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Nothing that is can pause or stay

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“Miss, Miss, you cannot go there,” Bonnie Barstow protested, when a tall, black haired and gray eyed woman, was heading straight to the office of Devon Miles. The woman stopped.

“Miss Barstow, I know for a fact that you are not Mr. Miles’ secretary, so, therefore, my rank is higher than yours and I can go there, even in the middle of an important meeting,” the woman stated, rudely. Heels clicking to the floor, she briskly entered to Devon’s office, without knocking.

“What? Who dares to, oh, Mara, it’s you,” Devon Miles looked surprised.

“Good day, Mr. Miles,” the woman, Mara Widdell, said, eyeing Michael, who was too in the room, coldly.

“Oh, sorry. This is Michael Knight. Michael, this is Mara Widdell,” Devon introduced the two people.

“Hello Miss Widdell,” Michael greeted.

“Good day, Mr. Knight,” the woman nodded politely to Michael.

“What brings you here, Mara?” Devon inquired.

“Your next assignment,” Mara said shortly. She walked to the open door of the office and closed it. Then, she walked to Devon’s desk and handed him brown envelope.

“Why this secrecy?” Devon didn’t seem to understand. Mara’s eyes flashed fro warning.

“Oh, say no more,” Devon finally got the meaning. Mara nodded approvingly and left without saying anything.


“What was that all about?” Michael asked later.

“Mara’s only the messenger. The real assignment comes from higher levels,” Devon said.

“From higher levels? Oh come on, Devon,” the younger man insisted.

“They always sent a message through the messenger. They only appear when the matter is urgent, so this has to be urgent assignment. But you don’t need to know more, for now. Your assignment is waiting you tomorrow,” the older man explained, mysteriously.

“But…,” Michael still tried.

“No Michael. You’ll get to know more tomorrow,” Devon said, determined. Then he immersed to the papers he had on his desk and Michael had to walk out with that. He walked all the way to the garage.

“Who was that woman and what did she want?” Bonnie asked from Michael when he entered the garage.

“I have absolutely no idea,” Michael said.

“Well, didn’t Devon say anything?” Bonnie wanted to know more.

“Nope. I’m taking KITT to a ride. Is he ready?” Michael responded and Bonnie nodded.

“Yeah. He’s ready to go,” she confirmed and Michael drove out of the garage.