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Born to naval officers in the Alliance, John and Jane both joined the military at the same time and took similar courses.

While John was an impressive biotic and solider, Jane was the strategic thinker and very charismatic.

John and fifty marines were on Akuze when they were attacked by a cluster thresher maws, killing all of the marines save for John who suffered serious injuries.

Meanwhile, Jane was on Elysium during the Skyllian Blitz and fought off the Batarians after rallying the civilians to rise up and fight for what was theirs.

Both rose quickly in the ranks and then it was Jane who was promoted to Commander, while John seemed unable to rise above Lt. Commander.

Both were on the SSV Normandy when the Saren Incident began. While Jane was the one that would activate the Prothean beacon, John was helping the recently saved Sgt Ashley Williams gather what few survivors there were from the Geth massacre.

After they returned to the Citadel and aquired proof that the Spectre called Saren was a traitor, Jane was given the rank of Spectre and ordered to take Saren down. John was annoyed that he was not given the title since he had seen more combat and down more in the field than his sister. It was around this time that Jane started to sow her seeds of influence among the humans on the Citadel.

They learned of Dr. Liara T’soni’s location and made a move to capture her, for she was the daughter of Matariach Benzaiza, who was working with Saren. Instead of finding some weak scared doctor, they found a ruthless and aggressive asari ripping geth apart with her biotics. The siblings watched as Liara held the Krogan battlemaster leading the Geth in the air and emptied his own shotgun in his face. Liara agreed to come with them to stop her mother.

The Alliance made several requests of the Shepards and the Normandy, ranging from disabling a rogue combat VI on the Moon to dealing with cults and other minor missions. They complied with all of these requests but the Alliance Command kept hailing Jane as the hero, while her brother was still not acknowledged.

Then came the mission to Noveria, they both fought the geth alongside Ashley Williams and Liara and made it all the way to Peak 15. There they found Lady Benezia and the last Rachni Queen along with a small army of mercs and Geth. The team killed all of the Geth and mercs and were able to get the information from Benezia before John Shepard executed her before she turned on them. Meanwhile Jane Shepard activated the tanks full of acid above the Queen and ended the threat of the Rachni from returning.

On Ferros…Jane Shepard lost her patience with the colonists and killed several of them before they were suddenly attacked by strange humanoid like creatures. The other colonists also attacked the Shepard’s team, they were gunned down along with the creatures. The colony leader, a man named Fi Dan explained what happened but it caused him great pain before he shot himself. The Shepards then faced the Thorian creature under the colony, after facing more creatures that were under its control, John was able to destroy its supports and the creature fell to its death.

The asari, Shiala was then freed from her organic prison on a wall near were the creature used to be. She explained more information on Saren and his plans from what she knew and in turn she was spared an execution at the hands of the siblings. She was allowed to leave the doomed colony and in the end she made her way to Omega.

The Citadel Council then informed the Shepards about the planet Virmire and that Saren had been sighted there. They arrive on the planet, while John is commanding the Normandy, Jane takes Garrus and Tali with her in the Mako to disable the outer defense grid. Once the outer defenses were down, Jane met with the STG team that was on the ground already.

It was during this conversation between the Salarian Captain and Jane Shepard that Saren’s plan came into focus. He was breeding an army of Krogan for conquest of the galaxy. Upon hearing this revelation, Wrex and John walked over and Wrex added his weight to the decision on what to do with the facility. Tensions came to a head when both John and the Salarians agreed the complex had to be destroyed, while Wrex and Jane thought capturing the place would a better solution.

Wrex pulled his shotgun and aimed it at John’s head, but Jane was able to talk him down. She explained that the Krogan would not be true Krogan and just mindless brutes used for cannon fodder. Wrex respected Jane and stood down from killing her brother. John and Jane both talked with the Salarian Captain and it was agreed that Kadian Aleko would oversee the bomb deployment.

John, Ashley and Tali accompanied the Salarian teams, while Jane took Garrus and Wrex with her to distract Saren’s forces. While Jane did mostly helped the Salarians by causing damage to their defenses, she did however re-routed the alarms and this sent troops after the main force. It was her way of punishing her brother for there had been a secondary goal to taking over the complex, but she buried that idea and had Garrus download all files from the main computer. Jane encountered the Prothean beacon and then was the first human to encounter Sovereign, a Reaper.

