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50 Shades of Heath

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“Black or charcoal cuff links Ms. Heath?”

“Black. I think? I don’t know if I want to wear this actually...” Tobin motions to her new all black velvet suit.

“Do you want me to grab a few more options?” Her assistant pretends to busy herself as her boss edges closer to her mirror.

“I will do it myself, thank you. I rather not waste anymore of your hours helping me pick out ties and pocket squares.. Will you make sure my bag is ready to go with my laptop? Tobin continues to exam herself while her assistant nods and leaves.

Damn Tobin Heath, you look good in this suit but it’s not fit for morning meetings and lunch. She gets caught up in herself before she realizes the time. She quickly hangs up her jacket and pants in the dark section of her closet. She discards her black button up and replaces it with a crisp white one.

Tobin dials her favorite number before settling on her light gray suit and navy tie.

Immediately after two rings her favorite raspy voice begins to talk. “Hey Tobs.. everything okay?” Alex seems too worried about her for 7 o’clock in the morning.

“Hey Lex, ya everything is good over here. I just needed advice on what to wear today.” Tobin regrets calling Alex about a suit and tie problem. She seems like a princess.

“Okay. I just didn’t know since you never answered any of my messages or our friends since you left for Paris,” Alex’s voice has a tinge of annoyance.

“I’m sorry Lex. I had to finish some serious business before returning to work this week. Please help me so I don’t get fired. I heard the boss was strict.” Tobin hopes Alex will just give her fashion advice so she can quickly leave for downtown.

“Hmmm. We will talk later this evening about your behavior ‘Ms. Heath,’ and give me your damn choices queen bee.” Alex is slightly laughing on the other end.

“Fuck you.” Tobin rolls her eyes dramatically even though Alex won’t see.

“Not today Toby... I thought we left those days in college when you moved to the big city?”

“Alex Morgan. My favorite striker please help me with my suit and tie before we are both late. Never of us have been to work in a week... maybe two?” Tobin tries to sound serious but Alex knows she is not.

“Fine... let me guess black or black?” Alex laughs while stressing the last ‘k’ with her tongue.

“Actually neither.. I was thinking light gray or a charcoal?”

“That sounds delicious on you.. Do the charcoal with black socks and shoes.”

Ignoring Alex’s first comment, Tobin quickly changes into her new outfit. “What about a slim tie or should I do a batwing bow tie?

“Definitely slim tie... I like your bow ties with more causal outfits.” Tobin hears Alex’s heels clicking loudly on her hardwood floors.

“Are you about to leave?” Tobin already knows her answer by the sound of her shoes and keys. She finishes the eldredge knot on her elegant black tie with paisley design.

“Yes I am running late.. I’m supposed to already be at Allie's house. We are so going to blame our superficial boss for making us late to round one meetings.” Alex is one of the only people who sees the “old Tobin” still and enjoys every moment with her before CEO Tobin arrives.

“I will let you go now Lex, and the boss may call her front desk to let them know the arrangements. Bye Lex.” Tobin hangs up before Alex can make another joke or comment about being late.

Before she heads downstairs she briefly examines herself. Nice Tobin. You need a pocket square and watch though. She searches for her accessories before lacing up her shoes. She tops her outfit off with a black pocket square and designer Rolex.


“Ms. Heath, what car this morning?” She is greeted downstairs by her three employees.

“I’m thinking the black Rolls Royce today.. are my bags prepared to go?” Tobin looks around for her things before heading to the kitchen.

“Yes Ms. Heath we will take them to your car while you finish getting ready to leave.” Her assistants begin to grab her bags and keys while waiting for their next instruction.

“Thank you ladies for the help this morning. Sorry I have been absent this past week. You may treat yourself to any resistant using the black card. Once you get back here please do light work outside then you may all leave early.”

“Thank you Ms. Heath.” They all respond while silently screaming inside.

Tobin briefly makes her daily smoothie. Her friend Kelley taught her the recipe during a youth national team camp.

She steps outside into her large 8 door garage and examines her car collection. Her thoughts are quickly interrupted by an *Incoming call from Allie Long


“Harrrr..ball did you move back round one meetings?”

