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Fuck Gryffindors

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Namjoon was a ravenclaw, simple as that. His mother was a ravenclaw, his father a slytherin and he’d always liked to think the took after his mother with her cutting intelligence and her striking ability to observe and read people. He loved her, he loved being like her. Namjoon was a ravenclaw.

Namjoon didn’t like gryffindors much. He had an uncle who was a gryffindor, and that uncle punched him for pointing something out that he didn’t like. He’s had similar experiences with other gryffindors. He would answer questions in class, and those gryffindors would come to him asking if he would do their homework for them. When he declined, they would beat him and leave him there. Namjoon hated gryffindors.

Namjoon hated gryffindors, and everyone knew it. It started with a hufflepuff, a pretty decent house. They’d really done nothing wrong to him and they are extremely loyal. A well-meaning hufflepuff was talking to him as he lead their potions project along. He put people to work, he knew what to do. That well-meaning hufflepuff blurted out “Wow, hyung! With leadership skills like that I’m surprised you’re not a gryffindor!”

Namjoon knew it was a compliments and didn’t mean to, but he turned around a scoffed, giving a harsh glare in return to the innocent accusation. Before he could put on his filter, he opened his big, dumb mouth.

“You know, I’d rather not be a gryffindor. I’ve met them and I’d like to think that I’m better than a few egotistical boys who think that they’re special because they’ve been sorted into the class underneath the best duelist of his time. You know, the thing about gryffindor’s is that they’re supposed to have big hearts but the ones I’ve met don’t seem to have them.” Namjoon hadn’t looked to see the (gryffindor) teacher standing next to his desk, nor did he see the horrified expression of the well-meaning hufflepuff or the other members of his group (of which he was sure there was at least one gryffindor). Namjoon hated gryffindors.

After being thoroughly berated and scolded through the hallways by the (gryffindor) upperclassman that was sent to escort him to the Head of House of ravenclaw. Thank god he’d be dealing with a ravenclaw instead. At least then they would meet him on an intellectual level and treat him like a human being rather than a child.

The Head of House scolded him and chided him. Telling about how valuable it was to appreciate and understand our fellow classmates, no matter their house. Namjoon heard him, and he fully appreciated when there was a decent gryffindor around. Too bad Namjoon didn’t give any gryffindors a chance to be decent.

Word went through the gryffindor house about how much Namjoon hated them, they painted a picture of him as a villain. Someone who wouldn’t hesitate to look down on you no matter what. That’s what gryffindors typically thought of ravenclaws, that’s what they thought of Namjoon. He didn’t know too much about it, but now at least the feeling was mutual.

Other houses, slytherin and hufflepuff didn’t speak too much about what he’d done. Some of them felt the same way about gryffindors, some of them valued how kind Namjoon was over what he thought of the house. He had a few friends that he valued. No other ravenclaws, surprisingly, but he had made decent friends out of two slytherin and two hufflepuffs. They were his friends, they took care of him. Namjoon loved them like brothers.

There would be beatings in the hallways by some particularly ill-mannered gryffindors directed at Namjoon, and he would take them. He knew that if he were to fight back then he would be the one held accountable, the Heads always played favorites. Yoongi (one of the slytherins) always asked Namjoon if he wanted some back up, or if he wanted Yoongi to brew up a particularly nasty potion to sneak into their drinks at lunch or dinner. Namjoon always declined, he wasn’t an asshole.

It happened two, maybe three times a week. Namjoon always had some sort of scratch or bruise on his face and he kept his sleeves rolled down to hide the bruises there. He would bend awkwardly to pick up his books because his ribs were bruised. He never told Seokjin or Hoseok (both pretty protective hufflepuffs), he never complained to his friends. He didn’t complain about gryffindors, he just hated them with a passion.

Winter came and went, spring rolled around just the same, and soon enough summer was there. All of the kids left the school to see their families, Namjoon stayed behind at school. He wanted to see the the whomping willow bloom, he wanted to see the animals run around in the forests. He’d rather not go home right now, because his mother was gone and there would be no one to talk to. He’d rather not go home because that gryffindor uncle was still there, and still just as prejudiced against Ravenclaws as he always was.

