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Daemon's Deadfall

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Izuku stood on the training grounds, eyes closed. The heat radiating off of the other students licked at him from every direction, but he couldn’t focus on them, he needed to concentrate. Izuku breathed deep, allowing the air that drew into his lungs to pull at the tiny glimmer of magic that sat deep within him. The feeling of warmth that sat deep in his stomach was drawn up his arm, sluggishly, it resisted him with every breath he drew, wanting to recede back to it’s home and fade out, but Izuku, couldn’t, wouldn’t allow it.

 With one last effort he drew the power up out of his chest and sent it careening down his arm with as much force as he could muster, allowing the power to burst forth from his finger tips and… a small flame licked at his palm, it danced and tickled at his skin as if it were mocking him, then it fizzled out completely.

 Izuku panted with exertion and looked over at the exam proctor who stood shaking his head in dismay. The green haired boy knew he had failed, granted he had done much better than the last time he had taken his pyromancy exam where he hadn’t even been able to get a sliver of a flame out in an embarrassing display, but…

 Izuku flinched as the ground shook. A sudden wave of heat engulfed him and the other students around him, the sound of crackling flame and the smoky smell of blistering wood, drawing all eyes over to another student on the training grounds.

 Bakugou Katsuki roared again as he drew back his arm and released a second devastating fire ball from his palms, incinerating what little there was left of the wooden target in a blazing inferno. Students around him gasped and clapped in awe. Izuku stood mesmerized.

 To be fair the exam proctor didn’t look any more surprised at Bakugou’s display than he did at Midoriya’s, which was to be expected. Izuku didn’t think that he’d ever seen Kacchan get anything less than perfect marks on a physical exam.

 The fiery blonde was a beast to be reckoned with in all things things combat, that’s why there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Katsuki was well on his way to becoming the top class demon hunter that he aspired to be, a dream that Izuku had, but at this point he could still only call it a dream. At least he could still slip by with a passing grade if he got a perfect score on the written exam.

 Izuku slid closer, scrambling for his notebook, intent on observing and taking notes on Katsuki’s form. He watched as Katsuki drew his arm back ready to hurl a third fireball, how he breathed a deep confident breath, drawing the magic from his core into his expanding chest, Izuku could practically see the power surging in Katsuki’s chest, a wild, untamed force that Katsuki alone could force into submission. He stood, breath baited, he didn’t expect Katsuki to lock eyes with him.

 His stomach sank. Izuku just barely had time to throw himself backwards, away from the explosive heat of the fireball that was launched at his feet. He stumbled backwards, falling onto his behind, his notebook flying from his grip to rest on the ground beside him.

 “BAKUGOU, WARNING.” Izuku could hear the proctor reprimand in the distance.

 “What? It’s not like I ACTUALLY aimed for him!” Katsuki called back, shrugging off the warning entirely. Katsuki lowered his voice. “I just think that weak ass nerds with no chance at being hunters should mind their own damn business.”

 Izuku cowered as Katsuki loomed over him, everyone said that about him, that he was weak, that he should just quit, there was no way he could fight if he could barely use any magic attack let alone wield a sword properly but he still…

 “I do too have a chance.” Izuku mumbled.

 “What was that!?” Bakugou sneered, clearly annoyed that Izuku had even opened his mouth in retribution.

 “I said I do have a chance, Kacchan! I can be a hunter.” Izuku repeated, this time with more vigor. He grabbed his notebook off the ground and stood. He didn’t need to be good at fighting or casting spells, he had done his research, he worked harder than anyone else.

 “And how the hell do you think you’re going to do that, you disgusting good for nothing.” Katsuki said, stalking closer. He was barely a foot away from Izuku, using his proximity to radiate hostility, to get Izuku to back down. Izuku faltered.

 “I- I’ve read that there are hunters who use creatures,” Izuku said, flipping rapidly through his notes. “Sometimes even demons they commune with to fight, I can be that kind of hunter, I- I’m good with magical creatures and communication I just need a familiar and I can- HEY!”

 Izuku lunged for his notebook as Katsuki snatched it out of his hands to inspect the page that Izuku had opened to. The blonde’s eyes widened and then narrowed in disdain, he shot Izuku a look that made Izuku feel as though he was going to be set on fire by the sheer amount of hatred in Katsuki’s glare.

 “A fucking demon tamer? You’re still going on about that nonsense? Are you kidding me? Like you could get a fucking roach to listen to your commands let alone something as powerful as a demon, you’d get ripped to pieces Deku, not that I’d particularly mind if that happened.”

 “ I can do it, I’ve been able to sense them before, if I could just reach out and talk to one-” Deku shouted, eyes watering with frustration. If he could just get one, one contract, nothing big to start with, but just something to prove he could do it. He had read up on summoning and communing with demons he had all the knowledge, all the pieces were there, he hadn’t done it yet out of fear of releasing something into the school but, he was sure he could do it, if he couldn’t he would have nothing.

 “Demons are mindless, instinct driven monsters intent on chaos and ruining mortal lives. They don’t deserve to be talked to, the only way to deal with them is a sword through their goddamned heart.” Katsuki spat.

 Izuku yelled in shock as he watched his notebook go up in flames in Katsuki’s hands. All of his work, everything he had learned, incinerated in an instant. He lunged for the notebook, knocking it from Katsuki’s hand and immediately began trying to put it out with his foot, but by that time it was too late. The pages had been eaten away by Katsuki’s flames.

 Tears of frustration fell from his eyes as he looked at the mangled remains of his notebook.

 “Hey man, what was that, that looked kind of harsh…” Izuku heard a foreign voice above him approachin., He looked up to see a boy with bright red hair and glistening scales that shone like rubies adorning the sides of his cheeks and trickled down his neck and arms. The boy definitely had some sort of dragon DNA in him, maybe a shifter. Izuku’s mind was already filling with questions to ask, his hands instinctively reached for his notebook only for his heart to sink at the memory that there was no point.

 “Whatever, idiot deserved it.” Bakugou spat, turning to walk off with the dragon boy.

 “You didn’t have to make him cry.” The dragon boy mused, his voice fading away in the distance.

 Izuku watched them go, he would try tonight.


The light from the candles around Izuku’s room danced along the walls, his room was completely plunged in darkness except for the six candles he had stationed around his summoning circle. He had spent hours meticulously crafting away at it from memory. He kept evil warding incense and salts within arms reach. The circle should hold the demon regardless, but he didn’t want to go into this without being prepared for the worst.

 Without his notes, he wasn’t completely confident, he had read and reviewed them over and over again, committing them to memory, but the security blanket of having it by his side was gone. Still, he would prove them wrong, he’d prove everyone wrong about him, especially Kacchan.  

 Izuku sat down in a circle of his own, this one designed to allow him to link him to the demon that would appear int he one across from him. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He began the incantation.

The candles went out, and he was plunged into darkness. He was no longer in his room, he could feel the floor of his room still directly underneath him, but he was floating in a strange place, not in body, but in mind.

 He reached out into the abyss and waited, for something anything to take his hand. Nothing. Izuku panicked. Nothing was going to come to him. He took a step forward, nothing, another, still nothing. Then a light. Out in the darkness he could see a flickering light in the distance. He broke for it, running faster and faster till he stood before it, a raging inferno.

 “Hello!?” Izuku called out, voice almost completely drowned out by the crackling of the fire. The fire roared then parted, revealing deep within it’s core the form of a what appeared to be something humanoid, although it’s skin glowed bright as though it were still engulfed in flame. Izuku ran towards it. The figure ignored him. “Please, I just want to talk.” He said as he approached the flaming creature. No response. Could it even hear him?

 Upon closer look he realized he couldn’t make heads or tails of what the creature actually looked like, it was just a glowing mass of life and flame with no distinguishing characteristics. Izuku looked down it’s body, stopping at it’s wrists he could see- shackles? Glowing just as bright as the rest of the demon were what appeared to be chains. Someone had sealed this thing.

 “Do- do you need help?” Izuku was sure now that on whatever plane he was on the two way connection wasn’t working correctly as again it stood still, not even acknowledging his presence. Fine if that’s the way it was then. Izuku reached for the creatures hand and pulled.

 The response was instantaneous, suddenly the fire around him roared to life, flames exploded off of the creatures body as it struggled against his grip. Izuku was burning, but he didn’t give up and continued to pull. He couldn’t pull it free, his link wasn’t strong enough, the seal held fast. Izuku gave one last tug, fire crawling it’s way up his arms, hot, hot, it was too hot, he couldn’t stay.

 He was hurled backwards through the darkness, flames becoming smaller and smaller till they vanished completely and with one fell swoop he was slammed back into his body. He shakily opened his eyes to see his bedroom sitting before him. The wood floors creaked against his movements, the candles had re-lit themselves with the spell complete. Izuku shuddered at the recollection of what he had just seen. He had been able to tell that the demon had been close, was it somewhere in the school? It had been sealed so he wondered if it was being held captive somewhere, or maybe it was hiding in plain sight.

 Izuku stood shakily , he had failed, but know he knew. The freckled boy grabbed his satchel and began to make his way to the school library, he had research to do.



Izuku’s neck ached with pain when he awoke. He had fallen asleep curled up in an unfathomably uncomfortable position. There was a huge tomb in his lap, it’s ancient pages, vast in knowledge, but more pressingly, weight that had caused his legs to fall asleep in his slumber.

 With a start Izuku realized that he had fallen asleep after sneaking into the restricted section of the school library, surrounded by spells and ancient wisdom that he had no business poking through. He was lucky to have fallen asleep in a corner, concealed by a towering pile of books he had perused the night prior. The night prior… He looked out the window, judging from how high the sun was in sky he had definitely missed breakfast along with his first class, great. He stuffed the purple tome in his lap into his bag and quickly made his way to sneak out of the restricted section. He thanked the gods that the librarian didn’t notice him on his way out.

 Today’s lesson was one of Izuku’s least favorite courses, dueling and self defense. He had never been a confident fighter and on the battlefield it showed. It just so happened that today’s course featured an evaluation so every student would be observed in a one on one mock tournament.

 He arrived late, sword in hand and armor slung clumsily over his shoulders as he scrambled into the crowd of students who were watching the current match. Dueling days were a large time favorite for a lot of them, many of the students placing bets under the table as to who would win which fights. Izuku had always had a distaste for that sort of thing, but he wouldn’t ruin their fun, besides one on one’s were great for collecting data on different fighting styles.

 “Man, Bakugou’s been going wild today!”

 Izuku glanced at the small arena the other students were gathered around. In the center stood Kacchan, crouched low in a way that could almost be called animalistic, sword in hand ready to lunge.

 “Is it just me or does he seem even more angry than usual?”

 “Yeah, I swear on all the gods he was trying to cut me in two. Would’ve too without the protection spell.”

 “That dragonborne that he’s fighting is doing pretty well though, who is he?”

 “That’s Kirishima Eijirou, he transferred from the defensive arcane and charms course to the hunters class.”

 “What a beast, Bakugou’s sword just bounces right off of him!”

 Kirishima Eijirou, Izuku took the name to mind. So the scaled boy was a dragonborne, super rare, but highly revered in their line of work. They were known for their holy magic and natural resistance to magic.  

 Izuku watched in awe as the two collided, Kirishima armed with nothing but twin daggers that looked puny in comparison to Katsuki’ s broadsword. Every strike Katsuki landed was followed with a burst of flame that erupted from where his blade landed, but every blow was countered, not by Kirishima’s blades, but instead the dragonborne took to hardening his own skin, scales creeping up and acting as armor for wherever the blade struck next.

 “Midoriya Izuku, you were late so you’ll be fighting next.” Came the voice of their battle instructor. Izuku nodded solemnly, praying to the gods that by some miracle Katsuki lost.

Katsuki took the whole crowd off guard when he roared and threw his sword directly at Kirishima’s torso, seemingly done with trying to cut through the other boy’s scales he looked to have thrown it in blind fury. Kirishima was so taken aback by the move he had no time to prepare for Bakugou to lunge after it and land a solid punch to his face followed up by a massive explosion. There were screams of horror as Kirishima was launched backwards out of the ring, head completely ablaze.

 Izuku watched on in horror before Kirishima groaned and sat upright, taking care to pat out the flames with his hands almost as if he were brushing off dirt. Right, dragonborne, immune to fire, but not to concussive force.

 Kirishima got to his feet with care before walking back to the ring, hand outstretched. Izuku felt a pang of jealousy when against all odds Katsuki reached out and shook it.

 “That was some insane deception right there, and here I thought you were all brute force. You really got me.” Kirishima said with a grin that was almost as blinding as his scales.

 “You’re just lucky that you’re fire proof, otherwise you would’ve been toast, you need to work on your evasion, you can’t just tank everything.” Katsuki scoffed.

 “You can help me work on that next time!” Kirishima called as he trotted out of the dirt arena and off to the sidelines.


 Izuku swallowed as he walked into the ring. He and Katsuki had loved to play with wooden swords as children, but their play battles always ended up the same, with Izuku struggling to stand, covered in bruises after Katsuki had whacked him one too many times. Today would be no different.

 He was surprised to see that the look of disgust that Katsuki usually reserved for him was nowhere to be found, instead he was being eyed with? Distrust? Apprehension?


 That got Katsuki to return to his old glare. Katsuki’s lip curled into a snarl as he walked up to Izuku. Izuku bowed as instructed, but was surprised by the murmurs around him. He looked up to see Katsuki still standing above him, unmoved and livid with rage.

 “I will never bow to you.” He snarled, low enough so that only Izuku could hear.


 Katsuki jerked his shoulders downwards, Izuku could hardly call it a bow at all, but it was enough for the instructor.


 Izuku barely had a chance to get his sword up before Katsuki struck. The clash of metal loud in his ears as Bakugou’s sword clashed with his, sending vibrations up through his arms and into his shoulders. Katsuki disengaged and struck again, this time the blow landing so hard Izuku was barely able to keep himself from dropping his blade.

 Flames burst from Katsuki’s blade every time he made contact, making Izuku shrink away from his opponent more and more. He was completely on the defensive, Katsuki wasn’t even allowing him room to breathe let alone think.

 Then before he knew it his sword was sent spiraling out of grasp by a particularly devastating blow and into the dirt beside him as he was knocked backwards off of his feet.

 He closed his eyes at the next blow, he knew it was coming.

 ‘What can I do, what can I do, what can I do!?’ He screamed in his mind, then a bright flame appeared before him in the darkness.

 “I’ll tell you what you can do, loser.” Bakugou said allowed, wait, out loud? How did he?  The sword came down. “Nothing.”


 “You were borne nothing and you will always be nothing.”  


 Izuku rushed directly to his room that night, foregoing any and all social interaction. The days events had had him shaken. He had failed once again, cemented his place at the bottom of the food chain in front of everyone. It had been terrifying, frustrating, infuriating that Kacchan was right, in that moment there was really nothing he could do. He had been powerless.

 He took no time removing the withered spell book from his pack, it’s faded greyish plum tone speaking to how it may have once been a bright violet with a red jewel set in the center. This was ancient magic, forbidden dark arts as one would call it, but at this point Izuku didn’t feel like he had any other choice.

 Heart racing he turned to the page with the summoning circle he chose and began to replicate it. This one was different than the one before, it wasn’t a homing beacon that allowed him to find and reach out to demons, this one was a trap.

 He couldn’t stop thinking about the blazing figure he had seen before, how it couldn’t wouldn’t come to him, he hoped that with this new and improved method it wouldn’t matter. He would speak to it when it arrived, he reasoned.

 Four hours later, submerged in the depths of the night he was ready. This time the shadows cast by the candles seemed almost sinister, encroaching upon Izuku where he sat in his circle, but he paid no mind and began the trance.

 Again, the candles went out and Izuku was floating in the abyss. This time was different though, he could immediately tell he wasn’t alone. It was here. He could hear faint noises that grew louder and louder it almost sounded like… An enormous rush of heat engulfed him, the flames accompanied by the sound of enraged screaming. It was struggling, pulling away from him as hard as it could, but Izuku held on. He pulled and pulled till he heard the sound of those infernal chains shatter, then he was pulled back through the darkness just as he had been before and shoved back into his physical form.

 Izuku’s heart was racing when he opened his eyes, he had grabbed it and forced it to come along with him, he wearily looked at the circle in front of him, his heart leaping when he saw the collapsed form of the demon resting in the center. He had done it! He had captured a demon using his own power, now he just had to make a pact.

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 “E-excuse me.” He started, wondering if the demon was even awake. From what he could see in the darkness it was completely humanoid aside from the small curved horns that protruded from it’s head.

 “What the hell?” Came a voice, Izuku jumped, he knew that voice. He didn’t believe it, but had no choice to when he came face to face with familiar scarlet eyes, glowing in a way he had never seen them, but ones he had known for years.

 “K-Kacchan!?” Izuku exclaimed in shock. If Kacchan was here, did he mess up somehow, but those horns, he couldn’t fathom-

 “Deku? What did you do!?” Katsuki shouted, suddenly seeming a lot more panicked than before. Izuku could see glowing marks begin to spiral across Katsuki’s skin, demon markings.

 “Kacchan, I just- you’re a demon!?” Izuku, managed to stutter out. “How is that possible?” He had known Katsuki from a very young age, their mothers had been friends so they had inconsequentially spent quite a lot of time together as children, but as far as Izuku knew Katsuki’s mother was completely human and Katsuki had never shown any sign of being anything but. Izuku could even clearly recall a young Katsuki at age eight parading around his backyard, wooden sword in hand claiming that he was going to be the best hunter the Kingdom of the Gods had ever known with a smile on his face. Izuku had followed him in awe, Katsuki using him as his entourage on his pretend adventures until one day he just stopped.  

 “What did you do to me!?” Katsuki roared in distress. The markings were becoming more and more prominent, Izuku couldn’t help but think he recognized those markings, his hands itched, he had drawn them once before in his notebook.

 “I-I broke your seal and summoned you.”

 “You BROKE it!? Fuck, fuck no, I’ll fucking kill you for this!” Katsuki shouted, making the gesture to create one of his signature blasts, but to both their surprise nothing came out. Izuku sighed in relief, at least the circle was doing it’s job of not letting the demon attack. Katsuki was trembling in rage, or perhaps not rage, he looked…sick?

 “Kacchan are you… are you okay?” Izuku questioned.

 “Put- put the seal back on, you can do that right? Just fucking put it back, I won’t tell anyone this happened, just-” Katsuki cut himself off with a groan as he doubled over onto the floor. Katsuki’s fingers were intertwined in his hair, grasping desperately at it as if he were trying to maintain control. He tried to bodily process the rough pants being forced from his throat by clenching his teeth together and releasing a hiss of frustration. His veins were practically bulging from his skin at the effort it took him to not just seemingly fall apart.

 “I- I don’t know what kind of seal it was, I just kind of broke it?” Izuku admitted. He hadn’t known what he would get but, a full blown demon Bakugou Katsuki writhing on the floor of his room was definitely not what he expected. He briefly contemplated going for help, but that would get both him and Kacchan in trouble, and more likely expelled than anything else.  

 Izuku looked up in horror at the sound of what sounded like some sort of mutilated sob. He leaned in, his heart was racing not only with anxiety, but with something else that was stirring within him, an uneasy feeling that sent a curl of heat spiraling through his belly. That’s when he felt it.

 Suddenly the room was way too warm and filled with a sickeningly sweet smell, it reminded him of the deep scent of cinnamon and nutmeg, but with a smoky undertone that made all of his sense go off in alarm. Every fiber of his being wanted to get closer to Kacchan, to breathe that scent deeper, completely drown himself in it and to never come up for air.

 “Holy shit, you’re an incubus.” Izuku breathed, now standing over the trembling form of Bakugou Katsuki. His ceaseless panting and bright red cheeks were telling signs to the way he was feeling, but a look downwards to Katsuki’s crotch was more than enough concrete evidence for Izuku.  

 “Get the fuck away from me you damn virgin!” Bakugou snarled, baring canines that were far sharper than Izuku could ever remember.

 Izuku did no such thing. Instead he got closer and examined Kacchan’s face. His eyes were blown wide, only a sliver of shimmering red could be seen behind his pupils. The glowing marks adorned his upper cheeks where they trailed down to sensually dance along his neck and under his shirt in a way Izuku could only describe as alluring.

 “Incubus: The male equivalent of what is commonly known as a succubus, a demon that is often referred to as desire incarnate. An incubus will use it’s pheromones in order to lure any willing creature into having sex with it in order to feed off of their sexual energy.” Izuku recited, listing off the facts he had once written down in his notebook. “If an incubus or succubus is starved it will go into hyper heat where it will release it’s pheromones at an incredible potency and allow anything to mate with it.”

 The sound of Katsuki swallowing was tangible. His fear of his own body betraying him, of being trapped not only by Izuku, but by his own physical form was palpable even beyond the shared lust in the air. Izuku had never felt more powerful.

 “So tell me Kacchan, when’s the last time you fed?”


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 “I don’t feed." Katsuki hissed. Izuku cocked his head in confusion.

 “How is that possible?” Izuku could hardly recognize his own voice. His libido had spiked to the point where he could hardly bare to keep his hands off of Kacchan any longer.

 “I’m only half, the seal keeps the demon side locked away.” Katsuki said, his voice oozed with the exertion of trying to sound normal.

“And now I’ve gone and set that side of you free, and it’s ravenous isn’t it?” Deku asked, his head was hazy from all the pheromones, but it didn’t slow him, in fact it seemed to just encourage him to say any thought on his mind. “What kind of a demon tamer would I be if I let this ‘mindless, instinct driven demon’ starve.”

 Katsuki flinched at having his own words thrown back at him. His breathing came in heavier when Izuku finally placed his hands on his glistening, sweat soaked skin. They gently brushed at his shoulders before cascading down his biceps, taking care to feel the dip in each and every one of Katsuki’s muscles he followed the glowing patterns that adorned the incubus before pushing his hands up and under the others tank top.

 Katsuki let out an involuntary moan that shot straight to Izuku’s groin when Izuku allowed his hands to roam over the broad expanse of Katsuki’s chest. He took care to take a mental note of all of Katsuki’s reaction to his touch.

 Curiously he allowed his thumbs to brush over the demon’s nipples. Katsuki’s breath hitched at that, he couldn’t stop another long moan from breaking free of his lips when Izuku’s hands began rubbing at his nipples in earnest, taking care to tweak and twist them in a way that Katsuki would have called painful if it didn’t feel so good.

 “S-stop touching me.” Katsuki said in a way he had originally intended to come out much more commanding. Instead it sounded like a plea to Izuku’ s ears.

 “But you’re burning up and-” Izuku reached down to grasp the bulge in Katsuki’s pants. The other boy went stiff. “Kacchan’s clearly enjoying this down here too.”

 Katsuki cried out in pleasure and dismay when Izuku began to rub at his dick through the fabric of his pants. His mind was foggy, he could only process the intense emptiness he felt inside. It felt like he was dying, like he needed to feed. He lost himself to the sensations and ground into Izuku’s palm, hips rolling trying to get any amount of friction he could possibly wring out.

 “So this is the real Kacchan…” Izuku mused.

 “Hhh, s’ not me s’ the pheromones- ahhhh” Katsuki slurred out, brows furrowed at the implication of what Izuku as saying.

 “But they’re YOUR pheromones, your body is telling you what you want, what you need.” Izuku said, dipping his hand below Katsuki’s waist band.

 "Ngh! Don’t wan em…”

 “Clearly you do.” Izuku breathed in Katsuki’s ear, causing the blonde to shudder. Izuku grabbed his erect cock from under his boxers and used his other hand to yank both Katsuki’s shorts and underwear to his knees.

 Katsuki’s reaction was instantaneous, his hand shot to Izuku’s wrist in order to get him to let go of his unwanted erection, but there was no strength in the grip. He was powerless to stop Izuku’s ministrations as he began to languidly pump Katsuki’s cock. It caused the blonde to toss his head back as he bit his lip, not wanting to release any more embarrassing sounds.

 “Wow, Kacchan is so helpless like this, it’s a good thing I’m the only one here.” Izuku said, ignoring how he was the one who put Katsuki into this predicament in the first place.

 "Fuck you.” Katsuki bit out. Izuku ignored him still. Instead, he opted to stare at Katsuki’s reactions to his touch as he increased the speed of his hand, causing Katsuki to cry out once more, unable to keep himself quiet. Izuku was shocked when Katsuki’s whole body shuddered as he came into the palm of Izuku’s hand.

 “Oh wow, that was fast, I guess you really liked that huh?” Izuku said, staring at the white fluid that dripped from his fingers before inquisitively bringing it up to his mouth and giving it a small swipe with his tongue. He cocked his head, it was curiously sweet, not unlike the smell of the pheromones Katsuki was still helplessly excreting in excess.

 “That’s fucking foul what the hell is wrong with you?” Katsuki’s eyes were wide with disgust.

 “I’m just collecting data.” Izuku rebuffed. “It’s not everyday I get to study a demon so… intimately.”

 He wiped the rest of Katsuki’s come onto Katsuki’s discarded shorts before observing the blonde incubus once more. As he suspected Katsuki was still hard and doing a terrible job at hiding it. His face was flushed red with humiliation and his eyes were pricked with tears of frustration that he was doing his all not to let fall. Izuku had never thought the other boy to be more attractive.  

 He allowed himself to be swept up in the demon’ s piercing gaze and before he knew it he had gathered a handful of Katsuki’s hair at the back of his neck and pulled the demon into a wet, open mouth kiss. He allowed his instincts to take over as he bit and sucked at the other’ s lips, vying for entry. Instead he was met with the sharp gnash of Katsuki’s fangs against his lip.

 Izuku yelped, tasting blood. The demon was staring at him with eyes that screamed with rage, but were no less blown out than before. His shoulder’s still rose and fell with dramatic movements, showing just how hard he was breathing, struggling to keep himself together even still. Izuku knew better though, an incubus couldn’t be satisfied after finishing alone and Katsuki’s body was still craving his touch.

 “Honestly, even like this Kacchan’s still so testy. That aggression is going to get you in trouble some day.” Izuku muttered, situating himself more firmly between Katsuki’s thighs and giving the demon’s ashen blonde hair a sharp tug that caused him to let out a wail of pain trimmed with longing.

 “You can’t just go around hurting people anymore, Kacchan.” Izuku said as he forcefully spread the other boy’s legs, watching how the markings seemed to dance under his fingertips. Katsuki was trembling now with both his hands clawing at Izuku’s wrists, but Izuku could feel the strength draining from the other boy as the cloud of pheromones only seemed to thicken against his will. “I’m going to have to train that out of you.”

 He curiously allowed his hands to trail down Katsuki’s thighs, kneading the warm flesh beneath his fingers as he went. He bent Katsuki’s legs at the knees in order to get a full view of his prize. Katsuki’s cock rested completely erect. It sat almost perpendicular to his abdomen and dripping with precome to the point where Izuku could only guess it was part of the demon’ s biology, he took another note, but that wasn’t what truly fascinated him.

 Below Katsuki’s package his hole was exposed to Izuku in this position and Izuku drank in the site of the adorable pink pucker that twitched in the cold air as if to invite him. Izuku reached down to brush against it with his fingers, surprised to find that they came away covered in a thick fluid, that was not unlike Katsuki’s come, but was significantly more devoid of color.

 “So incubi can make their own lubricant? That’s incredible Kacchan, you really were made for this!” Izuku exclaimed, reaching down again. He’d have to take samples later for research purposes, now was not the time however.

 Katsuki’s grip on him tightened, the demon seemed at a loss for words, staring at him with a panicked expression that was only offset by his blown out pupil’s and the rivulets of sweat that dripped sultrily from his body. Katsuki shook his head from side to side as Izuku allowed his fingers to circle the rim of his hole. He put slight pressure and watched the way Katsuki’s eyes snapped shut, the demon letting out a low moan much to the blonde’s own mortification in response.

 Then Izuku slowly, but surely began pushing forwards, astounded by how two fingers were already being easily allowed inside Katsuki’s slick passage. Katsuki could no longer keep his eyes shut at that.

 “Haaa! STOP- ah, stop! This- this isn’t funny nggghh- if you do that I won’t be able to- I’ll-! AhHHH!” Katsuki sounded like he was between sobbing from the humiliation and moaning from the overwhelming amount of pleasure that rushed through him when Izuku’s fingers began ruthlessly thrusting in and out of his hole. He tossed his head from side to side, trying to somehow throw the blinding ecstasy from his clouded mind, but if anything he just sank deeper.

 “You won’t be able to what Kacchan?” Izuku asked, adding a third finger to Katsuki’s lewd, dripping hole, causing the demon to let out another wordless cry. “You won’t be able to tell yourself that this doesn’t feel good? That you don’t want this? Is it because it’s me, you can’t stand the fact that it’s that loser Deku who’s going to make you come over and over again? I’m sure anyone else would’ve been fine right? It’s in your nature to want to be fucked, you were born like this, I can’t blame you for that.”

 Izuku’s voice was writhe with vitriol, he indulged in the way Katsuki could only shut his eyes and clench his teeth, powerless to rebuke him in the state he was in. Katsuki always had something to say in response to any sort of comment made towards him. To see him so undone to the point he could barely give a cohesive word was magnificent.

 The fourth finger was a bit of a tight fit, even for the incubus, but Izuku could tell he could handle it, he wondered what Katsuki’s limits were, how far he could stretch him. Izuku swallowed, using his four fingers to spread apart the walls of Katsuki’s willing hole. He marveled at the way his fingers could come apart, the way that Katsuki keened and tossed an arm over his face when they did.

 Izuku withdrew his fingers, getting a pitiful groan from Katsuki, but he was quick to re enter the other boy. This time he used two fingers from both hands in order to spread the demon’s quivering hole until it was gaping wide enough for him to peer inside. Katsuki shivered at the violation, at knowing that Izuku was seeing the most intimate part of himself.

 “So greedy Kacchan, so open for me. Are you really so desperate to come again, or to have something inside here?” Izuku mused as he thrust his fingers back into Katsuki’s warmth. Katsuki’s voice was crescendoing once more, unable to contain himself past his lustfully drunken state and Izuku’s intense ministrations. Izuku smirked as Katsuki’s voice reached a high keen. Then he pulled out his fingers and leaned back altogether.

 The pathetic whine Katsuki made when he pulled out was music to Izuku’s ears.

 “What’s wrong Kacchan? Didn’t you want me to stop.”

 Katsuki’s eyes were still glazed over, but there was a modicum of understanding in them, then hopeless frustration as the demon reached down to senselessly paw at his own erect cock. Izuku grabbed his wrist and guided it lower to the demon’s own hole. He drank in the site of Katsuki fingering himself open, not a though in his head, but the intense frustration of being left hanging in a haze of his own lust. It was how he should always be. Always compliant at Izuku’s hands, allowing himself to give way to his own demonic instincts.

 “If you want something, you’re going to have to tell me, Kacchan.” Izuku said, pulling out his own already hard length and pumping it at the site of Katsuki pitifully trying to find relief at his own hand, something Izuku knew he couldn't do.

 The command seemed to spark something back to life in Katsuki. His lip curled into a snarl that would have been menacing if not for the fucked out expression on the rest of his face as he struggled to keep his eyes even in focus, let alone sustain a glare as he fucked himself on his own fingers.

 “Ngh! Fuck you, you perverted piece of shi-” Katsuki was cut off by Izuku grabbing his wrists once more, stopping Katsuki from thrusting into himself, the other boy cursed and writhed beneath Izuku’s hold. Izuku brutally thrust his fingers back in. The other boy went wild around him as he kept up an agonizingly fast pace, making sure to hit Katsuki’s sweet spot every time. Then right at the brink of Katsuki’s orgasm he withdrew once more.

 He drank in Katsuki’s sob of frustration. The demon tried to impale himself back on his fingers, not caring what he was doing, only desiring for more, but Izuku wouldn’t let him.

