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That's What We Call Reincarnation

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He's always remembered.

He had grown up with eyes too serious and a protective streak a mile wide.

... And he was completely alone.


His eyes drifted across the sea of people - people who didn't see who he was, nor who he is. Just the bijuu in his gut. And hated him for it.

Talking to said bijuu (his name was Kurama, he'd learned) was... Interesting. Exciting enough for a lifetime (or, rather, would have been had he been anyone else).

After his last life, though-

Well, he had much that he'd left undone.

Not to mention that some of his students were making mistakes. Sarutobi, in constantly bending to the other nations whims rather than risking war (Konoha was still the strongest Shinobi village, even without Ushizo backing them up). Danzo, in kidnapping and brainwashing children (something that he'd have to deal with soon).


Upon reflection, getting into the base for Danzo's illegal branch of ANBU had probably been too easy but-

It would stop. He had placed a seal on every entrance that would teleport new recruits back to their family, and had added a component on the ROOT agent's tongue seals that would make it reject being put on anyone else.

He would have to keep an eye on what Danzo was doing but-


He could rest. For now.


In the Academy, he fumed because teachers allowed their prejudice cloud their thinking - sabotaging his learning.

Honestly, if he hadn't remembered, then upon graduation the village would have had an incompetent shinobi on their hands, and whoever his sensei would have been would've had to fix the problem.

And the Fuuinjutsu barely touched on storage scrolls.

If he'd had any less self-control he would've unleashed his fury on his teachers for sabotaging his learning.


But, as he would be a shinobi alongside them, he limited his revenge to harmless pranks (And if Hashirama's face on the monument got hit more often than any other head, well, his brother deserved it). Stuff that only annoyed them (but could easily turn deadly, and the teachers knew it too).


When he was eight, almost every Uchiha in the village died. The only one that was left was one Uchiha Sasuke - who had been under genjutsu torture, likely from his brother, the one to have killed them all - and he sulked continuously and vowed revenge.

... It reminded him of Madara, if he was honest.

........ Which meant that he needed to interfere or else Sasuke would go nuts and abandon the village, possibly planning to destroy it in the process.


But it could wait while he read the Yondaime's notes on the Flying Thunder God. Really, the man was a genius. Sasuke wouldn't be able to go anywhere until he became a genin.

And he would know if he tried to leave anyway. He was perfectly capable of stopping a pre-genin.


"Couldn't make a clone." Pah! Just because his reserves were larger than what he'd been used to doesn't mean that he can't make a clone.

In fact, with the larger reserves, he could easily make Shadow Clones. Not that he'd have an excuse to know it now.




... Why was Mizuki telling him about a false secret graduation test?

The Forbidden Scroll? Wasn't that where he'd put most of his techniques? Including, say, the Shadow Clone?

Brilliant. And he could catch Konoha a traitor while he was at it.


It'd taken years to get to the level of sensory ability that he had in that first life. Now, though-

Now it was a different story, because he knew exactly what to do. No stumbling or guessing what he needed to do.


And it wasn't that he truly wanted to be Hokage - it was just that the level of hatred aimed at him made him want to prove to them that they were wrong. And the best, and the most extreme way of doing this was getting himself the Hat again.

He'd used his chakra to turn his whisker marks red, for something somewhat familiar that he could see when he looked himself in the mirror.

The village hated him all the more for it, but Saru thought that he'd chosen the Nidaime as his hero and he'd done it to look like the Nidaime (how ironic, to see how close Saru was, but at the same time, how far he was).


He accepted the headband from Ikura-sensei but-

He missed his faceguard, and he brought up the possibility of getting one made for him to Sarutobi.

As Naruto, he could not have possibly known the reason for Hiruzen's bittersweet smile.

But he knew it, and so he waited for his (once-) student to escape his thoughts and promise that one would be made for him.


And when it came, he put it on and looked at himself in the mirror.


And felt more like himself than he had for decades.



But it was still missing something. He frowned, looking down at his (horrible, practically worthless) jumpsuit, and resolved to get some practical shinobi-wear.



Which meant either going back to Hiruzen - which he didn't want - or using a henge to alter his appearance.

And he knew just who to look like to do it.


After all, what sensei would want their newly-graduated student get killed because of what he was wearing?



After he had bought himself shinobi-wear that was satisfactory, he frowned, thinking and-


Over his heart, he stitched in the symbol of the Senju clan, the clan he had been born into the first time around, and on the outside of each shoulder-

The spiral of the Uzumaki clan, which was now (as far as he knew) down to one member.




He may have been Uzumaki Naruto but-

First and foremost he was Senju Tobirama.


When he was put on a team with the Uchiha, he knew that he no longer had a reason to put off helping him get over the massacre.

When he was put on a team with a pink-haired girl with near perfect chakra control- well.

It was a powder keg, yes. But it was an interesting powder keg.


Their sensei tried to divide them up and it worked at first but-

He was good. A bit of showing off brought Sasuke out of the shadows to back him up.

And Sasuke coming out of the shadows brought Sakura out as well.

In the end, it was through a maneuver from his past life that got the bells. That he promptly gave to Sasuke and Sakura, saying that he'd just graduate with the next class and not get a crazy sensei.

They passed. All of them.

He had worked with Hashirama and he knew that his newfound sensei was messing with him. A team was three Genin and one Jounin sensei.


... And they got no real training. At all.

So he took it upon himself to make sure Sakura got training for her chakra control and taijutsu with Sasuke.

... And slowly teaching them some of his easier jutsu.


He knew the purpose of D-ranks. He understood that he had to complete them but-

That didn't mean he had to like it.


So when they finally got a C-rank - away from the village as well, as an added bonus - even though he was grateful, he was also wary.

Tazuna was hiding something.


So when they were attacked by a couple of Chunin, he wasn't really surprised. Nor was he surprised when Sakura instantly fell back to protect the client while he and Sasuke dispatched the so called 'demon brothers'.

Although he was surprised when he heard about what was happening in Wave.


When their lazy-sensei proposed that they go back to Konoha, all three of them stared at him as though he was insane.

And then promptly refused. They'd accepted the mission, they could simply renegotiate their pay once the mission was complete.

Their sensei looked at him strangely for that comment, but that night he cast a sleep genjutsu on Tazuna and turned to the three genin.

"Where did you learn to move like that?" He asked. "Because that's not how genin move. In fact, it's not even how most chunnin move." They stilled and refused to look anywhere than their sensei. "Nor do they propose a renegotiate they pay."

Kakashi-sensei's gaze still found it's way to him, and he sighed.

"I will find out what you three are truly capable of once we reach Wave." He said, voice firm. "From there, we will work out what I will teach you."


It turned out Kakashi-sensei was serious because after fighting Zabuza and recovering, he had them fighting shadow clones up in the treetops, under orders not to fall.

In fact, out of the three genin, he was the only one doing well.


But not so well he wouldn't notice his jounin-sensei suddenly joining the fight!!


In Kakashi's eyes, it was fairly obvious that Naruto could easily be jounin level.


And it scared him. He could remember what it had done to him to be promoted as young as he did, and he would do what he could to keep Naruto from the same fate.

In any case, he'd have to work hard to keep Naruto from being noticed, even with the boy disguising his skill level.


If he had noticed, then Sarutobi could as well.


But that didn't answer one question that was bugging the jounin-

How had Naruto gotten so good?