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The Sense 8

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Athens, Greece 15:00

Paolo didn’t take them home in the end. The girls still had questions to ask, and this time they needed to ask them without interruption.

The Brazilian dropped them at the bottom of the hill that led to the Parthenon, leaving the girls to make the ascent themselves as he dropped the connection (Piper having hung up the call with the others on the drive there).

Annabeth pulled the hoodie on that Piper had brought, along with the other clothes in the change bag she brought, tugging the hood up to obscure her face from passers by that might be looking for her post-hospital break out. The two tried to stick to the sides of the winding pathways, staying in the shadows until they reached the large white construct at the top of the hill and Piper charmspoke the security guard into letting them in. They approached the large statue of Athena that stood tall and proud in the middle of the room, Annabeth clutching Piper’s hand for comfort as she spoke up to the statue.

“Mitéra, chreiázomai ti voítheiá sou.” (Mother, I need your help). Annabeth hesitated as she tightened her jaw slightly. “Kápoios érchetai gia mas.” (Someone is coming for us).
“Mitéra… What is a Sense8?”

The sky above them seemed to rumble slightly and the two girls looked curiously at each other, Piper’s mouth falling agape as she looked beyond Annabeth, nudging the other girl to turn her attention to the woman leaning against one of the marble columns at the side of the room.

The woman looked like she was in her 30’s, she had blonde hair and startlingly grey eyes that meant Piper knew exactly who she was looking at… If nothing else, Annabeth’s father had been right about one thing, she was the spit of her mother. Piper trailed behind her girlfriend as she made to approach the Goddess that had found a way to appear before them.

“The others should be here to hear this…” Piper murmured as they walked, and Annabeth tried to connect to as many of them as she could.

As she walked she saw Nico fall into step with her, his face shocked when he realised who they were walking towards. Magnus joined them next, looking around at the impressive structure of the Parthenon. Then Sadie was there, but she simply offered the blonde a reassuring nod as they walked further. Then Ethan had joined them, quirking an eyebrow in question as they walked towards a Goddess. Paolo had followed, throwing an arm around the other man’s shoulder as he excitedly took in his surroundings, much to Ethan’s displeasure. Then it was Reyna, who rolled her eyes at the boys and gave Annabeth’s hand a reassuring squeeze when the girl had offered her a nervous smile…

‘Where’s Thalia?’ Annabeth mouthed to the Puerto Rican, the other woman shrugging in response.

“I’ll go find her.”

New York, USA 08:00

Reyna leant against the inside of the door to the small apartment Thalia had been using as a hideout for the time being. The other woman having seemingly fallen asleep where she’d previously been working at the dining table in the middle of the room.

The Puerto Rican walked as quietly as she could to kneel next to Thalia’s chair, gently placing a hand on the other woman’s arm.

“Hey Sparky, I need you wake up.” Thalia grumbled in response as she buried her head further into her elbow. “Thalia, darling, come on… Rise and shine.”

The other girl blinked slowly, rubbing her eyes as she yawned, managing to lift her head enough to meet Reyna’s gaze.

“There’s those beautiful blues… Come on, Annabeth found her mother.”

“Why do I care?” Reyna chuckled slightly, Thalia’s sleepy brain not quite clicking onto what she meant.

“She found Athena, Sparks… Don’t you want some answers?”

Thalia pushed herself up in her chair then, blinking herself awake properly as the words registered with her.

“Well, why didn’t you say so?!”

Reyna rolled her eyes, laughing as the other woman all but fell out of her chair as she made to stand up. Reyna held a hand out to Thalia as she re-established the connection with
Annabeth who was now stood in front of her mother. The Daughter of Zeus took the hand offered to her with a smile, looking around the Parthenon briefly before her attention fell on the two blondes in front of her.

Athens, Greece 15:00

“I’m assuming, seeing as you’re here, you have answers?” Annabeth asked as Reyna reappeared by her side, a rather sleepy Thalia in hand.

“I do… but you won’t like them.” The Goddess replied simply.

“Did you know? All this time, and you never warned me?!”

“Annabeth, darling, I never knew you were Homosensorium… I knew they existed, but no-one knows who they are.” Annabeth didn’t look satisfied with Athena’s answer, and to be honest, none of the cluster really were.

“Someone knows, they nearly killed you because of it!” Thalia stated incredulously.

Athena turned to look dead at her then and she gulped as she stepped behind Reyna slightly.

“Who’s this?” Annabeth stuttered over her response as she looked between her mom and her cluster.

“My cluster… That one specifically is Thalia.” The American waved with the hand not entwined with Reyna’s and Athena simply rolled her eyes.

“We’ve only recently become aware of the situation with Homosensorium going missing. I mean, as far as we knew until a few decades ago, your kind were extinct. We only found out a few years back that the ones of you remaining were under threat.”

“Who are they? The people that are after us?” Sadie asked from the other side of Annabeth.

“We don’t know…” Athena clenched her jaw as she all but spat out the words. “In the mortal world, their company is called BPO. But we don’t know who is running the organisation.”

“Why are they coming for us?” Nico chimed in quietly.

“Someone sees you as a threat. And you are one…” Athena huffed out a breath as she continued. “Homosensorium were one of Zeus’ creations, like the Amazons, that followed the creation of man. You were there to help try and bring peace to the world again - as a species that shared a conscience, you were more prone to empathy. It was supposed to be a good thing… but Sapiens were built to fear the unknown, so they feared you - even more than they did the Amazons - but it wasn’t just them. Some of the Gods, Titans, everybody feared the power that a collective force could hold. Particularly if the cluster ended up being like you, all demigods or something similar… So they wiped you out. Or so we thought.”

The cluster exchanged glances and all of them simultaneously caught sight of the anger behind Thalia’s eyes, Reyna jumping slightly as electricity jolted from the girl’s fingers and through her own hand.

“My father did this, didn’t he?” Athena nodded.

“You were his creation. He wanted to be the one who was responsible for your downfall… Zeus set up an organisation amongst the immortals, the Biological Preservation Organisation. They were meant to humanely deal with anyone that wasn’t Sapien. Somewhere along the line the organisation became a Sapien run company and humane was no longer on the agenda - as I’m sure you’ve all become aware. We disbanded BPO aeons ago, it shouldn’t still exist… but like you, it refuses to die. That is everything that I know… I hope it helps. You might not believe me, but I really am rooting for you.”

Then she was gone.

Tears pricked at Annabeth’s eyes as she looked around at the rest of her cluster, Piper pulling her down into a hug as she let the tears roll down her cheeks. The others around them were stuck in horrified shock.

Reyna dropped her head onto Thalia’s shoulder and the Daughter of Zeus muttered almost inaudibly.

“What do we do now?”