 “Fffuck, whys, why, why- p-Lease! Fuck!” Katsuki moaned almost incomprehensibly at the loss. He was putty in Izuku’s hands.

 “Please what Kacchan?” Izuku breathed, dipping the tips of his fingers back into Katsuki’s asshole, but not allowing the demon to buck back on them.

 “Just do it already!” Katsuki cried out, his voice dripping with impatience and shame.

 “Please do what, Kacchan?” The horror and disbelief that passed over Katsuki’s face was substantial, he couldn’t believe, that nerd was really going to make him do it, and he was going to-

 “Please fuck me.” It was a broken plea. His body was drawn tight and trembled with every breath he took. Izuku calmly wiped away the tears that had finally breached Katsuki’s eyes and trailed down his cheeks, leaving kisses on both eyelids, he cupped Katsuki’s face close to his own till the demons scarlet eyes reopened and stared deep into his own.

 “Only because you asked.”

 Izuku lined up his pulsing erection with Katsuki’s waiting hole, he swore he had never been so hard in his life, but that made the feeling of sinking into Kacchan’s slick, velvety heat just that much more amazing. Izuku almost couldn’t believe how warm and soft Katsuki’s insides were, how the hole just seemed to suck him in, wordlessly begging him to ram into the demon. Izuku stilled for a moment, then complied.

 Katsuki moaned out more curse words as Izuku rolled his hips at a pace he couldn’t mentally keep up with. Everything was too much, too hot, too good for him to process anything outside of the feeling of Izuku’s hot, heavy length slamming into his prostate with each measured thrust.

 Izuku drank in Katsuki’s face as the other fell apart beneath him, the drool he could no longer contain leaked from the corners of his mouth and the tears that ceaselessly fell from his unfocused eyes only made him that much sexier in Izuku’s eyes. A Kacchan completely under his control, a demon that Izuku had the right to do with as he pleased, perfection.

 He hiked the others legs up onto his shoulders to get a deeper angle, causing the incubus to let out another shout among his endless stream of lewd noises. Wow, Kacchan was loud. Not that Kacchan was ever one to be quiet about anything. Izuku supposed that this was no different.

 “So vocal Kacchan, such a good slut for me, I’m sure you’d be good for anyone like this though. Tell me, how many other people have fucked you? Did you prefer them? What about your dragon friend? Is that why he sticks around even though you’re so nasty, because you let him fuck you? You’re mine now though, Kacchan’s my demon, I earned this, you deserve it. Kacchan is mine, mine, mine, mine…”

 Izuku’s words were laced with poison and desire, his hips never stopped thrusting into the demon Katsuki who could only let his head lull to the side, unable to bring forth words to respond or deny any of what Izuku had claimed.

 Izuku himself didn’t realize the deranged look he had on his face, his eyes wide and swirling with the madness of obsession, and vengeance. His own skin was hot, burning from every point he made contact with Katsuki’s naked flesh. Spit gathered at the corners of his own mouth, having trailed out as he verbally humiliated his bully.

 He brought his hands down and wrapped them around Katsuki’s slender neck. He began to apply pressure. He enjoyed how Katsuki’s noises became even more mangled before falling quieter and quieter as the demon struggled for air beneath him, how his hole tightened around Izuku’s dick, Katsuki’s body involuntarily jerking as it tried to get away from the vice around his throat.

 Everything was too much. Katsuki’s insides too overwhelmed. He gasped for breath when Izuku finally let go of his throat. He took air into his lungs in huge rattling gulps as he was still fucked up and down Izuku’s cock, dripping with Katsuki’s own slick. The world was spotted with black and white rings he couldn’t blink from his vision. Then he felt Izuku’s teeth meet with the junction of his neck and a searing hot pain shot through his body as they sunk in and broke skin.

 Katsuki threw his head back and let out a long broken moan when came, hands scrabbling for purchase, for anything on Izuku’s wooden floor. The overwhelming amount of fuzz in his brain was cut through by a knife of raw pleasure that cut deep to the bone, to something inside of him. The explosion of warmth and wetness inside of him when Izuku finally came in his clenching hole was unlike anything he had ever experienced. It was so incredible, so satisfying, like his body had been running on empty before and had needed to be filled like this.

 Those emerald green eyes bore through his soul as they looked down on him, full of terrifying mirth and lust, they were the last things that Katsuki saw as he finally fell completely limp.

 Izuku let out a shaky exhale. He slowly pulled his softening length from the demon’s unconscious form. He marveled as it left a trail of come and slick leaking from Katsuki’s slack hole. He mindlessly took his fingers and scooped the viscous fluids back inside, it was what Katsuki needed to feed anyway right?

 The glowing markings on Katsuki’s skin had begun to fade until they were no longer a luminescent deep red and instead were simply darker skin colored markings that sensually decorated the incubus’ sleeping form. As much as he wanted to he couldn’t allow Katsuki to go out like that.

 He tucked himself away and reached for the dark tome he had found the summoning circle in. With a sigh he cracked it open and got to work.

Chapter Text

Katsuki's head felt like it had been painfully stuffed full of cotton when he woke. He shook his head, trying to clear it, only to immediately regret it as the world spun around him and the immense amount of pressure on his skull was agitated. It took him a moment to realize that he was in fact not in his bed, but instead lying on a hard wood floor. At least that explained some of the aches and pains, but where was he…

 “Oh, Kacchan! You’re finally awake.”

 Katsuki whipped his head around and found himself staring into the deep emerald eyes of Midoriya Izuku. His breath stuttered as the memories from the night before all rushed back into him at once. Izuku had summoned him, claimed him, and he had begged for it…

 “You vile little disgusting piece of shit.” Katsuki hissed. He stood to make his way over, fully intent on ripping out the green haired boy's entrails. “I’m going to fucking kill you, and once you’re dead I’m going to find a necromancer to bring you back to life just so I can do it again.”

 Deku’s lips were pressed into a firm line. Katsuki was disgruntled. Normally Deku would have been cowering with fear at his death threats, but now he just watched Katsuki with an air of disapproving curiosity.

 All the more enraged by Deku’s reaction Katsuki stormed over to him and made to grab him by the throat.

 Katsuki recoiled, howling in pain. It felt like liquid fire was traveling up his arm at the point he made contact. He examined the wounded limb, only to find that it was completely fine on the outside despite the fact it had felt like his blood had been boiling. What the hell?

“A demon can’t hurt their master once they’ve made a pact.” Izuku said slowly. A pact? What? “Here look.” Izuku said, turning his palm towards Katsuki, revealing a sigil not unlike the one Izuku had drawn on the floor, but this one was angry and red, having been literally carved into the palm of his hand. “It matches yours.”

A hand trailed up the side of Katsuki’s neck. The demon flinched instictively expecting the same fire that had crawled up his insides from when he had made contact, but the pain never came. Katsuki gasped as he felt Izuku’s fingers trail along a set of cuts that hadn’t been on the junction of his neck and shoulder before. Katsuki vaguely remembered the pain of teeth sinking into that spot. His mind raced. So that counted as blood willingly given? Bullshit.  

“I couldn’t find the same kind of seal that you had on you before, so I had to improvise a little bit.” Izuku said, his voice oddly apologetic. “I found an illusion charm that is meant for concealing demon’s and ghouls to humans. With it, no one should be able to tell you’re an incubus from just looking.”

The word sat heavy with Katsuki. Incubus. Deku knew and nothing could change that.

However, he did find that Deku was right. He looked at his arms where there had once been a swirl of incubus markings. They looked… normal. Upon further inspection he also found that his horns had vanished. At least that was one less thing to worry about, but something didn’t sit right with him.

“Where the hell did you even find a charm for something like that?” He spat. What use would a hunter or anyone really have for learning a spell that was meant to allow demon’s to infiltrate human society undetected?

“Ah, I found it in here,” Izuku said, gesturing to an old tome that lay closed on the floor next to him. “I had to take a little extra blood from you while you were out to make it work, but it should hold well enough.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened when he laid them on the book, he recognized it, or at least it’s kind. He had never dabbled in it, but…

“Black magic?” He hissed incredulously. “You really are scum. Why don’t you hang out with those freaks in the dark arts club instead of doing your fucked up little experiments on me?”

Izuku frowned. “Black magic isn’t inherently evil. It’s just a different kind of magic that draws from outwards instead of inwards. Besides, those kids are creepy.”

“Yeah because they do black fucking magic, idiot. It draws on blood and demonic energy of course it’s fucking evil.” Katsuki snarled.

“Well I used your blood, and your energy, and you were the beacon I used to summon you here in the first place. Don’t talk down to me when you are exactly the demon scum you’ve been preaching about eradicating since day one. I’m helping you.”   

Katsuki saw red.

“HELPING ME?!” He exploded, storming forwards towards towards Deku. “IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK?! YOU FUCKING RA-”

The words died on his tongue, instead giving way to another screech of pain. He didn’t understand, he hadn’t even touched the useless bastard yet, but pain was still exploding from behind his eyes. He fell to his knees, arms wrapped around himself, trying to give him comfort through the pain.

“That’s your magic you know. I can turn it off, turn it against you, do whatever I want really.” Deku said, his voice chillingly cold. “The illusion I cast will only hide what you are on the outside, but you are still an incubus through and through, and you ARE going to need help feeding again, so I suggest you be kind to me if you don’t want that information going around the school.”

Katsuki’s mind whirled, he’d need to do that AGAIN? One time had been hard enough. He hated the way it had made him feel, the way he had lost control, but Deku was right. Deku was the only one who knew his secret, if he told anyone else he risked being hunted or experimented on. There was no way he could continue his training to be a hunter if the school found out he was the very thing they swore to eradicate.

“I hate you.” He seethed. “I FUCKING HATE YOU.”

Izuku smiled sadly. “Yeah, I know.”



Izuku’s brow furrowed as he failed once more to transform the small stone before him. He sighed in frustration at his latest attempts results, he was supposed to be restructuring it into a replica of a small cat statue the teacher had used as a demonstration. So far he had only managed to make the thing sprout ears. 

He tried to concentrate all of his energy onto the stone, but really his mind was elsewhere.  

Kacchan had stormed out of his room after their altercation the morning prior and had yet to be seen again despite them sharing several classes. Izuku couldn’t recall Kacchan ever skipping class even when he had been devastatingly ill.

He wondered where Katsuki could have gone off to, he knew that the demon couldn’t have gone far as he could still sense him if he reached out, a tingling sensation lighting up his palm.

“And what kind of progress have we made here?” Izuku’s head snapped up at his teacher’s words. He had expected to be reprimanded for his poor performance and concentration, but was surprised to find that the words were not meant for him.

To Izuku’s right a girl with blonde hair stuffed into messy buns and golden eyes with slits for pupils grinned madly at their teacher. In front of her sat a small black stone, completely untouched since the beginning of their lesson.

“Oh come on Mr. Aizawa, you know this kind of thing is beneath my level.” She said, giving the teacher a toothy grin. Izuku shuddered when he heard the crack of bones as the girls face distorted into something more animalistic, her body warping smaller and smaller till a small beige cat sat where she had once been.

“Transforming your own body is different from the transfiguration of objects, Toga.” Aizawa sighed, clutching his temples.

“You’re right, it’s much easier!” Toga said, as she popped back into her human form.

“Just follow the curriculum, or I’m going to fail you.” Mr. Aizawa said as he walked back to his desk.

“Hmmm, but the curriculum is boooring.” Toga whined to herself, lip jutting out as she passed her hand over the stone, restructuring it into a perfect replica of Mr. Aizawa’s statue. “There are much more interesting kinds of magic than the boring stuff they teach us here, isn’t that right Deku?”

Izuku flinched. Toga was looking directly at Izuku with her head cocked. Her cat like eyes glimmered knowingly.

Toga Himiko was a person Izuku generally tried to avoid conversation with. So far he had been mostly successful, which made her interest in his opinion at the moment that much more alarming. 

He didn’t have time to yank his gloved hand away from her as she grabbed it and held it in a two handed grip.

“You did something bad.” She said, her voice hushed, but clear as day to Izuku. His heart hammered in his chest. “I can sense something different about you. I like it. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it, but you’re kind of cute. Tell me Deku, what naughty thing did you do?”

“N-nothing.” Izuku stammered out, withdrawing his hand from her grip and clutching it to his chest. Toga’s smile faltered for only a moment.

“I see, that’s alright. We’ve all got skeletons in our closets after all, but the dark arts club could always use more cute boys. Honestly, Dabi is the only one who is even passable and he says that I’m too creepy.” She said with a shrug.

‘You ARE creepy.’ Izuku thought to himself. He chose to give her a weak smile instead of telling her his thoughts.

“Just let me know if you ever need anything, cutie!”



The day passed without any sign of Kacchan until it came time for Izuku to attend his Dueling and Self Defense class. Relief coursed through him when he spotted the blonde in the crowd of students on the field only to be agitated when he saw Katsuki make eye contact with him for a moment only to immediately look away and walk further into the crowd with Kirishima.

Once they had all of their armor and gear on they were to pair off into groups of two to spar. Izuku could see Kacchan talking to a troubled looking Kirishima with interest before he was utterly surprised by the blonde shoved the red head’s concerned hand off of his shoulder and made a beeline towards Izuku. 

The sneer on Kacchan’s face was more than enough indication as to what he was feeling and Izuku understood what he was saying. Here Deku had no control over him unless he wanted to out them both. Kacchan must have been avoiding him until he had a chance to beat him up without him being able to retaliate. Izuku was annoyed. Kacchan had been hiding until he had a chance to publicly bully him and assert his dominance again. Izuku wouldn’t have it.

“You’re going to lose this fight.” Izuku said, breaking the strained silence between them. Katsuki looked livid.


“Make it look convincing, but if you try to win you’re going to regret it.” Izuku met Katsuki’s enraged glare with his own. He was tired of always being beaten down, he couldn’t allow Katsuki to walk all over him in front of their classmates anymore.

“Tch, I’ve been waiting what feels like a life time for this opportunity and you think I’m not going to take it?” Katsuki questioned disdainfully as he drew his sword.

Izuku could see that Kacchan was beyond reason at this point. He could have guessed something like this was going to happen. He had forced Kacchan into a corner, of course the bully was going to bite back as soon as he was given the opportunity. Izuku wasn’t keen on the idea of getting the crap kicked out of him by the demon again, his hands sweat in anticipation around the grip of his sword as Katsuki approached, lip curled and eyes ablaze.

Right, Kacchan was still Kacchan, he hadn’t changed in personality just because Izuku had claimed ownership, if anything this was a rabid dog who believed he had broken free of his leash. No matter, Katsuki may have been the same guy who was keen on beating him into the mud, but Izuku wasn’t the same cowering, powerless fool he had once been believed to be.  

Their swords met with a clang, Katsuki’s bursting with flame at the impact. Izuku instinctively narrowed his eyes at the flash of bright light, skidding back a few inches as Katsuki continued to apply pressure, overwhelming Izuku with his superior raw physical strength.

Izuku disengaged and leaped back. He had only been on the defensive last time, this time would be different. He ducked low, swinging his blade towards Kacchan’s legs, but was cut short by the blonde’s sword cutting upwards, forcing him to stumble backwards with large clumsy movements in order to avoid the tip of Kacchan’s blade from meeting his face.

This gave Katsuki the opening he needed. The demon punished Izuku’s dropped guard and low stance by throwing a knee at Izuku’s jaw. There was a flash of pain as Izuku’s head flew back where Katsuki’s knee connected. In the blur of motion it was a miracle the green haired boy caught himself when he fell, rolling to his feet just in time to take the brunt of Katsuki’s next swing right in the side of his rib cage.

Izuku let out a hacking cough, the protection spell they all had on their weapons was mandatory for the class to avoid the students accidentally killing each other, but even still it felt like he had just been pummeled by a blazing hot steel club.

He tried to brush off the pain and struck out with a stabbing motion, hoping to get Katsuki off guard now that his arm was extended, but he was too slow. Katsuki easily weaved to the side, disappearing from Izuku’s immediate line of sight and struck Izuku with another devastating blow to the back.

Izuku lurched forward, only to feel the pain of Kacchan’s boot kicking him in the spine. Izuku tried to roll to his feet again, using the momentum of Katsuki’s blows in an attempt to create distance, but as soon as he turned the demon was upon him again.

Another kick, another swing of the blade connected with his mid section, another to his sword arm, another to his knees. Izuku did everything he could to avoid the blazing steel monstrosity from coming down on his head, but with the way Katsuki was attacking relentlessly his arms were going to give. He had to do something, anything. He recalled the last time that they fought, how there had been nothing, no options, but now… He hadn’t wanted to do this in public, but…

Katsuki dove at Izuku, blade held high, ready for another roaring flame attack. Izuku closed his eyes, clenched his palm, and reached.

Red eyes went wide when the flurry of flames around the blade vanished. Izuku used Kacchan’s shock to his advantage. Dodging out of the way and landing a solid hit of his own to Kacchan’s mid section. A chorus of victory exploded in Izuku’s mind at the contact, Katsuki didn’t fold though, not even close.

Instead, he looked absolutely feral with anger.

“DEKUUUUUUUU!” Katsuki roared, lunging for Izuku again. “You THINK your little CHEAP TRICKS can stop me?! I don’t need magic to fucking kill you!”

A flash of steel came down on Izuku, knocking him flat on his back. Katsuki flung his lifeless sword to the side, instead choosing to mount Izuku’s chest and pummel him with a barrage of fists. In the distance Izuku could hear a whistle blowing and a teacher shouting, but that didn’t matter.

It couldn’t end here, with Izuku bleeding on the floor utterly defeated once more, he wouldn’t let it. Without thinking he reached up with both hands and grabbed Kacchan by the throat. The demon’s eyes only had a moment to widen for a fraction of a second before Izuku let the seal activate.

Katsuki let out a strangled cry of pain as Izuku used the demon’s own magic to attack his body. Izuku used that as his chance to grab him by the shoulders and head butt him with all of his strength, causing the demon to go reeling back.

Izuku didn’t stop there. High on adrenaline he used Katsuki’s backwards momentum to kick him off and reverse their positions. Kacchan’s eyes were still unfocused from the pain, but Izuku didn’t care. The punch he landed on the side of Kacchan’s face sent waves of satisfaction through him. He couldn’t hear the gasps or screaming around him as he rained down punch after righteous punch down on the blonde.

Izuku only stopped when he was grabbed from behind and forcefully ripped off of Katsuki. Suddenly the world snapped back into place. Their martial arts instructor, Mr. Kan, stood behind him, holding him in a choke hold. The rest of the class had stopped their activities and had surrounded the pair. Everyone’s eyes were wide with shock, whispers circulating through the crowd.

“Did Midoriya just beat the shit out of Bakugou?”

“I didn’t know he even had it in him, I’ve never even seen him land a hit before.”

“But look, Bakugou’s not even moving!”

“Is that what happens when you keep all of your pent up anger inside?”

“I’m glad someone finally took Bakugou down a few notches, the guy never loses!”

Izuku looked down at Kacchan’s unmoving body. His chest was rapidly rising and falling as he stared blankly out in front of him. So he wasn’t unconscious, just…

“Bakugou, can you get up?” Mr. Kan asked with utmost sincerity. That seemed to bring Katsuki back. His eyes came back into focus to glare at the teacher, before gruffly getting to his feet.

“M’ fuckin’ fine.” He bit out, sounding just a tad off.

“Alright, good. You boys both know we have rules, there is no honor in beating an opponent who’s down. I know you youth are riddled with passion, but when it comes to this class I don’t care how emotionally charged you are, you will respect the rules.”

Izuku’s stomach sank he had forgotten where he even was in the heat of the moment, his desire to win had outweighed everything around him. Katsuki merely sneered.

“That being said you boys are going to have to be punished for your actions. This weekend you will both report to the detention hall for your punishment.” The instructor paused. “Now go see the school nurse, you both look terrible.”



Katsuki bolted past Izuku on the way to the nurses office, how dare that little shit humiliate him in front of the entire class like that. His face was hot with rage and frustration. Normally if he ever had a problem he would have just continued to beat up the problem, but that wouldn’t work anymore.

His fists clenched when he heard Deku’s voice calling after him that he had passed the nurses office, but Katsuki didn’t care These injuries were nothing, he didn’t need treatment.

“Kacchan where are you going?”

Katsuki flipped him off. He increased his pace when he heard Deku’s footsteps coming up behind him.

“Don’t fucking follow me.” He spat. He couldn’t be with Deku at the moment, as a matter of fact he didn’t want to be with him ever again. Avoiding him had been going swimmingly, but he hadn’t been able to pass up on the chance to beat the damn nerd to a pulp. He hadn’t expected Deku to be so cowardly or so bold as to try and make him submit in front of everyone.

Katsuki had always hidden his demonic nature, ever since he had found out when he hit puberty. His mother had cast a protection charm and seal around him to keep him safe in their world of demon hunters, a world where people wouldn’t understand, where people would take advantage.

He had always somewhat resented his mother’s interest and compassion for demon kind despite being a hunter and researcher. It was exactly her carelessness that led to his creation. When the marks had first appeared on him they had both cried together. Katsuki due to believing his dreams of becoming a hunter were shot, his mother in apology.

Despite all of that he could never bring himself to hate her. She protected him, kept the origin of his birth a secret from others despite the nature of her work and never stopped believing in him or his dream. Still, he couldn’t forgive the filthy demons who were the cause of her suffering, not a damn one of them.

“KACCHAN STOP.” White heat pulsed in his neck. A warning. Katsuki rounded on Izuku, completely enraged.

“Stop fucking telling me what to do.” Katsuki was face to face with Izuku now, he looked down at the shorter boy with fire in his eyes. “You think cheating out one little fight means I’m beneath you?! I’ve fucking worked my ass off my whole life to get to where I am and you can’t even try to win a fight on your own merit, it’s fucking pathetic! You think you’ve got an advantage just because you know what I am?! Well let me just tell you what YOU are, you’re a cowardly, defenseless, talent-less, good for nothing little creep who the world would be better with if he just fucking offed himself.”

It was true, ever since they were kids Deku had been a disgrace, barely coordinated enough to serve as Katsuki’s lackey. He had always loved to copy Katsuki, from his hobbies down to his dream of becoming the world’s greatest hunter. Deku had always sworn they were going to take on the world together. It was no surprise that when Katsuki had discovered his true nature and shut Deku out the kid had spiraled into being even MORE of a failure without him.  

“Shut up.” It was almost imperceptible over Katsuki’s heavy breathing. He might not even have known Deku said anything if he hadn’t seen his lips move. Then Deku’s hand was buried in the back of his hair, wrenching him down. He tried to yank himself away, but for some reason his strength was leaving him under Deku’s burning touch.

 “This little good for nothing is your master now. You didn’t listen to me in training, your attacks really hurt you know. I tried to not use the seal, and I wouldn’t have if you had just listened to me, but bad pets need to be punished.”

Katsuki winced as Deku tugged him to his knees. He mentally screamed at himself to lash out, to attack, but his limbs suddenly felt like jelly, every fiber of his being telling him to abstain from attacking the summoner lest he want scorching agony shooting through him.

Katsuki gasped in shock and pain when Izuku placed his foot on his crotch, applying firm pressure that made something spark in Katsuki’s lower belly. The foot ground into his crotch through his pants, causing the incubus to squirm under the touch.

“Huh, that’s interesting, the markings are reappearing.” Izuku mused, looking down at him, dark curiosity in his eyes. “I’ll have to write that down later.”

Sure enough the incubus marking that had been present when Katsuki had first been summoned had begun to swirl across his body once more. He looked down at his arms before looking around the candle lit hallway, terrified someone was going to show up.

“We’re in public. Someone could see.” Katsuki said, his voice measured.

“Then I guess we’d better make this quick. You’re turned on and I don’t think those are going to go away till you get your fill.” Deku said, freeing his dick from the confines of his pants and rubbing it across Katsuki’s face. Katsuki was shocked by the sheer tenacity of the normally timid green haired boy.

Normally Katsuki would have thought the idea of someone’s dick even going near his face would be enough to make him sick, and to some extent it was, but something visceral curled inside of him, something that made him salivate as it brushed across his lips.

He turned his head in defiance, he wouldn’t give in to this. It was just instincts, they didn’t define him.

Another sharp tug on the back of his head caused him to yelp. Deku used that opportunity to slide his entire length into Katsuki’s mouth.

Katsuki choked around the intrusion, throat clenching, trying to reject the invader. His desire to bite down was at war with his body’s fear of the pain that would follow. Tears welled up in his eyes as Izuku did not let up, allowing his dick to sit in the back of Katsuki’s throat until the demon had to force himself to relax if he wanted to breath.

“You’re such a fast learner.” Izuku mused, shallowly thrusting his hips while he forced Katsuki’s head to stay in place. Katsuki swallowed around his hard cock, the slippery warm tightness of his throat caressing Deku’s dick.

Katsuki’s vision was beginning to go hazy, he felt overwhelmingly warm. Without realizing it he has begun to move his tongue. Something about the salty taste and the warmth of the dick resting on his tongue was poisoning his mind, causing him to lose sight of himself.

Izuku tugged on Katsuki’s hair, forcing him to take it deeper. Katsuki moaned in reply.

“You like that? You like the taste of my dick in your mouth? Your markings are back in full force, does sucking cock really turn you on that much?” Izuku hissed, sinking down the wall till he was sitting on his knees and Katsuki was made to bow to keep sucking him.

‘I don’t, I don’t like it…’ But the thoughts were muffled in Katsuki’s mind, outweighed by the cloud of pleasure and anticipation that fogged his brain.

He subconsciously chased after Deku, drool running from the side of his mouth as he slurped the hard cock in front of him. Deku knew he didn’t have to hold Kacchan’s head in place anymore, but he enjoyed the thrill of Kacchan’s choked gasps of surprise every time he held him still and relentlessly thrust into the back of the blonde’s throat.

Katsuki was vaguely aware of Izuku fiddling with the back of his pants, but the rush of cold air when they were yanked to his knees was still surprise. The sudden exposure sent a thrill through him as Izuku pushed his head down and reached around him to play with his now exposed ass.

He knew he should be horrified, he was face down ass up in the middle of the damn school, anyone could come at any moment and see him for the incubus slut he actually was, but for some reason he couldn’t care. Not with the way Deku’s fingers spreading his asshole open made waves of ecstasy roll through him as he moaned around the cock in his mouth.   

Deku had three fingers stuffed in his hole, the angle was somewhat awkward, but that didn’t seem to matter to him. Katsuki couldn’t hold in a whine as Deku opened and closed his fingers, feeling air pass between them and brush his slick waiting insides, ready to take more. Katsuki’s eyes were shut tight as Izuku held his head down, cutting off his airways as he shoved a fourth finger into the blonde and came into the back of Katsuki’s throat. 

Katsuki had no option but to swallow the load, the salty fluid hitting the back of his throat sending another shock of pleasure through him combined with the fourth finger stretching him to his limit. Katsuki’s body convulsed, holes twitching from both ends as he let out a high pitched moan and came on the floor beneath him.

Izuku pulled Katsuki’s pants back on for him. The blonde allowed it, limbs heavy, still lost in post orgasm haze. He could hear Deku suggesting he still go to the nurse, but none of it processed for him, not really. It wasn’t till the green haired boy had walked off that Katsuki snapped out of it.

He really hadn’t been able to do anything. It was like the demon inside of him had just taken over his mind and body. Deku’s voice echoed through his head.


‘That’s just your true nature, Kacchan. They’re YOUR pheromones.’


Katsuki’s fist throbbed in pain, the stone wall stayed frustratingly undamaged. That wasn’t him.

He shakily got to his feet.

He was so out of it that he almost tripped when a small cat ran by his feet. He cursed, but paid it no mind. His thoughts swirled with feelings of confusion and humiliation, he couldn’t focus on one thought for more than a few seconds before a new wave of emotion crashed down over him.

The only thought that stayed absolutely resolute in his mind was that he could not let Deku keep getting away with this. He would pay.

Chapter Text

Eijirou glanced nervously at Katsuki for the umpteenth time that day. Ever since the show Izuku and Katsuki had put on in combat training a few days ago something about Katsuki seemed… off.  Eijirou was the first to admit that ever since he had met the blonde he had never been one to be in a stellar mood, mostly communicating with him through grunts and curt answers, but Eijirou had never been one to shy away from a challenge and had persisted in being around Katsuki till through some miracle the ornery boy had warmed up to him.

 Eijirou was secretively quite proud of the fact that Katsuki allowed him in his space. He found himself plagued with anxiety when he had first transferred to the hunter course. He worried about how people would react to his otherness, the red scales that dusted his skin and his razor sharp teeth were often the first thing people would react to when they saw him. However, the first day on the training grounds Katsuki had looked at him, not as a Dragonborne, but with one demand in his blazing eyes- no not a demand, a challenge: ‘Show me what you can do.’ and Eijirou had given him quite the show.

 Katsuki had practically blown him away at first, but Eijirou stood his ground, they had gone tit for tat, he absorbed Katsuki’s burning blows, while taking that energy and throwing his own. Fists collided until both boys could barely stay standing. Ultimately Katsuki had taken Eijirou’s legs out from under him and Eijirou couldn’t force himself back to his feet.

 He remembered the image of Katsuki standing over him, so strong, so manly, something shining differently in his eyes, not the same dismissive glare he gave to the rest of the class, but something pensive. Eijirou couldn’t stop a brilliant smile from tearing it’s way across his face when Katsuki had reached out a hand to him and pulled him to his feet.

 Ever since then Eijirou had been somewhat captivated by his new friend. He tagged along after him whenever he could and always looked forwards to training with him. Katsuki even eventually agreed to start helping him with his studies when he found out how piss poor Eijirou’s actual grades were when it came to academics.

 He looked back to Katsuki again, the boy had been uncharacteristically quiet and somehow even more irritable than usual. His gaze was unfocused as he stared blankly at the textbook in front of him, clearly not even attempting to read the words on the page while they both waited for their class to begin.  

 He took a risk and snapped his fingers in front of his friend’s face. The blonde started from his trance then turned to glare at him questioningly.

 “Earth to Bakugou, you’re going to burn a hole through that book if you just keep staring at it like that.” He said, masking his worries with one of his trademark grins and a playful tone.

 Slight amusement streaked across Katsuki’s otherwise annoyed expression, his lip curling, most likely ready to throw some sort of witty comeback, but stopped mid retort, his expression turning to a true grimace. Eijirou turned to see the target of Katsuki’s new found aggression.

Entering the classroom was none other than Midoriya Izuku, Eijirou didn’t know what the green haired boy had done other than what had happened in training to warrant the blonde’s full unabashed hatred, but he could smell the disgust rolling off of Katsuki in waves to the point where it almost made the dragonborne boy ill himself.

 Shortly after Izuku entered and sat down towards the front of the class he could see their Demonology teacher, Mr. Kurogiri wisp his way through the doorway, barely corporeal, carrying a large crate. He was followed by a scarred upperclassmen with wild black hair and piercing blue eyes who was wheeling something that looked to be an almost human sized cage covered by a black drape. He could see movement inside from where the drape fluttered, but other than that the creature made no noise.

 Normally Eijirou loved magical creatures, but ever since he had transferred to the hunters course, his view of them had shifted a bit. Gone were the soft magical creatures he had learned to care and protect in the defensive charms course, instead they were replaced by demons and creatures of darkness, some retched enough to make his stomach turn, in all honesty, he wasn’t sure he wanted to see what exactly was in the cage.

 He wasn’t alone in his apprehension, whispers and murmurs spread throughout the classroom, pondering what the creature might be until Kurogiri warned the class to settle down. The upperclassmen wheeled the cage to the back of the classroom, far off in a corner before perching himself on a stool and leaning against it. Eijirou swore he made eye contact, but his anxiety was riding high and he immediately snapped his gaze away.  

