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thatoneuastudent added *:・゚✧*:・゚✧Aoyama✧・゚: *✧・゚:*, bassic, caught on tape, Creati, Deku, and 15 others to the chat at 4:13 p.m.

thatoneuastudent renamed the chat to 1-A.

thatoneuastudent left the chat.

zippity zappity dick rod: yoooo whats this uwu

Deku: Hey guys!!

Uravity!!: hiiiiii !

bassic: did

bassic: did you just fucking “uwu” at me

zippity zappity dick rod: i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked rn

skedaddle skadoodle: whazzguuuuud my dudes

Rock Hard: yo dude!!!!

Iida Tenya: What is this? Also whoever “Bassic” is, please refrain from such using vulgar language!

bassic: yeah yeah dude got it

bassic: mina is that a reference to something

skedaddle skadoodle: why yes it is ;))

zippity zappity dick rod: damn wheres hagakure when you need her

bassic: probably stalking somebody

skedaddle skadoodle: woww accurate

Iida Tenya: Whoever “zippity zappity dick rod” is, that username is highly inappropriate! Please change it to something less vulgar.

Rock Hard: i’m surprised he hasn’t said anything about mine yet

Iida Tenya: I apologize “Rock Hard” for I don’t understand what I should say about yours? Your user name seems appropriate to me!

bassic: dear lord, somebody tell him what that means

Uravity!!: nooooo don’t tell him!

Iida Tenya: Yes! Please do! I am quite confused.

Deku: noooooooooooo

zippity zappity dick rod: ill do it

Uravity!!: don’t you fucking dare

Deku: . . .

Rock Hard: jesus christ Uraraka

skedaddle skadoodle: holy shit

bassic: savage

zippity zappity dick rod: im scared now

skedaddle skadoodle: you bet your ass you should be

Iida Tenya: Uraraka! Language!

Iida Tenya: I am still very confused.

bassic: do it again, make kaminari scared

Rock Hard: wow sadist much

bassic: yeah sometimes tbh

Deku: don’t worry Iida! you’ll never learn someday....hopefully…

Uravity!!: wait who told you what that meant D:<

Deku: i always knew?

skedaddle skadoodle: he isn’t as pure as we thought

Uravity!!: noooo not my pure cinnamon roll DD:

Deku: cinnamon roll?

zippity zappity dick rod: dont worry about it dude

Rock Hard: @not on tape

bassic: oh my godd i thought that joke was dead

skedaddle skadoodle: hAH never

not on tape: duuuuude

not on tape: why do you have to do this to me

Rock Hard: it’s funny

skedaddle skadoodle: true true

your dick is now a noodle: i heard my name!

your dick is now a noodle: you better not be talking shit about me

zippity zappity dick rod: ahhhhh hagakure

zippity zappity dick rod: youre here.

your dick is now a noodle: that sounds vaguely ominous but ok

skedaddle skadoodle: what deeds have you gotten to see

bassic: wait oh my godd i know where those usernames are from now

not on tape: did you and hagakure really collaborate on the usernames

your dick is now a noodle: hell yeah we did

Rock Hard: i’m so proud

your dick is now a noodle: oh yeah mina, about the deeds, i didn’t see much today

skedaddle skadoodle: awww dangit

your dick is now a noodle: but i did get a video of that weird kid from class 1-B tripping in an empty hallway, look around and pretend nothing happened

Deku: You mean Monoma?

skedaddle skadoodle: AW HELL YEAH

Rock Hard: that’s the guy’s name? jfc

sidaddle skadoodle: ay tooru, dm that video

zippity zappity dick rod: ^^^^ s a me

bassic: me too

Uravity!!: can i get a video too?

skedaddle skadoodle: oh my godd hell yeah

not on tape: i’m slightly scared over this side of uraraka

zippity zappity dick rod: who isnt

Froppy: Not me

Uravity!!: :D


zippity zappity dick rod: why would you need to study?

your dick is now a noodle: he’s not studying he’s in the common room in a corner i see him

your dick is now a noodle: what are you doing


your dick is now a noodle: up your ass

Iida Tenya: Bakugou, why do I hear explosions? That is highly inappropriate usage of a quirk, along with your language! All of you!

