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Flight Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau couldn't believe what he heard as a shocked look came over his face but was quickly covered up by a smirk as Admiral Steven Hackett explained to him that he would be flying a new prototype ship dubbed the Normandy SR1. while they were walking to the dry dock on the station. Near the end of the explanation the pair arrived at a set of doors that quickly opened them and revealed giant windows and the Normandy. When they stepped into view of the Normandy Joker would froze in place and stared in disbelief at the ship in front of him

"And that Lieutenant is the ship you will be piloting. You ready to get to work Moreau?"

Admiral Hackett would say as he steps up beside Joker and studys his face as Jokers face goes from shock to disbelief to happiness and repeats itself until Hackett finished and Jokers back stiffens and his face goes blank

"Sir yes sir when will she be ready to leave?"

"As soon as all the systems are checked and double checked and the whole crew arrives. But you better get to it Moreau and make sure she's ready to fly by the time the Captain arrives"


Joker would say and salute Hackett as he returned the salute and left. As Hackett left Joker would turn back to the Normandy and head out to board the ship he would be piloting. As he boarded the ship he would frown at the design of the ship and shrug as he headed towards the bridge to start checking the system's and double checking them. As he moved towards the bridge he would notice there was already some crew on board the Normandy checking her many systems and getting her ready to fly, as Joker arrived at the bridge and got into the Pilots seat he would notice a older man with no hair and a brown beard on his face sitting at one of the side consoles. While he stared at the man would turn to look at Joker with a raised eyebrow

"Im Navigator Pressly i take it your our Pilot.. Moreau was it?"

"Yeah I'm Moreau but most people call me Joker"

Joker would say as he turned to the console in front of him and activate it to bring up the systems and to start checking them and double checking them as the bridge falls silent. As time passes more of the crew would arrive until almost everyone was on board and the ship was almost ready to go. As Joker was working a transmission came through and it caused him to jump a little as he was so engrossed in his work

"Captain to the bridge is the ship ready to go?"

"Almost ready to go sir we should be ready when you arrive"

"Better be Lieutenant. I'll be there in a few minutes with a... guest. Anderson out"

As Anderson cut the transmission Joker would frown and then look up as another crew member was boarding the ship. As he studied the man he would notice a commander's system on uniform, while he was distracted by the man he didn't nice him approach the bridge until he was standing directly behind Jokers chair

"Uh err.. is this anything I can do for you sir?"

Joker would ask as the man was watching the screens and frowns down at Joker

"Just checking on the status of the ship before the Captain arrives. Is she almost ready to fly?"

"Yes sir just waiting on the Captain and we'll be on our way"

As Joker finished speaking the Captain and a Turian in red and black armor with a Specter symbol on it would walk onto the ship and heads towards the Bridge

"Let's get underway Lieutenant and plot a course for Exodus Cluster, but if you need anything I'll be in my Cabin"

Anderson would say as he and the TurIan would turn and leave the bridge leaving only two people in it, Joker and Commander Shepard. As Joker worked he could feel a pair of eyes on him but every time he looked up Shepard was either looking out the bridge window or at one of the screens with a small frown on his lip's and his brows slightly pressed together making it look like he was thinking. As they neared the Mass Relay the Turian would return to the bridge and would watch the screen and occasionally look out the window

"So... uh Specter do you have a name?"

Joker would say to break the silence as he feels the turians gaze fall upon him.

"Yes I do Specter Kyrik."

Nihlus would say before falling silent as they neared the Mass Relay and made the jump through into the Exodus Cluster. Before the jump the Commander would leave the bridge and Alenko would appear taking a seat at one of the consoles beside Joker and started to work at it

"Good job Lieutenant.

Nihlus said as the Commander would reappear on the bridge and frowns at Nihlus as he spoke. When Nihlus finished he turned his head towards Shepard

"Meet me in the comms room the I need to speak with you"

"I hate that guy"

"He gave you a compliment and you hate him?"

"I don't trust Specters. And it's unusual to have one for a test run something is off. Do you know anything Commander?"

Joker would say tilting his head to look at the Commander. As he did there eyes would meet for a few moments and the Commander would suddenly blush and look away while also clearing his throat, as he did Joker would raise a eyebrow at the Commander and turn his attention back to his screens wondering why the Commander had looked away so quickly

"Uh no I don't know anything Lieutenant if I knew you would have known"

Shepard would say as a transmission came from the Captain requesting the Commander to meet him in the comms room

"Better go see what the Captain wants Commander before they start nagging at you"

Joker would say as Shepard nodded and headed out towards the comm room. Shortly after another transmission from the Captain would come through telling Joker to prepare to approach Eden Prime and prepare for landing. After the transmission ended the Commander would show up on the bridge in full Combat Armor and stare at the approaching Planet.

"So you leading the team down to the surface Commander?"

Joker would say to break the heavy silence on the bridge and frowns as he caught movement of the Command flinching in surprise at the words and looking at him.

"Seems so Lieutenant unless the Specter takes command of the team. Which would be annoying"

As the Commander spoke he muttered the last part only loud enough for Joker to hear and he frowns looking up at Shepard with a raised eyebrow before turning back to his console

"You better get your team ready Commander were almost at the drop point"


Shepard would say before he would turn and head for the Cargo Bay. As he left Jokers mind would wander to what he saw of the Commander earlier and run his mind across it and shaking his head as he didn't come up with a answer

"Ah blast it. I'll figure it out another time"

Joker would mutter to himself before lowering the ramp and waiting for the team of 4 to leave the ship and to bring the Normandy back into Orbit to wait for the pick up signal. As Joker waited for the signal he would check the systems again or chat with Pressly for the time being anything to keep himself from boredom till he got a emergency transmission from Kaidan Alenko telling him to get down here as the Commander was down. As the transmission ended Joker would plot a course for the spot for pick up and open a comment channel to the doctor on board

"Prepare the medical bay for a emergency Doctor Chakwas the Commander is down"

"Aye aye Lieutenant it will be ready"

As they approached the pick up point and got the Commander on board Joker would find himself having emotions he hasn't felt in along time. Such as hoping the Commander gets better and stressing over the fact he might not be better. As the feelings got bigger Joker would push them aside and keep his focus on flying the ship and checking her systems incase something went wrong for the time being.