“Today is a day where we face our fears.” Kurogiri began, ever one to be ostentatious. Eijirou bristled, it was working. Katsuki merely scoffed next to him. “Vitam Vescentium otherwise known as the Life Eater, who here has heard of it?”

 Down in the front he could see a sole hand shoot into the air.

“And what do you know of it, Midoriya?” Kurogiri asked, eyeing the green haired boy.

“The Life Eater is a plant type demon, it is mostly found out in the wild in areas with heavy foliage and large demon activity. The Life Eater gets its name because it is parasite that feeds off of the life energy of other demons. They are typically harmless to humans, although if they are truly starving they may try to syphon off magic energy if the human has any.” Izuku recited as if he were reading right out of a textbook.

 “Very good, I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Kurogiri said approvingly, earning a grumble from Katsuki to Eijirou’s left. “So today I have for you all,” Kurogiri took a moment to pause and snap his fingers, allowing the sides of the crate to bust open and fall away. The crate revealed a mound of what Eijirou could only describe as writhing roots, some green and incandescent to dark reds and browns. “I present to you fledgling Life Eaters.”

 “These creatures, while demonic in nature, will prove to be one of your greatest assets in your hunts. If you can learn to find and identify them they serve as great markers to what is around you and what is to come. These were all found closer to the edge of the forest so they are diminutive in size for the beginner class, but the larger they are the more demon activity you will find around you.”

 “Today, your assignment is to determine where your specimen was found and what it has been feeding off of to survive. Learn how to do this at a glance and you will have a significant advantage on your hunt.” 



The creatures were… Weird to say the least. Eijirou’s was a deep reddish brown, according to his guide that means that his had mostly been feeding off the life force of lesser demons, more in line with something like an imp. It mostly didn’t move, save for when he touched it, its tendrils would slowly reach for his fingers, shyly wrapping around them and gently hanging off, it was almost cute.

“Goddamn creepy thing won’t stay fucking still,” Eijirou heard Katsuki cursing next to him, he glanced over to Katsuki’s desk to see what the blonde meant, and true enough Katsuki’s was way more lively than Eijirou’s. It shone a bright green. Eijirou double checked his text, that meant that his had been found closer to the water. He could see Katsuki was annoyed as he tried to pin it down to get a better look at the markings to see the details.

Eijirou almost laughed at the yelp of surprise Katsuki gave out when the baby Life Eater latched itself around his entire hand.

“Aww, I think it likes you.” He teased. Katsuki looked up at him with a murderous glare, but didn’t say anything. He looked panicked as he tried to forcefully pry the creature off of him without making too much noise. The creature was spasming around Katsuki’s hand, evidently distressed by the violent force it was being put under.

“Hey, man, I don’t think it’s going to listen to you if you keep hurting it like that.” Eijirou said, under his breath.

“Anything submits if you use enough force.” Katsuki whispered back in a harsh tone, digging his nails even deeper into the creature.”

“Here, let me try.” Eijirou, sidled over to where Katsuki sat removing the aggravated boys hand from the creature, and gently sliding his along the ridge of where it clung to Katsuki. Katsuki had been right, it was definitely stuck on there. Maybe if he just…

Eijirou let the whispers of a relaxation charm fall from his lips as he dusted his fingers across the creature’s back. Katsuki let out a long sigh. Eijirou looked up at him to see the blonde staring at him in wonder. Eijirou felt his cheeks warm up and immediately looked back down.

With enough gentle prying Eijirou was finally able to reach up under a few of the tendrils till they gently rested on his own palm, cupped on top of Katsuki’s. Eijirou made quick work of pulling it away from the other boy before it got any ideas.

“Thanks.” Katsuki said, begrudgingly.

Eijirou smiled in response. He looked over Katsuki’s life eater.

“So this green color here means that it lives near water, so I guess it probably eats something like hell fish, probably baby ones with its size.” Eijirou said, turning the creature over in his palm. “These marking here mean that it probably blends in with more mold and algae kinds of plants and-”

Eijirou paused and stared at the underbelly of the creature. What he had once thought to be a consistent green there now lay a pulsing bright red splotch that seemed to be slowly spreading as the creature changed color. Eijirou looked around at his classmates, he didn’t see anything even similar in color on any of their specimens.

“I guess yours has had a brush with something more exotic, I’m not seeing this color anywhere in here.” Eijirou said, flipping through his text.

”Give it back.” Katsuki said abruptly. Eijirou paused at the tone. Something about it was off. Uneasy?

“Sure man, but are you sure? This thing might start loving on you again.” He joked.

“Yeah, just put it on my desk and don’t let it touch me. “

Katsuki spent the rest of the class finishing his work with his chair pushed two feet back from his desk.

Eijirou was in his own world upon exiting the classroom, only brought back down when Katsuki stopped in his tracks and Eijirou slammed into his solid back. He looked over Katsuki’s shoulder to see what had stopped him. His heart fell when he realized Katsuki had slammed into Izuku causing the green haired boy to drop all of his notes in the hall.

“Sorry man, we didn’t see you there.” Eijirou apologized from over Katsuki’s shoulder, hoping that his good will would be transferred over to Katsuki. No such thing happened as Katsuki made a show of kicking the stack of papers into even further disarray.

“That’s oka-” Izuku began to respond before Katsuki cut him off.

“Speak for your god damn self, shitty hair.” Katsuki snarled, ready to storm off, only to be stopped by a girl with a mess of blonde buns on either side of her head springing forward in front of him.

“Hi Izuku, darling!” The girl waved, “Do you need some help with that?”

“H-hi Toga.” Came Izuku’s shy response.

The girl waved her hand with a twirl of her wrist once more. There was a whirlwind of scattered papers around them before they settled neatly into her arms.

“And just who the fuck are you?” Katsuki asked, annoyance plain as day on his face.

“I’m Izuku’s girlfriend silly!” The girl said with an enormous grin, revealing her pointed canines. Eijirou supposed it was improbable for him to be the only one in school with weird teeth.

Katsuki audibly choked.



Toga giggled maniacally, hugging Izuku’s notes to her chest.

“I’m just kidding! For now anyway! I do think he’s very cute though, don’t you think, Kacchan?”

Katsuki balked at the nickname.

“Don’t fucking call me that.”

“But why not Kacchan? Why is Izuku allowed to call you Kacchan and I’m not?” Toga pouted, giving her best pair of puppy eyes.

“HE’S FUCKING NOT.” Katsuki shouted back in rage.

“Hey guys, maybe we should-” Eijirou began, not really sure where his place in the conversation stood, but feeling the need to interject nonetheless.

“And YOU, who are YOU? You’re so interesting!” Toga said, suddenly snapping her attention to Eijirou, “Could it be!? You’re Kacchan’s secret lover?”

Eijirou felt his brain fill with static for a beat as he tried to process the question. Shouts of denial came from the mouths of all three boys.

“Izuku has let me know SO much about Kacchan, but nothing about a cute dragon boy.”  

“You BITCH, What the fuck did he tell you!?” Katsuki was getting more and more distressed, his left hand opened and closed, clenching as if he were a hairs breadth away from lunging at the crazy girl.

“Nothing you wouldn’t want everyone to find out if that’s what your on about.” Toga smirked. “He’s so angry! You didn’t tell me about that, Izuku. I love angry boys they are so fun to play with!”

Toga leaned even further into Katsuki’s space, brushing her hand down his face till it crept to his neck and began to dip under his collar. Eijirou was too late to stop Katsuki from tearing the girl off of himself and throwing her to the floor.


Toga never hit the ground. Eijirou breathed a sigh of relief.

A blue flame warped around the girls body, suspending her a foot from the floor, Eijirou looked up to see the same blue flame wrapped around Katsuki, keeping him immobile.

“Hmph, you always have to go around ruining all of my fun.” Toga pouted.

“If you had hit the ground you would have deserved it.” Came a voice from behind Eijirou. He turned around to find that it belonged to the upperclassman who had been observing their last class. His height and cold gaze truly made him an imposing figure, especially when in combination with his motley of scars.  

The flames ceased and Toga was unceremoniously dropped to the floor.

“Sorry about her behavior kids, she’s not right in the head.”

“Dabi!” Toga whined.

“I’d fucking say so.” Katsuki grumbled back, rolling his shoulders as the blue flame dispersed around him as well.

Dabi paused for a long moment, staring Katsuki up and down.

“How’s your hand?”

Bakugou’s lip curled at the sudden question.

“Fine.” He grunted, shoving his right hand even further into his pocket. Dabi raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“Show it to me.”

“What’s it to you?” Katsuki snarled.

“Seeing as I’ve been shadowing Kurogiri as his assistant, I figured it might be my concern to check out the brat who got himself munched on in the middle of class.” Dabi drawled back, meeting Katsuki’s glare one for one with a chilling look of his own.

Izuku’s eyes went wide at the information. His eyes were panic-stricken as he rapidly flicked them back and forth between the upperclassman and the increasingly tense Katsuki.

“Wait you got bitten?” Izuku blurted out.

“I didn’t get fucking bitten!” Katsuki said, whipping his head back towards Izuku.

“He’s right,” Dabi said, flicking his fingers rapidly in the air towards himself. Bakugou grunted in shock as his hands were magically tugged from his own pockets and presented in front of the senior, encased in the same presumptuously heat less blue flame. Interest now piqued, Kirishima leaned in to get a better look at Katsuki’s palm. What he saw shocked him. Angry red marks swirled around the palm of the hand that the life eater had clung to, it almost looked more like a swirling pattern than a kind of abrasion.

“What the-” he breathed.

“The FUCK do you think you’re doing!?” Katsuki practically shrieked. Doing his best to violently tug his hand from the magical hold the senior had on him. His eyes were wide and his teeth were grit with rage at the indignation.

“Don’t worry, it was probably attracted to you because it was starving and it sensed that you were so strong.” Dabi said with a smirk that didn’t sit quite right with Eijirou. He could see Katsuki physically relax at the praise. “We can fix this here.”

Katsuki looked like he was ready to open his mouth again in order to retort, but Dabi leaned in and whispered something into the blonde’s ear that made him bite back his comment.

Dabi took Katsuki’s injured hand in his own, a blue light similar to his flames enveloped Katsuki’s palm before he let go.

And just as he’d stated, the marks had vanished from Katsuki’s palm.

“How did you…” Came Katsuki’s quiet response.

“You’ll learn with time, kid. You should head to bed for now though.”

Eijirou couldn’t recall a time where he had seen Katsuki so calm yet confused.

“I’m going to bed.” Katsuki said blankly, turning away from the group. EIjirou didn’t miss how he avoided eye contact.

“Wait, are you sure you’re okay? Let me know if you need anything!” Eijirou called after the retreating form of Bakugou Katsuki.

“We’re going too.” Dabi said, grabbing Toga by the back of her collar and dragging her off with him despite her giddy cries about wanting to be left with Izuku.

Izuku and Eijirou stood alone in the hall, both feeling a bit awkward at having witnessed the last strange encounter. Eijirou had never had a full on conversation with Izuku, he had mostly ever seen him in passing or when Katsuki purposely antagonized him, the blonde always claimed that it was deserved, but Eijirou was never completely on board with that, after all he seemed like a nice kid. Either way he felt like he had to say something.

“Hey man, I’m so-”

“I’m gonna go-”

Both boys began at the same time, cutting each other off.

“Ah, sorry, sorry, do you have somewhere to be?” Eijirou immediately back peddled.

“O- oh no, it’s my fault, you were saying?” The freckled boy stuttered out.

“Ah, I was just saying I’m sorry for the way Bakugou can be. I try to diffuse him when I can but, I don’t know what kind of relationship you guys have had up until now- But I promise he’s not that bad! When you get to know him any-”

“I know Kacchan better than you do.” Izuku deadpanned, cutting Eijirou off mid-sentence. Eijirou was surprised by his curtness. “I’ve known him for practically his whole life, I know things about him that you can’t even imagine, you’re just the hot new thing for him, but only I know what he’s really like.”

“Ah-” Eijirou felt dumb, of course if they had grown up together Izuku would know way more about Katsuki than he would. He was taken aback by the harshness of Izuku’s words, but he plowed on regardless. “I’m sorry, I just know that he can be a bit of a bully. I didn’t mean to step on your toes.”

“He’s more than just a bully, he’s a liar and a damn good one.” Izuku said shaking his head with a mournful smirk. He turned to Eijirou. “He used to promise me that we would take on the world together, be a pro hunter team, make the world safer together, but when push came to shove and it was time to start training he kicked me back down to the bottom with all of his might every chance he got so I could watch him climb from below.”

Eijirou couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he had known Katsuki could be mean, sometimes even cruel, but the idea that he would sabotage someone’s ambition when Katsuki took his own so seriously was completely foreign to him.

“You should stay away from him, it’s only a matter of time before he decides that he’s outgrown you and tosses you out too.”

“Bakugou wouldn’t…”

Midoriya gave him a look he could only describe as pity as he walked away.

Eijirou felt like he had just swallowed a lead brick.


Katsuki threw his pillow off of his bed. It hit the wall with an unsatisfying thump in his tiny quiet bedroom. He looked at his hand, he knew the creature had tried to feed off of him. He had been grateful Eijirou had been able to remove it without making a scene, but oh how close it had come.

After the life eater had stuck itself to him his hand had pulsed with a heat that he had desperately been trying to suppress for the past few days. He could feel it crawling up his arm in a way that burned, the beginnings of an itch that NEEDED to be scratched.

He had been ready to run off right after class, but had been in such a hurry he had needlessly slammed into goddamn DEKU of all people and gotten caught up talking to those damn freaks. He had sensed something about them was strange, but it wasn’t till the crazy girl started talking about what Deku had told her that he had really gotten up in arms.

Katsuki had only ever seen her in passing, one of those black magic weirdos, he supposed that the older student, Dabi, was also a member of that freakish club. He had been ready to fight the guy, had he not caught him in his flames.

Katsuki’s flames were loud, hot and explosive. To be able to control the temperature to not even a singe as well as how corporeal they were to the point they could act as restraints required a level of control Katsuki couldn’t even hope to attempt.

However, even amidst all of that, nothing struck Katsuki harder than when he had taken his hand and whispered to him, his breath warm on Katsuki’s ear.

“If that spreads, you WILL lose control.”

Hundreds of questions sprung forth in Katsuki’s mind in that moment. How did he know? DID he know? Lose control of what? Why was he helping him? In the end none of them mattered, Dabi was right Katsuki could feel it.

When Dabi had cast his light and ‘healed’ Katsuki’s hand he felt like a pail of ice water had been poured over him. His senses numbed, the pulsing ache and heat gone in an instant. It wasn’t any ‘healing magic’ Katsuki had ever heard of, it had to be something else.

Katsuki looked to his hands again in frustration. The red patterns had begun to swirl and cascade down his palms once more, trailing down his wrists and breaching his forearms. They glowed in the darkness. The heat was coming back with a vengeance. Katsuki shook his head to try and clear his thoughts.

Whatever that spell was Katsuki needed to learn how to do it as soon as possible, if not-

There was a knock on his door. Katsuki looked towards it with a shuddering breath. He didn’t have to answer, it was after hours whoever was there should’ve been asleep already.



Chapter Text

Another knock landed on his door. The sound was sharp in the oppressive silence of the night. Katsuki didn’t make a sound. Maybe Deku would assume he was asleep and go away if he didn’t respond.

Katsuki sneered to himself for hiding from Deku of all people, but the feeling of a pulsing heat traveling through his arms had begun to centralize around his chest and he knew he had to prioritize.

His breathing was coming in heavy. Suddenly, he was aware of sweat cascading down his forehead and back, leaving glistening trails in his body’s futile attempts to cool itself off. Hot breaths escaped him to the point Katsuki felt like he should have been letting out puffs of steam. His mind was becoming foggy with the familiar haze that accompanied the intense desire to feed. If only that stupid creature hadn’t drained him he wouldn’t feel like he was drowning in a sea of his own pheromones, he wouldn’t want to let Deku in and-

He cut himself off right there. He was disgusted with himself. How could he even entertain the thought of willingly letting Deku- This was all Deku’s fault to begin with anyway, if anyone deserved to suffer it was him.

Katsuki did his best to shake the heat from his mind. He eyed the door. He could tell Deku was still standing outside, waiting for him to make a mistake. Did the bastard know that Katsuki was vulnerable right now? Probably, wouldn’t have come for him if he didn’t right? Another chance to rub Katsuki’s true nature in his face.

With that Katsuki steeled himself, he couldn’t stay in his room, not with Deku out there. His thoughts were beginning to muddle together again. He could hear shuffling outside the door with the faint murmur of voices, voices he couldn’t be bothered to make out. Probably Deku trying to convince him to let him in.

He eyed his window. It was a risk, the dorms for his class resided in a tower that was located on the side of school that was hugged by the sea. It was a several hundred foot drop into the black ocean waters if Katsuki fell. He heard the doorknob to his room shaking. He scrabbled at the wooden frame of his window. He tried to lift it quietly only to be met with the harsh grating sound of heavy wood scraping against itself, groaning in it’s lack of use.

The door burst open.

Katsuki dived for the window.

He was half way out. His hands grasped onto the thick vine foliage the clung to the side of the tower. If he used the vines he could easily climb down to safety. He wasn’t as stable as he would have liked to be, everything was coming a bit slower, hands a little more clumsy, the only thing striking through his mental haze was the absolute need to hold on. Adrenaline coursed through him, keeping him sane, he was almost there- 

“KACCHAN!” A shout from inside his room and then a harsh grasp around his ankle and ‘NO, NO, NO!', he was being dragged back inside. Katsuki tried to kick to dislodge his captor, but found that even clinging to the building was taking a lot out him. His leg was moving like it was traveling through molasses and Katsuki wondered if would have even been able to make it to the bottom at all.

Katsuki hit the hard wooden floor of his room with a loud thud. He groaned and tried to whirl on his captor, hands cocked in preparation to blast the smaller boy off of himself. Katsuki roared in frustration when he cast and nothing came out. He was getting really tired of that trick.

Instead he attempted to clamor to his feet and back to the window. Anything to get away from that goddamn green haired embarrassment.

“Kacchan NO!” Deku cried out. Katsuki started back in surprise when the window snapped shut on him. He turned to see Deku with an outstretched hand. ‘Since when the fuck has Deku been able to-?’


“Don’t move.” Deku ordered him and immediately the mark on his neck thrummed in response. It didn’t hurt yet, but every time he twitched it began to radiate heat in warning.

“It smells so good in here.” Deku commented casually as if he hadn’t just physically dragged Katsuki back inside through his window. As if he didn’t have a vice grip on all of Katsuki’s autonomy. “That was really dangerous you know, I don’t know if you would have survived that fall in your state, Kacchan. Were you really in that much of a hurry to get away?”

“The fuck do you think?” Katsuki hissed through grimaced teeth. He was pissed that Deku had the audacity to sound concerned for him.

“I was really worried after I heard you got bitten in class. It looks like that life eater took a good amount of energy from you if you’re already like this.” Deku said. His hands grazed against the swirling marks that now spiraled across Katsuki’s skin. They glowed with his innate desires.

Deku’s lips brushed against Katsuki’s. They were soft and inviting, a kiss swathed in the promise of relief. Katsuki instinctively jerked back at the contact, but stopped when a blistering pain exploded from the sigil that came as quickly as it went. 

A tongue dipped into his mouth when Katsuki gasped from the sudden pain. Deku took his time exploring Katsuki’s mouth. He used his tongue in order to coax Katsuki’s to move against his own. Mingling their saliva in a way that Katsuki knew he should have hated, but filled his mind and body with more and more of that overwhelming sensation. Everything about it was disgusting, the way Deku’s tongue roamed his mouth as if to place ownership on him, to explore places no one else had ever been.

Nothing was worse than the way Deku’s gaze met his. His emerald eyes sparkled up at him with adoration. His affections and lust were on full display, but there was something more than adoration laced behind that look.

Katsuki made a noise of disapproval when Deku walked him backwards until his knees hit his bed, forcing him to sit down. Now Deku was looking down at him, Katsuki couldn’t bring himself to look back at him. He felt taken apart by just that gaze.

“You’re releasing so many pheromones I’m surprised no one else has come to check out where it’s coming from.” Deku sighed, burying his face into the still Katsuki’s soft tufts of hair. “It’s a good thing you have me to help take care of you before someone else came along, who knows what kind of trouble you’d be in then.”

Deku chuckled to himself as he freed himself from his trousers, completely erect. Katsuki didn’t say anything in response, he couldn’t. He felt like he was floating but his limbs were impossibly heavy. His mouth was full of thick saliva that made moving his tongue difficult. Deku leaned down to kiss him again, grabbing the back of Katsuki’s hair. Katsuki let him in, just wanting more of that taste, that feeling of floating away from his own mind, to just let that primal part of him take over.

Katsuki gasped in surprise when Deku stood to pull away only to use the grip that he had on the back of Katsuki’s neck to slam the other boys mouth down onto his cock. Katsuki writhed and choked at the sudden intrusion. Shocked back into himself he began to struggle, but Deku kept his weak body in place as Katsuki sucked and coughed in an attempt to fill his lungs with the air that Deku was definitely not allowing. The world was starting to go blurry. Involuntary tears sprung up into his eyes making them glisten at the air deprivation.    

Finally, Deku decided to give him a moment of respite. The freckled boy pulled back allowing Katsuki gasp for lung fulls of air and cough more saliva all over himself.

“It’s probably wrong of me, but I love the face Kacchan makes when he’s trying to deny himself what he really wants.” Deku murmured. He thrust back into Katsuki’s mouth, but not as deep as last time. “You always look so scared and confused when we start, but you’re just lying to yourself, you always end up loving it in the end anyway.”

Deku was now pumping in and out of Katsuki’s slack jaw at a rapid pace. His length was heavy in the blonde’s mouth. Katsuki’s thick saliva coated the entire length of Deku’s dick allowing it to slide to the back of his throat with ease. Drool overflowed from the corners of Katsuki’s lips. He was producing so much, salivating so much for the the cock that was abusing his mouth that there was no way he could have kept it all in.

He swallowed around Deku’s cock in futility. Deku groaned and tossed his head back at the action.

“Yeah, there’s nothing like watching Kacchan come apart. Getting all of that unhealthy anger to melt away until you’re nothing but a cock hungry incubus slut. I just- by the gods Kacchan you’re so amazing, you’re so amazing like this and you’re all mine!”

Deku wrenched his dick from Katsuki’s throat. The incubus sputtered and coughed at the sudden action. Deku wasted no time pulling down Katsuki’s pants with great fervor. Katsuki watched, trapped in his own body as Deku hiked his legs over his shoulders, exposing his slick hole to his worst enemy.

Something in him was unraveling. Deku’s cock was now pressed up against him. Something was burning, more tears sprung into his eyes, not from the humiliation but from the raw pain. Katsuki didn’t know why he was on fire, but he knew he needed to move, to do something, to stop himself from coming apart.

Suddenly his hand was slapped from the air and the curdling pain eased. When had he even reached for Deku? Belatedly he realized he had been reaching for Deku in an act of desperation despite the order Deku had given him to remain still. He hadn’t thought about it he had just moved on autopilot, as if his brain wasn’t functioning well enough to notify him of the intense pain he was going through.

All trails of thought were eliminated when Deku pushed inside of him. The green haired boy wasted no time spearing the blonde open, preparation be damned. Try as he might, the pheromones actually had a huge effect on him too and there was nothing in the world he desired more than to be sunk to the hilt in Kacchan’s inviting heat.

Katsuki’s back arched off the mattress at the intrusion. The walls of his hole were forced to stretch open more rapidly than he thought possible to make room for Deku’s sizable cock. The slow pull of Deku’s cock leaving his body produced even more slick, his body’s way of inviting the intrusion back inside.

All of the air was punched out of him with Deku’s second thrust and Katsuki couldn’t help but let out a high keening noise when Deku thrust inside with that same vigor again and again into the blonde’s waiting hole.

Deku’s grip would surely leave bruises where his fingertips pressed achingly into Katsuki’s hips, but Katsuki couldn’t bring himself to care. The pain of being fucked open so suddenly in combination with the insurmountable pleasure that rose up every time Deku’s dick plummeted in and brushed his sweet spot was too much for the boy.

Cries of pleasure exploded from his once tightly sealed lips, filling the air around them with the sounds of sex and desperation.

Katsuki wanted more than anything to grab onto something, anything to hold him down, but with Deku’s order in place all he could do was lie still as Deku ravaged him.

“See? If you’re just good for me it doesn’t have to hurt, you just have to stop denying me.” Deku said, looking down at Katsuki, desire and possessiveness blatant in his expression. “If you’d just stop posturing you could see that your place is here with me.”


“Fucking disgusting.”


Deku paused. It had barely been a whisper betweeen Katsuki’s pants. The blonde’s eyes were still glassy, but there was an awareness that hadn’t been there moments before.

 Nghh, I’m not yours, I’ll never be yours.” Rage blossomed in Katsuki’s chest. It slammed him back down to earth at Deku’s declaration of ownership.

“Yes you are?” Deku said. His hand came down to press against Katsuki’s seal, but his voice wavered, unsure.

“Without your cheap tricks, you wouldn’t be able to do anything!” Katsuki snarled, rearing up. Pain exploded behind his eyes, but he didn’t care. “If I wasn’t-! If you weren’- I HNNh! AHh!”

Katsuki was cut off when Deku hiked his hips up and slammed back inside of him, he still reached for Deku’s throat, pain be damned. He couldn’t tell but he was screaming from the intense pain of moving mixed with the thought numbing pleasure of getting his hole pounded as Deku folded him in half.

He came with a sob, he almost couldn’t tell it had happened when all he could feel was white heat all around him. His hole clenched around Deku’s cock. Slick gushed from him while Katsuki screamed, painting his own chest and face with his own cum.

Deku came at the feeling of Katsuki’s orgasm overtaking him. His own hot cum shot from him in spurts and coated the blonde’s already fluid slicked insides with some of his own. He fell on top of the now lax Katsuki with a groan. He savored the wet sound his dick made when he slipped it out of the blonde’s cream pied hole.

He turned and sat at the edge of the bed to catch his breath. He hadn’t expected Kacchan to fire up so suddenly at the end there, normally he would get to a point where he would be mostly docile. Something was changing, but he couldn’t be sure what.

Deku was startled when he turned back to Katsuki’s prone form and found the sharpest gaze boring through him. He didn’t have time to react to the fist that came at him and knocked him in the side of the head and sending him sprawling off of the bed.

His own shout of surprise was accompanied by Katsuki’s shriek of pain.

The blonde was sitting upright now, trembling with the amount of effort it took not to collapse backwards. Liquid fire was traveling through his veins as a response to disobeying and attacking his ‘master’, but he could deal with it, it wasn’t like before, Deku’s hold on him was slipping.

“You’re delusional if you think I’m ever going to belong to you.” Katsuki panted out, failing to hide his exertion, but he still managed to come off with the intensity of a thousand suns. “You’re too weak to keep this up on your own and I swear to all the gods, when I break free there will be a reckoning.”

Deku held his cheek on the floor. He looked stunned.

“If- if you do that, I’ll tell everyone.” Deku breathed.

“Yeah? So they can do what? Kill me?” Katsuki chuckled. “Call me crazy but I think the thought of that scares you more than me at this point.”

It was true, Deku wanted him more than anything. He wouldn’t be willing to expose him if it meant the blonde’s execution. Katsuki would break away from Deku’s hold and there wouldn’t be anything the little roach would be able to do to stop him when he did.

It had been so long since Katsuki had felt like he’d had any sort of control over his life he couldn’t help but allow a wicked grin to cross his face at the obvious fear that crossed Deku’s face. He had a plan forming and when it came to fruition there would be penance.

“It’s only a matter of time.”

The door slammed shut leaving Katsuki to sit alone in the darkness of his room. He swathed his aching body in his sheets. It did little to relieve the discomfort, but the look on Deku’s face when he had turned tail and run was a comfort in itself. He may have been banged up to the point where the very thought of moving caused distress, but he would take the small victories.




Chapter Text

Katsuki thundered down the hall. Gazes were drawn to the charging boy from all sides as the upperclassmen around him questioned the presence of the ostentatious blonde in their wing. He ignored the footsteps attempting to keep pace behind him. He kept his eyes open for his prey.

He hadn’t known where to look, but sticking to the dark arts classrooms in the senior wing seemed like his best bet.

The upperclassmen halls were unlike the ones on the second story of the school used by the entry level students. Instead of plain stone illuminated by a few ornate torches, the walls had a polish dark wood finish that bled into a sleek black stone. The walls had few torches, similar to the entry year ones, but overhead was a ceiling made to look like the blackest night, stars and all, that used their twinkling glow to light the rest of the area.

While his surroundings were beautiful, Katsuki payed no mind. His eyes darted about the halls from person to person, until FINALLY he spotted a head of shaggy black hair locking a door behind him as he emerged from a nondescript classroom.

“HEY FREAKSHOW!” Katsuki bellowed as he stomped his way towards the upperclassmen. Dabi turned his head seemingly unamused by Katsuki’s loving nickname.

“Is that how you were taught to say hello?” Dabi questioned, as he peered down his nose at the increasingly uncomfortable looking Katsuki.

“I- uh- sorry?” The apology sounded strained and uncertain coming from the blonde, as though he knew it was the right thing to do, but had trouble getting his throat to produce the sounds. Dabi chuckled.

“Look, can I talk to you in private?” Bakugou said, finally cutting to the chase. Dabi raised an eyebrow and held up the rather dense ring of keys he was holding as an affirmation.

“No, not inside, I’m asking… if you’ll meet me at the training arena… tonight.”

“You looking for a fight kid?” Dabi asked, bemused.

“Yeah, I mean not really, I need to see something, so I need to fight you.”

“That is so like you hunter kids. Meat heads the lot of you. You need help so what do you do? You ask for a fight, as if that will solve your problems. If you need help, just say it.” Dabi said. He leaned in, a sideways smirk cracking upon his lips.

Bakugou didn’t move, he refused  to break eye contact.

“Just because you’re our top entry trainee and can kick around your little friends doesn’t mean you have what it takes to take on someone with experience, OR someone with true power.”

The last line was a whisper on his ear. Katsuki swallowed.

“I know.” Katsuki said. He struggled to keep his voice level. “That’s why I need your help.”

Dabi leaned back with a smile. “That’s more like it.”

Katsuki was about to retort when a hand clamped down on his shoulder. Katsuki jumped at the sudden contact. He whirled on the perpetrator only to find that it was an out of breath Kirishima that clung to him.

“DUDE, I’ve been chasing you forever, I lost you in the crowd! Do you know how scary it was to be up here alone!? People wouldn’t stop staring at me!” Kirishima said, gesticulating wildly. 

Katsuki was stunned, he had thought he heard footsteps behind him but had soundly decided to ignore them.

“No offense, lizard brain, but why the hell were you following me anyway?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!” Kirishima gasped. “All of the entry hunter trainees are supposed to be at the mandatory assembly in the court yard, the King’s Hunt is here!”

Katsuki’s eyes widened. The Kings Hunt? The most elite hunter force in all of the God’s kingdom. The very people Katsuki aspired to join when he became a fully fledged hunter.

“What? No way, why would they be here talking to the first years? They normally only ever recruit seniors into their program.” Katsuki said in disbelief.

“I don’t know, but we’re late and we’ve gotta move! We’ve gotta get you in their good graces you know!” Kirishima said with a wink as he grabbed Katsuki’s hand and began rushing him back through the corridor. Katsuki looked back at Dabi, who hadn’t moved.

“TONIGHT!” He shouted, turning the corner just in time to see Dabi nod.


Izuku looked up in awe. He had never thought he would get to see the King’s Hunt in person. Well at least part of it. They were in the school’s demonstration arena. It was similar to the training one, but much smaller, it’s main space meant to only house one group at a time, whereas the training arena was made to hold several pairs of fighters.

