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The Legend of the Dark Triforce

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The four goddess were the first in creation itself. Each with their own powers, abilities, and talents that would assist them in creating new life. Din of Power, icon of fire, was the one to bring together the rough shape of the world; the canvas on which her sisters would paint. Farore of Courage, icon of nature, brought the lands to life, making them stable and inhabitable for life to live, the keystones that would help their children flourish. Nayru of Wisdom, icon of water, instilled laws unto the land, making all those who lived there understand the way of life.
Together, they made their first being... Hylia. A young goddess who- with the help of her mothers- made the races of the Goron (followers of Din), the Korok (followers of Farore), the Zora (followers of Nayru), and the Hylians, made to the image of Hylia herself.

However, the fourth sister of the goddesses- Orona- hadn’t yet bestowed her gifts unto the new land. Taking from her sisters, she instead started with a minor deity akin to Hylia’s own... A male, demon-like entity she endearingly called Demise. With his assistance, they not only brought shades of darkness to the pure people’s hearts, but also welcomed monsters and demons onto the goddess’ pure lands as well, tainting their beauty with the aggression of their creations.

Horrified at what their sister had done, they banished her away from their sight. However, shocked, hurt, and bitter at what Orona felt was a betrayal on her sisters’ behalf, she instead gave Demise the power to launch an attack on the children of Hylia and thus, the people of her sisters’. It was during this time that she met a being she hadn’t remembered making... Ryleh. A tall, dark being who seemed to have gained life all of his own thanks to the darkness from her and Demise.
The two quickly became lovers, unable to join him in the wars (as she did with Demise), but unlike the latter deity, he was her absolute icon. There was no greater sign of the dark goddess’ work than the peering face of Ryleh...

The war didn’t last as long as anyone would’ve thought. A hero of the goddesses stood against Orona’s forces and with Hylia on their side, the Hylians fled to the sky. The remaining races who stayed on the surface went into hiding. Demise was sealed away, Orona banished to where no light could reach her, and Ryleh cast aside so far, so lost without his love and goddess, that he knew not what to do with himself.

The only thing she could do before the very end, was reach out... Where Hylia found herself a champion in the one that fought off the darkness when few others could, who inspired others... Orona found a sickly young woman who had been left behind, watching her world ascend. A heart-wrenching moment for someone already so fragile, that she took it for her own; a small, delicate soul taken into her hands....
During her years of darkness, completely sealed away, she began to wish for redemption. Missed her sisters with an ache of an incomplete heart, as this had not truly been what she’d wished for. At the time, it had seemed right; had she not been doing what they had? Perhaps she needed to make things right...and that’s where her little soul came in.