Iida Tenya: Some people are trying to study, myself included!

Creati: I must agree with Iida as well! It is quite noisy.

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: why the hell did i just see Hagakure fling a book at Bakugou, strip off her clothes and just disappear

bassic: scroll up

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: i actually never expected this from Hagakure. from Kaminari? yes

Zippity zappity dick rod: is that an insult or a compliment

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: both

bassic: wait holy shit tokoyami is that you

Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Ravenway: yes

zippity zappity dick rod: i never realized you had such good taste in memes


skedaddle skadoodle: not telling you

skedaddle skadoodle: i aint no snitch

Deku: maybe calm down a little bit?


Todoroki Shouto: Does anybody have the notes from Present Mic’s lesson from last week?

Todoroki Shouto: Oh.

Todoroki Shouto: Bye.

Creati: I have notes you may borrow!

Creati: Ah, it appears he has already gone offline.


BakuBRO has left 1-A

Rock Hard added BakuBro to 1-A

Rock Hard: we’re bonding !!! you can’t leave dude

BakuBRO has left 1-A

Rock Hard added BakuBro to 1-A


skedaddle skadoodle: tbh the one that added us

skedaddle skadoodle: name reminds me of this tumblr user i follow

not on tape: you have tumblr?!!?

skedaddle skadoodle: ofc

bassic: hahaha basic

skedaddle skidoodle: wow how ironic

not on tape: i’m scared now

not on tape: and not because of explosion boy. we all know he’s just very emotional


zippity zappity dick rod: did you actually mute the chat

Rock Hard: doesn’t seem like it!

zippity zappity dick rod: lmaoo o

not on tape: like how did someone get the entire class’s numbers

Uravity!!: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Froppy: I kind of want to know too.

zippity zappity dick rod: honestly though i have no idea the person added like the whole class and left

Rock Hard: yeah its a bit weird since bakugo has like half the class blocked

Deku: Does anybody know who the person who added all of us is?

Uravity!!: at the beginning of the chat it said it was thatoneuastudent

Iida Tenya: I shall ask around Midoriya! It may turn out to be a security issue if someone had been able to find all our mobile phone numbers without us knowing!

Creati: I’ll ask around too!

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: Hagakure please come to the common room and pick up your clothes

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: i can’t deal with anymore of this bs

skedaddle skadoodle: ahhhh i’ll get it for her!

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: thanks, it was getting a bit tiring to keep m*neta away

tiddie( . )( . ): why did you censor my name?!

Iida Tenya: That username is highly inappropriate! Please change it now, Mineta.

tiddie( . )( . ): no

bassic: who has admin control

Deku: uhhh that’s weird, i do?

Deku: but i uh,,, didn’t make the chat

zippity zappity dick rod: *x-files theme plays*

bassic: great, kick the bitch out

Deku: the admin controls i have don’t let me kick people out!

bassic: gdi

Uravity!!: don’t worry Jirou! we’ll snuff that bitch out some other way!

zippity zappity dick rod: holy shit uraraka

Froppy: That’s my girl!

Deku has suspended tiddie( . )( . ) for 10 minutes

Deku: that should be helpful? it only lets me suspend someone up to 10 minutes ;-;

bassic: th ank y ou

your dick is now a noodle: ahhhhh good to be back

your dick is now a noodle: hey mina, you got that video of me escaping death

skedaddle skadoodle: yes

your dick is now a noodle: n i ce


not on tape: send me please

skedaddle skadoodle: done


zippity zappity dick rod: me too

skedaddle skadoodle: already done

zippity zappity dick rod: you know me so well

Uravity!!: can i get the video too?

skedaddle skadoodle: i’ll send the video to everyone in my contacts


Rock Hard: leave your corpses to death?


BakuBRO has left 1-A

Rock Hard added BakuBRO to 1-A


Tailman: Can someone tell me the context of the video that Ashido just sent me? The one where Hagakure flings a book at Bakugou, strips, and runs around giggling while she’s invisible?

Froppy: I think you can get all the context you need by scrolling up ^^^^

Creati: The video was quite profane, but was somehow still enjoyable?