He stayed and he sat in the forests, he found fae and centaurs. The centaurs had proved to be rather friendly when they knew that he wasn’t going to cause them any harm, and they’d even answered some questions he had about them. He promised them that he would come back and bring them some souvenirs from the school.

He’d even seen some Thestral out in the forest, beautiful and rare as they were. They reminded him of his mother, he made a promise to come back with an apple to feed them.

The summer passed and the leave began to turn from green to shades of brown, yellow, red and orange. Namjoon got to watch the whomping willow wilt, as brutal as it was, it was still beautiful.

Kids started to flood back to the school, first years having their orientations and such, their sortings. It was all in good fun, the feast was extravagant and the kids had a great time. The sorting began and Namjoon wondered how many of the new gryffindors would be good representations of the once wholesome house.

There was a kid who heard that he was a gryffindor, the he ran off stage without thanking the teacher up there. He continued to run through the crowd of gryffindors and high-five them all, before he would rip off an entire turkey leg and take a bite out of it in triumph. When someone tried to tone him down, he snapped back with a dangerous ferocity. Namjoon knew he would hate that gryffindor.

There was another boy who caught his eye, visibly bigger than the first years. The teacher introduced him as a 3rd year transfer student. The boy shyly waved to the crowd, they stayed silent as he sat on the stool and waited for the hat to be placed upon his head. Namjoon took note of the raven black hair, and the wide doe eyes. When the hat started talking, the boy looked up to find Namjoon in the back of the room and their gazes met. Namjoon offered a small dimpled smile, the boy returned it in kind. Namjoon knew that he’d remember the cute buck teeth that poked out of the shy grin of his face.

It was all broken up when the hat gave out a thoughtful hum and shouted across the room that the boy would be sorted into the gryffindor house. Hopefully they wouldn’t corrupt him, and if they did, well, Namjoon hated gryffindors.

Yoongi found him after the ceremony, complaining about that Malfoy wannabe that’d been sorted into his house and about how he wouldn't knock off the phoney British accent. Namjoon wouldn't be surprised if Yoongi snuck something nasty into the kids drink tomorrow morning during breakfast and Yoongi suddenly wasn't there in Magical History. He would know something other people didn't, and he would be the only one giggling at the back of the class.

Taehyung found him on his way back to the dormitories, with the new gryffindor not far behind. Geez, this kid couldn't stop making friends with people if he tried. He came up and introduced the newbie, his name was Jeongguk and he stuttered out a small hello with a meager wave. Namjoon couldn't help himself when he called it cute.

Namjoon promises, he hates gryffindors.

They broke apart and the three missed the lingering gaze that Jeongguk held on Namjoon. Nobody knew how Namjoon’s thoughts lingered on the cute new gryffindor.

Breaking at the staircases, Namjoon bid Yoongi farewell and goodnight. Before Namjoon could make it into the Ravenclaw dorms, Taehyung caught him and he inwardly asked where the lost puppy that was following him disappeared to.

“Hyung, can I talk to you for a minute, its it's about Jeongguk.” He paused and pulled Namjoon to the side of the hallway, “I know how you are with gryffindors and, don't get me wrong, it's all for good reason, but you have most of your classes with him. If he comes over and greets you because you're the only one he knows, please don't be too harsh with him.”

Namjoon felt guilty that his own dongsaeng had to be telling him this, he was almost ashamed of the bitterness he felt toward the house. Maybe talking to Jeongguk tomorrow wouldn't be too bad, he seemed shy and well meaning. He couldn't possibly be as bad as the people who would beat him in the halls. He nodded to Tae and bid him goodnight before walking into his dorm rooms to settle on his bed.

The blue comforter matching well with the rest of the blue themed room, he was glad it had always been his favorite color. He tried to bring out the book he’d checked out from the library to read, but the words weren’t as enticing as he had wanted them to be, but maybe he was just tired and not in the right state of mind to fully appreciate the work. Reading was out of the question.

