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melt your headaches, call it home

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Everyone's feeling dead by the time they make it to the jet. That had been enough courtroom drama for a lifetime. Even Maya, who usually can't seem to stop talking, just wordlessly climbs onboard with the others, looking forward to a quiet flight home.

Edgeworth sighs as he slumps into the seat, exhausted after what might have been the most stressful days of his life. And it wasn’t even his life on the line!

He fastens his seatbelt and closes his eyes, hoping that he’d be able to sleep through whatever turbulence might occur. His plans were interrupted, though, when Trucy Wright skips down the aisle and plops herself down onto the seat beside him.

“Mind if I sit here?” she asks, as if she was even giving Edgeworth an option. He looks down at her seatbelt- already fastened- and decides he didn’t have the heart to shoo her away. He’d never been good at saying no to the girl, anyway.

Edgeworth just nods before looking out the window, watching Khura’in roll past as their jet begins to disappear into the clouds. Trucy pulls out her phone, opening up a bright game and tapping away at the screen.

“Trucy,” Edgeworth says. “Why don’t you try to get some rest? It’s a rather long flight back."

“I can’t sleep,” she replies, not looking up from her phone. "Just got a lot on my mind."

“Why not give it a try? I figure an actual chair must be more comfortable than my suitcase,” He teases. Trucy just giggles.

“Speaking of,” Edgeworth says, “How did you even get in there?” He always makes sure to quintuple-check his belongings. Trucy's stunts always made him worry a bit for his security.

“A magician never tells!” she chirps, sticking her tongue out at him.

Edgeworth just rolls his eyes. “So you’ve told me the past dozen times. Why do I even ask?” He intends to sound teasing, but there’s a hint of worry lining his voice. Something rubbed him the wrong way. The girl shouldn’t be taking this whole situation so… lightly.

The prosecutor sighs, knowing he’d need to address this with her sooner or later. Phoenix seems too frazzled by the day’s events to do anything at the moment, so Edgeworth decides to take the weight off his shoulders for him.

“Trucy, I…” he starts, unsure of how to go about this. “Trucy Wright, I’m very disappointed in you.”

She flinches at his tone, but quickly collects herself and puts on her showman’s smile again. “Why?” she replies coolly, putting her game away. “'Cause you couldn’t figure out my trick again? I-”

“You know what I mean,” Edgeworth says, pinching the bridge of his nose. “It was very dangerous of you to come along, do you understand that?” He couldn’t keep the worry from slipping into his tone, now. “I don’t know what I… What your father would do, should any harm come to you.”

Trucy tries to smile, but there’s a hint of sadness in her eyes. “I love you too, Uncle Miles.”

“Ngooh,” Edgeworth turns away, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

“But really, Trucy,” he continues. “Please never try that again. I don’t think my heart or my luggage can take it.”

"I'm sorry,” she says, after a beat. Edgeworth can see the gears turning in her head, thinking hard about what to say next.

He braces himself for another joke at his expense, but Trucy only says, “I just wanted to see Daddy and Polly.”

This takes the man by surprise. He doesn’t say anything for a while, and Trucy speaks up again. Her words are hushed now, just audible enough for the two of them to hear.

“I know that Khura’in was dangerous, Uncle Miles,” she says. “Everyone’s only told me like, a million times. But what if that meant I’d never see them again?” Her voice cracks a bit at the last statement, and Edgeworth meets her eyes then. There was no mirth left in her expression, like she’d grown tired of keeping her walls up.

Edgeworth is at a loss for words once more, and Trucy looks away, shaking her head. He feels like he should say something, but before he could, Trucy decides to change the subject again.

“That’s why you came too, isn’t it?” she asks, quietly.

Edgeworth feels his heart skip a beat. “What do you mean?” he asks, voice shaking.

“I know you didn’t have to come all the way out here, either,” Trucy says. “At least, not personally. Don’t you have a ton of Chief Prosecutor biz waiting back home?”