At the center stood two pro hunters, both large in stature, their proficiency rolled off of them in waves. To the left stood a man with blonde hair that stood in two points and had a smile that was practically blinding. On his back he carried the only thing to outshine his smile, a holy great sword that shone and glittered between white and every color Deku could possibly identify some that he could not. The King’s Hunt’s number one in command, made a knight at only seventeen and having stopped countless demon uprisings, Deku was face to face with his true hero, All Might.

To All Might’s right stood a hunter just as famous, but not for his glory. To his right stood Endeavour, The King’s Hunt’s second in command. He had striking red hair and eyes that had a chilling sharpness to them, cold and blue with a gaze that seemed to judge the world around him with impunity. The most striking thing about him was the beard of flames that constantly swirled about his face, giving him a terrifying appearance as though he had just walked out of hell itself. Endeavour was known for his cruelty and efficiency. He had burnt demon civilizations to a crisp in one blow, no mercy in his heart for anyone who had gotten caught in the crossfire.

Both men wore the stunning golden armor of the hunt, although only All Might had chosen to wear the crimson cape that billowed out behind him that the Hunt was known for. Everything about it screamed glory.

“So I know it must be a shock to you that we are here isn’t it?” All Might began. Murmurs of agreement came from all sides of the arena. “Well you can thank my good friend Endeavor for this!”

Endeavor made no move to help All Might when the other man gestured for him to continue.

“All right then.” All Might said. He awkwardly cleared his throat. “SO, we have heard news that this years first year class is exceptionally talented. Give yourselves a round of applause for that!”

Izuku contributed to the lukewarm applause from the still very confused class.

“At the end of the year, every year, this school, OUR school, holds a showcase for our senior and junior hunters, so they can show their abilities and possibly be recruited into a group such as ours. BUT, given the nature of this years talent, as well as the recent rapid growth of the demon population, we have decided to give a few select first years a chance to participate!”

Izuku’s heart was pounding in his rib cage. A chance to be recruited into the King’s Hunt? His dream career? He COULDN’T, he WOULDN’T mess it up. He had been practicing so much, reading every day, he had even been getting some real help with his basic magic.

“So here’s what we are going to do. We have prepared a selection of mid level demons that we expect you to tackle in pairs. In this exercise you will be expected to demonstrate your combat skills, along with your ability to work as a team with your partner. Teamwork is a huge part of this exercise and will directly effect your scores BUT, you will not be graded as a group and instead as individuals so pair off!”

”That’s bullshit!” Izuku heard a familiar voice cry out from the top of the crowd. He turned to see a very angry Kacchan who was failing to be pulled back into his seat by an annoyed Kirishima. “I can take on that damn demon by myself!”

All Might didn’t miss a beat.

“I’m sure you think you can young man, but we only brought so many, give us a good show and you’ll get your one on one at the end of the year!”

That seemed to appease Kacchan into sitting down at least.

Izuku yelped in surprise when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his shoulders before he relaxed. It was always impossible to hear Toga coming, but it happened often enough that he knew exactly who it was.

“Hey, my darling Izuku, you wouldn’t happen to be in need of a partner would you?” Toga asked. Her eyes gleamed with excitement. Izuku looked around, everyone was pairing off with their friends. He had no doubt who Kacchan would be paired with, the thought made his stomach churn.

He looked back at Toga and nodded. Toga may have been slightly unhinged, but there was no doubt in Izuku’s mind from spending time around her that she was strong. Way more powerful with illusions and transformation than any other first year he knew. She also wasn’t a terrible teacher if he could get over her predatory gazes.

“Any volunteers for our first round!” All Might called out to the arena. Everywhere around him hands shot into the air.

“Alright, may I have the two enthusiastic young men in the back!” All Might called out. His hand beckoned Kacchan and Kirishima who were practically clamoring over their seats.

The two walked down to the arena together. Both strong bodied, Kacchan no doubt the strongest in their class. Power rolled off of the two of them in waves.

“Your task is to slay the demon hiding behind those doors without either of you getting critically injured . If you get incapacitated you are out, if you do not kill the demon you are out. We will do our best to ensure no casualties, but we cannot guarantee anything.” Endeavour spoke as he eyed the odd pair with a stern curiosity.

Both Kacchan and Kirishima met his gaze with fiery determination of their own.

“I can definitely guarantee a casualty here tonight.” Kacchan sneered. He nodded his head at the door as his armor unfolded. It draped him in it’s gleaming plates, black as night. Kirishima’s scales likewise glistened in the sun’s light like tiny flames as they cascaded down his body.

Kacchan’s sword roared to life as the gates burst open and revealed what was inside


The creature was large. It stood more than two times the trainees heights, dwarfing the pair. It was broad with a hard, jagged black shell that faded to red at the tips of the creature’s claws. It crawled on six crab like legs and on it’s shell covered head the only part of it’s face that could be seen was it’s six rows of razor sharp teeth.

Izuku gasped at the supposedly mid level fight. He wasn’t familiar with the particular species, but he could tell it was made to have ridiculous defensive capabilities. Something most students would struggle with.

Immediately the arena was set ablaze as Kacchan shot a beam of flame from his sword down the middle of the arena to the gate. The creature shrieked and clicked as it lunged from the flames, unharmed.

Kirishima then met it head on, jumping towards it’s blind lunge in order to bury his twin daggers into its skull before gasping as they simply bounced off the hard shell. Izuku sighed, Kirishima may have been a good fighter, but he certainly lacked intelligence in Izuku’s book.

Kirishima just barely jumped off of the creature in time to avoid being bitten around the mid section when it reared back to it’s full height. Just in time for Kacchan to let out another sweeping attack as he swung his flame sword at the creatures leg, catching it just behind one of it’s armored knees.

The creature stumbled, but stayed upright.

“So this thing DOES have soft spots!" Kirishima shouted from where he had landed.

“Yeah, but it’s got six legs!” Kacchan snarled as he blocked and lunged low once more.

“I think I saw another one at the base of the head!”

“Then what are you doing, get me up there!”

“I’m not just going to throw you at some flailing beast!” Kirishima retorted, looking at Kacchan like he was insane.

“Then protect me you idiot!”

Kirishima’s face glowed almost as red as his scales.

“Right!” He shouted. He clenched his fist with conviction, razor sharp teeth bared in a flashy smile.

The dragonborne was quick to get into a low stance so he could use his hands as a spring to send Kacchan flying. The two moved with a practiced familiarity as Kacchan sprung off of Kirishima’ scaled palms. The creature swiped for him, but was deflected by a shield spell from below.

Kacchan grunted as he landed on its head. He had expected it’s arms to reach for him immediately. He looked down to see Kirishima at his max. He looked more like a dragon than ever. Horns protruded from the front of his skull while his whole body was coated in fiery red scales as he bear hugged the creatures arms in front of it with all of his strength.

“You ready to pull this one off!?” Kacchan shouted from the top of the creatures skull as he raised his sword. “BECAUSE YOU’D BETTER BE!”

“JUST DO IT!” Kirishima roared.

With that Kacchan plunged his sword downwards into the base of the creatures skull and screamed.


The audience screamed as all three beings in the ring were engulfed in flame. The fire was hot and only burning hotter as it pulsed out wards in waves they could still hear Kacchan screaming in rage with every burst of flame. Then just as it appeared, it was swept away.

Izuku cracked his eyes he had squint shut due to the ridiculous amount of heat and smoke.

He saw Kacchan taking Kirishima’s hand as he slid off of the massive creature. Both boys blackened by the flame, but still standing while the creature remained a mere charred corpse behind them.

“That was INCREDIBLE!” All Might boomed, incredulously as he approached the two boys. “The teamwork! The power! Well done you two I can’t wait to see you at the showcase!”

“Your power was indeed impressive.” Endeavor said, looking directly at Kacchan. “Hone it, foster it, and no demon scum will be able to stand in your way. What is your name?”

“My name is Bakugou Katsuki, I’m the top trainee of my class, and I am going to be the next leader of the King’s Hunt.” Kacchan snarled. Izuku felt faint, he couldn’t imagine talking to his idols like that.  

“Hey now, hey now, this one is trying to steal my job!” All Might joked.

Endeavor smirked.

“I doubt that, but you do have some promise.”

“Alright, do we have any more volunteers!” All Might’s voice boomed.

Izuku almost cried when Toga immediately sprang from her seat, waving both hands in the air.

“Pick us, pick us! I want to fight!” She cried out in almost a cackle.

“What a brave little lady, why don’t you two come on down.”

Izuku was in a daze as he walked down towards the arena, he never liked presenting, and here he was, serving himself up on a platter.

He dawned his armor. The pieces flew to his chest with a few spoken words, just that alone was more than he had previously been able to do. Toga clapped her hands in delight at his performance as her own armor set swirled around her before locking on.

She dawned the same charcoal gray school set Izuku did, but with little altercations, mostly in the form of pink tassels and beads that hung off the waist and helm that she had no doubt added on herself.   

“You’ve come so far!” She giggled. Izuku smiled softly.

“It’s a start.”

The arena was small in comparison to the training arena, but now that he was alone in it with Toga at his side he felt impossibly small.

Izuku swallowed. He was sure they wouldn’t let a pair of students die, but Endeavour had seemed shockingly serious.



Izuku barely had time to draw his sword before the doors burst open. He scrambled back in the creatures wake. It stood for a moment and roared. A chilling silence passed through the arena before the cheers of screaming students went off around them.

The creature had an almost reptilian looking head. It possessed three pairs of infuriated glowing red eyes. It had the stature of an adult man, but boasted talons at the end of each of its extremities and large crow like wings that blended seamlessly into the creatures pitch black fur streamed from its back.

A Shadow Snatcher. Izuku categorized. There were plenty of horror stories about these creatures swooping into human villages in the dead of night and snatching unattended children. In fact Izuku’s own mother had told him those very stories when he had been a small child to get him to come inside for the night.

Now that he was face to face with one thou-

Izuku didn’t have time to move before the creature lunged at him, he barely had time to close his eyes before his armor and flesh was torn from him. Except, it wasn’t.

Izuku wearily opened his eyes to find himself sitting barely a meter away from the still advancing Shadow Snatcher.

“Izuku, I know it’s cute but you have to move!” He heard Toga call from across the arena before he was yanked further away from the creature again by some invisible force. It didn’t take much processing power for him to realize that Toga had dragged his unmoving body out of the way, probably saving his lie the first time.

The creature reared back in pain as a throwing knife from across the arena struck it in the side of the head, just barely making purchase before falling out, stopped in its tracks by the creatures armored head. Now it’s focus was on Toga, it lunged at her only for the sly girl to flip an impossible height out of the way. Izuku was sure she had used a light feet charm, to gain the mobility.

She ran from the creature, all the while giggling and throwing her knives, but Izuku could tell it wasn’t going to be enough on her own he had to help, he had to-

Toga bowled into him, knocking him to the side and out of the creatures range. There was a horrible cracking of bones above him. He looked up to see the form of a large tan wolf standing above him and snarling at the creature.

Toga lunged, her muzzle locked around the creatures throat as it screeched and tried to fly upwards away, but couldn’t with her added weight. It’s screaming continued as it clawed at her, creating great gashes of blood on her back from where it’s claws gripped.

Izuku ran to where the two were tangled, wolf whimpers and growls could be heard from beneath Toga’s bite. He raised his sword and struck at the Shadow snatchers mid section, creating a sizable gash. The demon reared back violently at the pain, making Toga lose her grip as her wolf form was hurdled in Izuku’s direction, hitting him square in the chest. 

“I’ve never tried this before.” Came Togas voice, almost twisted beyond comprehensibility in her wolf form. “But, I’d rather go big than say I didn’t try at all, right Izuku?”

“What do you me-” Izuku began to ask before he was interrupted but the same horrible cracking of bones as before, but this time it didn’t stop.

He watched in repulsion as Toga’s wolf form went from all fours, to being bipedal, her limbs lengthening, claws sharpening into talons, her snout rounded out into a steep slope resembling that of a lizards while nightmarish feather like wings sprouted from her back.  

Izuku looked on in horror as two Shadow Snatchers mirrored each other in front of him.

There were two deafening shrieks in the arena and then the two were on each other. It was hard to comprehend what was happening withing the tangle of limbs. Claws struck out in all directions, while glistening blood soaked teeth became apparent as the two tried to rip the flesh off of each other.

They spiraled upwards locked in aerial combat before they plunged once more. Izuku grabbed his sword and ran up underneath them.

“Toga! Over here!” The pair fell towards him twisting and turning, fighting to be on top, till there was a squelch and a deafening scream as Toga impaled the Shadow Snatcher on Izuku’s sword. Izuku stepped back breathing heavily. The creature twitched on the sword. It still struggled for life as Toga lay on top of it. Izuku almost pitied the creature before Toga reached up with both hands and plunged her talons through each of the creatures eyes.

The creature shuddered once more and stilled with a dying croak.

Toga rolled off of the creature, more horrible noises, and there she lay as a human girl once more. She looked worse than Izuku thought she would. Her body was ravaged with cuts and gashes from her fight with the Snatcher, there was a steady pool of blood forming underneath her, no doubt from the wounds that had been inflicted on her back. 

She looked at Izuku with a shaky grin.

“We did it Izuku!” Izuku said nothing. “We passed! Oh, well I don’t think I can really move right now, so I guess I don’t. Ahhh well, it was still fun fighting with Izuku! Plus, you still passed!” Toga sighed at Izuku’s continued silence. “Poor Snatchy looked so scared when I took out his eyes, it was really beautiful…”

 More silence. It took him a moment to realize she had gone unconscious. Izuku turned around to notify someone, but found that people had already joined him in the arena and were working to take her body away.

“Congratulations son you pass!” Came All Might’s booming voice accompanied by a heavy hand clapping Izuku in the back so hard it made him jerk forwards. “Although,” All Might said, lowering his voice. “The showcase at the end of the year is completely optional and no one would think less of you for not wanting to participate.”

“Especially not after that pitiful performance.” Endeavour ruthlessly cut in.

“Hey now, we’re supposed to inspire the youth!” All Might scolded.

“Not every hunter is created equal.” Endeavour sneered.

Izuku's mind was in shambles. Emotions tore through him. Sadness, self pity, jealousy, rage. He swallowed the rock in his throat. 

“I- I’ll think about it.” 

Chapter Text

“So what are we doing out here?” Dabi asked as Katsuki trudged onto the training grounds. The moon and dim lights from the fortress windows looming above them cast faint shadows in the darkness.

“Your flames, how do you control them?” Katsuki started. Dabi chuckled at the question.

“With a lot of finesse, grace, and you know- practice. Call me crazy, but I don’t think the technique is really your style. From what I’ve seen you’re more, fire first questions later.”

“It gets the job done.” Katsuki huffed. His fingers gripped at the familiar hilt at his waist. The natural warmth of the enchanted steel in his clammy grip reassured him.

“Perhaps, if you’re just going to be a bull about it. You rely on that sword as a catalyst to direct your pyromancy, but without it your flames are just chaos. Not to mention you’re deficient in anything that’s not offensive magic.”

“I can control it just fine.” Katsuki demonstrated by creating a small flame in the palm of his hand. He was annoyed with the black haired boy assuming he lacked any other talents. He knew the same basic magic every other hunter was taught, but he specialized in attacking- in killing. The magic they were being taught in the first year course was infantile compared to what he was naturally gifted with. If his flames worked as they were why should he turn his attentions to something weaker?

“What? You think you’re flames are as good as Endeavor’s or something? You’ll need to try harder to have his aptitude than his attitude if you want to succeed. That hard head head of yours thinks that you have nothing more to learn and that is exactly why you lack control. Isn’t that what you wanted? To gain more control? Or was I just reading into things?”

Katsuki snorted, that wasn’t the answer he had wanted to hear. More silence. The scarred boy made no attempts to relieve the awkwardness. Katsuki took a deep breath.

“The other day, with the life eater, what did you do to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“That blue glow you used! That wasn’t healing that was… something else…” Katsuki said. He glared at his palms in remembrance of the event.

“I should think it was obvious to you,” Dabi said dryly. “I saw a demon who was about to go into a feeding frenzy so I gave you a little bit of my life energy to calm you down.”

Katsuki’s blood ran cold.

“So you knew.” He said wearily, mind racing as to who told him, was it Deku? Was it that cat eyed girl? Did that girl even know? He clenched his sword once more, ready to let it burst free. 

“Of course, what kind of demon studies major would I be if I didn’t notice something as obvious as that. Don’t worry though-” Dabi said, glancing down at Katsuki’s cocked sword. “My interests only include studying, not executing like some.”

“What the hell is a feeding frenzy?” Katsuki asked. He still did not trust the older boy, but Dabi had made no move to hurt or out him so far.

“I’m surprised by how little you know. When a parasitic demon is low on energy they will enter a feeding frenzy and try to drain the life from it’s victims without any thought. I was trying to avoid that. What I gave you should have tided you over for at least a few days for you to regain your energy over time in non lethal amounts.”

“I don’t- I’ve never done that.” Katsuki stuttered, surprised that that was even a demon thing.

“Well then how are you alive?” Dabi questioned.

“I’ve never needed to… to feed until recently. I was raised as a human... But ever since the seal was broken, my… other half, the demon half I haven’t been able to suppress… What you gave me only lasted for a few minutes before the need came back.”

“That’s weird. You know, I saw the show you gave today, no doubt you’re pretty low right now aren’t you?” Dabi said. He walked closer. Katsuki nodded and looked away. “We can try again and see what the results are.”

Dabi casually grasped Katsuki’s hand in his own and allowed the blue glow to overtake him. Katsuki felt the rush of cold water being poured over him spread from his finger tips to his toes till he was numb. Then they waited.

“So if it came back last time, what did you end up doing about it?” Dabi asked, curiosity apparent in his normally dead pan voice.

There was some unintelligible grumbling from Katsuki before he raised his head and audibly grunted out:   

“The guy who broke the sigil , came and… took care of it.”

“Sounds like a good guy,” Dabi said bemused. “At least as good of a guy he can be while still putting that thing on your neck.”

Katsuki quickly reached up to grasp at the sigil on his neck. It pulsed hot under his touch, now that the thought about it it was starting to warm up everywhere. 

“I uh, I don’t think that life thing is working.” he grunted. Dabi reached in and touched where the blonde’s hand had originally grasped. He gasped when he saw the red patterns from before bloom and start to snake their way down the Katsuki’s toned body. He grew closer and took a deep breath… Recognition sparked in his eyes.

“Quick, let’s get you inside.” Dabi said, pulling Katsuki to his feet and maneuvering him back into the school.


Katsuki had trouble keeping track of where they were going, his head felt heavy, but his panic kept him awake as he was pulled through the empty sweeping halls of the upperclassman wing. Eventually he was pushed into a classroom illuminated by rows and rows of glowing bottles that rested on shelves that took up every inch of wall space.

He was pushed roughly onto a desk as Dabi stood over him.

“I can’t believe this.” Dabi laughed to himself. “All this trouble over you and you were a SEX demon?”

All this trouble over him and what? Katsuki was having a hard time making sense.

“I’m going to kill that girl one of these days, but honestly this is a bit of a relief. Here I thought I would have to worry about placating you.”

“What are you talking about?!” Katsuki finally snapped, confused by Dabi’s monologue.

“Of course life energy doesn’t feed you. So when you say the guy that gave you that took care of you what you really meant to say was that you got fucked by your master. Is that right?”

Katsuki lunged for Dabi without a second thought before he was yanked back. Blue restraints flickered in the darkness.

“Oh and I bet you hate that. You hate being owned, especially by HIM. I bet he told you that he was the only one that you can rely on, the only person you can trust to not sell you out.”

Dabi paused.

“But he was wrong, I won’t tell anyone.” The restraints slackened around Katsuki, then they disappeared completely.

Dabi walked up to the shorter boy and tilted his head so that his antarctic gaze could bore down into the lustful demon’s. 

“Don’t fucking talk about him.” Katsuki hissed between clenched teeth. He stood unmoving as Dabi pressed closer to his body. The black haired boy was enveloped in the inubus’ scent. It made both of them all the hotter.

Dabi cocked his head.

“I can help you. I can make it so you don’t need him anymore. Wouldn’t that be nice, Katsuki?”  

Katsuki shuddered in the taller man’s hold. It sounded so satisfying, so gratifying to not need Deku anymore. He still didn’t like that it had come to this, but what was he supposed to do? Dabi and Deku were right, he needed to feed, and unlike Deku, Dabi didn’t own him.

Katsuki made his resolve when he leaned up and softly brushed his lips against Dabi’s. The softness of Katsuki’s mouth was harshly contrasted by the damaged skin that covered Dabi’s lower lip, but he didn’t care. This was his decision. He was the one who decided to lean into Dabi’s arms, the temperature beneath his own skin spiked . It only drew them closer together as the upperclassmen deepened the kiss.

Katsuki yelped when Dabi bit at his lower lip harshly enough to draw blood.

“You kiss like a virgin.” Dabi stated, pulling away. Katsuki’s face lit up in embarrassment.

“I’ve never done this before.” Katsuki said. His eyes darted around the room in shame. It was true he had never kissed anyone of his own volition before. Dabi raised an eyebrow.

“A virgin incubus.” He laughed.

“I’m not a virgin.” Katsuki said, irritated by the mockery. Dabi was striking some chords he’d really rather have forgotten about in that moment.

 “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to please me.” Dabi said, as he pulled Katsuki closer by the back of the head he delved his tongue into the younger boy’s wet, waiting mouth. He was amused by Katsuki’s attempts to keep up with him. He laughed when the blond would gasp for air; when his eyes glazed over and showed off exactly how needy he really was.

At this point the marks had spiraled down Katsuki’s body completely. They left Katsuki looking like a beautiful, almost animalistic piece of art that Dabi couldn’t wait to dig into and destroy.

“Here, take off your clothes.” Dabi said as he pushed a surprised Katsuki away. He didn’t fail to grind his knee into the demon’s erection as he pulled away, which caused Katsuki’s mouth to fall open in a lewd gasp.

Katsuki’s heart hammered in his chest as he slowly pulled up his top, revealing his sweat slicked, toned abdomen, decorated with the glowing patterns of the incubus. Dabi watched appreciatively from the desk where he sat. Katsuki’s body was no joke. Everything about it screamed to be taken in the pheromone soaked air.

“Pants too.”

Katsuki grimaced at the command, but took a deep breath and kicked them off regardless. His erection stood proud underneath his black underwear. He stood awkwardly with his arms crossed, unsure of what to do.

“Honestly, are you going to make me do everything, kid?” With that, Dabi was on him. Katsuki squawked in indignation when the other boy picked him up beneath the thighs and handily tossed him onto the teacher’s desk, bearing no mind to the items that got knocked to the floor.

Katsuki’s hand shot down to grab Dabi’s when he reached for his underwear. Dabi looked at Katsuki expectantly, his cool gaze did nothing for Katsuki’s panicked state. Katsuki could feel tears of frustration pricking at his eyes. He wanted this, he had asked for it, so why was he scared. Was he afraid to lose himself again? To admit that sex was truly what he wanted?

In the end Dabi chose not to care. Seemingly done with the incubus’ antics, Katsuki’s arm was magically forced away from his body, which allowed Dabi to remove his underwear as he pleased.

Katsuki’s breath hitched when Dabi palmed at his exposed cock. Lightning shot up his spine at the touch he wished he didn’t crave. His head fell forward at the continued contact. He unwilling to make eye contact with the older student.

He felt his hand be released and slowly guided to Dabi’s own erection, hidden beneath his trousers.

It felt hot in his hand, even underneath layers of fabric. A need shot through his when he began hesitantly rubbing at Dabi’s erection. He chanced a look up at the other boy who was peering at him expectantly.

“What are you waiting for? Take it out and play with it. You know you want to.” Dabi’s voice sent a chill through him. If only he knew how right he was.

He fumbled with the zipper to Dabi’s pants for a second as he attempted to free the other from his confines. He cursed, his hands were sweaty with nervousness.

“Honestly, how the hell am I supposed to get off if you’re going to be like this?” Dabi sighed in response to Katsuki’s clumsiness.

“If I’m doing such a shit job why are you hard?” Katsuki retorted in annoyance.

“I don’t know maybe because one of us is literally pumping sex pheromones into the air because he’s just that needy. Admit it you’d be lost if I stopped. I’m doing this for you.” Dabi said, giving Katsuki’s erection a few more earnest tugs that caused the blonde to lose his ability to speak for a moment.

Dabi took that moment to lower Katsuki to his knees. The sleek wood was cold and hard under his knees, but he didn’t pay mind to it with Dabi’s erection pressed up against his cheek. Katsuki inhaled the other boy’s scent. An ashy smell mixed with his own scent of sweet burnt spices, it made his head spin.

The older boy took a moment to rub his cock along the incubus’ lips, relishing the plush feel and the nervous expression on his face. It only took a moment of weakness for his lips to part, inviting the cock inside. With that Dabi plunged in.

His grip on the back of Katsuki’s head was firm as he slowly pushed his cock down the wide eyed incubus’ throat. It felt like there was no end to it as the cock pushed further and further inside of Katsuki’s drooling mouth, breaching the back of his throat, causing him to let out a noise of protest, but Dabi payed no mind until he was completely slotted inside.

“Wow, that’s some talent you’ve got there.” He chuckled as he brushed his hand through Katsuki’s fluffy locks. Katsuki sat still, adamantly focused on not choking on the dick that sat at the back of his throat. It was getting easier and easier as the moments passed. Dabi’s cock was warm and heavy along his tongue, it felt like it belonged there.

He moved his tongue experimentally. Trapped beneath the other boy’s hardness he could just barely wriggle it. Dabi’s cock was longer than Deku’s so it sat even further in him than he had ever experienced, but with the slower movements Katsuki found he had no trouble taking it.

He found himself wanting more. He began to bob his head up and down on Dabi’s cock, which caused the older boy to clench at his hair once more. He eagerly began working his throat up and down on Dabi’s massive erection. He found that it’s salty taste was amazing on his tongue.

He allowed his eyes to gloss over as he worked Dabi’s dick. He was making incredibly lewd slurping sounds. Dabi drew him almost completely off of his dick only to slam him back down on it completely. Katsuki’s eyes rolled back into his head at the feeling.

 He let out a shameful short scream. His legs trembled as he painted the floor beneath him with his own cum as his orgasm washed over him.

“If only you could see how you look. Sitting down there completely nude, cumming from getting skull fucked, and here you were trying to play the virgin when your slutiness knows no bounds, incubus.”

Katsuki wanted to say something in return, to deny it, but he couldn’t with Dabi’s dick still in his mouth and his own still painfully hard even after cumming.

He shouted in surprise when Dabi pulled him up with his blue restraints and pinned him over the desk he had previously been sitting on. Like this Katsuki’ s arms were effectively trapped in front of him while he was forced to present himself to the older boy.

Dabi took no time in kicking his feet apart and situating himself between Katsuki’s legs. His hands settled on either of Katsuki’s ass cheeks. He took care to grope and squeeze at the two thick globes of flesh. The demon moaned at his ministrations as he pulled them apart to view Katsuki’s dripping hole.

“How lewd.” Dabi mused. “But I suppose this is what you’re good for.”

A nerve was struck, but Katsuki couldn’t even attempt to hold back a cry of pleasure when Dabi finally- FINALLY sunk his fingers into his wet heat. Dabi took his time adding fingers, which allowed more and more time for pleasure to completely take Katsuki’s consciousness. Before he knew it Katsuki was doing his best to thrust back into his fingers in his trapped state.

It was truly amusing to see the arrogant boy turn into such a mess at his own hand, he wanted more.

“Look at you, trying so hard to fuck yourself on my fingers. I bet you want more than just my fingers, right? If you want it I’m going to need you to beg though.” Dabi said. Cruelty openly bled into his voice.  

Katsuki let out a whine. He tried to tune Dabi’s words out as he attempted to work himself back on the fingers, but to no avail.

“That wasn’t part of the deal- ” He gasped, only to be cut off by a random thrust of Dabi’s fingers nailing his prostate.

His hands scrabbled at the desk, trying to use ANYTHING as leverage.

Dabi continued to thrust against his prostate. He added a fourth finger to the mess that was Katsuki’s slick soaked hole. Katsuki’s back arched and head shot up as another orgasm rolled over him, this time painting the front of the desk and his thighs white, but Dabi didn’t stop.

Katsuki’s head was so foggy in his post orgasm haze he didn’t even notice when Dabi replaced his fingers with his cock until it had begun to slide in. Katsuki’s insides clenched around the intrusion, as if to invite it in even further. He let out a needy moan. He could feel yet another orgasm on the horizon but-

Dabi didn’t move, instead he just- he just STAYED there, buried to the hilt completely still. Katsuki let out a desperate whine. He squirmed on the cock, but was unable to thrust forward or back onto it.

“Ngggh, C’mon, c’mon” he repeated to himself in a whisper. He pleaded with the man above him to show mercy and just MOVE.

“Use your words, come on.” Dabi chided with a singular thrust. The younger boy saw stars.

“Please don’t make me.” Katsuki whispered, his words were strangled. Tears finally breached his eyes. He had chosen this, and yet he still felt so incredibly small. In his lustful haze he had ignored every warning that had gone off in his mind, resolute that he had to do this, but now… “I… I can’t.”

“That’s not good enough.” Dabi said coldly. “You want this right? You asked for this right? So fucking ask for it.”

Not an ounce of sympathy.

Katsuki screamed when the older boy placed a hand at the back of his neck and brutally thrust into him. Pleasure went off at every point in his body at the intrusion. His air was being cut off, but he didn’t care, all he cared about was the feeling of being fucked into by the older boy.

His vision was going spotty, but he could do nothing to fight it, his orgasm was approaching once more when, with a great amount of effort, Dabi stilled once more.

‘No, no, NO!’

Katsuki grit his teeth and let out a roar of anguish at the loss of movement.

“Fuck, ahhh, fuck please, fuck, ngh !” He cried nonsensically. He was practically in hysterics. “Let me fucking come!”


“Fuck me till I come! Please, I need to ngh - I need to come while your cock is in me- please, please, please I can’t anymore!” Tears were cascading down his face freely at that point. His pride was shattered once more, but he didn’t have room to think about that, all he could think about was the cock that was stubbornly refusing to pump in and out of his ass.

Maybe if he had been in the right frame of mind he would have been able to see the sinister grin break upon the upperclassman’s face.

Katsuki screamed, when Dabi thrust back in. His mind went blank as his hole was assaulted. Dabi’s cock carved a space for itself deep inside of him that made him feel like he would never reach the same high again.

His hole was practically gushing slick at that point, aiding Dabi’s punishing pace.

“You like my cock don’t you?” Dabi asked. Katsuki nodded vehemently. “But it’s not just my cock, you just love to be fucked. It’s cute watching you run around like you own the place just because you’re a top trainee when a cock hungry slut is what you really are.”

“Yes, yes, YES! Fuck!” Katsuki replied mindlessly.

“Yes, you’re an incubus whore?”

“YES! Fuck fuck, more cock pleease, more in me, harder!” Drool dripped down the sides of his mouth. It merely added to the other various fluids on his face.

“Well it’d be cruel of me to refuse.” Dabi shrugged.

Katsuki jerked up in surprise when he felt something else enter him, spreading him wider. It took a moment to realize Dabi had buried an extra two fingers inside of him. It stretched him out to what he felt HAD to be his limit.

“Man, it’s like you were made to fit as many as possible. Not that you would complain.” Dabi said. He leaned back into Katsuki’s back. His fingers moved in tandem with his thrusts.

Katsuki was beyond words at that point. He was delegated to moans and gasps as he could think of nothing but how incredibly deep, how incredibly full he was being stuffed and stretched.

“I want to learn more about you, I want to see all the things you can do. I wonder if I can make you mine.”