He pulled out his violin and began to play, people in his room either groaning in annoyance or sighing in relief. Some people loved it when he played, even going as far as to ask him to play before bed to help them sleep, others despised it. It was too bad for them, they’d tried to get him to stop before and it didn’t work then. It’s not going to work now.

A slow melody worked its way out of the strings, it sounded forlorn and sad. Some people gave him sympathetic looks, some others would weep softly at the way the music touched them, others were already asleep. No matter the case, Namjoon was thinking of his mother and there was no way he could play a happy tune if her face and voice were drifting around his mind.

He remembered that she was accepting, no matter who you were. If you were muggle or wizard, if you were gay or straight, she didn’t care. You were human to her, you were equal. He imagined how ashamed she’d be of him if she saw him now. What would she think of this grudge he held against gryffindors, what would she think of his prejudice? That was the very thing she strived to teach him in his childhood and what did he do? He threw it out the window over a few school bullies.

It wasn’t worth it, was it. But Namjoon just strived to keep away from gryffindors at all costs. They were mean to him, they didn’t like him. He was scared of them, he wanted them to leave him alone. The only way he could think to do that was to get a bad name among them, maybe then they’d stay away. How wrong he was.

Namjoon really didn’t hate gryffindors, he was just afraid.

He stood in front of his window and he continued to play. Slow drawn out notes flowing from the violin, Namjoon didn’t realize he was crying until someone asked him if he was okay. He told them he was fine and he resumed the melody, he resumed his thoughts and he pushed reality away until the moon shone over the trees in the window and the stars shone bright overhead.

Packing away his violin he looked at the stars, he thought of his mother and he laid down under the comforter of his bed. Maybe tomorrow would be his chance to change something. Maybe he and Jeongguk would get along fine, they'd hit it off and be happy.

Maybe Jeongguk would ignore him, listen to the other gryffindors in the class and stop him after they were dismissed. Maybe he'd ask for his homework to he done, maybe he would punch Namjoon when he said no.

Whatever it was, Namjoon was scared.

When he woke up in the morning, nothing much had changed. His violin case still sitting safe on the chair next to his bed, his glasses still sitting neatly folded on top of the book he’d placed on it the night before. He worked up the courage and he made his way down to the mess hall for breakfast, where someone promptly spilled their drink down his chest.

Today was going to be a long day.

Yoongi and Jimin laughed maniacally, while Hoseok and Seokjin giggled into their hands trying to stifle the laugh. Taehyung had started full on cackling, which quickly drew the attention of the entire mess hall. Jeongguk sat next to them carefully, not quite knowing what to do.

The entire room was laughing at him, and he sighed before turning to head back up to his room to change his sweater. He wouldn't be going back down for breakfast, he could do without it. Today was not going to be his day.

When people filed back into the ravenclaw dorms to find the stray things they left behind, Namjoon heard the few giggles, laughs and whispers that came from them. Namjoon wasn't oblivious, Namjoon wasn't stupid. He just liked to ignore them, it made him feel like he even had a minuscule amount of control over his life.

He grabbed his satchel, stuffed it with materials, pens and books and he walked out of the dorm alone. He would be going to his next class alone, that seemed to be what suited him best.

Dropping his bag beside his desk, he sat himself down and straightened his back and set his shoulders. Namjoon wasn't afraid, he had is dignity, or at least he hoped he looked like he did. Pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, he pulled out sheets of paper and began to doodle.

He doodled until he heard other people starting to shuffle into the classroom, and he didn't look up when they did. He didn't look up when he saw a girl point at him and laugh with her friend, he didn't look up when no one took the seat next to him. He looked up when the professor had begun to speak, and when he did, he locked eyes with that new Gryffindor. Tae did mention something about him sharing most of the same classes with the kid. Great.

“Well, Jeongguk, you can take any empty seat you'd like,” he leaned in to whisper something to him, pointing at Namjoon less than subtly. Namjoon could only assume he warned Jeongguk of his hatred for gryffindors.