The man swallows, and nearly deflects the accusation. Then he remembers that Trucy had already bared herself to him, and suddenly he feels there was no reason to lie, now.

“This was… Important. T-To me.” He thinks he didn’t say that last part out loud, but judging by the smile on Trucy’s face, he’d probably let it slip.

Trucy doesn't say anything, and just nods, seeming satisfied with that reply.

A few minutes pass in silence, then she decides to swerve once more. “At least I got to see Polly one last time before he stayed behind,” she said, pulling her hat off her head. “Can you imagine if everyone else was able to say goodbye to him but me?”

Edgeworth stays silent again. It seems Trucy doesn’t blame him for not knowing what to say. She fiddles with the brim of her hat, a bittersweet smile creeping back onto her face.

“I know it was wrong, Uncle Miles. I really do,” she says. “But I don’t regret it one bit.”

Edgeworth nods, identifying with her words all too well.

“And neither do you,” she adds.

The prosecutor swallows, looking down at his own hands.

“Your father is… He’s very dear to me,” is all he can say.

Trucy nods. “Maybe you were even half as scared as me at that trial, heh.”

Edgeworth tries to read her expression, but the girl rests her head on his shoulder before he could. He doesn’t move away, feeling drained from the conversation as well.

“You’re very dear to Daddy too, you know,” she says, her voice just barely above a whisper. “I don’t think he can stand losing you, either.”

He cringes. “I know,” he says, the memories of a note from many years ago still burning fresh in his mind.

“Neither can I, you know? I don’t…” Trucy whispers, “I don’t like it when people have to go away. Every time you had to fly back to Europe when Daddy was still disbarred… I always thought you might not come back.”

Edgeworth wants to retort, feeling hurt that she thought of him that way. But the image of Zak Gramarye briefly flashes through his mind, and he decides to let it go.

“Well, I’m here to stay now,” he says. He looks down to see Trucy studying his face intently. “Not just for my position, but for you and your father.”

“Well at least I can tell you’re not lying, but...” Trucy trails off, her gaze now focused on the seats ahead of them.

“...What is that supposed to mean?” When the girl doesn’t reply, he follows her gaze a few aisles ahead. Phoenix is staring out the window, lost in thought. Edgeworth looks back to Trucy, then back to Phoenix, and thinks her words over again.

The pieces of logic snap together in his mind, and he stiffens. Trucy puts a hand over his clenched fist and speaks up again.

“It’s the only reason he hasn’t done anything yet,” she says. “ ... Daddy’s scared, too.”

Edgeworth furrows his brows, the blush on his face growing deeper.

Trucy shrugs and settles herself on his shoulder again. “Just some food for thought.”

“I… Thank you for your insight, Trucy.”

Brightness lines her voice again, the moment of vulnerability passing. “And thank you for your suitcase!”

“Nggh!” He’s about to chastise her one last time, but looks down to see the girl has already fallen asleep on his shoulder.

Edgeworth goes over their conversation again as he feels his own eyelids droop. He spends a bit of the flight trying to decide what to do next, before the exhaustion settles in and he falls asleep himself.

Trucy almost thinks their conversation flew right over Uncle Miles’ head. He barely spoke a word to her or Daddy as they boarded his car and he drove them home from the airport.

But when he stops at their apartment, he tells her to run on ahead. “I just need to have a word with your father,” is all he says.

The girl smiles, quickly kissing them both goodnight before trotting over to their building’s door. She pauses at the entryway, taking one last look at the two men sitting side by side in the car. They don’t seem to notice her staring, gazes focused sharply on the other. They’re discussing something too quiet for her to hear.

She’s about to turn away when she catches Uncle Miles reaching for her Daddy’s face and leaning in. Trucy smirks, putting one hand on her hip and pulling down the brim of her hat with the other. ' Now you’re not leaving for sure’ she thinks to herself, happily skipping into their apartment complex.

Through all the disaster that happened that day, at least she'd managed to get one person to stay.