Uravity!!: Hagakure smacking Bakugou and giggle running away needs to be a thing!

bassic: i fully support this

your dick is now a noodle: i’ll make it a thing!

zippity zappity dick rod: hagakure has no fear you could die you know

your dick is now a noodle: meh

not on tape: what a mood

zippity zappity dick rod: hagakure is the true mvp of our class

your dick is now a noodle: dont you know it ho ;)

Deku: i feel bad for laughing

Uravity!!: don’t!!! >:D >:)

zippity zappity dick rod: jesus christ

Uravity!!: well i’m going to go down and eat dinner, anybody want to come with me?

Froppy: I will.

Creati: I will as well.

your dick is now a noodle: im still running from bakagou so i’ll come too

Rock Hard: i think he calmed down


Rock Hard: guess not

skedaddle skadoodle: r i p

skedaddle skadoodle: also i’m joining

bassic: fuck it girls night

Deku: Can i still join

bassic: nO

Deku: aw D:

Uravity!!: sorry!

your dick is now a noodle: besides, we need breaks from your hormonal teenage boy testosterone

skedaddle skadoodle: agreed

zippity zappity dick rod: woah, c o ld hagakure

not on tape: can we talk about the fact that hagakure just said “bakagou” and didn’t get murdered for it


Rock Hard: hes not really

Iida Tenya: Bakugo please stop with the explosions! I may have to report you if you continue!

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: All i ask is for a little peace and quiet


Deku: let’s just pretend that never happened?!?!

zippity zappity dick rod: unlikely but i wish you luck

not on tape: r ip


Sent at 4:20 a.m.

zippity zappity dick rod: BLAZE IT

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: why are you not asleep

zippity zappity dick rod: SLE E P WHO'S THA T

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: bye

zippity zappity dick rod: nO doN’t lEAve Me

skedaddle skadoodle: rip

zippity zappity dick rod: oh hey

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: anyways what are you guys doing awake

skedaddle skadoodle: what are YOU doing up this late

zippity zappity dick rod: touche

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: agreed

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: but anyways i just woke up, you guys?

skedaddle skadoodle: ughhhh theres a test i forgot we have tomorrow

skedaddle skadoodle: well i guess today but yeah

skedaddle skadoodle: im just studying ((attempting to))

zippity zappity dick rod: same, but i gave up on the studying part

zippity zappity dick rod: wait wHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU JUST WOKE UP

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: im a bird

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Davenway: an early bird that is

zippity zappity dick rod: DO YOU EVEN SLEEP

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: yes

skedaddle skadoodle: how do you even wake up that early??

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: i sleep

skedaddle skadoodle: not helpful bUT OK

Deku: guys can you maybe text in private?

Deku: i mean i don’t mind, but i prefer not to get murdered today

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: yeah sure

zippity zappity dick rod: yeah but what the fuck are you doing up at 4 am

skedaddle skadoodle: yeah what ARE you doing


zippity zappity dick rod: there he goes

zippity zappity dick rod: dAMMIT you scared him off

skedaddle skadoodle: :’(


Sent at 6:57 a.m.

Rock Hard: guys what the hell

zippity zappity dick rod: sLeEp WhO iS tHaAAaaaaAaAT

Rock Hard: you guys concern me

skedaddle skadoodle: hahhhhh concern so manly

Rock Hard: please sleep oh my god

Deku: i try, man

Deku: i really do

Deku: but sleep never comes

Rock Hard: that might be bad, midoriya


zippity zappity dick rod: aaaaaaand there he goes

Skedaddle skadoodle: damn, and i thought a record was almost set

Deku: i know its bad but like

Deku: yeah

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: that is still concerning

Rock Hard: bros, you guys should at least sleep just a little

Rock Hard: i also dont really want to deal with the weird shit you guys say when you guys are half asleep

zippity zappity dick rod: oK its not THAT weird

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: its pretty weird

skedaddle skadoodle: haH yOURE WEIRD

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway: please, it makes me question my existence

Deku: ah well i’m going to pass out for a bit

Deku: i suggest you guys do too

skedaddle skadoodle: i actually will too

zippity zappity dick rod: awwwww don’t leave meeeeee

skedaddle skadoodle: nah im already too far gone

zippity zappity dick rod: gdi mina


Sent at 7:24

bassic: did they actually pass out

your dick is now a noodle: i think they did

Rock Hard: oh thank god

bassic: going along with that weird shit

bassic: its really funny but like, i dont want to deal with the aftermath

Rock Hard: yeah i don’t want kaminari to accidentally say “i’ll shove a lemon up your uranus” in front of aizawa

Rock Hard: again

your dick is now a noodle: ohhh i remember that!

your dick is now a noodle: but aren’t they only going to get 2 hours of sleep at the most

bassic: nooooooo

bassic: i mean sleep is still sleep?