Under fire and somewhat outnumbered, John and his group were killing krogans, husks and geth in mass but several Salarians lost their lives. John radioed Jane that they needed help and Jane did come to their aid, but then Kaidan radioed. The squad and him were pinned down and unable to hold, Jane ordered Joker to pick them up first. Jane was annoyed with Kaidan for he had not only rejected her advances but she had not been agreeing with most of her decisions. With the primary group collected, John ordered Joker to pull Kaidan’s team out and he complied with the order, despite Jane yelling at them to leave.

Kaidan was saved but the rest of his squad had been killed by the geth. The bomb detonated and annihilated the whole complex and a good part of the surrounding region in nuclear fire. With the mission completed, Jane ordered the Normandy back to the Citadel. While they were in route, the sibling had a fight in mess hall. Ashley did notice that John didn’t use his biotics against his sister. Both of them fought and tired out and then stayed away from each other till they reached the Citadel.

With the Conduit located and located on the planet Ilos, Jane Shepard convinced the human ambassador of the Reaper threat. But this turned out to be a ruse, for once the Normandy docked and the crew left, C-Sec locked down the ship with the docking clamps. The ambassador also had the main computer locked via his personal terminal in the embassy. Jane tried to plead her case to the Council but to no avail, but not everyone agreed with the ambassador’s call. Captain David Anderson joined with the siblings and they made a plan to free the Normandy, but it would be on the same level of treason.

The Normandy was freed after Anderson delivered a right hook to Ambassador Udina’s face and accessed his personal terminal. Blasting away from the Citadel at full power, the Normandy used the local mass relay and made for the Mu relay.

While the others were busying preparing the ship for all out combat, Ashley approached John with a small offer…which led to moaning and groaning from the inside of the Mako and a trail of clothing from the armory to the APC. Liara spent a long and passionate time with Jane and the two were content with each others skills in bed. Upon reaching Ilos, the crew found out that Saren was already on site with a task force of geth ships in orbit.

Jane gave orders to Joker that once the Mako was on the surface, he was to take the Normandy to Arcturus station where the 5th Fleet was stationed.

Joker then took the ship in and with insane flying was able to deliver the Mako onto the Ilos surface without being blasted out of the sky, or killing the group in the Mako. When the Normandy made the jump to FTL to make it back to the Mu relay, John cursed his sister for not telling him what she was going to do, not to mention not taking him with her. Garrus and Wrex were again taken for her team and he suspected he knew why.

Saren was able to make it to the Citadel and jammed communications from the massive station, while the fleets protecting it came under attack from Sovereign and a fleet of geth ships. Jane and her team battled their way to the Conduit and were able to make it on board the Citadel. Saren was able to close the arms of the mighty Citadel but Sovereign had been able to get inside before it was sealed. Jane and Saren fought in a gun battle that was brutal and at times up close and personal. It ended with Saren falling from his platform and into a grotto below the Council chamber and impaled by a large shard of glass.

Admiral Hackett and John Shepard brought the entire 5th Fleet to the Citadel and opened fire on the geth ships, losing only a few in the opening battle and saving the Destiny Ascension

But Sovereign was not done with his ‘servant’ and using its power resurrected Saren but at the same time it mutated him, making him even more dangerous. But Jane Shepard and her team were victorious after a short fight with the mutated Saren, which caused a feedback in Sovereign and left him defenseless. Alliance ships and the surviving Citadel fleet, including the Destiny Ascension fired all their weapons and destroyed the ancient Reaper. However, a fragment of Sovereign flew into the citadel tower and nearly killed Jane and her team, but they survived.

With humanity showing itself ready, The Citadel Council invited humans to join the Council. Jane Shepard being the hero of the battle and the first human Spectre had some pull, she decided that Ambassador Uidna would be the best choice since he was familiar with those on the Council and would place Earth first.

After repairs, the SSV Normandy was sent out to deal with ‘rogue’ geth holdouts and conclaves, but John Shepard and a few others didn’t stay with the Normandy. John instead returned to Earth along with Ashley Williams, Dr. Karin Chakwas and several other marines. Tali’Zorah returned to the Migrant fleet along with the geth intel recovered from a geth enclave. Wrex returned to Tuchanka to reform the Krogan clans after a long conversation with Jane Shepard.

One month after the Battle of the Citadel

Jane Shepard and the Normandy were last located patrolling the Omega Nebula for the geth, near the planet Alchera. Automated distress beacon was activated, SSV Normandy destroyed by unknown vessel, 21 causalities this included Commander Jane Shepard.