He was surprised, however, when he made no effort to pick a different seat than the one beside Namjoon. Some gryffindor upperclassmen were beckoning him over with bright smiles, but they were mean. They would manipulate Jeonggukkie. Namjoon’s seen them do it to first years, he's sure that Jeongguk wouldn't be any different.

When he sat down next to Namjoon, the entire class simultaneously held their breath. Jeongguk muttered out a small ‘hello, hyung’ before pulling out his books and making himself comfortable. Namjoon gave a small smile and a hello back and the class tried to hide their mutual shock. Class began and Namjoon found himself taking whatever questions Jeongguk had and even returning small smiles from the younger in thanks.

Namjoon couldn't deny that he found the bunny smile and doe eyes cute, but he wouldn't openly admit it to anyone either. Namjoon couldn't deny that he felt the burning gazes of the gryffindors in his back, maybe they'd catch him after class and ask him what he was doing to corrupt their new member. Maybe they'd beat him again. Namjoon was scared.

When he left the classroom, he looked down one end of the hall and saw the group, of course he would. He's been doing this long enough, he knows how this works. He turns down in the opposite direction and he begins to walk before someone waiting catches his eye.

Jeongguk watched as Namjoon’s shoulders slumped and his pace quickened, a scowl setting at plump lips and a furrow in his brow. He would be lying if he said he didn’t find his hyung a little attractive, but he still wondered what (besides the incident this morning) had set him into such a mood.

Jeongguk looked surprised. He’d been watching as he stepped out of the classroom and made to flee as he saw the lingering gryffindor upperclassmen. What was that about? Maybe he could ask him about it when they got away from them. When he looked back to where Namjoon was walking, he saw him walking around the corner, in the opposite direction of their next class. Strange, he’d have to ask about it later.

Running down the hallway, he caught Namjoon by the back of his cloak, a few stray people in the hallway stopped to watch. Namjoon turned around, braced for some sort of impact. What he was expecting, Jeongguk didn’t know. When Namjoon didn’t feel anything happening to him, he opened his eyes to see Jeongguk, standing there curious and confused.

“Hyung, our class is… this way…” Jeongguk trailed off, pointing behind him, “Maybe we could walk together?” There was a settle in the mumbling around them, silence as people waited for Namjoon’s outburst. It never came, Namjoon looked ashamed, guilty and embarrassed as he nodded grimly to his underclassman and began to walk with Jeongguk to the class.

Jeongguk hadn’t started any conversation until they passed by a window where they could see a quidditch game outside. Namjoon watched the gryffindor scurry to the window and press himself against it to see more. Namjoon would’ve found it cute if not for the fact that Namjoon also hated quidditch. Too much risk, too much speed and far too many people eager to throw a ball with the same density as a rock at his head. Jeongguk, however, seemed totally into the violent sport, and Namjoon almost wondered what it would be like to watch the gryffindor play.

“C’mon Jeongguk, we have to go.” He tapped on his shoulder and pulled him away from the window, “If you want to watch quidditch games so bad, then you should go to one of the competitive ones. I don’t fancy them much, but I think you’d probably like them just fine.”

Jeongguk grinned at his hyung, not expecting Namjoon to actually talk to him at all besides pleasantries and when he needed help on some particularly difficult homework. Namjoon had already begun to walk ahead, Jeongguk jogged a bit to settle at his side again. People in the halls watched in awe as Namjoon, renowned around campus for hating gryffindors, lead one around like a lost puppy. This must be a nightmare, because that wouldn’t happen in their wildest dreams.

“Will you take me to a game, hyung?” Jeongguk questioned carefully, not sure how he would react. If Namjoon would think he was asking him on a date. Maybe he was.

“I just said that I didn’t fancy the game much, what do you think?” Namjoon scoffed.


“Good, you’re a quick learner.” That was the last thing said before Namjoon walked into the Herbology classroom. He missed Jeongguk deflating, deciding to ignore any gaze the younger held on him until the class began. The teacher introduced Jeongguk like before and decided to make him Namjoon’s partner. Seeing as the ravenclaw often was tacked onto any team that the teacher see fit when he was the last one chosen, Jeongguk finally evened out the classroom.

