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Mystic Messenger- Sweeney Todd

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It was simply a normal day in the harbor. Gray fog poured around every inch, the skies were dark and cloudy. As stated before- completely normal. The people working at the docks could not have known the monster just about to re-enter London- a monster with a thirst for vengeance. 

Hyun Ryu- known better as Zen, stood on his ship as it finally docked. "Ah, I know I've sailed the world and seen wonders those can only imagine, but there's truly no place like London!" He spoke brightly, his eyes glowing brightly as he looked at the city. "God, I really feel home again, there's no place like London!" The boy repeated again.

A dark presence drew near him... V stepped next to him, his eyes dull as he looked at the city. "No, there really isn't a place like London." He muttered. Zen turned to the older man and cocked his head slightly.
"You... you're still young." The older man sighed. "The world has been kind to you.... You will learn." 

The two men stepped off the boat, the older man with nothing to him, Zen with only a small bag to stay the night with. V sighed and turned to him. "I believe this is where we go our separate ways. I will never forget you as the man who saved my life."
"Oh, how could I not have saved you- who could have just passed by a lone man in a raft in the middle of the ocean-"
"There are many who would not have saved me. So thank you, Zen."

V tried to walk towards the city, when he was stopped by a shrieking. "Alms! Alms!" He turned back to Zen to see a woman- a haggardly beggar- shoving a cup in his face. "For a miserable woman on a chilly morning!" Zen, obviously uncomfortable, took a coin from his pocket and put it in the cup. "Thank you sir... thank you..." Zen believed the woman would leave, but instead she gripped his shoulders. "'Ow would you like a little squiff, dear, A little jig jig, A little bounce around the bush? Wouldn't you like to push me crumpet? It looks to me, dear, Like you got plenty there to push!" Zen pushed the woman away as she cackled. 

She then turned to V, and held the cup to him. "Alms! Alms, sir! For a miserable woman... Hey... don't I know you-"
"Away with you, woman!" V yelled to her. She smiled wildly again and went to grab at him. "Then how would you like to fish me squiff, sir! I little jig-"
"Off, to the devil with you!" He yelled, and she scampered off, crying the world alms as she went.

Zen, still a bit shaken, glanced to V. "She's just an old begger- there's hundreds in London. You'll have to get used to them, sir."

V sighed, and shook his head. "I apologize. It's just been so long since I've been in London-"
"And I completely understand, sir! No apologies needed!"

V nodded and turned to leave once more, but Zen quickly grabbed his sleeve. "V, I want to say that I have come to know you as a friend. If you need a place to stay, or any money at all-"
"No! No, don't bother!" Zen stepped back, confused and a bit frightened. V sighed, and looked away. 

"There's a story- something I heard down in Australia. About two people- a barber and his wife. And she was... oh, so beautiful. But the barber was foolish and naive. And there was another man who saw that his wife was beautiful."

V had began to grow louder. He could still see her. His wife. His MC. "A vulture of the law who removed the barber from the picture and took his wife for himself. Oh, she was so young, so bright, and so beautiful!" He was now almost yelling, his passion showing. He hoped to see her again. He hoped to hold her and kiss her again.

"And the woman... did she...succumb to him?" Zen questioned cautiously. V sighed once again.

"Oh... that was many years ago. I doubt anyone would remember." The two sat in silence for a moment. "Well, I must be off then. There's somewhere I must go. Goodbye and thank you once more, Zen."

The younger boy nodded. "Surely I'll be able to see you once more before I leave for Plymouth?"
"Look for me along Fleet Street. I'll surely be there."

Zen nodded brightly and ran off to catch a coach. V stared after him for a moment, and turned away, muttering a rhyme he created during his imprisonment. "There's a hole in the world, like a great black pit, and it's filled with people who are filled with shit, and the vermin of the world inhabit it..." He then walked away, towards his old home. Towards Fleet Street.