Dabi bit down on the sigil his hips pumping rapidly and erratically as he fucked into the boy beneath him and flooded his insides with spurt after spurt of hot thick cum. Katsuki let out a deafening cry as he breached his own orgasm. The pain from the bite sent all of his senses into overdrive until finally Dabi was still.

Katsuki struggled for breath as clarity slowly came back to him. He could feel how open his hole was when Dabi pulled out, the cold air brushed his insides. The feeling made his stomach clench as reality came crashing back.

He yelped when he felt something cold and hard pushing against his hole, still trapped he whipped his head around to see what Dabi was doing back there. His eyes widened when he saw that a rounded glass bottle full of swirling green elixir was being pressed inside him.

“Just to make sure nothing leaks out.” Dabi said with a smirk as he forced Katsuki’s hole to stretch around the widest point of the bottle and held it there for a moment before popping the rest of it inside the whining incubus. “I recommend you take that before going to sleep, it’ll heal you, but it’s a nasty process. Oh and by the way, you don’t drink it with your mouth when you’re treating something like this.” He chuckled, tugging at the corked end of the bottle that peeked out of the demon’s hole.

“Fucking asshole.” Katsuki growled when his hands were released at last. “Nobody said you could do that.”

“Oh, didn’t you? Because if I recall correctly you were the one who asked me to fuck you.” Dabi said, glacial blue met blazing red once more. “Or would you rather have played with your master?”

“I told you not to talk about him.” Katsuki said with a grimace.

Katsuki could only describe the look Dabi gave him as predatory.

“Keep coming back to me, and I’ll help you get rid of this.” Dabi said, brushing his hand over the now bleeding sigil that lay upon Katsuki’s neck.

The promise of freedom made Katsuki’s eyes widen. Nothing had made it more clear to him than the sex they had just had that he did not know the upperclassmen at all, he had no reason to trust him, all he knew was that he knew his ins and outs about demons, but… He was still desperate.

“Fine.” Katsuki forced from his throat.

“Good boy.”




Chapter Text

Izuku made his way to the infirmary in a haze. He hadn’t been allowed to visit earlier in the day, but he couldn’t shake the guilt that plagued him. He crept through the empty halls, it was long past curfew with the moon being the only thing to illuminate the grand, echoing halls in it’s faint blue glow.

The door to the infirmary groaned as he pushed it open. The polished wood lay cold and heavy underneath his fingertips. Izuku quietly made his way through the empty infirmary, it only housed four beds, three of which he knew to be abandoned. His stomach twisted when he approached the fourth bed, it’s white curtains were drawn, unlike the others.

He gently moved the curtains aside as he did not want to startle the person inside. Izuku paused as he stared at the empty bed. It’s sheets were a tangle and he could see faint splotches of blood decorating what was once pristine white linens. Izuku looked around in confusion, if she wasn’t still here then where-

“Hey, Izuku darling!”

Izuku almost leapt from his skin. He glanced over to where the strange voice had come from only for the words to be followed by the familiar crack of straining bones.

Over by the open window he could see Toga shifting out of her cat form. Her ears retreated back into the top of her head as her back slowly uncurled into a human stature.

Izuku’s shock waned into relief as she strode over to him. She appeared to be almost completely uninjured, a stark contrast to her state earlier in the day.

“How did they heal you so fast?” Izuku asked, keen to observe her movements. He looked for any form of strain or displacement, but found none.

“Hmm, oh yeah! The nurse patched me up pretty nicely, but it was still hard to move. Luckily Mr. Shigaraki stopped by with a really strong healing salve. It got rid of all the internal damage and closed those nasty gashes right up! I was almost sad, they were pretty, but the nurse wanted to cover them up in bandages anyway, plus I can move now!”

“Oh, that’s… good…” Izuku said, not sure what to say. He had been certain Toga would have barely been able to respond to him when he came here. The fight from earlier had racked his thoughts all day.

“What’s wrong, Izuku?” Toga asked, curiously. “You seem lost in your own head, but not in the Izuku mumbly way, in a sad way.”

“I don’t think I’m going to participate in the show case.” Izuku said, his eyes downcast.

“What!? Why not? Come on Izuku we worked for that, don’t you want to show them all what you can do?” Toga questioned with much more vigor than Izuku expected.

“That’s the thing… I didn’t do anything… it was all you. I don’t stand a chance, not without you, not when I’m against Kacchan.”

Toga gripped Izuku’s shoulders and looked him sternly in the eye. Her normally mischievous gaze was replaced with complete sincerity.

“Izuku, do you think we would have chosen you if I didn’t see your potential?”


”True you aren’t good at spells yet, and you’re not that strong, BUT, you’ve performed magic that the black magic club and I have been dreaming about for ages, and you did it alone!” Toga said, clasping her hands around the palm that had the sigil on it.

“I wish I could have a demon, and you don’t even use yours right.” Toga pouted.

“It’s too dangerous to use him to fight. He’s a demon, but he is still special to me… also he- he’s too strong for me, I messed up. Everything just comes to him easily, even though he’s a demon, even though he’s what we are supposed to be fighting against he’s going to be the shining light of the school. It’s not fair, the King’s Hunt already wants him, they were embarrassed by me, and I- I don’t know if I can control him anymore.” His voice trailed off at the end.  

“This is why you’re weak.”

Izuku’s head shot up.

“You’re afraid of him and you’re afraid of what people think of you. If you live like that you’re never going to get better and you’re never going to be able to control him.”

“Wh- what do you mean?” Izuku questioned. He clenched his trembling fist.

“Well it’s simple really, at least to me. How were you taught to draw forth your magic?” Toga asked, her catlike eyes narrow slits.  

Izuku recited the mantra that had been taught to the rookie trainees on day one.

“A sound mind, and a sound soul. Clear your head of all impurities and pull your power forth from within.”

“WRONG! Well not totally wrong, it’s a starting point, it is good to have a clear head, buuut that’s not what is going to make you strong. The reason you’re so weak is because the propensity of your spells has to do with your mental disposition. If the caster is scared, or anxious they’re going to have a rough time. Everyone is different when it comes to spell casting, but I think what makes it easiest is doing it in the disposition that makes you feel the best. So, for me, I’m strongest when I’m having fun! I was having such a blast today I felt like I could do anything. Do you think Kacchan is the strongest when he is angry? He looks so mad when he’s fighting.”

Was that when Kacchan was at his peak? When he was feeling unbridled rage? No. Kacchan may be an angry person, but he didn’t enjoy basking in his anger. Kacchan relished in his own abilities, he basked in proving himself, showing off his amazing skills and what he could do that others couldn’t.

“Kacchan is the strongest when he is proud.” Izuku concluded.

“Oooh, that is very workable.” Toga said, her eyes alight with excitement. “What about you Izuku, what makes you tick?”

Izuku thought back. Back to when he was setting up that summoning circle. What had he been thinking? He had had a relentless need to prove himself, to prove himself to Kacchan. After that he had sealed Kacchan, to mark him as his. He had sat himself down with Toga to work on his casting and learned to move small objects, but why? Because he was still falling behind Kacchan.

“I’m the strongest… when I’m doing it because of Kacchan… When I’m doing it for Kacchan…”

“Oh, that’s so romantic! Focus on that! Remember, even if he’s resisting now, you’re still his master. You just have to break his will, if he’s the strongest when he is bursting with pride, then all you have to do is break that pride, because you know that that is what’s good for him.”

“I- I don’t want to break him.”

“Stop lying to yourself, do you really think a demon deserves to be number one at a school that specifically trains to fight beasts? Do you think that it would even be safe for him to try? You have to control him to protect him.”

Izuku remained silent. Him? Protecting Kacchan? He could protect his secret, but Kacchan could protect himself more than Izuku ever could. Then again if Kacchan kept pushing he would end up in dangerous territory. What if the King’s Hunt found out when they recruited him? Would they just kill him? Torture him? Steal him away and keep him as a pet? Scenarios of Kacchan being found out rapid fired through his mind. All of them ended with Kacchan being taken away from him.

“You’re right… I can’t lose him.”

“Ahh, you guys are so cute. It’s too bad that dedication doesn’t go both ways, but honestly it’s no surprise considering his true nature.” Toga giggled. Something sinister crossed her expression.

His true nature? Izuku paused. Toga had figured out Kacchan was a demon, sure. It was the initial reason Izuku had begun hanging out with her, to make sure she wouldn’t talk. But, he had never disclosed anything about what kind of demon Kacchan was.

Nervousness rose in his chest.

“What do you mean by that, Toga?” Izuku asked.

“You know both of you are cute, but Kacchan is cutest when he’s crying out in the throws of ecstasy, you know? When he can’t help but beg for more. Ahh, he was so embarrassed at first too, but he really is a greedy little thing. If you don’t lock him down soon he’s going to be taken away from you.”

“What do you mean? When? With who!?” Izuku asked, becoming more flustered and enraged by the second. Toga just smiled wildly at him, her fangs glinting in the moonlight. “Who, damnit!?”

“He’s really desperate to get away from you. Right now I’m sure anyone would do. I just got back from watching a really nice show upstairs, he was really into it too, but I think you should go gather what belongs to you.”


Toga’s smile split even wider. Her eyes glowed golden in the darkness. She shrunk in size and leapt from the window sill, now in full cat form. Izuku was left to stand alone in the infirmary.


Izuku’s heart thundered in his chest. He raced into the halls, he didn’t know where Kacchan was other than ‘upstairs’, but he had to find him. He had too.

He closed his eyes and felt a burning in his palm. He took a step into the darkness, the same way he had the first time he had summoned the incubus, only this time he didn’t leave his body. His legs moved as he approached the familiar roaring flame in the darkness. It took him up the stairs and down the luminescent, starlit halls of the senior wing. The architecture was foreign to Izuku’s sense of direction, but it didn’t matter where he went as long as he got to-

He stopped outside of a featureless wooden door he recognized to be a door to one of the school’s many lavatorys. He could hear faint, distinct noises from the other side of the door. They were unmistakable to him, he had heard them many times before.

Izuku silently pushed the door open. The door gave weigh with little resistance. The small grunts and whines became more apparent as he pressed onwards. Already, he could smell Kacchan’s burning sweet scent, though not at the same level of suffocating it normally was when he needed to feed.

The door swung shut behind him with a loud click, surprising not only Izuku. A loud curse from one of the stalls was followed by a thud and the clink of a glass bottle hitting the ground. Izuku’s eyes followed the bottle of elixir as it rolled out from beneath the stall. It’s contents were intriguing, but what really drew his eye was that the bottle looked like it had been coated in…

Izuku didn’t think. He kicked the stall door inwards using all of his strength, actually making the lock bust open he startled the person inside into falling backwards towards the other end of the stall. He took a moment to look at Kacchan’s speechless, wide eyed face.

Kacchan to put it shortly, looked like he had been wrecked. His hair was sticking up in an even more unruly fashion than usual, as if someone had been grabbing handfuls of it. His lips were swollen. His bottom lip displayed a very clear bite mark from a rough make out session. Kacchan’s slender neck was adorned with hickeys and bites, even more signs that someone had sunk their teeth into Izuku’s demon.

The blonde clutched at his trousers. Izuku could tell he had haphazardly yanked them back on in a rush since they were still open. His belt clasp hung freely, his pants only stayed on due to Kacchan’s iron grip on the waist line. Izuku hadn’t wanted to believe it.

“Kacchan… what the hell did you think you were doing?” Izuku interrogated, his voice stern, but almost a whisper. Kacchan sneered at him, he seemed to have come back to his senses after the initial shock of being walked in on. 

“What’s it to you?” His eyes narrowed and he bared his teeth. To Izuku he looked like a trapped animal, waiting to strike.

“Don’t you know that that’s dangerous, Kacchan? Who did this? How do you know they’ll keep your secret safe?” Izuku asked. His voice grew louder, it echoed off of the lavatory walls as he closed the small space between them.

“Why’s it matter to you? Jealous?” A demonic smirk graced Kacchan’s face at Izuku’s discomfort. Izuku was hurt. Kacchan was getting off on making him suffer, on making him worry.

“Who was it?” Izuku repeated. Who had Kacchan run off to, who was trying to steal what was his away from him? “Was it Kirishima? I know with the way he looks at you he’s been dying to fuck you for ages.”

The blonde’s face contorted into one of mirth into one of rage in an instant at the mention of the dragon borne’s name.

“Fuck you, leave him out of this.” He spat.

“I’m right aren’t I? All the time you guys spend together this was bound to happen right? I’m so stupid. I didn’t try hard enough to keep you away from him. You think he respects you? You think that honor bound meat head is going to respect a filthy incubus like you? Of course he was probably just willing, you’re probably the one who asked for it. Would anyone have done or is it just because dragon borne’s have really big cocks that yo-”  

Izuku was sent reeling backwards. The impact of Kacchan’s fist hit him directly in the jaw, effectively cutting of his monologue. Izuku tried to activate the sigil, he could see Kacchan flinch like he had been bitten by a sudden pain, but he wasn’t sent into screaming agony as Izuku had come to expect.

A burst of flame appeared in Kacchan’s palm. Izuku’s eyes went wide, imminent danger reflected upon them.

“I’ve recharged, asshole.” Kacchan said with a murderous glare. The light of the flame danced across his face and cast shadows that made him appear even more wild than ever, painting his skin with their orange glow.

‘Remember you’re still in control. You’re still his master.’

Izuku lunged at Kacchan. Kacchan reared back, his flame ready to ignite Izuku and everything around them. 

For Kacchan, for Kacchan, for Kacchan. Izuku knocked his head directly into the demon’s nose. The demon’s skull was sent flying backwards into the wall behind him with an audible thud. Izuku grabbed his wrist, and oh it was hot so very hot.

I am in control.’

The heat vanished from his skin and instead resurfaced inside of his own arm down to his tingling palms. Kacchan froze in shock. Power was all Izuku could feel, the demonic energy swirled inside of him. It ran up and down his veins entering his very soul when Kacchan’s very same flame burst forth from Izuku’s own palm.

Kacchan, panicked and lurched to create a second flame. This time Izuku wasted no time in absorbing it. Izuku could practically taste it, the anger, the fear. The incubus barely had time to knock Izuku’s hands upwards, sending the flames crawling across the ceiling before they disappeared. That didn’t stop Izuku though.

He retained his grip on the blonde and continued to siphon off the demon’s energy. He could feel the roaring inferno inside of Kacchan dwindling while something dark and explosive bloomed in his own chest.

The demon desperately tried to pry Izuku’s hands off of himself to no avail. His eyes were wild, his pupils the size of pinpricks. He didn’t know what was happening to him while Izuku continuously drained him. The sigil that was once marred and bloodied with fresh bite marks shone brighter than ever. Izuku’s own matched in turn.

“I told you Kacchan, I told you you were mine. I wasn’t lying. Everything you are, everything you have belongs to me.”

Kacchan let out a curse of frustration, but it was twisted, warped with terror of losing his very essence. Before it had been like there had been a stopper put on his energy by the green haired boy. Now it felt like it was being ripped from his body.

Izuku eyed Kacchan up and down once more. The quest of holding his pants up had long since been abandoned. His school trousers had slid to mid thigh, weighed down by the heavy metal belt buckle. On Kacchan’s thick thighs Izuku could see a telling trail of thick white fluid trailing down the incubus’ milky skin.

“You’re absolutely filthy.” Izuku bit out. Kacchan roared and raised his leg to kick the freckled boy off of him, but this time Izuku was ready. He easily interrupted the blonde with a back hand that would surely leave a bruise. Kacchan’s head was knocked into the side of the stall before he slid to the floor.

Kacchan however, wouldn’t be deterred so easily. He dove for Izuku’s legs, successfully knocking them both down into a tangle of limbs. He used his nails to claw into the soft flesh of Izuku’s hands in an attempt to regain control of the situation. He tried to rely on brute force, but Izuku wouldn’t have it.

He knocked his elbow into the side of Kacchan’s head, splitting his temple open and causing blood to fall into the demon’s right eye. It was a wonder he was still conscious with the amount of head trauma he had received in the past couple of minutes.

Izuku used that moment to flip Kacchan over onto his front and summoned his new found power to force the snarling demon boy to the ground, his hands forced behind his back in a pose of submission.

Like this Izuku could catch a glimpse of Kacchan’s leaking hole in it’s full glory. Still pretty and pink, but overflowing with someone else’s cum. It clenched like it still couldn’t quite close after the fucking he had just received. Rage reared it’s head inside of Izuku. It stifled his sanity in it’s white heat.

“Tell me Kacchan, was it just one guy? Or did you just fuck whoever would give it to you? It’s actually pathetic that you would go around giving yourself away like that. You’re supposed to be our school’s next gift from the god’s, the next great hunter and LOOK at you. Yeah, I was told it was in your nature, but I had faith in you, Kacchan. I guess a demon really isn’t more than the sum of his part even if he is a half breed.” Izuku said, all the while pulling Kacchan’s arms so far up behind his back he screeched in pain.

“Get off of me!” Kacchan gasped, his face pressed into the cold tile of the floor. The bucking of his hips did little but spur Izuku on further. The freckled boy took little time to release his erection from the confines of his pants.

“You think you can just get away from me by selling yourself to someone else? They’re just using you! You’re going to get yourself killed if you keep going like this. The King’s Hunt isn’t going to want you once they find out what you really are, unless they’re just looking for a hole to fuck.” Izuku ranted as he lined his cock up with Kacchan’s messy fuck hole.

“STOP TALKING!” Kacchan roared. His eyes clenched shut in a desperate attempt to filter Izuku’s words out of his mind.

Izuku’s dick slid inside of Kacchan’s cum slicked hole with predicted ease. Izuku savored the warmth. Even used Kacchan’s insides were as soft and inviting as ever. Kacchan bit his lip when Izuku began to thrust. He could feel the demon warming up beneath him against his will, the simple act of inserting his dick in him enough to make the markings begin to trickle down his body. It was as if it were a cruel joke on Kacchan that told Izuku exactly how he was feeling.

The green haired trainee marveled over how stuffed with cum Kacchan already was, and although he wished it was his own seed that was overflowing from the blonde’s battered hole he couldn’t help but admit to himself that there was a definite allure to feeling the hot fluids splashing around his dick and watching it overflow as he fucked in and out.

“And I can’t believe you were the one calling ME a pervert.” Izuku laughed. He sounded almost manic. He raked his nails down Kacchan’s back with such harshness angry red rivulets and droplets of blood bubbled up- and still Kacchan let out a moan. “I could actually be HURTING you and you’d still get off on it.”

“NGH, fuck you, this is bullshit, it’s not fair!” Kacchan shouted, his voice cracked as he let out the childish rebuttal.

Not fair, Kacchan? I’ll tell you what’s not fair.” Izuku said darkly. His grip and pace became even more punishing. “Having the guy who has always been good at EVERYTHING bully you isn’t fair. Having your hard work destroyed and being publicly humiliated isn’t fair. Having a demon slut be favored by your heroes isn’t fair. And being abandoned, being left behind and put down by your best friend because you’re not good enough for him IS NOT FAIR.”

Izuku hadn’t realized it but tears were rolling down his cheeks. This was justice.

“Ahn, I wasn’t-, Ah! I didn’t want-” Kacchan attempted to pant out, but Izuku didn’t’ want to hear it. He shoved his fingers into the demon’s cavernous, drooling mouth. He ignored the way Kacchan painfully bit down on him for a moment before he got lost in the sensation of being fucked from both ends. His tongue unconsciously swirled around Izuku’s digits lathering them in saliva.

Izuku’s teeth sunk down viciously on Kacchan’s shoulder as he came, causing the incubus to let out a pathetic scream as his own orgasm washed over him, caused the feeling of pain an even more thick cum painting his overused insides.

Izuku surveyed Kacchan’s morionless body when he pulled out. A mixture of cum and Kacchan’s slick trailed from his dick leading back to the fucked out hole. Izuku was sure that if loads of bodily fluids weren’t completely obscuring it he would be able to see the inside of the demon’s open hole.

Kacchan looked worse for wear. His body and face had begun forming bruises, while the cuts and abrasions Izuku had made still trickled blood. Izuku began to worry when he tilted Kacchan’s face towards his own and saw a glazed cloudy look in Kacchan’s eyes.

He began to genuinely panic that he had hit the demon too hard and would have to take him to get treatment before he stepped back. The bottle that had rolled to the floor when he had first entered clinked against his boot. .

It’s color looked to be that of a healing solution. Izuku reasoned Kacchan may have been trying to use it to cover the marks he had been given earlier before he had interrupted him. Still, Izuku decided to test it on himself first.

He poured a dollop of the solution onto the open bite wound Kacchan had inflicted on his hand and gasped when the skin began slowly stitching itself back together. It wasn’t a painful experience, but it did feel foreign and almost disturbing as it appeared to be stretching his existing skin out thinner to cover the wounds.

Decisively he treated Kacchan’s head and facial wounds first. The bruises and bites vanished without a trace, that was good, he didn’t have to worry that he had given Kacchan head trauma if it was healing blunt force damage as well.

He eyed the angry marks down Kacchan’s back, those didn’t need to be treated urgently. As a matter of fact he quite liked them. He eyed the remaining contents of the bottle, then the demon’s still leaking hole and shrugged.

He inserted the open neck of the round flask into Kacchan’s opening and upended the contents. The unconscious Kacchan shuddered and let out a whine at the feeling of being filled further. Izuku marveled over the fact his body was even enjoying being filled in his sleep.

He struggled a bit to get Kacchan’s pants back on, the dead weight did not help him in the slightest. He couldn’t just leave Kacchan here it wasn’t safe, but he also doubted his ability to get the demon’s dense, muscle heavy body all the way down the stairs and then back up into the tower that housed the first year dorms.

He hoisted the unconscious figure over his shoulders, with some difficulty. He could carry him, but the trip would be arduous. He thought back to his new found reserves of power. For Kacchan he could do anything.

‘That’s when you’re strongest.’

He gathered his power. He was almost overwhelmed by how it threatened to lash out almost instinctively. So this was Kacchan’s energy, what he carried inside of himself every day, no wonder he was so powerful, so volatile. But it was his now, his to use, his to bend to his will.

His breath shuddered. He allowed his energy to spill from his fingers and coat the body on his shoulders in the light weight spell that he had all but failed to execute when Toga had attempted to teach him. To his surprise the load on his back lightened significantly, allowing him to straighten his back. Pride welled in his chest at his accomplishment. Like this he carried Kacchan through the halls and prayed to all the god’s that would listen that he wouldn’t run into anybody.

Izuku smiled. He held the sleeping demon tight. He was on his way.  

Chapter Text

Eijirou looked around the courtyard with impatience. His eyes scanned over the faces in the sea of charcoal gray hunter uniforms, but to no avail. The ashen blond was nowhere to be found.

 “-and guess what I said to THAT-… Kirishima? Earth to Kirishima?” A hand waved in front of Eijirou’s face. He snapped out of his trance. His eyes finally focused on the pair of students waving for his attention before him.

 “Gee, make a guy feel appreciated why don’t you? I was getting to the best part of my story and you weren’t even listening!” Eijirou’s shockingly blonde friend threw his hands on his hips with a pout.

 “Yeah, man where are you right now? You’ve barely gotten the chance to see me and Kaminari since you switched courses and now that we’ve finally gotten the chance to meet up it’s like you’re barely here.” Eijirou’s taller, lankier friend added.

“Ah, sorry Sero, I know… It’s just, I told Bakugou to meet us out here to. I hope he didn’t forget…” Eijirou worried his lip.

It was unlike Katsuki to forget his agreements, but something about the explosive blonde had seemed… off for the past few days. He was ruder than usual and only ever gave curt replies. And although he still showed up for their study sessions he would always disappear later in the day nowhere to be found.

When Eijirou had asked about the aforementioned disappearances he had gotten nothing more than a ‘None of your business.’

Eijirou worried for him, but he figured that Katsuki was capable and would most likely resent him if he voiced his concerns. So he just tried to smile through it and hoped that Katsuki would get through… whatever it is he was going through.

“Oh yes, I’m excited to meet the legendary Bakugou. Rumors say that you guys really hit it off, getting into the showcase together and all. I GUESS I can’t BLAME you for leaving us if you’re going to be teaming up with the school’s top trainee.” Kaminari said, the bitterness in his voice exaggerated for emphasis.

“BUT I can’t imagine your hunter classes are any fun without us.” Sero laughed. It was true, not a day had gone by that had been boring with those two constantly disrupting their classes.

“I make do.” Eijirou smiled. “There are cool people in the hunter course too. People definitely have strong resolves. It’s really inspiring.”

“They’d better have strong resolves if they’re planning on running around and killing monsters for the rest of their lives.” Kaminari shuddered.

“Come on, come back. What happened to Kirishima: Defender of the Weak and Innocent?” Kaminari waved his arms in a grand gesture at the title.

Eijirou gave a sad smile.

“You know I can’t go back, someone in my family has to do this. Besides, it’s not like I can’t still protect people. I’ll just be taking out the threats directly instead of shielding and care taking. A more hands on approach. After all, I have a good opportunity with the King’s Hunt now and those guys are known as the Kingdom’s greatest heroes.”

“Now he’s left us, and he won’t stop bragging.” Sero said, dramatically throwing his forearm over his eyes.

“But for real congratulations, man. No one ever doubted you, we were just worried that this new course wouldn’t be YOU, you know?” Kaminari added.

“I’m still me as ever. It’s not like I’m alone in this after all.” Eijirou replied.

Speaking of which, his eyes caught a familiar head of hair walking through the bustling crowd. Eijirou broke away from his friends for a moment. Both gave him questioning looks as he proceeded to wave down the green haired passerby.

“Hey! Midoriya!” Eijirou called out. The short, freckled boy stopped in his tracks. He took a moment to stop and stare at Eijirou before he seemingly made a decision and briskly walked towards him.

Eijirou wasn’t really sure where he and Midoriya stood, he was aware that they weren’t quite friends, he sensed a sort of reluctance from the other boy whenever they spoke. If Eijirou were being honest with himself he guessed that it probably had to do with him being friends with Katsuki. After all, how would one feel when interacting with someone’s childhood terror? Knowing that made Eijirou’s gut clench with guilt, but he was no one if not one to power through that feeling in hopes of achieving friendship with the seemingly friendless boy.

“Did you need something?” Midoriya asked, his head cocked as he approach.

“Need something?” Eijirou asked, somewhat taken aback. “Ah, no, I just wanted to say hey and uh, congratulations for making the show case! We were in the nurses office for the rounds that followed ours, but I heard all about you getting in.”

Midoriya’s lips thinned.

The sound of footsteps bustling up behind him alerted to his friend’s approach.

“And who is this fellow you’ve abandoned us for now?” Kaminari said. He stepped around Eijirou’s body to lean into Midoriya’s space. The shy boy shuffled back a few paces.

“Ah, this is Midoriya! He’s another student in the hunter course. He’s really smart, knows more about demons than any other first year I’ve seen, plus he made it into the end of the year show case with me.”

“Wow, you’re just SURROUNDING yourself with strong people now aren’t you?” Sero said. He jabbed Eijirou in the side. Midoriya’s eyebrows shot up at the praise. Eijirou figured the kid was often hard on himself, not many people, Eijirou included would have thought that Midoriya even had a chance at competing as a hunter. But, hard work had paved his way and Eijirou had to respect something as manly as that.

“Oy, shitty hair what the hell is this?” Came a gruff voice from behind him. Eijirou almost fell over at the surprise proximity. “You didn’t tell me that you were bringing a damn entourage.”  

“Bakugou! Hey! I was worried you forgot to come.” Eijirou said hastily.

“I don’t ‘forget’.” Katsuki sneered. “I thought we were sparring today, why did you bring the vermin?”

He said the last line with a definitive glare towards Midoriya, disgust apparent on his face.

Much to Eijirou’s surprise, Midoriya returned with a glare of his own- until Katsuki broke the prolonged eye contact with an annoyed noise.

“Wow, you seem like a real charmer.” Sero said sarcastically, earning himself a death stare of his own.

“Oh yeah, Bakugou, this is Sero and Kaminari.” Eijirou said, gesturing to each in turn. “They’re friends for my old course. It’s been a long time since we’ve all gotten a day off and they were interested in trying some combat training with us. Midoriya too if he wa-”

“I don’t work with amateurs.” Eijirou’s heart sank. “Now, c’mon get your gear.”

Eijirou could tell Bakugou was getting agitated. He was shifting his weight from right to left like he couldn’t quite find a comfortable position to stand in- but these were his friends- Bakugou was his friend, he had just wanted-

“Wow, I heard rumors our top trainee was a real dick, but I gave my man Kiri the benefit of the doubt when he said you were his best friend in the course. Yet here you are, a dick in your full morning glory.” Kaminari cut in.

Eijirou didn’t have time to stop Katsuki from grabbing Kaminari by his uniform collar and pulling him in close, his knuckles white at the force at which he gripped the other boy.

“Say it again.” Katsuki snarled, centimeters from Kaminari’s face. Kaminari’s face went pale. He hadn’t realized physical assault was a line that Bakugou was very willing to jump across.

“Hey!” Eijirou barked. He and Sero leaped to pull the two apart. Kaminari was already spewing apologies in gibberish.

It didn’t take much convincing to make Bakugou let go of the cowering blonde. He still looked livid. Kaminari stumbled away to hide behind Sero. 

“You can’t just go around attacking my friends.” Eijirou hissed under his breath, his hand roughly gripped his friend’s shoulder. “Are you okay?” Katsuki’s heavy breathing was apparent under Eijirou’s hold. Katsuki violently shrugged him off.

“Sparring, later. Come alone or don’t come at all.” Katsuki bit out as he turned to leave. Concern swirled in Eijirou’s heart but he had more pressing matters to deal with.

He turned to attend the horrified Kaminari and disapproving Sero. Midoriya while usually the target of Katsuki’s aggression seemed unperturbed by the interaction, a stark contrast to his usual cowering.

Maybe he had finally gotten that boost of confidence he always needed from being acknowledged by the King’s Hunt. Bakugou certainly seemed to back down quicker than usual, maybe he was finally starting to acknowledge him too?

“Are you sure that guy is even your friend?” Sero asked, watching the blond stalk off. “He seems to hate everybody equally.”

“No! I mean, yeah! Look he’s not normally like that. Well I mean he is, but not like THAT. I’m going to try talking to him later- but we’re definitely friends. I didn’t think he would be so mad about you guys tagging along.”

“Look man, I don’t want to doubt your life decisions or anything, but I just saw my life flash before my eyes. That guy is trouble.” Kaminari scoffed. His composure regained now that Katsuki was out of the picture.

“Maybe so, but look, I’ll buy you guys food to make up for it.” Eijirou offered. He scratched the back of his head.

“Now you’re speaking our language.”



Katsuki had been training for a good while before Eijirou arrived. The blonde was soaked in the glow of the setting sun. Sweat pooled and dripped down his muscular form before vanishing beneath his skin tight, high neck tank top. He glistened in the sun’s waning light. 

Eijirou’s breath caught in his chest at the sight. The blonde had no idea how magnificent he looked while he trained. Every step was calculated, every muscle drawn taught with purpose. Eijirou didn’t lack a physique himself, but there was something about the way Katsuki moved… it was raw perfection- Everything Eijirou wanted, everything he hoped he could one day be to do his family proud.

“Oy!” Eijirou called out to Katsuki, who had yet to take his attentions away from the training dummy.

Katsuki looked around for a moment, still tense. After ascertaining that Eijirou was indeed alone as he had told him to be he visibly relaxed. He cocked his chin up as he strut over to where Eijirou stood by the weapons rack.

“You good man? You look like you’ve been out here for a while.” Eijirou asked tentatively.

“Been out here since we met up. Not gonna waste my valuable training time just to hang out with a bunch of weaklings.” Katsuki grunted.

