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Elemental Stone Love Story

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“I love you” Anthony said to Jacob. “What?” he said confused. “I said I love you” he repeated. The teen leaned in and kissed the older man. Freaked out, Jacob shot right up repeatedly shouting ‘hell no’ as he ran to the librarians in the other room. Jacob briefly looked back at him but unable to see the tears in the teen’s eyes as they showed extreme hurt.

In the annex Eve and the other librarians were discussing something when Jacob came rushing in. “We need to talk, NOW!” Jacob rarely got this way, so whenever he did it, it was serious. They Jenkins’ study whenever they need to discuss something not for the youngest librarian’s ears. What they didn’t know was that it was bugged by him in a way even Ezekiel wouldn’t know. “Anthony kissed me.” He blurted. “On the lips” he added. Taken back the others didn’t know what to say.

“Tell us, did he do or say anything else” Eve demanded of him. “He was complimenting me on my work as a librarian.” He answered quietly rubbing the back of his head. “Anthony tells all of us that” Cassandra told him. “He said I Love You” They just looked at him. “Twice, lovingly” he added. That got uneasy looks from everyone. “Do you feel that way back” Flynn asked him “No of course not, I don’t even care about him. Never did, never will. He is annoying, not librarian material at all, the only special talent he has is with anime games which to be honest, we all know that will never help us” “Kind of makes you wonder why he was chosen in the first place” Ezekiel added. “Yeah” they all said in an agreement. That’s when they heard feedback throughout the study and soft sobbing as well as the backdoor open and close.

That’s when they realized he was listening to everything they were saying. Immediately regretting what they were saying about him, they frantically searched the last known location of the backdoor. When it didn’t show up anything they panicked. They lost him.