi looked at Joon again, he seemed tense and kept staring at the man.

"Joon, relax. Tae knows what we do, he's cool with it."


Tae spoke again, "Ya know, Jin and Jimin are dancing tonight."

Yoongs: "He's not supposed to tho?"

Tae: "Yeah but, it's a private show, only for you! Go get 'em. He's waiting in room 3."

"Ah! You're the best. Hey," Yoongi froze, "Is Hobi here?"

"Nah, He's with Jungkook. He's training the newbie," Tae leaned in close to tell yoongi something. "Hobi and I hope the newbie will be going with us."

Yoongi instantly knew what he meant. "Got 'cha."

"Now go get Jimin."

Yoongi left instantly, already hard. Tae chucked at his friend.

"You must be Joon. Hi, I'm tae."


"You look like ya need some.....drinks!!!" Tae switched into bartender mode and mate up a drink.

"here, now drink and go to room 7."

"Room 7?"

"Yeah, Yoongs' ordered a private room for ya. You'll like who's waiting in there."

Namjoon took the advise, and he was glad he did.


The minute he arrived, he opened the door. The lights were off. Maybe no one was here? He thought he had the wrong room. He checked the room number again. Still '7.'

As soon as he could blink music started to play. Sort of a romantic type of music; slow beat and and sexy? But, there were still no lights, just music and an enticing voice coaxing him in.

"" The smooth voice spoke. Who was Namjoon to go against it? He stepped into the dark room.

"Hello?" Joon questioned. Before he could breathe, there was a light shining on a chair. It looked expensive, black airy-cushions and Gold handles. Overall, a comfy chair, Namjoon decided once he took a seat. The music changed to a faster-beat, but still sexual.

The door shut on it's own and a beautiful dancer was shown with lights focusing on him. He stood on the stage with a pole in the middle. He had pink hair & wore a pink garter & black stocking with pink bow-ties on them. He also wore a sheer, black crop-top and white lace panties. Nothing on his feet, except the stockings.

This man was beautiful to Joon.

"So what is your name Mr?" voiced the beauty, walking down to Joon's seat.

"Daddy to you." Joon spoke with dominance partly melting off him. The pink-haired man shuttered. Everything about this man screamed submissive to Joon. He was in love with it.

"Well Daddy, I have a show for you. I could even use your help with a dance."


"My name is Jin."

"I'll stick to Baby Boy." Jin already loved the name.

"Okay, Daddy." The elder spoke with a child-like tone, "Watch me only."

Namjoon preceded to watch as the man walked back up to the stage. A new song began & he started to dance. Joon loved this song and he was sure the other did too.

As the first verse was playing, Jin sung his hips and licked his lips, Walking in circles around the pole while holding onto it with one hand. He kicked his right leg up and flipped upside down, spreading his legs in the process. All for his daddy to see. He flipped back down, only to spin around the pole again. Jin did different moves just to rile Joon up.

That took up all of the song. A different one started to play. This one by far, was the most sexual song yet. Jin moved to Namjoon. He walked down to the beat of the song and walked around the man. Touch his shoulders and chest in the process. When an especially sexual lyric came, Jin went behind Joon and moved his head in a circle.

Namjoon watched with hunger as the man danced. He was too sexy. Even as Joon was in his trance with music all the way up, he heard what was happening in room 3.

A loud 'miiiiiNNNNNNN YOOOOOOOONNNNGIIIIIIII' echoed through. Joon snapped back to the man in front of him. He whispered something Joon's friend liked. A simple "That will be me later." That's all it took for Joon to snap. He pulled Jin towards him, sitting Jin in his lap, facing him.

"Baby boy, do you want Daddy to lose control?"

"Oh yes daddy! I love it rough."

Joon moaned at the mental image; a sweaty Jin shaking below him, trying so hard not to cum—oh look he was hard. No surprise.

"Daddy, you look so big!!! Can I have a taste?"

"Sweetheart," Joon responded grinding into the baby boy above him.

"Daddy!!!!" The elder screamed in pleasure. "Daddy please let me have a taste!!!! I promise I'll be good!!!!"

"Okay, Baby boy. Be careful tho I'm—" Joon was cut off.

"Big." The elder finished his sentence as he unzipped the pants and pulled out his member.

Jin loved the size. It was truly a monster cock. He shook his head and gave the tip an experimental lick. Namjoon groaned and ushered the elder to continue.

Jin wrapped his plump lips on joon's cock and bobbed his head. He had no idea he sped up until Joon pulled his head off.

"That's enough, baby. Let me return the favor." \

Joon traded placed with Jin, sitting him on the chair. Namjoon took off his clothes one by one & kneeled by the end on the chair. He looked up at Jin for conformation. Jin nodded and he started.

The younger pressed on the elder's hole. "Daddy please, don't tease," Jin moaned.

Joon continued doing exactly that & looked around for lube.

"On the t-table." Jin remarked.

Joon got up and grabbed it. He poured some on his fingers and to jin's ass.

"Don't—" Jin tried to say but was cut off by his own moan.

Joon slid a finger in, he moved it slow at first, then got rough. Jin's ass clenched around the finger.

"Baby, it's only one finger." Daddy spoke.

"More Joon!!!!!"


"Daddy please!" At that Jin started pleading and more fingers were added.

"Daddy please! I want it so bad!" Jin pleaded as Joon's fingers abused his prostate.

"Beg for me then princess." With that name, Jin clenched on the fingers hard.

"Oh Daddy, I want to ride that monster cock. I want to drown in pleasure and be chocked and spanked by you. I need it so bad. I need you to stretch me out and pull my hair. Gag me with those thick fingers."

If Joon was turned on then, he was surely more turned on now. Who knew a princess like Jin had such a dirty mouth?

"Alright baby, But I won't be gentle."

"I want it rough." Jin agreed.

The younger grabbed the lube and stood up. He pulled Jin out of the chair and sat, pouring the lube on his dick.

"Im waiting, princess."

Jin quickly sat on Joon's lap. He ground his hips into his daddy's and they both moaned. The pantices got in the way and were moved to the side. Jin looked down at the monster. He lined himself up and sank down. He threw his head back and moaned. He pushed his hips up and down. Joon decided it was too slow paced. So, he slammed his hips against Jin.

"Wahhhhh! Too deep! Stop! no!" He moaned.

"Princess, you wanted this."

"I'm- I'm gonna——" Jin climaxed hard on his own stomach. Shaking form sensitivity as Namjoon tried to finish.

A few thrusts later and he finished inside. Jin, having already bottomed out, laid on joon. They both stayed still, trying to catch their breath.

"ah! fuck! Who knew strippers could be so lewd." The younger yelled.

"Excuse you, I'm an entertainer!" Jin protested.

"Of dicks." Joon retorted.

"Whatever." Jin argued in his ear. "Will ya clean me up?"

While holding Jin, Joon stood right up, causing himself to pull out. He watched as the sperm gushed out.

"Help me!! Aish!"

"ok, ok."

Joon went to where Jin said napkins and a sink was. He grabbed napkins and cleaned Jin's ass. He then moved jin to stay on his back. Jin dod so, so he could clean. Once everything was clean, Joon spoke up as he sat Jin on the floor.

"I hope you only did this for me."

"I only do this for people I like."

"In that case," Joon hugged Jin. "will ya be the boyfriend of a mafia leader?"

"Yes!" Jin yelled. I mean, he always had a kink for suits & leaders.