“I just thought it would be good to shake things up, it’s not like you can’t learn things from someone just because they are weaker than you.” Eijirou frowned. “They look up to you, especially Midoriya. He’s been getting stronger like crazy and you’d see that if you just gave him a ch-”

“Are you here to talk my ear off about shit I don’t care about or are you here to train?!” Katsuki spat out with such vitriol Eijirou was almost shocked enough to be hit by the practice sword Bakugou threw at him.

“Don’t talk to me like that. I’m just trying to help.” EIjirou said. Although, he didn’t hesitate to raise the practice blade on the circling Katsuki.

“You can help me by fucking fighting.” Katsuki said, “No magic, only physical attacks.”


No sooner had Eijirou agreed to the terms than Katsuki was on him. The blond rushed in low. He aimed fro Eijirou’s knees with the wooden blade in an attempt to break down the red head’s foundation. Eijirou barely had time to back step out of the way.

He rebounded with an upward slash. He tried to catch the blond while he was still low, but Bakugou was already gone. He had sprung to Eijirou’s right to attack him head on again. He invaded Eijirou’s space, staying close in the pocket. He refused to back out and give the red head even an inch of breathing room as he rained down attacks with more and more force.

EIjirou stayed on defense. He blocked Katsuki’s ceaseless barrage whilst waiting for on opening until he finally saw one. Katsuki carelessly reared back to apply more force which left his midsection exposed. Eijirou swung at his middle with the wooden blade. This would put Katsuki on the defensive he would have no choice but to either block or dodge.

EIjirou gasped in horror when neither happened. He swore he heard a crack as his sword smashed into Katsuki’s midsection. The blonde let out a wheezing gasp. The hit sent him tumbling straight from his feet and into a collapsed pile on the dirt floor.

“Oh shit! Oh God’s, Bakugou are you okay?!” Eijirou cried. He rushed over to the collapsed body only to be taken aback when he was met with a wooden blade in his face.

“Fuckin’ fight.” Katsuki hissed. He staggered his way to his feet. Blood dripped from his mouth only to be spat away when the blonde resumed his fighting stance.

“I don’t think-”

“I’m not weak so fucking fight me!” Katsuki roared. He lunged back in on the now incredibly worried Eijirou.

He didn’t have time to stay worried as the blonde came at him with twice the ferocity. Again and again he walked into Eijirou’s counter hits, no doubt damaging his own body, but he didn’t seem to care. Each time he took a hit he swung back even harder.

There was another crack. Katsuki’s sword had broken on impact with Eijirou’s. He was still undeterred. He screamed bloody murder and let his fists fly.

It was no secret Eijirou that Katsuki, for all intents and purposes was not good at discussing his feelings, it had taken weeks if not months of gently prying to even get the blond to relax around him, to speak even casually.

Physicality is what Katsuki knew. The tact and precision he lacked socially could all be seen just by watching the way he moved, the way he fought. Through endless sparring sessions Eijirou had believed he had begun to understand Katsuki’s language, but this… this was too much.

He watched as Katsuki damaged himself just to get his own hits in in a way no smart fighter ever would. This was Katsuki’s raw, uninhibited emotions and by the God’s it was terrifying Eijirou to no end, for what could his best friend possibly be keeping inside that-

Blinding light burst in Eijirou’s face.

Eijirou caught the glowing palm in his own fully scaled hand at the last second. Bakugou had broken his own rules yet was still attacking. He tried to wrench his fist out of Eijirou’s palm and keep going. Eijirou knew he had to end this.

He wrenched Katsuki downwards by his captured palm and sent a knee into his face. He wasted no time in grabbing the disoriented boys fists, still hot to the touch. He hiked them up behind his back, secure in his fireproof hold and pinned him to the ground in his fully scaled clutches.

Eijirou sweat as he struggled to keep the snarling boy pinned. He swore it was harder to keep him in place than the massive demon they had killed together, and that was saying something.

“Hey, look I know you said no magic, but you used yours first.” Eijirou apologized. He leaned all of his body weight into the struggling blonde.

“If you’d just- give up nOW.” Eijirou barely dodged a headbutt aimed straight for his nose. Bakugou didn’t seem to be listening, hell he hadn’t stopped screeching in rage since being pinned. His breathing was coming in at a frantic pace as he squirmed in the dirt.

Something tickled at Eijirou’s nose, a sweet scent filled his nasal cavity. He pressed closer to his best friend. Eijirou didn’t know what it was, but something overtook his mind, told him to get closer. He pressed his face up against Katsuki’s neck. He savored the warmth. He inhaled deeply, drunkenly, something about it so tempting-

“-go,” Katsuki’s voice broke him from his stupor. Frantic. Barely a whisper. “Let me go, let me go, let me go-”

Eijirou reared back, aghast with what he had been doing. Had he really? In the middle of training? With Bakugou Katsuki?

The blonde’s breaths were coming in gasps. His eyes were pinpricks, wild with fear. Eijirou felt horrible guilt crash over him. He loosened his grip.

“Shit, Bakugou I’m so sor-” An elbow slammed him in the face the moment he let go, sending him tumbling backwards.

“Save it.” Katsuki hissed. He stumbled to his feet.

Eijirou reached for Katsuki’s shoulder.

”I didn’t mean to-” 

He was cut off by a blue ring of flame encircling his wrist inches from Katsuki.

“He said to save it, kid.” Eijirou looked up to see the sinister looking senior, Dabi standing in the entryway. “I had a feeling I might find you out here when you didn’t show up on time.”

“I can show up whenever I damn well feel like it.” Bakugou said. His composure was slowly coming back together.

“We had an appointment.” Dabi said. His eyes lazily drifted over to Eijirou. “If you have any interest in actually becoming stronger I’d suggest you allocate the time you spend with people a little better.”

“Although… your friend seemed to be having a really good time before I interrupted. Isn’t that right Kirishima?”

Eijirou turned crimson, guilt roiled deep in his gut. Someone had seen them. What had he been thinking? It was as if a demon had possessed him, told him to get closer, to take what belonged to him. Eijirou shook his head, it was insanity.

It was just a fight and somehow- somehow he had revealed himself, now, now Katsuki knew. The blond was furious at him, he knew that, but now was he disgusted? EIjirou couldn’t blame him if he was even in the best of circumstances.

“Let’s just go.” Katsuki said. He nodded his head at Dabi. Dabi chuckled.

Eijirou had so many questions running through his mind. Who was Dabi to him? What did he mean by appointment? Did Katsuki hate him now? Did he ruin his chances forever? Were they even still friends?

“Where are you going?” He managed to choke out.

“None of your damn business.”



Katsuki screamed in frustration as the perfect, floating ring of fire burst and fizzled out. He had been working on it for hours and somehow he was performing even worse than he had the day prior.

“It doesn’t make any sense, I HAD that one.” Katsuki seethed. He ran a hand through his hair in exasperation.

“Had it, lost it.” Dabi responded unhelpfully. Katsuki whipped around.

“Then tell me what I’m doing wrong!”

“Nothing, really. It seems to be a ‘you’ problem.” Dabi said. The dim lights from the shelf of obscure potions made the staples in his face glow with their eerie hue. “After that little mental break down of yours on the training field I’m not exactly surprised that your powers are out of whack.”

“I didn’t have a breakdown.” Katsuki responded, offense fully taken. “I was just pissed off.”

He had been trying to push the altercation with Kirishima to the back of his mind. One minute he had been blind with fury. The next he couldn’t move or breath, helpless in his panic as the dragon moved in- moved in and…”

“Don’t worry, it’s only natural for a demon to cower in the holy wake of a dragon.” Dabi said with a smirk.

“As if.” Katsuki replied, unsure with less bite than he would have liked. “Kirishima is nothing to be afraid of.”

“You sure? Your fear was so palpable I could smell pheromones coming off you in waves. I was surprised he didn’t try to sink in right there. Sure looked like he was thinking about it.” Dabi chuckled.

“So that’s why he… but why, why would my- my pheromones come out then of all times? That seems like the worst evolutionary decision possible.” Katsuki said, brows drawn tight.

“What’re you stupid? If an incubus’ sole purpose is to have sex and feed the only thing any other creature is going to want from it is to A.) Have sex with it or B.) Kill it, maybe eat it who knows. Anyway, when an incubus is being threatened they release their pheromones to try and get whatever is hunting it to distract them with sex. Of course sometimes they still get killed afterwards if whatever is fucking them doesn’t tire themselves out, but still that’s one way they weaponize sex.” Dabi concluded.

“That’s not weaponizing anything, that’s just rolling over and taking it.” Katsuki grumbled.

“It’s instinctual, it’s not like they can help it. After all it’s in your nature to live in the pursuit of pleasure, even on death’s door.”

“That’s bullshit.” Katsuki sneered. “Even if it is ‘instinctual’ or whatever, that’s not a way to live. That’s not how I’m going to live.”

“That’s true Katsuki, that’s why you’re going to be able to achieve great things. You have the control of a human, the emotional capacity to channel your demon energy. Something like that is rare, That’s why you’re so special.” Dabi said. He caressed Katsuki’s cheek. “But if it’s your instincts that are out of order right now and not letting you control your power properly then maybe we should cut it short and take care of those for now.”

“I’m not in the mood. I just wanted to practice today.” Katsuki huffed. He turned his head away from the seniors hold.

“You are so frustrating to work with. Can’t admit anything to yourself or others… Give me a second.” Dabi said as he disappeared into the backroom of the classroom, the clinking of bottles apparent as he sorted through them out of sight.

The senior emerged with a flask no bigger than his palm. It was black and opaque, with no tell as to what could be inside. Katsuki eyed it wearily.

“Like it or not you’re going to need your fix soon. This is just something to relax you and get you to be a little more honest with yourself.”
”So what? Like alcohol?” Katsuki scoffed. “Doesn’t the potions master give a shit that you’re constantly stealing his supplies?”

“Mr. Shigaraki let’s us use his classroom as our club room after hours, he is the black magic club sponsor after all. He’s always been one for creative freedom, doesn’t care as long as I replenish his supply every so often.”

“Of course he’d be another freak. Letting kids run around doing black magic.”

“These freaks are your best bet for salvation, kid. The only place you’re going to find a way to break a seal like that is with black magic. The freaks are the only one’s in this place who don’t want to see you, a demon, strung up and killed. You’re far too interesting for that. You may have the control, the discipline of a human, but as long as that thing is on your neck you will always be subservient to your current master. So tell me, would you rather be a bitch or a freak?”

Katsuki didn’t say anything. He snatched the flask from Dabi’s cold grip and downed it in a massive gulp. He cringed as the bitter fluid coated his tongue with the consistency of molasses. He slammed the flask down and eyed Dabi, challenge apparent.

“You always come around.” Dabi grinned.

“’If the price is right.” Katsuki replied. He wiped his lips of the disgusting substance.

“Now there’s a cunning little incubus.” Dabi said as Katsuki pressed his body against the taller boy.

“Shut up, ’s hot n your skin is cool.” Katsuki’s words slurred together on his tongue.

“It’s room temperature.” Dabi said with a smirk. He watched as something slowly faded from the blonde’s eyes. His vigilant glare became increasingly weak until Dabi was finally staring into the demon’s unguarded soul.

“Do you need this?” Dabi whispered into the younger boy’s ear.

“I… I do.” He surprised himself, the answer came out before the thought had even fully formed in his mind. 

“Do you want this? Do you want me?”

“I do.” Katsuki’s voice cracked. He hadn’t been able to catch the answer before it made it’s way past his lips.


“It’-s… so.. hot. My body needs…” Katsuki said. He sounded truly distressed as he pushed his face further into the older boys chest. Desperate to cool down his markings began swirling into their familiar pattern. .

“That’d be the potion for you. I knew you were holding that in. Makes more than just your body honest.” Dabi said. He buried a hand in Katsuki’s fluffy mane and forced the demon to look at him.

“What do you want from me Katsuki?”

“Help me.”

“I don’t know if I’d call it that.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened. Dabi pulled him in for a deep kiss. The older boy’s tongue slid down his throat. All Katsuki could do was taste him. The wet kiss curbed some of the growing discomfort. Katsuki leaned in for more. Every touch spread relief through his body, as though a thirst that he hadn’t known had been grating on his throat was finally being quenched.

“And you tell yourself that you don’t like sex. Sneaky little thing. It’s almost artistic watching the dichotomy of your two sides try and play war with each other. But this-” Dabi punctuated his sentence by gracelessly shoving his hand down Katsuki’s pants, causing the demon to let out a keening moan.

 “This is you at your most honest. The real you. The human part of you is just a facade you’ve been living with. And you’re going to take that facade and claw your way all the way to the top, right? Kill your own kind? Perpetuate the mass genocide of these sinful, instinct driven creatures? Do you think you can do it? If demons are all evil filth where does that leave you?”

“It’s not- only my body--I’m not- I- I’m still human.” Katsuki groaned. Dabi massaged his package harder. His fingers dug in just enough to cause pain.

“I don’t see why being a demon is such a bad thing. I don’t see why humans think demon’s should all be eradicated. They carry the energy of the ancients, there’s so much humanity could do with that if we didn’t cower in fear to our lessers. It’s a waste.”

Dabi freed both their erections, tossing Katsuki’s trousers to the wayside. As he did so he pulled the trembling demon into his lap, fingers digging into the supple flesh of toned thighs.

“Are you scared?”

Katsuki nodded.

“Why are you so scared of yourself, Katsuki?” Dabi said. He pulled apart the incubus’ cheeks and allowed his fingers to circle the slick pucker. Every knowing press sent shivers up Katsuki’s spine.

“I’m scared… that this is all I’ll ever be.” Katsuki couldn’t stop his voice from wavering or his legs from shaking. Existing was overwhelming. His brain was clouded with the lust of heat, but with a precise clarity to the thoughts that struck true.

Dabi raised the demon till he was crouching over the former’s cock. Katsuki moaned as the older boy’s length pressed up against his aching hole.

“If you really believe that, why don’t you back out now? Use that human half to take out your master without whoring yourself out?” Dabi’s eyes twinkled sadistically.

“I can’t! Ah! Ah!” Dabi sunk two fingers from each hand into Katsuki. He allowed the demon no time to grow accustomed to the intrusion before he pulled his hole open, exposing Katsuki’s needy, twitching insides to the tepid air of the classroom.

“What do you want Katsuki?” Dabi said. His voice dripped dangerously with lust.

“I want you, hah, to stop asking questions and fucking FUCK me! NNgG!”

Katsuki tossed his head back. His bangs stuck to his face as he sunk himself onto Dabi’s achingly hard cock .

 The older boy used his hands to guide him. He savored how the writhing demon’s velvety insides sucked him down to the hilt. He ground his hips up into Katsuki as he bottomed out. The trainee gasped with satisfaction of finally getting the itch that demanded for pleasure scratched.

“Fuuuck yes.” Katsuki panted. His breath was airy, but carried a note of aggressive satisfaction.  

Slick was dripping down his thighs by now. He drenched the older boy’s lap in it, but he didn’t care. The only thing he cared about was feeling the cock that was settled deep inside of him. Katsuki rotated his hips on Dabi’s erection. His eyes rolled back as he churned up his own insides. He relished in the explosions of pleasure that burst over him. They enveloped him in their comforting, static heat.

“I almost like you when you’re like this.” Dabi’s fingers were kneading the flesh of Katsuki’s plush ass cheeks. He surely left imprints where each of his fingers dug into the soft flesh, but Katsuki couldn’t bring himself to care.

“I don’ give a shit what you like.” Katsuki groaned. He raised himself till only the head of Dabi’s weeping cock was still inside of him. He was already aching at the loss of being thoroughly filled. No time was spent relishing in that feeling. He needed to get as much of it back inside of him as possible, that he knew.

Katsuki let out a howl of pleasure as he slammed himself back down on the senior’s, long, slick length. It’s shape was perfectly known to Katsuki’s twitching insides. He could feel ever groove, every slight motion as he stuffed himself full over and over again.

His whole body shuddered when Dabi finally placed his hands on his hips to help him. He raised and lowered the younger boy on his cock at a brutal pace, the squelch of Katsuki’ slick loud among his keening moans. Katsuki’s whole body seized up as he came. Ribbons of cum splashed along both of their chests, Dabi’s entire length firmly wedged inside of him.

As expected Dabi didn’t stop. He continued to manhandle the demon into riding him. Blue flames encircled Katsuki’s waist and thighs. It painted them in their ominous blue tones, casting shadows over the depraved scene.

Dabi’s eyes were glowing in the light. Their glacial blue glow was the only thing that Katsuki could identify around him as he was dragged up and down.

Katsuki leaned into the older boy and allowed himself to be roughly speared open, legs spread wide with his ceaseless erection on full display. His dick was leaking cum nonstop, much like his hole, he hadn’t known that it was even possible to produce this much fluid.  

Katsuki shrieked as he let out another orgasm. Another strong wave of semen and slick rushed out of him. This time he hit himself in the face due to his hanging head, but he still couldn’t bring himself to mind as the warm substance trickled down his nose and into his gaping mouth.

The taste was sweet, burnt, but sweet. Katsuki registered for a moment that that probably wasn’t normal for most people, but was distracted when Dabi gripped him by the chin and forced him to look up.

“Open your mouth.” Dabi commanded.

Katsuki did so. He revealed the mess of semen he had created in his own mouth, white jizz thoroughly coated his tongue. His eyes widened in surprised when Dabi held his mouth open and spit onto his tongue before clenching it shut.


A burning sensation rushed through Katsuki as he did so. More warmth, more pleasure shocked his system. His tongue lolled out again. It dripped with the semen he couldn’t swallow. Dabi groaned at the sight. Now he was moving his hips in tandem with the corporeal flame. Fucking Katsuki as deep as he could in the chase for his own orgasm.

“You like that, you little whore?” Dabi asked. His breath was short with exertion, but full of excitement. Katsuki could do nothing but moan and nod, coordination lost.

Dabi came with a shudder. He slammed the demon back down on him with all his might. He painted Katsuki’s fuck hole with hot spurts of come. Katsuki cried out again. His spine arched as far as the restraints would allow him to as he reached his third climax. Reality was but a distant noise to him, all he could feel was mind shattering pleasure. He wondered if maybe that was okay.


“-efore someone sees.”

Katsuki slowly faded back into consciousness. His vision was still somewhat blurry and he was suddenly being wracked with all of the pains he hadn’t felt in the moment. A look at his thighs and he could see rings of bruises where he had been held up had already started to form. He idly wondered how long he had been out or if he'd even fallen unconscious at all.

Now with his head clear from the haze of pleasure he realized how cold and wet he felt. The cum on his thighs was already cool and starting to crust. He curled his lip in disgust when he shifted and felt Dabi’s release drip out of his hole.

Something didn’t feel right, he still felt off balance, like he was separate from himself yet still hyper aware of every thought that pierced his mind. He moved drunkenly to stand up before Dabi caught him by the wrist.     

“That’s just a side effect, don’t worry it’ll go away in a few hours.” Dabi shrugged

“You didn’t tell me the potion would do that.” Katsuki said, his voice raspy from overuse.

“Not like you cared to ask the way you downed it, besides everything you did was all you.” Dabi said, challenge apparent in his voice. Katsuki knew he couldn’t fight that, but he would never admit-

“You’re right.”

“It’s nice getting to see you unfiltered.”

Katsuki couldn’t think of a response to that. He didn’t want to open his mouth and say something else he would regret. Memories were flooding back to him of all the things he admitted. He wondered if it would be overkill to incinerate himself on the spot.

Katsuki bit his lip and nodded, desperate to stay quiet. As if refraining from speaking the truth would make it any less real.  

“So tell me what you really believe now that your head is clear of all your delusions. What are you?”

The taste of iron flooded Katsuki’s mouth. His lip split between his teeth.


Chapter Text

The damp morning air was frigid on Katsuki’s skin. The sun had yet to rise. Only a sliver of shining gold was visible on the horizon. Still, Katsuki and the rest of his year stood in the school’s main courtyard, their sleep crusted eyes turned skywards.

Many recruits, Katsuki included, anticipated these days so eagerly they had deprived themselves of a full nights sleep just to be the first in line.

Due to the secluded nature of the school, mail days were few and far between, for there were few ways in which one could freely come and go.

Katsuki’s eyes burned from lack of sleep and his back still ached in places from the night prior. He didn’t even really know if there would be anything for him, after all there was only one person in the world who would send him anything.

He was about to begin regretting his decision when the sound of beating wings filled the air, followed by gasps of awe from the students around him. Katsuki looked up with the rest of his class and had to hold in an awestruck gasp himself.

A massive winged creature circled overhead. It bathed the entire courtyard in it’s shadow. The reptilian creature’s emerald and golden scales twinkled like precious gemstones in the fragments of daylight that became more known as time progressed.

Katsuki’s hair was swept back by the gusts of wind produced by the dragon’s massive wings as it descended into the student’s midst. The creature was easily over a story tall, with enormous fangs and eyes that spoke of an intelligence that Katsuki couldn’t bring himself to understand.

Strapped to the sides of the dragon’s saddle were enormous satchels, presumably full of the student’s various loot. Atop the saddle sat a man who Katsuki couldn’t help, but feel felt familiar, for his face was adorned with patches of green and golden scales similar to the dragon he rode.

The fortress of U.A. was designed to keep any and all intruders out as they cultivated the minds of the world’s next saviors. To one side was the deadly forest, rampant with demons and monsters. To the other side lay the cursed sea, who’s placid waters seemed to consume anyone who attempted to traverse them.

On top of the natural defenses made up by the location, the school also had evil wards placed on it to make sure nothing from the forest or sea could actually make their way onto the premises.

Considering how difficult it was to access the school in the first place, having the school only be accessible by air was the obvious choice. Especially when the creatures passing to and from were dragons, who’s holy magic allowed them to come and go despite the school’s barriers.

Katsuki idly wondered if he would burn up should he try to leave and re enter the barrier now.

The golden scaled dragon borne got to work opening up the satchels on the dragon’s back and calling out the names written on the parcels he retrieved.

The whole system was a mess. He would call a name from where he stood on the dragon’s back and student’s would clamour over each other to catch their intended packages where he would haphazardly toss them down.

“Midoriya Izuku!”

Katsuki’s eye twitched in annoyance as he watched the tufts of green hair make their way to the front of the crowd before a hand reached up and retrieved a single letter.

More names were called and Katsuki couldn’t help but feel impatient and annoyed by the lack of organization of the whole endeavour.

“Kirishima Eijirou!”

Katsuki looked around. He expected to see the red head emerge from the crowd, but to no avail. Kirishima’s name was called again and Katsuki found himself elbowing his way to the front.

“I can take it to him!” He shouted over the crowd, hand outstretched to the gold dragon borne. The dragon borne raised an eyebrow before he shrugged and tossed him a small parcel no larger than his fist.

On it was a seal that resembled the skull of a dragon. It’s eyes burned uncannily with life. Katsuki guessed it to be Kirishima’s family seal, meaning that Katsuki couldn’t open it even if he tried.

“Bakugou Katsuki!”

Katsuki extended his hand again, but was quick to reorient himself as an enormous package was tossed his way. He was just barely able to avoid having the wind knocked from his lungs by catching the hefty thing in an awkward hug.

The other hunter trainees flocked to him immediately.

“Whoa, look at the package Bakugou got! It’s huge! What’s inside?”

“Of course the ‘top trainee’ is going to get the best stuff…”

“Hey, hey, Bakugou show us what’s inside!”

Katsuki’s brow furrowed in annoyance.

“What’s inside is none of you damn extra’s business.” He stated, shoving his way past the small crowd he had gathered.

Katsuki heaved the package all the way up his tower and did not rest until he was safely locked away in his room. Now that he was alone he took the time to observe the box.

On it was a signature scrawled in the tones of burning embers. It worked similarly to the seal on Kirishima’s package, ensuring that no one who did not share his blood could open it.

He hastily tore open the excess packaging to find inside was a simple yet quite nice wooden chest with a note stuck to the top. No wonder the thing had been so damn heavy.

Ever eager he forewent the note and pried open the lacquer wood, it’s purpose seemed to be more for decoration than anything. He stared in astonishment at the contents.

Inside the chest was what looked to be a new armor set. It was sleek in design, and shone black as night with bold gold designs that adorned the pauldrons, gauntlets, and armored boots.

Katsuki had a hard time fathoming why he was receiving what looked to be an incredibly expensive gift.

Under the armor set sat a long sword with an obsidian blade as dark as the armor set and a gold encrusted hilt. It wasn’t too different from Katsuki’s current sword in build, but was clearly superior in make.

The swords lack of weight was a marvel. Curious about the rest of the set Katsuki summoned the armor pieces onto his body.

The black plating coated his body almost as if it were a second skin. Each plate conformed to fit him as if it had been specifically made with his build in mind.

Finally, the pauldrons fell into place. They were flat, each extending past his shoulders into a point, giving him a rather intimidating appearance. From where the shoulder pieces settled a golden cape burst from his shoulders, it’s length settled somewhere around his knees.

Katsuki wasn’t one for giving a damn about his appearance, but he had to admit as he looked himself over in the mirror, he made quite the imposing figure. It was as if the armor was cultivating his power, letting it’s presence be known.

He couldn’t help but let a burst of energy escape him. It ran through his veins, through the armor and directly into the sword he gripped.

The abyss of the blade burst open. Ember veins danced up and down the metal blade and Katsuki recognized it as himself.

He had received a true catalyst, an extension made for him. It was something most students couldn’t even dream of receiving, yet here he was.

Katsuki glanced at the still unopened note. The part that he had been dreading.

He let out a scoff at his own nervousness and proceeded to tear open the letter with his teeth. After all the old hag was probably going to chew him out if he didn’t respond.  

‘To my loving brat of a son, Katsuki,’

Katsuki rolled his eyes at the header.

‘It really wouldn’t hurt you to write to me more often would it? You’d better actually respond this time or I’ll smack you silly next time I see you. Can you believe my shock when I had to be informed by the school that my kid is the number one trainee? Not that I had any doubt you would be, if that anger we’ve got running through us is good for anything, dealing with demons is definitely one of them.

Is school treating you well? Have you finally managed to clean up your act and make some friends? Remember that if you need anything you can always come to me.’

She was degenerating into full mom mode, Katsuki’s lip curled.

‘Your school has actually invited me to attend the end of the year show case. I’ve never even heard of someone as young as you participating and I can’t tell you how excited I am that my son is going to blow every other kid out of the water.

I had this gift customized for you to help you on your way to being the ‘World’s Greatest Hunter’. I always knew nothing could stop you from achieving your dreams. I can’t wait to see how far you’ve come at the end of the year. You’re always making me proud.  



P.S.The sword’s name is Hell’s Embers. I figured it was suitable for a pyromaniac like you.’   

Katsuki stared blankly at the note. The paper shook ever so slightly in his hand.

The words rattled around Katsuki’s skull. This was a reward, a reward because she was proud of him. His kind, yet ill spoken mother believed in him, believed he had somehow progressed. She had no idea just how far he had fallen.

His hands itched to pick up a pen and pour his soul onto paper. To beg her to forgive him, to help him, to hold him as she had done when they had both cried together many years ago.

But he didn’t, he couldn’t.

She had thrown away her whole life just so he could exist as a human and he had failed her. She couldn’t know.

Instead he watched himself in the mirror as the armor fell from his body into a haphazard mess on the floor, his will to to wear it having fled his body. He looked himself in the eyes and willed for his face not to crumple. To not let the hurt in his chest explode outwards because he knew once it started he wouldn’t be able to stop.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.


Eijirou rung his hands together. He was nervous about knocking the first time let alone a third. He was about to turn tail and leave when he heard no response from Katsuki, but was halted when he heard shuffling on the other side of the door.

“Whatd’ya want?” Came Katsuki’s voice, muffled by the wood between them. Even so, Eijirou couldn’t help but feel that Katsuki sounded a bit strange.

“Ah, it’s Kirishima. I was hoping I coul-” Eijirou was stopped in his tracks by the door cracking open. The room was dimly lit with the curtains drawn tight. The only light came from the flickering candles on Katsuki’s desk.

He was surprised when a parcel was shoved into his hands from beyond the door. Eijirou inspected it, a familiar family seal locked eyes with him. His heart sank at it’s ominous meaning, but first…

“I picked it up for you because your dumb ass was too lazy to wake up and get it yourself. Get your shit together.” Katsuki grunted in a weak imitation of his usual manner.

“Bakugou... thank you.”

“You got what you came here for right? Just go.” Katsuki interrupted. “Or did you want something else?”

Eijirou was bewildered by how Katsuki’s voice insinuated he was there just to gain something from him.

“Of course not, I just wanted to talk.” Eijirou said, hands raised to his shoulders in surrender. Katsuki rolled his eyes at that, mouthing an ‘of course’.

Eijirou made his way further into the sparsely furnished room. He made sure to tightly shut the door behind him. The tension rose in the silence. Eijirou’s fear was no stranger to him, but he had to overcome it in order to be emotionally honest.

What he hadn’t expected was for Katsuki to look so distraught now that he was seeing him in the flickering lights. The blonde looked like he hadn’t slept a wink in days. The fire that normally burned in his eyes had given way to a flat, dull eyed stare. And where the blonde usually radiated power, Eijirou could only feel tiredness and resignation.

Eijirou looked around in an attempt to not actively stare at Katsuki. He was sure the blonde would have only found it annoying. With not much in the room his eyes fell on what looked to be a pile of armor with a rather intricate looking sword tossed on top.

“That’s not your sword, did you get a new one?” Eijirou asked, hoping to break the tension.

“The old hag sent it to me in the mail this morning, seems to think I deserve it or something.” Katsuki said, voice tense.

“That’s awesome man! You do deserve it.” Eijirou forced himself to beam at Katsuki in his usual manner. “This stuff looks really expensive, I wish I got gifts like this.”

“What’s in yours?” Katsuki asked. He gestured towards the parcel in Eijirou’s hand. “That’s from your family too right?”

Eijirou’s grip on the small package tightened. It was true it was sent by his family, but it wasn’t a gift by his standards.

“Ah this, this is more of a hand me down. Kind of like an heirloom I guess. I’ve been expecting to get it in the mail for a while, but I forgot today was mail day with everything going on, y’know?”

Katsuki shrugged in acknowledgment.

“Is your family coming to the showcase too? My mom said she got an invite and is coming whether I like it or not.” Katsuki said, dropping himself onto his bed.

It was hard for Eijirou to maintain his grin at that. A sort of melancholy fell over his eyes as his face fell into a more distant expression.

“They can’t. I uh, we live in a mountain town, but lately it’s been getting ravaged by demons almost daily. There aren’t a lot of us anymore so they can only do so much.”

“Anymore?” Katsuki asked.

Eijirou didn’t like to think about it, he didn’t like to think about his losses or his impending fate, but today he had come here to be as emotionally honest as he could with Katsuki and it would be disingenuous to lie.

“Yeah, my family used to be pretty big. Dragon borne’s live quite long you know? Dragon borne’s are natural demon hunters so we lived in relative peace for ages because no demons would ever bother us. Over time we started using our powers to hone different skills and crafts other than just hunting, which originally wasn’t a bad thing, but I guess we lost our touch…”

Katsuki raised an eyebrow.

Eijirou continued.

“My dad and my older brother were the last real hunters among us, they kept us safe. We should have been getting ready. “I” should have been getting ready to fight with all of these demon uprisings, but I didn’t.

My dad is on his last legs, he’s too old for this, and earlier this year my brother was killed in a demon attack. That’s why I transferred. When my dad goes I have to be ready to fight for my family, I have to be able to slaughter demons better than anyone so I don’t end up like my brother.”

Eijirou exhaled. His heart hurt talking about it. Receiving what he knew to be his brother’s hunter crest had blown the wound he had long since taped up wide open.

“I’m sorry.” Katsuki breathed. Eijirou almost didn’t hear it.

He was horrified when he looked into Katsuki’s eyes and saw pain and guilt whirling around in them. For the first time since he’d known him Katsuki looked completely lost.

