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Albus’ eyes met the old, silver door handle to his Slytherin dormitory and heard a quiet snicker (which obviously belongs to Scorpius; you could never mistake his laugh after being his friend for 5 years, he thought.) he waited in silence until the handle fumbled and finally opened, it almost woke up the rest of his snoring roommates. Albus groaned and let out a whisper, loud enough for Scorpius to hear.

“What the heck Scorpius! You said you left your books in the common room an hour ago, I thought Filch caught you out of bed and tried to hang you by your ankles with his shiny, polished shackles!”
Scorpius tiptoed towards Albus’ top bunk and tried to contain his laughter,

“Sorry Al… Rose was actually outside… she needed me for something… important”, he attempted to explain during his fit of laughter.

“Oh, I’m sure it was important, top-secret business; I swear! You two are running wild! Rose obviously didn’t inherit the want to abide by the rules from my aunt-in-law, now did she.” Albus hissed at him, his lips pursed together.

“Al, you don’t need to know where I am every hour, I never get to see Rose during the day anyway since she’s in Gr-“
“Seriously? You spent every second with her when we weren’t in class today, sweet Dumbledore!” Albus interrupted.
“I know, but I see you so often and I never get to see her, she’s my girlfriend.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, let’s just go to sleep, G’night, Scorp,” Albus grunted, trying his best to sound sleepy when in fact, he just doesn’t want to start an argument.

“Sleep well, Al.” He replied, changing out of his robes and into his pyjamas, he could tell the last thing Albus was was tired.