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You Play Me Like A Violin

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Keith padded into the orchestra room clutching his viola in it's case and unsure of where he was supposed to go.

It'd taken him half an hour to even find the room in the first place.

The room was large and had chairs formed into a semi circle all faced towards a podium in the front. The ceiling rose high and it smelled musty, the faint and comforting smell of broken rosin clouding the air. To his left was a small office that jutted out of the side of the classroom and he decided his best bet to find the teacher was in there.

He was right.

When he walked into the office he was met with a turn in his chair by a man whose eyes seemed to scream "I LOVE ORCHESTRA!" He had bright orange hair that didn't seem natural, and it poked out near the back of his neck. But what really startled Keith was the man's mustache that was bushy and curled up with his lips. Keith was surprised even more when the man smiled brightly and chipperly said in a booming voice "OI! Hello there! You must be Keith then!"

Keith smiled and said "Yeah that's me, nice to meet you Mr-rrrrr" Keith droned the "r" on realizing he didn't know his teacher's last name. He leaned backwards without moving his feet and tipped his head out the door to look at the plaque pasted by the door that read his name. Orchestra- Mr. Hieronymas Wimbleton Smythe the plaque beamed.

Keith faltered and then attempted to say his name.

"Mr. High-rone-" The man placed a hand up and grinned, saving Keith from his troubles. "Please, call me Coran!" Keith smiled and shook his now outstretched hand "Nice to meet you Mr. Coran"

Coran smiled back and then turned around and grabbed a small pamphlet off his desk "this 'ere is a list of all the events and concerts for this year, so be sure to clear your schedule on these days!" Keith took the pamphlet and opened it up, in it was a long list of event names and dates next to them. Most of the events had a star next to the event name. "Hey Mr. Coran, what are these stars for?" Coran's face suddenly looked like it remembered something "OH YEAH! The stars means it's mandatory and no star means's it's optional." That made sense, things like "Disney Concert at Children's Hospital" didn't have a star, optional, though Keith didn't have the heart not to. Things like "Opening Fall Concert" that was graded and done by all the orchestra members had a star next to it.

Keith nodded and then Coran gave him another piece of paper. "This is just another backup information sheet, just in case I lose the first one, you can fill it out and then register for a locked area for your-"

Coran leaned down and eyed the size of the case "Viola?" Keith nodded and Coran smiled and said "knew that! Just testing ya!"

Keith grinned and took a seat at one of the normal garbage plastic orchestra chairs. The one's on stage had cushions on them and a back that didn't rip out all your hair when you went to get up. Usually it wasn't so bad for typical guys, it was usually longer haired girls, but Keith didn't want to cut his hair any shorter and it became a problem for him also. Keith growled and mumbled to himself "I thought this school would've at least sprung for better chairs than these fucking scalp murderers."

It was supposed to be quiet enough for just him to hear but in that moment he heard a loud laugh and flipped his head quickly, the chair tearing out a nice chunk of his charcoal hair. "OW! dammit" he exclaimed violently.

And then Keith noticed where the laugh had come from when the boy laughed again.

Keith stared up at a guy with caramel hair and skin, his tanned cheeks were brushed with freckles and painted pink. His eyes were shut tight and his mouth was stretched in a laughing gape. The boy was tall and pretty, Keith thought his skin looked smooth. When the boy opened his eyes Keith felt a wave crash over onto him, so blue, he thought. And the way he was standing right in the doorway with the hallway light beating on him made him seem like an angel.

Then Keith came back to reality."I'm Lance" the boy said and stuck his hand out smiling. And Keith took it and shook "You know it's your fault for getting your hair always pulled in those things anyway." Keith let one of his eyebrows raise "why" he said plainly.Lance smiled "'cause you chose to be a mullet head" and then his face contorted trying to keep from laughing.

Lance ended up failing and snorted and then snickered. Keith looked at him unammused and only said, voice rid of emotions "I'm Keith." Lance's smile returned and he stopped giggling. "Nice to meet you Keith."

Keith smiled back up at him, maybe he'd have a fun time in orchestra this year.