He was upset. He hadn’t come here to upset his best friend even further, to lay out his own sob story and make Katsuki pity him of all people.

With a deep breath Eijirou decided to tear the bandage off.

“Look,” Eijirou said. His words were measured. “I didn’t come here to just unload on you or to get my mail. I wanted to talk about what happened on the training ground.”

Katsuki looked away.

“Forget it.”  

“No. I wanted to apologize, and tell you that I am so sorry for what happened out there.”   

“You’re sorry?” Katsuki’s genuinely shocked gaze shot back to him. Eijirou thought that should have been obvious. Uncertainty bloomed in his chest.

“Y-yeah, I, I don’t know what happened. One second we were fighting, and- and the next it was like something possessed me. Not that that excuses it, I should have stopped when I saw that you were clearly…” Scared, the word was scared, but he knew that saying something like that to Katsuki could have huge ramifications. “You were clearly uncomfortable and I didn’t stop right away. I felt like a monster.”

Eijirou glanced up at Katsuki to find that he had crossed his arms tightly to his chest and was boring circles into the floor with his glare.

“... It was my fault.” Katsuki finally breathed out. “I- I do that to people… I make them turn into monsters.”

“What? Of course it’s not your fault. What do you mean?” Eijirou asked, confused.

“First Deku, now you. Dabi was right, it’s just in my nature.” Katsuki was visibly shaking. “Don’t apologize to me, you can’t help it right?”

Eijirou felt trapped. Had Katsuki pieced together that he liked him? It wouldn’t be a surprise if he-

“You want to fuck me don’t you?”

Eijirou’s mouth fell open.

“It’s fine, you can. You can’t help it right?” Katsuki said, rising from where he sat on his bed to invade Eijirou’s space. Something was incredibly wrong.

“B-Bakugou, what? Where is this coming from?” Eijirou stuttered out. Katsuki stepped closer. Suddenly Eijirou felt incredibly hot, like the room had a roaring fire in it, except the source was Katsuki.

“Everyone around us can see it. I’m not blind. It’s fine.” Katsuki breathed onto his ear. There it was again that sweet scent that had invaded his lungs last time he had had Katsuki pinned. Something about how distant Katsuki sounded, how resigned he sounded still set off alarm bells in Eijirou’s head. Even as Katsuki leaned in.

Katsuki kissed how Eijirou always thought he would, with little grace and a lot of teeth. Eijirou let his eyes fall shut as he simply tasted Katsuki, biting the other boy in turn, just wanting more more more, to kiss him, to mount him just like before-

“Wait!” He gasped. He harshly shoved Katsuki away by his shoulders. Katsuki tried to ignore him. He pushed himself back in closer, only for Eijirou to take another step back.

“It’s true that I like you, but-”

“Then what’s the problem?” Katsuki cut in impatiently. Another wave of pure lust crashed over Eijirou. He had to get away.

“I don’t want to do this right now, not like this.” Not with their emotions running this high, not while Katsuki was in the state he was in, not while Eijirou couldn’t shake the foreign lust that felt like it was consuming his mind.

Still Katsuki came closer. A web of markings, demon markings, bloomed on his skin, incandescent in the dim lighting.

“You’re- you’re doing this?” Eijirou breathed. He was still struggling to keep his mind together. Katsuki was a demon. His best friend and crush was a demon, his natural enemy.

“Stop.” Eijirou whispered. Urgency rising.

“You want me right?” By the God’s he did. The way Katsuki’s markings trailed down his body sinfully drew his attention as he traced them with his eyes.

“It’s in my nature to do this to people.” Katsuki’s voice cracked as Eijirou pulled away further.

Katsuki leaned in again. His hands traced lower and lower on Eijirou’s body. Everywhere his touch lingered seemed to set Eijirou’s skin ablaze with want.

“If it’s with you I don’t mind, so please don’t leave me.” He sounded borderline hysterical. His hand dipped below Eijirou’s waistband and-   

“I TOLD YOU TO STOP!” The force of Eijirou’s slap sent Katsuki to his knees.

Eijirou’s thoughts were a jumble, no matter where he tried to take rational thought it always came back to Katsuki. Katsuki, Katsuki. Katsuki the top trainee, Katsuki his partner in crime, Katsuki the boy he had had a crush on since practically day one, Katsuki the demon.

The only thing he knew for sure was that he couldn’t be here with him. At least not like this.

Blood roared in Eijirou’s ears as he slammed the door to Katsuki’s room behind him. The sound of something shattering erupted from beyond the door. He pretended not to hear.


Chapter Text

The training field was bustling with students as they paired off into teams at Mr. Ken’s orders. Katsuki stood, agitated as his classmates seemingly found partners with ease. Kirishima had yet to make eye contact with him as he stood a way a ways in front of him, most likely to avoid confrontation .

Katsuki grimaced. He realized that without Kirishima as his default partner no one would approach him, something that was not lost on his murmuring classmates.

“Bakugou’s alone today?”

“What you wanna try pairing up with him?”

“No way that guy is way too scary, he’d kill me. I feel bad for whoever gets stuck with him, he looks pissed.”

Katsuki was jerked from his thoughts, literally, by two hands encircling his upper arm and tugging him. Without a thought he violently ripped himself away only to be met with an incredibly annoying manic giggle.

“Touchy today are we?” The golden eyed girl chuckled as she took a step forward to invade Katsuki’s personal space. “Hey hey, Kacchan do you need a partner?”

“Don’t call me that.” Katsuki cut her off. “Shouldn’t you be off playing with Deku or something?”  

“Mmm, I would be teaming with Izuku, but he’s already teamed up with Kirishima.” Toga said as she tapped her chin. A sly grin appeared on her face as Katsuki immediately whipped his head around to see that she was indeed correct and Kirishima was talking quite animatedly with the green haired loser.

Katsuki’s lips firmed into a thin line. His chest felt hollow. He had spent all of the previous night trying to do anything to relieve the pain in his chest after their encounter. All he had succeeded in doing was destroying his bedroom and shattering his window.

He should have known Kirishima was too good to be allied to a demon, and even with that he looked like he was still too good to even out him on it, content to pretend that Katsuki didn’t exist. It made Katsuki’s stomach curl in disgust.

“So what do you say?” Toga asked again.

“It’s not like I have a choice.” Katsuki said, his tone dry in contrast to her bubbly demeanor.

“That’s true! But let’s be sure to do well, my friends are watching, and I guess yours too right?” Toga said as she waved to the stands.

Katsuki’s eye was drawn to where she was waving to see that she was indeed correct. A group of students largely dressed in upperclassman uniforms and dark robes sat in the stands. A few of them had hoods on, some with discernible masks, but he could see among them sat Dabi, eyeing the pair thoughtfully.

Black magic freaks, great.

“It’s a shame you couldn’t be paired with your little dragon friend, you guys would have knocked this assignment out of the stadium!”

Toga was right. They would have.

Today’s exercise enabled them to practice the defense charm they had been practicing the week prior. Teams of two would play defense and offense against each other by throwing projectiles supplied by the school. Katsuki had no doubts that with Kirishima’s naturally superior defense and his own hyper aggressive offense they would have destroyed anyone they played against.

At least Toga didn’t seem to be dead weight if he could just ignore everything else about her other than her fighting ability he’d be fine.

The defense charm is simple enough. Katsuki hadn’t had a hard time learning it in the slightest. As far as the other teams were concerned, he and Toga were easily handling their offense. Their lackluster attacks were almost offensive as he and Toga dealt with their attacks as she danced around behind him and he ignored her completely.

The projectiles they were given were dense metallic spheres, each weighty in his palm and would probably be enough to knock a normal person out on their own. Still, despite the lack of skill among his classmates he reasoned they still weren’t normal people so he put an explosive spark behind each one he hurled in order to shatter the other teams defenses.

They rotated opponents for the better part of an hour until-

“Finally! Izuku darling, give me everything you’ve got!” Toga cackled. Katsuki bristled as the red and green duo made their way over to them. The pair looked somewhat tired. Deku especially had a few scrapes, but overall they seemed like they had been getting along with the exercise just fine.

Kirishima gave a small wave as he approached, but his eyes glossed over Katsuki’s, careful not to hold his gaze. Katsuki twitched in annoyance. Fine, if that’s how the lizard blooded bastard wanted to be.

“You extras better give it your all.” Katsuki snarled. Both Kirishima and Deku’s faces fell at the aggressive diss. Kirishima seemingly surprised that it had been directed at him, but he quickly became somber and gave a firm nod.

Deku seemed determined as he turned to Kirishima, probably coming up with some stupid game plan as Kirishima nodded and listened in attentively. Kirishima was a damn idiot, couldn’t he see nothing good would come from being around that trash?  

They stood on one side of the line who’s barrier served to limit travel and proximity between the pairs as Toga bounced up and down idly.

“Oooh, scary how they’re planning.”

“What do you mean?” Katsuki asked, acknowledging Toga for the first time since they had started the stupid exercise.

“I mean they both know so much about you. If anyone knows how to take you down it’s them right? This isn’t a very good scenario for us.” Toga said as she tapped her chin in thought. “Oh well, you’re still the best recruit we’ve got. You SHOULD be able to destroy them easily. Or maybe this match up is too hard for you with your condition.”


“Oh you guys are ready!?” Toga jumped up excitedly as Deku ad Kirishima turned back to the pair. “Let’s get this started!”

The teams took a defensive stance. The barrier vanished.

“Be careful with Izuku, he’s gotten a lot stronger than you think, you’re broken heart might not be able to handle it.”

Katsuki turned to Toga, wide eyed with shock.

A metal sphere stopped just inches before his face. The blond girls hand outstretched as she caught it in her own barrier.

“Pay attention okay?” She giggled.

Katsuki looked to see that Deku was winding up again. Katsuki decided not to let him. He beamed his own projectile down at Deku only to grimace in annoyance as Kirishima caught the dense orb in his perfect shield.

The red head made quick work of laying down rapid cover fire. He launched projectiles in a wide spread so Katsuki and Toga wouldn’t have space to dodge around and instead had to take the direct shots from Deku head on without time to retaliate themselves.

Katsuki grunted in exertion, sweat accumulated on his forehead as he stopped another powerful throw from Deku, he could feel his barrier cracking at the abuse.

“You think you can BREAK me?!” Katsuki roared, spit flying from his lips as he shouted. He didn’t understand why he felt so fragile, but with every hit he felt himself become more and more drained. Barrier be damned, Toga be damned, and damn Deku and Kirishima especially.

Katsuki grabbed another projectile and dodged two more shots. He seized the small window of opportunity to light the orb aflame and hurl it at Deku with all of his strength, an explosion hurtling it across the field.

Deku saw death as it came for him head on. He wasn’t fast enough to cast a defense spell, and certainly not fast enough to dodge.

Katsuki roared in frustration again as Kirishima lunged in front of Deku and absorbed the hit.

“What the hell man!?” He shouted. His own defense charm had come up too late to catch the orb before it hit him, but had manged to absorb some of the impact. It left the dragon borne winded as the projectile hung trapped in midair.

Katsuki knew he had thrown it too hard, but he didn’t care. Deku also didn’t seem to care. Instead of stopping the match, he snatched the flaming orb from where it was suspended. Toga gasped in delight.

The explosive blonde blinked to find that his once bright flame had turned a poisonous green in Deku’s hand. It crackled ominously around the sphere, bathing Deku in it’s cursed shadow before he let it go.

First he heard his barrier shatter. Then the crunch of bone.



Katsuki blinked the blood from his eyes, only to find the action futile. He was lying on his back, unable to feel his face as his mouth filled with blood from his most certainly broken nose.

He staggered to his feet and reached for another projectile, but was stopped by the hand of their instructor settling weightily on his shoulder in warning.

“Go get that fixed at the clinic. You’re done for today.” Mr. Ken said with finality. Katsuki couldn’t help but notice the look of disappointment in his teacher’s eye.


“This is bullshit!” Katsuki shouted as he used his fist to jack hammer at the door to the potions classroom. Dabi hadn’t been in any of his usual spots and classes were long since over for the day.

It was only when Katsuki had gone looking that he realized that if Dabi hadn’t arranged for them to meet he never really knew where to find the senior. It bothered him that despite this the senior always seemed to know where to find him.

Katsuki knocked again. This time he shook the foundation of the wood so hard, dust began to fall from the frame around it. He raised his fist to knock a third time when the door creaked open to reveal a familiar scarred face. Dabi’s chilling gaze bore down on him through the crack in the door.

“You’re interrupting our club meeting.” Dabi said dismissively. Behind Dabi he could see Toga gesticulating wildly towards the other students in the room before the group turned to peer towards Katsuki with keen interest.   

“Fuck your club meeting, I need you.” Katsuki growled. Excited footsteps scrambled up to the door.

“Ooh, ooh! Is that Kacchan ? How’s his face? Speaking of that, we should invite him in, we could use-” Came the shrill voice of the crazed blonde girl. Dabi promptly stepped outside and shut the door on her.

Dabi crossed his arms and glared at the shorter boy.

“I didn’t call for you today.” Dabi stated as a matter of fact.

Katsuki seethed.

“You said you would help me, but everything is getting worse.

“Oh? And I’m to blame for that?”   

“You said you would help me! But all you’ve done is show me your shitty party tricks and fuck me. How the hell was any of that supposed to help?!”

“Look, I looked into overriding that seal of yours. Whatever it is it’s strong, insanely strong. The person that put that there must have really wanted nothing more than that because the only thing I’ve found that might even have a chance is re-purposing goliath levels of demon energy that, quite frankly, you’re just not putting out lately.”

“If you knew that I couldn’t do it then why?” Katsuki was vibrating with anger. His fists clenched and unclenched.

“At first I thought I could train you, so I could transfer ownership and manipulate your power for you. I’m thinking on some different ways to do that now. It’s not a lost cause. For now though, I think you’re fine as a good fuck every so often. Don’t pretend that’s not why you’re here.”

The crack of Dabi’s nose under his fist was satisfying, but he didn’t get to savor it for long. His feet were swept out from under him. Katsuki didn’t have the reaction time to stop his head from slamming into the hard stone floor. Dizzy, he tried to process what had just happened, but he couldn’t shake the spots of light that appeared in his vision.  

“You brat.” Dabi hissed, his bloody nose made him sound off, but Katsuki didn’t think he’d ever heard him sound more pissed. “I wanted to make your power mine. I’d certainly be better at it than that green haired runt, but you were always a special type of annoying. I can find better somewhere else.”

Dabi stepped on Katsuki’s chest. The demon coughed at the added pressure. Blue flames encircled the senior’s arms. The blurred chilling lights made Katsuki’s heart rate increase. He struggled under the firm press of Dabi’s boot. He tried to ignite his palms, but Dabi anticipated it and pressed his arms up above his head.

Katsuki’s heart was hammering against his ribcage. He was effectively helpless in this state. His breath and chest were heating up with every gasp as that cursed tingling warmth mingled with terror spread outwards from his chest.

“So you’re going to fuck me or kill me right? That’s how this goes. Not much worse you could do than that.” Katsuki wheezed, as he defiantly stared up at his captor.

Dabi crouched down with his elbows perched on his knees so he could speak directly to Katsuki. He grabbed Katsuki by the chin, taking away the only mobility the demon had left.

“Hate to break it you, kid, but you’re naive if you think that’s the worst I can do.” Katsuki’s stomach dropped. “You’re here to lose yourself right? That’s always what you’re after. You’re lucky I’m still kind enough to help.”

Dabi dragged Katsuki to his feet, fist clenched around his bound wrists. Wordlessly, he opened the door to the potions room and kicked the struggling Katsuki inside.

Katsuki whipped his head around surveying his surroundings. Inside the club room were five others. They seemed to be other students but Katsuki recognized none of them. He did note however, that several of them were wearing masks Toga included.

“Wait!” Katsuki screeched as he was thrown to the floor with no care. All eyes were on him, but no one made a move towards him. Instead they curiously watched him writhe in his bonds.

“Ah, here we go.” Dabi said as he reappeared into Katsuki’s line of sight holding a small black bottle. “An old favorite of yours.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened at the implication of what Dabi was about to do. His heart raced at the thought. The hot pin pricks of true fear collected in the corners of his eyes at the thought. There were so many people there. His eyes darted around the room in a silent plead for help, but he was only met with intrigued stares.

“Oy Dabi, does this mean we’re really doing it? Finally?!” Toga squealed as she trotted up to the pair. “What made you change your mind?”

“Honestly, he’s just too much work. I think we’ll get the best obedience this way if I can’t get a mark on him, so I concede.”

“We told you there’s nothing like good ol’ trauma and blackmail, honestly.” Piped up one of the masked figures in the room. The only expressive feature of the black hood being the pure white eyes that gave off way more amusement than they should have for the occasion.

“Trauma? What trauma, it’s a demon. Literally made for this, honestly I’m glad you got over holding out on us, I’ve been dying to see it in action. ” Said another member with a mask that had varying tubes coming out of it. He looked like a first year.

Katsuki growled at being called an ‘it’. A defensive mechanic, but it didn’t blind him to the fact that these people, that everyone who found out saw him as sub human, and that put him in terrible danger.

He shrunk away when Dabi brought the bottle to his lips. His teeth dug into his bottom lip so hard he drew blood, but it was better than the alternative.

“Here I’ll help!” Came a shrill voice. Katsuki didn’t have time to wonder what help meant before Toga’s thumb and forefinger pinched his nose shut. Katsuki debated over whether or not he could open his mouth fast enough to snap at her.

His chest ached with the loss of air. It felt like it was about to cave inwards. He wondered if it would be any better if he were unconscious, if it was even worth fighting. Still the watchful eyes of those around him made it impossible not to struggle.

A sharp pain exploded on his cheek. Katsuki gasped. Dabi wasted no time in pouring the bitter swill down his throat in one go. Katsuki sputtered and coughed when some of it went down the wrong way. It made his nose and throat burn but the deed was done.

He looked behind him to see Toga wielding a dagger that she had kindly run up the side of his cheek. The wound made his own blood mix with the spit that hung from his lips.

“Hey what did we agree about cutting?” Dabi said as he grabbed Toga’s wrist with a sigh.

“That no one wants to see that.” Toga pouted. “I’m just excited, It’s not like I put his insides on the outside or anything yet.”

If Katsuki was on edge before, now he was hanging off the side by just his fingertips. He had known the girl was unhinged, but just how deep that ran he hadn’t known.

A cloudy amorphous feel of dread swam to front of his mind. The drugs were already kicking in. They made it difficult for him to focus on anything objectively except the feelings that were running through him.

This had been a mistake. He had allowed himself to fall into a false sense of security, not because he was stupid, but because he had convinced himself that he couldn’t get himself into anything worse.

Deku was right, he couldn’t trust anyone.

He couldn’t trust the school, couldn’t trust Dabi, and he shouldn’t have trusted Kirishima.

His chest ached as Kirishima swam back into his mind. He should never have told him, the horrified look on the dragonborne’s face would haunt him forever. He had spent the entire day ruminating on the encounter in his trashed room before he finally couldn’t take it anymore and sought out the senior, he had wanted this. He had wanted something to make him forget.

“Hey, does he even know what’s going on right now?” Came a distant voice from another hooded member in a crow mask. Katsuki vaguely realized that being unable to identify the voices or faces of most any of the people around him, should probably have been more worrying.

A calming fog settled over his mind and suddenly the ache in his chest seemed like a distant memory. The boiling feeling of blood rushing through his veins, overtook his senses. Dabi’s voice was distant as he heard his own blood pumping in his ears.

This was a huge mistake.

That didn’t matter now. His markings were spiraling down his skin by now, still left pent up and needy, all of his desire from before seemed to be bursting out of him. Leaving him blurry eyed and drooling at the mouth.

Gasps of awe went off around him as the black magic club ogled his transformation. His pheremones pumped through the air. The smell of sweet burnt spices wafted through the air and into the systems of all those who surrounded him. It only made him more intriguing.

“Wow, I’ve never seen it affect anybody like that. Then again you are more prone for these things.” One of them said, a gloved hand stroked Katsuki’s cheek.

Katsuki leaned into the larger student's cold touch. His leather clad touch soothed the roaring fire inside of him, but for only a moment.

“This is the first hybrid I’ve ever seen.” Another student remarked. “It’s like flipping a switch. He’s basically not a human right now.”

“To be fair I don’t think rational thought comes to this one easily regardless. But there’s value in human demon crossbreeds. They’re great power banks if you can get the human half to just shut up.” Dabi responded.

“It’s too bad for this one that he’s so volatile then. Not that it really matters with him being a sex demon I guess, that’s easy enough to train.”

Katsuki was vaguely aware they were speaking about him over his head, but had a hard time concentrating on anything but the feeling of Dabi’s fingers prying into his mouth.

The three digits prodded at his loose tongue. Katsuki let his tongue lay limp in his mouth. He didn’t want to concede. He knew he shouldn’t want to be there, and yet… so good… the older boy tasted so good. Sweet and salty on his tongue he wanted something else, something more.

Dabi chuckled incredulously as Katsuki lapped at his fingers.

“Do you know who I am?”

Katsuki nodded vigorously as Dabi inserted another one of his fingers into his mouth, making him slobber grossly all over himself. Dabi barely had to lean in for Katsuki to jut his hips forwards in an attempt to grind his erection against Dabi’s own.

Wolf whistles came from the audience who was drawing ever closer. The lust in the room hung so thick among the group it was palpable. All of them were curious about the demon, and his pheremones made it impossible to resist coming nearer.

Dabi pulled the blonde to his knees without being prompted and fished himself out of his pants. Katsuki’s cavernous mouth took the scarred boy with only a breath of hesitation. What he lacked in skill he made up for in eagerness alone as the rest of the world bled away and he and Dabi were the only ones existing in a world of pleasure.

“Man you’ve gotten good at this.” Dabi said through clenched teeth as he gripped the back of Katsuki’s bobbing head with a grip that was none too gentle.

Katsuki whined at the pain, but his erection grew achingly harder as he squat and tried to palm himself through his trousers with his bound hands.

There was an obnoxious slurping sound as Dabi dragged him off his shaft. Strings of drool trailed behind and clung to his lips with Katsuki too far gone to bother wiping his own mouth. Katsuki grumbled as he was forced to look back up at Dabi.

“What a slut, he’s so disappointed you pulled him off your dick.” A voice came mockingly. Katsuki couldn’t bring himself to disagree. “Let him go I wanna see him touch himself!”

Dabi snapped his fingers, Katsuki’s bonds vanished with the sound.

Katsuki messily made work of his own trousers. He tossed them to the side without a second glance and immediately returned his grip to his aching erection. Each touch sent tingles of pleasure straight to his brain where they drowned out all rational thought and any burning memories.

“Here.” Dabi said as he guided Katsuki’ s hand lower.

Still in a squat Dabi brought the demon’s hand around to Katsuki’s backside to prod at his hole. Just brushing the slick entrance sent a burning need through his body. He needed something inside of him and he needed it now.

Without thought or grace Katsuki stuffed two fingers into his ass. He tried to work himself open as quickly as possible. He scissored his finger aggressively so he could just get the sweet feeling of Dabi’s dick back inside of him.

He keened when he added a third finger. Drool and precome were smeared over his panting lips, people were jeering and catcalling, but he didn’t care.

“M’ ready.” he groaned. In an attempt to hurry Dabi along.

“Are you now? I guess I’d better check.” Dabi said. He forcefully removed Katsuki’s hand from his entrance and replaced Katsuki’s three fingers with four of his own. The incubus howled in absolute pleasure as he came on the spot.

Dabi didn’t relent. He opened and closed his fingers stretching Katsuki’s entrance all the way through the demon’s orgasm bringing Katsuki right back into the thick of pleasure regardless of cumming.

“You want more?” Dabi laughed. Katsuki nodded, garbled noises and whines were the only thing making their way past his lips as the older boy fingered him into oblivion. “What do you want more of Katsuki, is it me, or is it just cock that you want?”

“Co- NgghHN!!” Katsuki choked out as Dabi hooked his legs over his shoulders and pressed his back against the edge of the teacher’s desk. Dabi took no time in relentlessly thrusting up into the demon’s wet heat.

Dabi’s cock was as good as ever if not better. His cock was so long it hit Katsuki deep inside and somehow always seemed to be able to hit Katsuki’s sweet spot even when he wasn’t trying. Katsuki didn’t consider that his whole body may as well have been a sweet spot at the time.

In this position Katsuki had no leverage and could do nothing but take it. The black haired boys thrusts pushed out any lingering thoughts or emotions. Nothing could be focused on except the searing feeling of Dabi thrusting in and out, completing him, that and the desire for more.

He didn’t realize that he had started begging, he was only vaguely aware of the people getting closer. More hands on his skin. Some tweaked and tugged at his sensitive nipples while others spread his cheeks so they could get a good look of his spread hole. It all just felt so good.

“Hey, Dabi.” Toga said leaning in close to Katsuki’s face. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were misted over with lust. “This kind of face is fine, but he’s so zoned out. I was promised a different kind of look if we did this. ”

“I told you no knives. It’s a turn off.” Dabi said with no intent to stop his assault on Katsuki’s ass.

“That’s not what I’m talking about! I’m talking about what we were talking about earlier. You wouldn’t even know anything about him if it weren’t for me!” Toga pouted.

“Fine, do whatever you want as long as you don’t mutilate him.” Dabi sighed as though he were dealing with a small child and not a crazy person.

The idea of dying here wasn’t lost to Katsuki. An alarm went off in his head muffled by the raucous noise of his own breaths. Something was screaming at him that this was  wrong,

             Wr on g  

                             W r  o n g !


He hated it. Why wouldn’t it just shut up.

Toga leaned in.

“A little heartbreak is all it takes for you to abandon yourself, huh? Don’t worry I’ll bring you back.”

The words floated in the midst of his lust, foreboding.

Katsuki blinked tears out of his eyes, why was he crying? Why did it still hurt.

Even as he was pushed forwards onto his hands and knees and another cock was ruthlessly shoved into his mouth his brain wouldn’t shut up with the  incomprehensible feelings he thought he had shut down.

Feels good, tastes good, he thought as gleefully content eyes stared down at him. The cock was roughly shoved down his esophagus, something that would have made Katsuki gag once. Now his eyes simply rolled to the back of his head as both his entrances were stuffed completely full.

He couldn’t focus on pleasing the cock in front of him, instead he let his tongue hang out, spit and precome made a mess of his face each time the girthy cock plunged back in, robbing him of his air and his sanity.    

The pace increased steadily until the cock abruptly pulled out and unloaded ropes of thick white cum all over Katsuki’s cheeks and hanging tongue.

Katsuki gasped for air as he took it all in the face. Dabi yanked his head back by his hair. Katsuki was forced to arch his back further to accommodate. Gods he was close so damn close.

More hands were on him, this time they cradled his face. He let his head rest in them, something about the roughness comforting, familiar even. Wait- but that wasn’t right. Nausea welled up in Katsuki’s guts as he tried to blink the blurriness from his eyes and followed the scaled hand.

Katsuki’s guts twisted further and further the more details he processed.


Dabi didn’t relent. He tugged his head back even further, wrapping his hands around his throat until Katsuki couldn’t look away as Dabi fucked into him harder. Each thrust racked his body, creating lewd, wet slapping sounds every time Dabi’s hips slammed against Katsuki’s ass cheeks.

Katsuki let out a broken scream as he came looking into the eyes of Kirishima Eijirou.

A relentless swarm of feelings exploded in Katsuki’s drugged out mind. Pleasure, horror, guilt… Kirishima didn’t give him any time to think on it. Instead he tilted his chin back up to look into his ruby red eyes, but there was no flame, none of the warmth Katsuki had come to know from his best friend.

“So this is what you wanted from me?” Kirishima asked, his voice low.

“No- no this isn’t-” Katsuki tried to object though his tongue seemed to be having a hard time forming words.

“I thought maybe you liked me too. Maybe the incubus thing was just a coincidence, but this puts everything into perspective. You didn’t want me. You’re just a cum hungry incubus whore.”

“No!” Katsuk'i shouted. He didn’t understand why Kirishima was here. Why was he looking at him so cruelly when he was so, so sorry.  

“’No’ he says after coming untouched on someone elses dick. Look he’s even still trying to move on his own.” Dabi chuckled moving his hands down to squeeze at Katsuki’s bruised, struggling hips.

“Disgusting. But what am I supposed to do if he’s asking for it?” Kirishima said exasperatedly. .  

“Well, it might be pushing it but I’m pretty sure there’s always room for one more. Isn’t that right Katsuki?”

Suddenly Dabi shoved two more of his fingers inside of Katsuki along with his cock. Katsuki screeched at the sudden stretch. His walls pulsed around the intrusion, muscles pulled taught.

“St-OP!” Katsuki heaved. His chest rose and fell rapidly with panic. They were going to tear him apart. He kicked weakly at Kirishima only for his ankle to be grabbed and pushed back up to his chest.

“Nghm- hurts!” he tried again when Dabi inserted another finger, but there was no pity in either of their eyes. Around him people still gawked and laughed at his aroused state despite his perceived struggle.

Finally, Dabi withdrew his fingers, allowing Katsuki to sag in his arms now that he was no longer being stretched to his limit.  

“Alright, I think that’s good enough.” Dabi said, wiping his slick covered fingers on Katsuki’s back.

“Hmm, I don’t know it looks like I’m packing a lot down here.” Kirishima giggled with an eyebrow waggle.  

“I bet he can take bigger. Besides I thought you wanted to see him cry.” Dabi shrugged. Kirishima paused and tapped his chin as though he were nonchalantly trying to decide what to wear that day and not about to rape his best friend.

“I suppose that is true.” He said after a brief pause. A massive toothy grin broke out on his face. A grin Katsuki had seen hundreds of times before, but now it had none of the warmth, none of the good intentions. He might as well have been a stranger.

Katsuki gasped in horror when he felt the tip of Kirishima’s dick brush up against Dabi who was still seated deeply inside of him. He looked down and with a sinking feeling realized that the red head was not kidding around when he had said he was big.

His dick was easily twice the girth of Dabi’s who was by no means small. In another circumstance if Katsuki was this heated he might have enjoyed a chance to mess around with that, but right now all he could feel was the welling dread in his chest as Kirishima pushed in closer, chest to chest with the trembling incubus.

K- Kirishimaa,” Katasuki slurred, gripping the front of the red heads shirt for dear life. He looked into the normally kind ruby eyes of the dragon borne, searching for anything, a shred of his best friend, but was only met with cold lust filled eyes, swirling with madness.

“Hmm, I’m sorry, Kacchan. I’ve just been captured by the thought of making a filthy little demon slut break.” The dragon borne said through his massive grin. Katsuki didn’t have time to respond when Kirishima started pushing in.

By the gods was it tight. If Katsuki had thought Dabi’s fingers had been a tight fi he had had no idea what that meant before. Katsuki let out garbled unintelligible protests. His eyes bulged out of his skull, his face wet with tears and snot as he tried to struggle away from the ceaseless pressure.

“NGhgh, m’ gOnna break! HA- hah,-nMngh! You’re goNNA BREAK ME!” His grip never let go of Kirishima’s shirt as he shook his head from side to side, an instinctual protest at the pain of being split in half.

“Is this too much?” Dabi wondered, he sounded bored, but the strain on his voice showed that he was really feeling the tight fit of being packed inside of Katsuki’s hole, where not even his natural slick eased away the enormous pressure of Kirishima’s hot, heavy cock pressed up alongside him.

“Please, for this guy? It’s not even enough.” Kirishima laughed madly when his hips finally crashed up against Katsuki’s perfectly spread ass.

Katsuki could only let out small choked noises. He could only hear white noise. There was nothing to reality other than the enormously painful pressure of being stuffed so full he couldn’t even bring himself to consciously twitch his limbs.

