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The Trinisette Heirs

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This story is supposed to be a sequel to another story I'm currently working on about the Arcobaleno lives before and after. However, since I've not finished that one, and am already starting the sequel, I think I'll just publish this first.

Warning: In the future chapters, there will be some changes to the Arcobaleno like Viper, Skull and Verde.

In this story, Xanxus didn't get frozen for 8 years, and the coup never happened, yet Timoteo believed that it did, as Xanxus was saved by his Guardians, Skull and Mammon included. Skull is part of the Varia here, thanks to an idea from my prequel that I'm currently writing.

So if you're confused about any changes, please do message me or ask in the comment sections. I'll try my best to reply to them, without giving away any spoilers.


Chapter 1


"Young Master! Come back!"

I never knew a family's love.

"It's dangerous out there! Please, Young Master!"

Nor do I know who they are.

A young albino with a purple crown mark birthmark under his left eye giggled.

I remember everything since I first opened my eyes.

"There you are!" An exasperated but amused voice was heard from in front of him.

I gave up on searching. If they left me behind, they're not family.

"Hee hee! You found me!" His childish voice rang. "Michaelo!"

The servants, butlers, gardeners, cooks, maids, workers...

"Come on, Young Master. It's getting late."

Especially Michaelo, they're my family.


And no one will ever hurt them.

The sun was indeed setting on the horizon, painting the sky with streaks of yellow, red, and mesmerizing sunset-orange. The young boy stared longingly at the sky as Michaelo watched with deep fondness.

I never want this to end.


Chapter 2


Most people know, that the triangle is the most stable shape in the universe. A square is made of two triangles, same with the rectangle. In actuality, every shape with points are made out of triangles.

It's the supporting base of many things, including the world.

Three organizations would get reunited when the time was right, the boss or leader of each group then would be expected to carry the burdens of maintaining the world by splitting the three works of space, time and balance.

A woman in her early-twenties panted, she cradled a small object in her hands. She, having a longer and stronger lifespan was expected to at least last until the age of thirty with this burden thrown onto her. And as such, the responsibility of maintaining the 'balance' of 'space' and 'time' was forced upon her, the pain of using her life force to do so.

She sat down and stared off into the distant sunset, there was only one thought in her mind, that didn't involve herself or her well-being.

"Are you alright, Aria?" A man with gelled-back blonde hair asked in concern.

"Of course, Gamma." She smiled at her best friend and subordinate.

I'm dying soon, how long do I have left? A few years? A decade maybe?

I just hope that I live long enough for my child to have a proper, unburdened childhood.


Chapter 3


Do they not notice how their son had changed?

His oblivious and air-headed mother was in the kitchen, cheerfully whistling while cooking, absentmindedly musing about her 'cute' and 'adorable' her dearest 'only' son was.

Her husband -there was no way he was calling that truly useless, abusive idiot his father- was no better. He believed that his family was still the same as ever. His oblivious loving wife greeting him and his 'only' son running at him, hugging him in excitement as the adult would toss around his 'only' son. He would never notice anything when he was always away.

But... I know the truth...

"Gramps..." the little boy no older than 3 spoke to a seemingly empty corner of his room. The ghostly figure of his three times great grandfather materialized.

"I told you to either call me Dad or Brother, Descendant." The ghost playfully frowned.

"Then stop calling me 'Descendant', Dad!" The boy whined in an equally playful tone.

"Fine kiddo."

Gramps... hehe, I mean, dad is enough...

"They've forgotten again..."

He doesn't lie, unlike my mother's husband.

"Why don't I tell you another story about my old life and my time?"

He's more of a dad to me than my mother's husband was.

"Then what are you waiting for? Hurry!" Childlike excitement glowed in his eyes.


I'm so sorry these three chapters are so short, but this is the Prologue Arc.

Expect more in ARC 1.

See you again, then!