People began to whisper when Namjoon didn’t voice a complaint about the gryffindor. They got louder when Jeongguk gave him a big gummy smile, and Namjoon let his dimples show for once. They only quieted down when the teacher called for their attention, but Namjoon didn’t miss the spare glances people sent his way. He laughed when they would catch his eye and look away in a blind panic.

Namjoon let out a big sigh when they were dismissed to the mess hall for lunch, he just wanted to eat, especially after skipping breakfast. He just wanted to sit down and eat for a while before he would go up to his dorm, grab his violin and head out to the whomping willow to play. That’s all Namjoon wanted. When he arrived in the mess hall, his friends were there waiting, waving over to him. He smiled, this is where he belonged, this is where he fit in. They were a group. A tight-knit group of brothers, and he’d have it no other way.

The hall was silent as the two made their way to the group, Jeongguk sitting shoulder to shoulder with Namjoon without complaint from his hyung. Everyone was amazed, they wondered if the beast had been tamed. Namjoon still had his shoulders set tight and a nervous posture, but he was tolerating a gryffindor besides Taehyung and that alone was a miracle. They ate lunch and chatted away, and when it was over Namjoon half expected Namjoon to follow him out to the whomping willow. Luck was in his favor and Taehyung dragged him away to show him fin places around campus, the courtyard, the quidditch field.

Namjoon was finally alone, he breathed out a sigh of relief as he closed the door to the ravenclaw dorms, violin case in hand. He decided to take the long way around the school to the willow, and he was glad he did because when he arrived, no one knew he had left. No one knew he was there. Namjoon was at peace. He opened the violin case, he fixed his posture and he begun to play.

A happier tune this time, peaceful. It would remind you of summer days, bright sun and the smell of flowers in the breeze. It would remind you of swims in the lake and water fights with friends. It would remind you of fun, and happy times and no worries. He had no worries, he didn’t feel stressed. He let his mind wander and he let his body relax as his body swayed with the breeze.

“Hey, ravenclaw!!” Guess he spoke too soon, “You lookin for the whomping willow to kill you so you’ll finally get some attention, suicidal freak!” Sometimes they weren’t even creative with these insults, they wouldn’t irk Namjoon nearly as much as they did if they were half decent. He put his violin back in its case quickly and pushed it underneath a bush with his foot as the gryffindors came outside to meet him, probably to beat him like they normally did.

He hadn’t even done anything, and this is what little justice means to a gryffindor. Absolutely despicable.

“Do you have plans for that Jeongguk kid? Plan on making him hate his own kind like you did with that freak, Taehyung?” One pushed at his chest, he made an effort not to flinch. “You gonna fall in love with him like that faggot you are, you gonna try and fuck him like the slut that you are?” Totally uncalled for. Namjoon really isn’t one that should be called a slut mainly because he has literally never kissed, let alone have sex with another person in this school. Call him lame, but it was the truth and that was uncalled for.

“Yeah, like you’d know anything about sluts. You’re just gonna call me a bitch because you don’t have a bitch.” Namjoon really couldn’t stop himself, he didn’t have a sense of self-preservation. “I bet you’re a virgin who takes out his sexual frustration in the boys bathroom during classes. You go in there and jack off because no girl is willing to fuck you, don’t you?”

He wasn’t surprised when he got a fistfull to the eye, but it didn’t stop it from hurting any less. The two guys who’d tagged along with the bully moved around to restrain Namjoon’s arms. He didn’t put up much of a fight, it wouldn’t do any good to anyways.

The kid punched his face a few more times, gave Namjoon a cut on the cheek and a bruised lip. He moved on to Namjoon’s torso and continued to punch, bruise and jab at bruises that have yet to heal. He would’ve winced had he not already been numb. It was really too bad, but it wasn’t something he could change, was it. They’d always hate him. And Namjoon hated gryffindors.