Guilt, pain, and betrayal all rocked his core. They crashed down on him repetitively, despite the pain, and despite the pleasure. He couldn’t bring himself to question why any of this was happening anymore, all he knew was that it was, he couldn’t stop it, and it was all his fault.

Katsuki hiccuped, tears streamed from his eyes as he trembled around the girth of two cocks inside of him. He prayed it was due to the pain. A warm thumb brushed his cheek to wipe the tears away before Kirishima brought it to his lips and shuddered in pleasure as he tasted Katsuki’s misery.

“Now this, this is the kind of face I wanted to see. What’s wrong Kacchan? Are you scared? I thought you wanted me. After all you NEED a dick this big to satisfy you and then some.” Kirishima punctuated his sentence with a sharp upward thrust. Katsuki couldn’t hold in a scream as he clawed at the red head, desperately searching for any relief from the intensity of what he was feeling.

 There was none.

Instead, Dabi slowly started to thrust in tandem with Kirishima. It was a tight fit surely, but he had no worries, an incubus could definitely handle it.

Katsuki continued to let out short sounds of pained protest every time they thrust, but could do nothing as he grew even harder under the two’s administrations. Gods he hated his body, for surely if he wanted it, if he needed it, he was truly cursed.

His cock was streaming with precome by the time the two cocks in him really picked up the pace. His glistening pink hole had been stretched so wide around them he was sure he would never be the same again. He moaned in pleasure under the assault. The other two had stuffed him full so thoroughly that all of his pleasure spots were alight and then some as his sweet spot was ruthlessly crushed up against under even the slightest movement.

Finally, Dabi’s pace became erratic, failing to match Kirishima’s as he increased his pace and released his thick load deep inside of Katsuki’s aching hole.

Katsuki cried out as he felt the hot release splash against his ruined insides. Pleasure catapulted through his body all the way through to his very fingertips, his own release made him see white, but not before Dabi had the mind to grab the back of Katsuki’s neck and push his head down so he could cum on his own face.

Dabi pulled out slowly. He relished in the way his cum squelched out around Kirishima’s cock as he took no breaks plunging into Katsuki’s abused, leaking hole.

“I could really get used to this.” Kirishima grinned devilishly before his face fell at Katsuki’s lack of response. Katsuki now hung limply in his arms, eyes wide open, unseeing, he only let out the smallest of noises as Kirishima continued to ravage him.

“Oy, oy, oy. Snap out of it. What, finally given up?” He said, a tinge of annoyance in his voice as he continued to bounce Katsuki up and down with his movements. Still Katsuki remained unresponsive. “Well this is no fun.”

Kirishima frowned and turned to Dabi who had since put his pants back on.

“Do we have any more of that potion?”

“Yeah, It’ll make him excited again, but I can’t guarantee he’ll be any less brain dead.” Dabi said as he pulled out the flask. Kirishima pouted.

“That’s fine, I think anything is more fun than this.” He said with a shrug, as if he weren’t still using Katsuki as a cock sleeve at the moment.

“C’mon guys help me out with this.” Dabi said.

 He nonchalantly raised Katsuki’s head. Katsuki weakly turned his head to the side. His pathetic resistance wasn’t even humored because as soon as he turned another hand turned him forwards. He realized the others had begun to creep in again to touch him again as multiple fingers plunged inside his mouth.

They stroked the insides of his cheeks and prodded at his tongue, all while they held his jaw wide open for Dabi to pour more of the foul liquid down his abused throat. It burned as it went down, but it immediately re-lit the burning inferno that sat at his core. The crowd of students laughed at his moans and mewls as more hands that seemed to quell the heat stroked him.

He barely acknowledged that he was being lowered to the floor once again until his captor was sitting with him flush against his hard chest. More hands sunk in on his hips, but all he could do was groan in relief and satisfaction as another cock sunk in alongside Kirishima.

Soon the fingers in his mouth were replaced by another weeping cock and Katsuki had no mind to reject it as it plunged into his gasping, drool soaked mouth. The wielder paid no mind that his thrusts effectively cut off the demon’s air supply, causing Katsuki to become even more light headed before.

“Wow, what a fucking whore. Are all incubus' like this or is he just a special kind of fucked up? It’s like he’s tight and loose at the same time.” The person currently bruising his hips from behind said, while they breathlessly pistoned in and out of him.

“I mean you know what they say about sex demons. They use their leaking fuck holes to lure unsuspecting victims into wanting to do nothing but have sex with them, and gotta say I can’t blame em I don’t think I want to fuck a real human ever again.” Said the shorter masked boy while still fucking into Katsuki’s mouth.

“Honestly, even if your plans don’t work out we could still keep him as a club pet right?”

“I thought you said he already had a master though?”

“Yeah, but me and Toga have been making plans on how to deal with the green haired brat. The kid has potential, but he’s way too in love with his pet and his revenge fantasy to be an effective master. As you can see, he’s got no control over his own demon if it’s been going off looking for a fuck without him.”

“Mhm, and if Izuku finds out about this he’ll be furious at Kacchan, I think we should invite him over sometime. Would you like that, Kacchan? You want your master to see how you like to go out and get used without him?” Kirishima asked, his eyes shimmered with eagerness.

“N-not Deku.” Katsuki tried to groan out around the cock in his mouth. He was not sure what he was seeing as he gazed into the eyes of a Kirishima who’s mad smile and glowing eyes looked oh so w r o n g.

“Oh he’d be SO hurt. If you were mine I’d make sure to use you every day and suck every last drop of your energy out till you stopped working and then I’d just fuck you some more like the adorable little animal you are.”  

There were cocks tugging his loose grip around them. Hands ran up and down his body. They painfully tweaked his nipples in a way that caused Katsuki to downright moan around the cock in his mouth. The vibrations of his throat seemed to be enough to make them cum, flooding his throat with creamy release that left his mouth open and drooling for more.

He lost count of the cocks he sucked. He had stopped processing who was around him as he came over and over again as people filled him up and replaced each other inside of him. He had lost all sense of awareness until finally Kirishima stopped chatting and started focusing on ravaging Katsuki’s insides as he approached his own release. His huge cock dragged against the other cock inside of him, aided by Katsuki’s lewd slick easing his thrusts.

The feeling of Kirishima’s cum exploding inside of him was too much. White hot magma filled up all his nooks and crevices. It overflowed to the point Katsuki couldn’t see or hear he could only feel an enormous pressure inside of him grow to the point he didn’t even acknowledge his own release as he spasmed around the intrusion. Static filled his head, mildly concerned voices were speaking above him but they seemed so very far away that he didn’t attempt to make them out.

The last thing he remembered were ruby red eyes bleeding into gold as they leered down at him and a promise of more to come.



Chapter Text

“Wow, Midoriya, you sure are amazing with animals.” Kirishima laughed as he ogled the scene before him.

The two boys were sat side by side in Mr. Kurogiri’s classroom with their desks pushed together. At the center of their desk was a creature that would have been indistinguishable from a garden variety snake if it weren’t for a tiny set of forelimbs and a feeble set of wings.

Serpent Volantas: a demon rumored to have been evolved from dragons, although in Izuku’s opinion it didn’t have much going for it in comparison. With hardly a sentient thought and bodies that could grow to be so huge that there was no way for it’s minuscule wingspan to support it he considered it more of a failed derivative that may have gotten a smidgen of ancestral blood.

What he was currently dealing with was an infant, no more than an inch thick and two feet long as he guided it to spiral in fluttery circles on the middle of their desk. His partner, Kirishima, was taking great enjoyment in his antics, much to Izuku’s bemusement.

“You know I always thought I had a way with animals before I joined this course, but after seeing all kinds of demons and how foreign they are I started getting cold feet about them. You seem to have no trouble at all handling them though.” Kirishima said. He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

“I practice a lot.” Izuku responded as the snake continued to slither up his arm with a gentle coax. “Demon’s aren’t really any different from other animals. They sense your fear. If you lead them with confidence they won’t know what to do, not at this size anyway. They respond to positive and negative reinforcement, same as a dog. ”

“Yeah, but with you it’s like you speak their language, y’know? I always feel like I have to be super careful or I’ll freak them out and get bit.” Kirishima said, as he leaned back in his seat.

“I’ve always been good with animals, intuitively, I guess.” Izuku said. He hid his annoyance at Kirishima’s insistence that it was a talent graced upon him by the Gods instead of something that he worked at everyday.

Recently, Izuku had been doing nothing but grinding out hours in the library and training sessions with Toga, and even more recently, with Kirishima.

It hadn’t been lost on the freckled hunter that the red head had been making appearances around him more often ever since he had gotten into the showcase. At first he had assumed it was because he had seen him and allowed his saviour complex to take over, thus making him befriend Izuku out of pity. Lately though, it had become abundantly clear that there was more to it.

The last time he had seen Kacchan was three days ago on the training field, and even then there was none of the friendly rivalry that Izuku had grown to resent between the dragon and the demon. Seeing Kirishima pop up around him with nary a blonde in sight was becoming the norm and while Izuku didn’t particularly care for him, he presumed that if the dragon was with him at least he wasn’t off tempting Kacchan.

Izuku would also have to begrudgingly admit that training with Kirishima was a lot more intense than anything he was doing on his own, and while Toga had a pretty good handle on spells, the practical combat was doing wonders, even if he did find himself constantly sore.  

He supposed that without Katsuki around nothing was inhibiting Kirishima from taking pity on him, and while he didn’t like it, he would use what he could take to his advantage if it was in the pursuit of bettering himself.

“I wish I was intuitively good at something- I mean, I guess aside from the defense stuff, but that kind of comes with this whole thing.” Kirishima gestured towards the scales that trailed down his face and arms. ”And anyway I always feel like my shield is only big enough to protect me, not others, so I have to work at expanding my horizons, I feel like I’ve been stagnating lately…”

Kirishima trailed off, his happy edge now lacking.

“But anyway, you seem to have grown a ton lately!” Kirishima said, shaking off the somber cloud that had appeared above him. “Even physically you’re looking a bit stronger.”

“Oh, um, thank you?” Izuku responded, uncertain at how he should react the praise. “I’ve been putting my all into my training since I got picked to be in the showcase.”

“Oh yeah? You think you’ve got a shot at getting into the King’s Hunt? You know they only ever accept one student a year if any and it would be crazy for a first year to get in. I always thought the only one of us to have a chance was Bakugou…” Kirishima paused seeming to register what he just said. “Not that you and I don’t totally have a chance! It’s just that- You know what I shouldn’t be making assumptions anyway!”

Kirishima to some extent was right, the only one of them that stood a damn chance was Kacchan, and that’s what spurred him. He had to get better, be better than Kacchan, because if he wasn’t there was no doubt in his mind that Kacchan would easily be swept away by the King’s Hunt, and after that who knows what would happen? Izuku made a note of the dragon borne’s own insecurities before continuing.

“I know I have to work twice as hard as everybody else to get picked… I know that I’m not as naturally gifted at magic or fighting as most of you guys. I wasn’t born exceptionally strong like Kacchan or with a special race like you, but that’s why I have to do it. I have to get picked so I can prove that my way is possible, that my methods don’t make me inherently weak.”

“That’s… wow… that’s incredible resolve. You know you’re really cool Midoriya.” Kirishima said with an exasperated sigh. “Where do I get off being frustrated when you’ve been working so hard?”

“Living in Kacchan’s shadow can be hard.” Izuku said as he got up to go give the serpent back to Mr. Kurogiri as class ended.

Izuku thought he was rid of the red head for the day as he made his way to the library to sneak more books from the restricted section as had become custom. He was truly lucky he was so non assuming, that and that the librarian seemed to be pushing senile. It was when a large warm hand placed itself tentatively on his shoulder that he stopped.

“Hey um, look, I know you’re not friends, but have you seen Bakugou lately?” Kirishima asked, eyes unsure.

“No, I haven’t…” Izuku said. He kept a careful note of the way Kirishima’s face seemed to fall.

“Oh, well that’s fine, it’s not like I’ve really been actively looking. It’s just I haven’t seen him around lately…”

“I noticed, did something happen between you guys?” Izuku asked, his eyes widened in faux concern for the red head. 

“I- uhm, well, yeah… AUGH, this is so hard to talk about!” Kirishima shouted. His hands flew to his mane and grasped at strands in exasperation. “But I mean, if I’m going to talk to anyone, you’re cool about most things Midoriya, and you probably know him better than anyone else here, so I feel like talking to you is okay?”

‘More like he thinks I don’t have anyone to blab to.’

“You can tell me, I won’t judge.” Izuku said as he placed a comforting hand on the dragon borne’s shoulder.

“Alright, well, uh, the other day, mail day, Bakugou might have um, come onto me?”

Izuku’s breath stilled.

“He came onto you?” He repeated stiffly, careful to not let the sudden wave of dissatisfaction reveal itself in his voice.

He thought that Kirishima might have been the person Kacchan was messing around with behind his back, but the scaled boy always seemed none the wiser. Now he was aware of Kacchan screwing around with someone else who WASN’T Kirishima on top of trying to hook up with him.

He should have known not to leave the demon alone for so many days, but after their last catastrophic encounter in the bathroom Izuku had poured all his time into studying his new found power and energy conversion. He also reasoned giving the demon some space after such a violent altercation was deserved, clearly he had thought wrong.

“Ah, yeah.” Kirishima said. He nervously scratched the back of his head. “And I turned him down! I mean, like, I mean- I didn’t even know he was into guys…”

“Are you into guys?” Izuku pressed. Kirishima’s eyes widened in surprised before his face took on a new shade of red.

“I mean, yeah, I am...”

“So why did you turn him down, just not your type?”

“What? Oh no, no, no. If it were normal circumstances I don’t think I would have. If anything it felt wrong that I WASN’T happy about it. I mean, he’s my closest friend here. It’s just that, that night, there was something wrong with him.

I think I gave him the wrong idea about my intentions… before that… there was a time that… on the training field, without even saying anything to him I almost… I thought that I was going to…” Kirishima said, struggling to put together his sentences.

“I guess that gave him some ideas right?” Izuku said coldly. “Did you feel hot? Was he irresistible? You of all people should know not to fall for his traps. Don’t lower yourself to his level. He didn’t get what he wanted so now his pride is hurt and he doesn’t want to see you.”

So Katsuki as truly embracing his incubus side. Manipulating others with his pheromones. He wondered if he was just that desperate or if it was supposed to be an act of defiance. He was whoring himself out even though he KNEW who he belonged to. At least it seemed like Kacchan had only tried to give Kirishima his body and not his feelings. Those were only for Izuku.

“But- but- something was wrong with him. I know he’s irritable and kind of mean, normally and I know a lot of people hate him for that, but I could tell. I had known something was wrong with him for weeks and I never asked, and then when he finally showed me some vulnerability I lashed out at him. I mean what he was doing was messed up, but I’m supposed to help people dammit!” Kirishima said as he slammed his fist into the stone wall beside them. His eyes shone wet as he tried to hold in his tears.

“Look,” Izuku said. This time he placed his hand on Kirishima’s trembling shoulder with authority. ”I don’t hate Kacchan, I still care about him very deeply. It’s like you said, he’s mean, but there’s still someone you can’t help but care about under that. Still, I know better than anyone that the truth hurts, but there’s nothing wrong with Kacchan and that’s why you can’t help him. Kacchan is his own problem, and I hate to see you tear yourself apart because of him.”

“Thanks man, there’s uh, there was something else… when you mentioned the heat and other stuff… did you know…” Kirishima said. He sounded hesitant as he wiped his unshed tears away with the back of his hand. Izuku stared at him blankly and waited for Kirishima to drop the news that his crush was an incubus.

“Know what?” Izuku asked pointedly.

“You know what, never mind, it doesn’t matter.” Izuku was surprised. He had expected the dragon to be upset on at least some degree that Kacchan was his sworn enemy. Didn’t he know that it was dangerous to leave a demon running around the school? Izuku then supposed he should be thankful the dragon borne hadn’t ratted Kacchan out right away, he didn’t know what he would have had to do in that situation.

“There’s no point in crying without moving forward.” Kirishima said as he cleared his nose with a loud sniffle. “I’m sorry that you had to see that. I’m going to go think about some things.”

Izuku let out a deep sigh. He wasn’t sure how to feel. He briefly contemplated hunting Katsuki down. If he reached for him even a little his presence made itself known. Finding Katsuki was never the problem, the problem was his defiance. Izuku thought that maybe after last time Kacchan would have learned that he wasn’t a force to be trifled with anymore, that he should respect his master and not run off for a quick fuck unless he wanted to face the consequences.

Kacchan had always been insanely intelligent. Bull headed and quick to agitate, but Izuku had never thought he would behave so recklessly. Didn’t he know that the more people that knew his secret the bigger danger he was in? Or did he just not care so long as he got to slight Izuku?

He should have known it would take more than a beating to subdue the rabid animal that was Bakugou Katsuki. Kacchan always had to go and make things hard on Izuku. He suspected the demon got off on being defiant, that in itself enraged him. Izuku’s ownership was supposed to be for Katsuki’s own good. It would be great if for once the blonde would just lose and accept it, but no, he always had to crawl back out of the gutter and remind Izuku that his accomplishments were worthless.

If only he had made this pact after they had graduated, then Katsuki would have been recognized as his property. After all, there were demon tamers who had their own familiars that were off limits for execution. Of course all of those had to be registered and filed legally and many hunters said it was more trouble than it was worth to have tamers around, but Izuku wouldn’t have minded. As it stood now though, knowingly keeping a demon at U.A. a supposedly demon proof safe space for young hunters to learn… that was treason.

Then again, if he had made the pact after they had graduated there was no doubt that Kacchan would have already climbed the ranks to join the King’s Hunt, hell maybe he’d even be the number one hunter in the world. Wouldn’t that be something? The whole world finding out their demon slaying messiah was something as disturbing as an incubus? Izuku bet it would make some people rethink their genocidal stance on demons, but he bet that even more people would show up for the public execution.

He supposed one of the first things he should do was track down whoever Katsuki was sleeping with and finding out what they knew. Violence wasn’t an option unless he wanted Kacchan’s and his secret to be revealed. Maybe there was a permanent silencing spell or something hidden in the restricted section, or maybe a memory charm would work?

However, it would still be obvious that someone had tried to shut up whoever he cast those on, and it was another matter entirely if he could execute them correctly without making the person on the receiving end brain dead. If he got caught doing either of those things it would also be certain expulsion.

For now though, the best thing to do was gather information. He considered asking Kacchan directly, but decided to save that for after he had found some dirt. After all,  the blonde was sure to get violent before talking, he was lucky that Kacchan had had a healing elixir on him or he may have been in huge trouble. No, Kacchan would be much more likely to crack if Izuku knew more. He wished he had more of an idea of where to go from there.

No matter, he still had a pretty good idea about where to start. After all, the school did have a living, breathing pair of eyes and ears. It was only a matter of getting her to talk.


Eijirou clenched the hunter crest in his palm. If it weren’t for his scales it would surely have penetrated his skin by now. Before him stood a door, once unassuming, then foreboding, now it seemed insurmountable.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been standing out there. His back ached from leaning on the edge of the spiraling stairwell for the eternity he had been out there. The sun had long since gone down and the halls remained quiet, only the echoes of his scattered footsteps resounded in the empty night.

It was not often if ever that Eijirou ventured out after hours. He was usually one to rise and fall with the sun, but his anxiety hadn’t allowed him to keep up his schedule lately. He tossed and turned throughout the night, his thoughts plagued by demons and expectations.

The dimly flickering lights under the crack in the door signified Bakugou was indeed home. He hadn’t shown up to class for several days, his grades had to be suffering and Bakugou was not one to fall behind or even take a sick day.

The sound of breaking glass alerted Eijirou to movement on the other side of the door. So he was awake. Without thinking he ran up and tried the door. Locked. So he knocked.

“Hey, are you okay in there?!” Eijirou asked, face pressed against the door so he could listen for a response. He flinched away at the sound of another loud crash. A good thing too, for he would have fallen face first when the door was wrenched inwards by an invisible force.

Eijirou was stupefied. The room, was by all means, a disaster. Books littered the floor where shelves on Katsuki’s book case had been torn down joined by several empty bottles. In a pile on the bed was what looked like they could have been sheets before being burnt to a crisp, crumbling ash littered the bed.

A cold breeze drew his attention to a window that looked like it had been physically smashed open for the shattered glass still remained inside, on the window sill, and dangerously peppered the floor.

The mess aside, his eyes were drawn to the only living inhabitant of the room who sat across the room looking into the cracked full length mirror with a broken bottle by his side.

Bakugou sat shirtless in only a pair of pajama pants who’s singed nature implied they had seen better days, but that wasn’t the most striking thing about the blonde. Incubus markings unabashedly trailed down Bakugou’s skin till they disappeared into the waist line of his pants, though they didn’t glow as Kirishima remembered. Instead they remained only a few shades darker than Katsuki’s skin, barely visible in the dim candle light.

What was more easily eye catching was the pair of curved horns that sat in the fluffy tufts of blonde hair and the pointed tail that curled up beside him on the filthy wooden floor. So this was Bakugou in full, but why did he choose to drop the disguise now?  

“Hey…” Kirishima said with uncertainty as he quietly closed the door behind him. Bakugou slowly turned his head to observe him at the greeting.

“Oh…it’s you. Whaddayou want?” Bakugou said, lethargically getting to his feet as though he were afraid he would fall. Kirishima resisted the urge to run forward and help him. “I can’t even getta day to myself, ya gotta come n’ collect me?”

“Bakugou… what are you talking about? I haven’t seen you in days.” Kirishima stated, confused by his friend’s reaction.

“Augh! I don’t wanna play this game again, jus’ stop pretending!” Bakugou slurred, stalking forward. There was something off about his gait as he thudded heavily towards the center of the room.

“Are you okay?” Kirishima asked as he extended a hand in an attempt to support his stumbling friend. What he didn’t expect was for Bakugou to violently recoil away causing him to step back.

Bakugou hissed in pain as his foot met a shard of shattered glass. The unexpected pain sent him tumbling to the floor and a hardened Eijirou diving after him.

Eijirou breathed a sigh of relief as he cradled Bakugou against his chest, his own scaled back, unaffected.

In his arms he could feel the demon’s heart beat race his body noticeably stiff.

”Shit, man, this is dangerous, what even happened in here?” Eijirou asked, looking around the destroyed room. Bakugou said nothing in response. Instead he chose to run his hands down the dragon borne’s hardened chest, in a way that seemed more fascinated than exploratory.

“Shitty hair s’ you…” Bakugou muttered, he sounded like he was in disbelief.

This distance allowed Eijirou to get a face full of Bakugou’s breath. He struggled to keep his face from scrunching in distaste as his heightened sense of smell took in the heavy stench of alcohol.  

“Bakugou are you drunk?” Bakugou tossed his head back and laughed in response, a hollow sound. Eijirou opened his arms and allowed the demon to roll out of them.

“M’ smthn like that.” That was worrying, Bakugou had never been one to compromise his body’s health before, and had expressed his distaste for any ‘crap that makes you lose your self control.’ on several occasions before.

“How did you even get alcohol?”

“Stole it from Shigaraki.” Bakugou responded casually.

“You stole it from a teacher?!” Kirishima was aghast. Bakugou knew that he could get in enormous trouble for drinking, let alone stealing.

“S’ fine s’ long as I get him back. Why do you give a shit, feel like it’s your duty to police me now? Big dragon’s gotta keep the demon in check. S’ all for the good of mankind right? Fuuuck this hurts…” What in the world.

Bakugou had begun picking at the shard of glass embedded in his foot. The clumsy movements made Eiijrou cringe as the demon’s fingers became slippery with his own blood.

“Here,” Kirishima said, pulling Bakugou’s arm over his shoulder. Careful not to let him step on anymore glass he walked him over to sit on the desk so he could look at the injury in the light.

In the light the dragon borne could see that which he had once presumed to only be part of Katsuki’s markings. The demon’s body was littered with injuries aside from his bleeding foot.

Bites and scratches trailed down his back and sides as though someone had dug their nails into him and dragged them till they bled. The bite marks looked to have been inflicted by someone or something with extremely sharp teeth as every tooth mark looked like it had punctured. Eijirou grimaced.

Dark purple bruises mottled Bakugou’s hips and neck. They spoke of someone holding on with enormous pressure and not letting go. Most horrific though, was the angrily burnt skin, that decorated his hips, lower back, and wrists.

Eijirou’s stomach turned as he looked back into Bakugou’s distant gaze. What had happened after he had run away? After class that day? If he hadn’t been a coward maybe he could have stopped this.

“Bakugou… what happened? Why is your body like this?” Kirishima asked, afraid to find out.

“Aha, this,” Bakugou said. He flexed his claw tipped hands. “Those fuckers undid the illusion because they wanted to see a ‘real’ demon. That n’ they wanted to fuck me n’ see if they could use my horns as handlebars.”

“These injuries,” Eijirou breathed. “They’re all from sex?”

Eijirou couldn’t imagine who could possibly find sexual pleasure from this. Bakugou looked like he had been beaten and tortured, not gone out for a late night escapade.

“M’ I guess. Wha’s wrong? Why’re you makin’ that face? Grossed out by my new look?” Bakugou sneered down at him. “I am what I am, living like this is the only way m’ gonna survive.”

“Did they tell you that?! The people who did this to you?! Sex is one thing, but this… this isn’t okay. Did you even want this? I’m here to hel-.”

“It was just sex okay?! Stop fuckin’ pitying me jus’ because you were born holier than thou. Not everybody gets dealt the same lotto in life and I’m just working with what I was given. Is that so fucking wrong?” Katsuki spat getting in Eijirou’s face. His entire frame was trembling. “After I tried my luck with you I did some stupid shit and they gave me everything I asked for. I’m justa sorry little parasite who doesn’ need you to save him because literally anyone will do.”

Eijirou grit his teeth. How could Bakugou think- After everything, that he just-

“Would you stop lying already.” Eijirou said, his voice low. “Stop acting like nothing happened. I know you, man, and the Bakugou I know doesn’t have panic attacks in the middle of fights, he doesn’t skip out on class like some delinquent, and he doesn’t drink himself into some bullshit stupor trying to convince himself that he’s alright! Just look at yourself! Someone stabbed you in the face and you expect me to believe it was ‘just a sex thing’?!”

“Stop it, ’m just an incubus, I wanted it, nothing bad happened.” Bakugou responded, his voice lacked any fervor it usually held.

“You’re human too though, I’ve seen you use life magic. There’s no demon out there who can perfectly control chaos the way you do.”


“There’s no other hunter at this school that can compare to you. You’re not a monster, I mean who even says demon’s are monsters. They’re living creatures just like you and me.”
”They killed your brother. Evil’s instinctual.”
”Yeah, and you’re on a mission to get rid of all the evil demons aren’t you? So what does that make you? You aren’t like them, you’re like me.” Kirishima said as he took Bakugou’s palm into his hands.

“Stop talking.” Bakugou whispered, his voice wavered.

“You’re ornery and some people say that you’re hard to get along with, but I’ve never once doubted you or your goals. A parasitic demon would never work so hard to better themselves. You want things, you feel things, you’re not some mindless instinct driven monster.”

“Shut up!”

“Why do you want me to stop telling you the truth!? What are you so scared of?”

Bakugou was silent, his breaths came in small hot puffs of air as his body trembled.

“If I’m human,” Bakugou’s voice cracked. “If that’s really me… that means I was too weak to stop them…”

Kirishima felt a weight settle heavy on his whirling mind. So it had been rape.

“But I- even if in the beginning, they didn’ stop, but then I begged them, I begged them for more. Even if- even f’ I was scared, I still felt good, I still came, s’ fucking pathetic.”

“Your body’s reaction doesn’t determine whether or not you wanted it, if you said no you said no, they didn’t give you a choice.”

“Ever since the seal was broken I haven’t been able to stop it.” Katsuki laughed bitterly. His hands ran over an insignia on the junction of his neck that Eijirou hadn’t noticed underneath the rather savage bite marks. “My body, my biology needs it. You don’t get it.”

“You used to not need it?” Eijirou asked. Katsuki nodded. “Maybe, we can figure out a way to redo the seal.”

“Tch, thought of that. The shitty illusion ‘s the best I can do. I don’t think I ever understood exactly what my mom sacrificed to keep me human… if she could see me now…” Bakugou said as he leaned into the natural warmth of the dragon borne.

“She would know it wasn’t your fault… and if you really need help, I don’t want you going back to those people that did this...”

“So what now you’ll do it because you know it’s a pity fuck? Holy shit, I’m pathetic. You already rejected me remember?”

“I didn’t reject you because I didn’t want you. I rejected you because there was clearly something wrong with you and you kept going even though I told you to stop.” Eijirou said firmly.

“You made it seem like you wanted to, on the training field, how was I supposed to take that? You scented me, you wanted me. Your hard on digging into me made that perfectly clear!” Bakugou said, his voice rising.

“Yeah and when you told me to stop I stopped even with your pheromones buzzing through my head, so why didn’t you?” Eijirou said accusingly.

Bakugou’s anger gave way to confusion.

“But I- but you were hard, and you wanted me before, and you said you liked me so I just thought- I just thought that you wanted to!” The pieces were all falling together for Eijirou. If that’s what Bakugou thought sex actually was-

“Is that what they told you? That just because you were aroused you wanted it? That just because you said yes before that you couldn’t say no?”

The dead air weighed heavy in the silence.   

“I.. shit… so I- like them, like they did to me-” Katsuki began to piece together, his expression warped into one of horror as he drew his knees to his chest and threaded his hands harshly through his hair.

Eijirou took his arm and wrapped it around Bakugou who stayed stock still as he tried to breathe other than his tail, which quickly reached up to wrap around Eijirou’s elbow. He wondered if that had been instinctual too.

“I didn’t know. I’m sorry.” Bakugou shuddered.

“I know.” Kirishima reassured. He squeezed the incubus tighter. “Look, we’re more than just our bodies. I’m more than just these scales, and you’re more than those marks, we’re both still just people…”

Bakugou nodded silently. He leaned further into the dragon borne.

“And besides even if we are different, we have matching horns now, even if we’re going to have to figure out how to get yours covered again.” Kirishima chuckled, trying to bring some form of levity.

“Hey Eijirou…” Bakugou said so quietly Eijirou had to lean in just to hear him. His heart skipped a beat when he heard his name. “If I ask you first, will you help me?”

“Of course I’ll help you, but…” Katsuki peered up at him, unnerved by Eijirou’s pause. “Not tonight. I think we should try talking about this again when you’re sober.”

“Oh…” another pause. Eijirou was beginning to think he had severely hurt Katsuki’s feelings. “Then, if not that, even if ’m drunk then… can I kiss you?”

Eijirou was taken by surprise. He mulled over the ethical nature of kissing the object of his affection while he was in such a state… but maybe Katsuki needed this… and since he asked maybe it was okay.

“Yeah, just a kiss though.” He conceded. Katsuki nodded, his eyes understanding.

The kiss was nothing like it had been before. Whereas before Katsuki had been all teeth and tongue this time the kiss was chaste as the demon lightly pressed his lips to his, almost shy in nature till his tongue crept out and swiped at Eijirou’s bottom lip. A shiver rolled down the dragon borne’s spine.

Then just as quickly as he had started Bakugou pulled away. Large eyes looked at him, vulnerable, trying to gauge his reaction.

“Just promise that if you need help you won’t hide it from me.” Eijirou said. He pressed his forehead to Katsuki’s.

They stayed like that for a while, wrapped up in each others warmth. It was only when he felt Katsuki’s body sag against him in the throes of sleep that he moved. He carefully placed the unconscious blonde onto his mattress and threw his uniform coat over him in lieu of the ruined sheets.

“I’ll see you in class tomorrow?” Eijirou whispered by Katsuki’s ear. He couldn’t help but smile at the grumble of affirmation Katsuki left him with as he rolled over and cocooned himself further into Eijirou’s coat.