Uravity!!: it’s still going to be soooo weird!!

Uravity!!: also good morning everyone!

Rock Hard: ey good morning!

Your dick is now a noodle: hiiiii!

not on tape: sleep is nothing if you never fully rest yourself

not on tape: life lesson from kaminari

bassic: who knew you could actually learn something from kaminari

caught on tape: i surprised myself too actually

bassic: woah did you just roast yourself

not on tape: aw fuck

bassic: screenshotted

not on tape: wow thanks

your dick is now a noodle: screenshotted as well

your dick is now a noodle: speaking of the “i’ll shove a lemon up your uranus” incident

you dick is now a noodle: a perk of being invisible is being able to sneak on your phone during class

your dick is now a noodle: who wants video

Uravity!!: ME

your dick is now a noodle: lmao don’t you just love blackmail

bassic: mmm i sure as hell do

Rock Hard: of course you would

Rock Hard: anywaaaays

Rock Hard: breakfast?!?!?

Uravity!!: ahhhh i’m coming hold up

your dick is now a noodle: me too!

bassic: crap im not ready yet, i’ll be there in a bit

Froppy: I’ll join too.

Uravity!!: yessss come join us!


Sent at 8:13 a.m.

bassic: alright alright

bassic: who wants to help me get up mina

Uravity!!: i’ll be right there

Uravity!!: (tsuyu is coming too!!)

Rock Hard: dang i’ll get the other one up

Rock Hard: @not on tape you gotta help me bro

not on tape: but why me

not on tape: get bakugou to help

Rock Hard: fiiiiiiine

Froppy: @Creati Can you come over to Mina’s?

Froppy: She’s kind of annoying to get up.

Creati: Yes I can.

Creati: Although, may I ask why you need my assistance?

bassic: we need you to create metals pieces with your quirk and bang them around

bassic: Uraraka’s idea

Creati: I’ll be right there! Please wait a moment, as I’m heading towards Ashido’s room!

your dick is now a noodle: ohoho, i sense i am needed there so i can get some deeds

bassic: oh damn, get your fine ass over here hagakure

Uravity!!: oh i almost forgot @Deku, you awake?

Deku: yeah i’m up

Deku: i woke up since there were some very loud explosions coming from above me

Deku: and lots of yelling

not on tape: yeah bakugo’s in there right now

Deku: i can tell

Iida Tenya: Please Midoriya! Get some more rest! You will not be able to accomplish your daily tasks properly if you are exhausted!

Uravity!!: yeah, next time i’ll have to knock you out if you don’t!

Deku: is that a threat

Uravity!!: a vague threat!

Deku: but still a threat

Uravity!!: true :))

Deku: that doesn’t make me any less worried

skedaddle skadoodle: jesus christ stop the banging

skedaddle skadoodle: i’M UP

bassic: yeah but its fun to bang shit around

skedaddle skadoodle: not saying i disagree

Iida Tenya: @everyone Please start heading towards class! It will be starting in 20 minutes and it would be detrimental towards your performance in school if you were to show up late!

Iida Tenya: There are still quite a few of you who have not shown up yet!

zippity zappity dick rod: can i just run to class at the last minute

Iida Tenya: I would not do that and it is very risky. You could still be late!

zippity zappity dick rod: yeah but it wouldn’t matter as long as i make it on time


Iida Tenya: Bakugo, please watch your language!


Creati: Class is starting soon so we may want to get off our phones!

your dick is now a noodle: sorry Yaomomo but i need this video of Kaminari running through the door late

zippity zappity dick rod: im not late

your dick is now a noodle: but you will be

zippity zappity dick rod: wow thanks