“I will let the office know before I leave, please don’t call me that.” Tobin cringes because she sounded rude to one of her best friends since junior high. “Sorry Harry, didn’t mean to sound-“

“Like an overly dressed fuckwad?” Allie’s laugh can be heard while Alex gently slaps her shoulder.

“I will let them know..” Tobin trails off before hanging up. “One more favor please before I go, call my office and let them know to move back round one meetings 20 minutes. Reschedule round four until tomorrow during my lunch hour.”

“Yes Ms. Heath.” They wave bye and walk back inside to finish their jobs.

Tobin opens her door and briefly readjust any of mirrors before opening the gate. She gets business ready before leaving for Heath Enterprises. She closes her garage doors and double checks the alarm system before pulling off towards downtown.

*Bad at Love begins to play on her favorite Spotify playlist.
“Am I bad at love or did I miss my chance two years ago? Hell no you escaped Satan in a female’s body.” The drive is easy at 8 in the morning and the view of the city is beyond beautiful. Tobin arrives in front of valet and is greeted instantly.

“Ms. Heath, your bags please?” A young man in all black extends his arms out towards her.

“Yes please. Take these to my room except for this bag, it needs to go to meeting room 98.” Tobin hands another worker her keys before heading inside her building.

“Hello Ms. Heath.” Stephanie offers a soft smile and wave. Her Australian accent is still heavy. She recently decided to rent an apartment here in New York during her club season. A few of her teammates decided to rent a nice place to stay while not with their national team. Tobin met Stephanie years ago at a PTFC training clinic and enjoyed her company.

“Hello Stephanie, is the meeting room ready and is everyone here?” Tobin moves around to the iMac to check the attendance. Before Stephanie can reply Tobin is already questioning something or someone.

“Who the he-ck is Palo Verdes Inc...?” Tobin can’t remember having a meeting with anyone who doesn’t represent a multimillionaire or billionaire company.

“Ms. Heath, remember this company is helping host with Apple, Burberry, Versace and other major companies an intern week?” Stephanie begins to pull up emails and information before I stop her.

“Yes, I’m sorry I totally forget that was this week. What about my meetings?”

“I had them moved back another time slot, and meetings 3 and 4 are tomorrow doing your first lunch hour.” She seems confident in her scheduling and waits for Tobin to respond.

“Perfect, thank you. I will be upstairs let everyone know when they need to be in the first meeting room.” Tobin grabs her bag and head to the top floor.

Her room has the best view of the city and at night her building illuminates the streets below. She decided to open her company to the public after almost four years of isolation. She knows her grandfather would want her to help other companies. Tobin just doesn’t want to deal with the attention but understands she should be proud. Her only fear is how past will catch up with her and she doesn’t want to meet it now. Tobin is about to begin business calls when her speaker beeps.

“Ms. Heath, your intern is here.” Stephanie says unsurely knowing Tobin is already behind in today’s work.

“Um. Please send him up here.” Tobin releases the call button and faces the early morning city again. She is preoccupied and does not hear the light knock on her door. “Ms. Heath...”

“Shoot, I didn’t hear you Alanna. Please enter.” Tobin is still facing the city not interested in the shaking boy who’s father wants this lifestyle for him more than he does. Hands loosely in her pockets she waits for her briefing on this wannabe millionaire from some preparatory college out West.

“Ms. Heath.. this is Christen Press. She currently attends Stanford University. Her major is in medicine and minor in communications. She works for PV Inc. for extra works hours at her University. Press will not be here all week and she is covering for her sister.” Tobin raises her right hand as a signal to leave and then she waits for the door to close.

She... I was expecting some sweaty college boy in a loose blazer not some nerdy girl who will ask way too many questions. Tobin doesn't feel like turning around but she knows she needs to. Hopeful these next few minutes will fly by so she can attend her designated meetings. She briefly fixes her suit and grabs a pen to twirl.

“Hello, I’m Tobin Heath. CEO and full owner of Heath Enterprises and you—,” Tobin doesn’t complete her sentence when she is met with a gorgeous pair of eyes. “.... are?” Tobin states directly at her.

“Christen.. Press.”