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Welcome To Nanoori Book 1 [Taekook]

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Chapter 1 Nanoori Part 1

Jungkook was dragged in the building by two men. The sign on the wall read Nanoori.

Jungkook looked around frantically at the patients and the examination rooms. One boy was screaming in one room and another was trying to fall asleep, cursing because his medications weren’t taking effect.

The two men hauled the man into an all white room. The air was thin and they strapped him to a metal chair. Jungkook looked up at one of them and the man smiled. “Your stand in doctor will be with you shortly. He’ll inform you who your doctor and nurse are and who will be giving you therapy if necessary.”

A man in a white lab coat with a clipboard walked in. He ushered the two men out and sat across from Jungkook.

Looking worn out, he let out a heavy sigh as he looked over the clipboard with Jungkook’s diagnosis written on it. He looked up, noticing Jungkook kept eyeing his restraints. Jungkook snapped out of it when he heard his name. “Mr. Jeon. I have reviewed your diagnostics chart and it says here you have Bulimarexia.”

Jungkook slowly lifted his head, smirked, and nodded.

“How long have you had this disorder, Mr. Jeon?”

“One year,” Jungkook replied. His voice shaky.

The doctor tilted his head. “Is there something wrong?"

Jungkook shook his head and spoke in a flat tone. “No. Nothing at all. Who will be my doctor?”

“Your doctor will be Kim Namjoon and your nurse will be Kim Seokjin. You will be having therapy with Jung Hoseok.”

Jungkook squinted his eyes. “I will have my own personal doctor, nurse, and therapist?”

The man looked out the window. “Yes and no. Here at Nanoori your doctor and so on are assigned to you based on the severity and duration of your disorder. You also have your own room shared with another patient and the rooms are structured as if you were living in a boarding house. You will be surrounded by people around your age to help you adjust to living with us and to help you cope. If things get dangerous… well that’s not up to me. Anything else?”

Jungkook shook his head ‘no.’ “Well then,” the man walked up to Jungkook and unstrapped his restraints. “Your doctor is outside waiting for you.”

Jungkook bowed and walked into the hallway. A tall man in white scrubs with purple hair greeted Jungkook. He smiled and Jungkook noticed his dimples really came through on his face. “Hello, Jeon Jungkook. I’m Kim Namjoon, but you can call me doctor. I will be taking care of you here along with your nurse and therapist. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.”

Jungkook bowed once more. “Thank you. Do you need me to follow you anywhere?”

Namjoon grinned and replied, “No, but here.” He handed Jungkook a key. “This is the key to your room. Your room number is inscribed on it.”

Jungkook turned the key over in his hands. “Room Sa,” (four). Jungkook let out a deep breath.

A number of bad luck.

Namjoon put his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. “Is everything okay?”

Jungkook looked up and smiled. “Yes, it’s fine.”

Namjoon gestured down the hall. “Your room is down the hall and to the left.You have your first checkup with your nurse tomorrow. He will come get you in your room. Have a good evening.”

Namjoon walked away with thundering footsteps as Jungkook went in the opposite direction.

He went back the way he was brought in. As he walked down the halls he noticed there was an indescribable loneliness embedded in the walls. So is this grief or despair?

He kept walking until he saw the guy from earlier who was cursing over his meds not working. He was pale and had dark eyes. Bags were sunken on his face. His hair was blonde. Ray Banz were being held up by his shirt collar. Song lyrics were written all over one of his hands. He stood hunched over with a pen in his other hand. The end of it was chewed off.

He was coming towards Jungkook when he stopped, and looked him up and down. “Is there a problem? What do you want? I’m trying to sleep, but I’m also worrying about tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.”

Jungkook was about to reply when another guy approached them. “Suga, stop being a worrywart. You’re scaring him.” The strange guy extended his hand out to Jungkook. His hair was parted to the left. He wore a flannel with a white muscle shirt and ripped black jeans. He looked familiar to Jungkook, but he couldn’t place him. His voice was smooth and rich, like honey. “Nice to meet you. I’m Mark Tuan. And this worrier is Min Yoongi, but everyone calls him Suga or grandpa for short.”

Suga almost threw his pen, but he was gripping it so hard his knuckles were turning white. “Don’t bad mouth me. You switch between crazy and depressive like night and day.”

Jungkook remembered who this guy was now. He was the person screaming his head off in an empty room when he was brought in. Mark scowled at Yoongi and glared at the young old man. “I took my meds, alright.”

Mark turned back to Jungkook, who was looking at the both of them and forced a smile. He shook Mark’s hand. “Hey. I’m Jungkook.” Mark beamed and said, “While if you have nothing better to do Jungkook, let’s just walk around.”

Yoongi groaned. “Are you serious? I don’t wan-” Mark looked over his shoulder and pursed his lips. “You can’t sleep though can you grandpa? Yoongi brought out his bottle of pills and cursed under his breath. “Fuck it. Let’s wander.”

So, the trio walked around the vacant ward with no particular direction. They were silent until Jungkook spoke up. “So, are there a lot of new patients here?”

Mark grinned. “Like yourself? All the time. People come in, but they rarely ever get out.”

Yoongi decided to include himself in the conversation, bored of fidgeting with his pen and pills. “There’s a new transfer at least once a day. Twice if it’s really severe.”

Jungkook nodded. “Oh. I see.” Just as they were about to turn a corner they saw a guy screaming on a stretcher being brought into a room.

“No! Stop! What are you doing to me!!” All three boys stood frozen in place. Mark let out a deep breath. “Looks like we have a second transfer.” Suga exhaled deeply through his nose. The three of them didn't bother to move as they were watching the guy be bandaged up.

Blood spilled down the patient’s arms onto the white linoleum floor. He had tears in his eyes as his screams were muffled by the oxygen mask being brought against his face by doctor Kim Namjoon. Namjoon struggled to put the mask on the man’s face since he kept flailing and screaming.

Suga stared down at the floor. “Mark… We know him.” Mark followed Suga’s example and eyed the floor. “Yeah. I know.”

Jungkook’s eyes didn’t waver from the man on the gurney. “Who… Who is he? You… You know him?”

The man on the gurney’s eyes met Jungkook’s. He felt like his heart was about to stop as the man’s eyes met his own. Jungkook stared at him and smirked.

I know who you are.

Mark responded with an emptiness in his voice. “He was our friend. His name is Kim Taehyung.”