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A Place Of Deep Emotion

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Regina looked deep into Emma’s eyes. She couldn’t quite grasp what had happened in the previous few minutes. She had to re-check her surroundings a few times just to make sure she was properly aware of the time and place. Her office. Friday night. Held against a wall by one Emma Swan. She could push her away. Heck! She could send her flying out the damn window, right back to Boston had she wanted to. But no. Instead, she kissed her. The brunette had no idea why she did that. She did actually. She definitely wanted to and got caught up in the intense moment between them…

There was something irresistibly sexy about being held against a wall by the woman you’ve secretly been lusting after for god knows how long. And now she could admit it to herself. Somehow, she felt safe in Emma’s arms

But she still also wanted some time to figure out what it was exactly that she was looking for. There was no way Emma would find out about that though. Regina? Uncertain? Nope. No way. That kiss… She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been kissed like that. It felt like volcanoes erupting between them. It was electric. Magic…

Why had Emma stopped like that though? Didn’t she feel the same? Of course she did. It was the strong emotions towards her that caused her to be able to produce magic. And that was definitely not hate magic. Suddenly she felt the grip on her arms weaken. The blonde was pulling away…

“What’s wrong?” Regina took a chance with that question, terrified of the answer. Emma better not have been playing her… “Don’t tell me that wasn’t amazing, because if that wasn’t I don’t know what is…”

“Oh believe me that was more than amazing…” Emma had started to slowly walk around the room, her hands in her back pockets.

“Then what? You can’t tell me you don’t feel anything… There’s something between us Emma.”  She didn’t mean it to sound so easy like that… But it was true. There was something between them, but she left it there. She had to seem certain and confident.

“Are you kidding me Regina? It’s the exact opposite of that that I’m afraid of...” Emma was almost insulted by that question. Not only did she have excessively strong feelings for Regina, she felt out of control around her. Until that day she couldn’t quite pinpoint the nature of her emotions. But now she definitely could. Love, lust, compassion, attraction, care… Not to mention the woman was sexy as fuck.

The pantsuits she wore were all kinds of right. Her full, plump lips combined with the look she usually had in her b-e-a-utiful brown eyes were simply impossible to ignore. And somehow, Regina always picked the perfect outfits that complimented her figure perfectly. The way she always had the top two buttons of her shirt undone, almost giving her the tiniest peak at her cleavage did things to Emma that she could never say out loud. The pencil skirts she often wore wrapped around her ass perfectly, leaving little to the imagination. Not to even mention the fact that the brunette had the most seductive voice Emma had ever heard. Every sound that came out of the woman’s lips was a hypnotizing siren song. How could Emma –or anyone for that matter- not fall for her?

“Well then what is it? My techniques haven’t gotten any complaints before…” Regina tried to make Emma feel more at ease.

“That is definitely not it…It’s just...I don’t know Regina…” by this time the other woman had caught up to her. She touched her waist and turned her around. Now they were facing each other.

“It’s just… Oh God Regina you really don’t know what power you have over people do you? You’re so... Well… hot to be honest. I would do anything at your command…” she took a deep breath and continued. “I don’t want to go too fast into anything. I know and you know that there are intense feelings involved on my part, and I don’t want either of us getting hurt just because we got into something I couldn’t handle, and also… God! You’re the Evil Queen, well actually no you’re not… you were the Evil Queen… Can I be absolutely sure you won’t go back to your old ways? Because let’s not forget Henry… Henry could get seriously hurt here… Also, I had no idea you swung this way.”

Emma was ranting on and on, and though Regina secretly found that cute she walked even closer, the tips of their shoes touching, and placed her index finger on Emma’s lips.

“Shh” Even the sound of Regina’s whisper aroused Emma… “I’m going to keep my sexuality a mystery for the time being. You can take all the time you want, just don’t even think of playing me.” Regina smiled seductively and walked away, right back to her starting point. Her desk. She looked down. “As for the Evil Queen thing…” She lifted her head and took a glimpse at the blonde woman standing in front of her. “Understandable, but you should know, I have no intention of going back to that life. Not now, not with Henry and not with… you…”

She smiled and Emma walked her way, picked up her slightly tilted chin and guided the brunette to look into her eyes. “I trust you Regina. Just give me a little time.”

Regina smiled at her and nodded in appreciation.

A Few Days Later, Granny’s Diner

Emma was sitting at the bar, a glass of scotch in her hands. Belle was to her right, and Ruby was behind the counter cleaning up a few dishes and serving customers –well, pretending to anyway- . Emma just sat there for about an hour drinking and occasionally stirring her drink. Ruby and Belle exchanged a few looks but said nothing.

“Okay, stop!” Ruby eventually snapped at Emma “I’ve been watching you look at that glass skeptically for like an hour now! What’s going on Ems?” she wiped a mug she’d been washing and raised an eyebrow at the blonde woman sitting in front of her, who just looked kind of puzzled.

“She’s right Emma… You know you can talk to us, right?” Belle said on a sweeter tone than the twenty-something with red hair.

Emma nodded and looked back at her drink, moving it in a circular motion to stir it. She just couldn’t stop thinking about Regina and all that had happened. It was too much, and she still had trouble letting it sink in. She wanted to talk to the girls, especially since they’d come so much closer since her return to Storybrooke… But how could she tell them something like that? They already knew she liked women, but not about Regina in specific.  Even if they did…How would they handle the fact that she, Emma Swan, the savior, was in love with her, Regina Mills, the Evil Queen?

But on the other hand she did need to get it all out somewhere… And especially Belle seemed like the best person to potentially talk to about the subject… Ruby would probably offer some sort of advice on how to pick Regina up or figure out who she’s into or something… Not that that would be totally useless, but for the time being she just needed something different.

“I know… But this is far too complicated and fucked up…” she just stared at the glass, and Belle touched her arm.

“Whatever it is, we’re here for you…” Belle smiled sweetly.

“Yeah! The bookworm’s right!” Ruby agreed playfully to ease the tension. The tree girls chuckled and Emma opened her mouth to say something. For a second she hesitated.

“Have you guys ever…” The blonde attempted to find the appropriate way to phrase what she had in mind. She inhaled, drank a sip from her drink and continued. “Have you ever had feelings for someone you shouldn’t?” Emma blurted out, and then paused for a few seconds. How could she possibly tell them without causing a stroke? “I’m in a situation with someone… I don’t know what the heck is going on with me.”

Ruby and Belle were starting to get concerned. They exchanged another look and glanced back at Emma. “What do you mean? How complicated could it be? True love is magic… If you’re in it, you know…” Belle asked.

“That’s the problem… I know- I know I’m in love with… But the person is the problem… It’s… She’s… Oh God…” Emma looked at the girls and pictured their responses. She looked down and banged her head on the counter. Ruby stopped her and held her hand.

“Okay stop that!” Ruby scolded, her eyes looked worried.

“It’s fine…”

“You aren’t fine honey…What is going on? Who is it?” Belle held Emma’s hand, comforting her.

“It’s…” She took a deep breath. “It’s Regina…”

Ruby dropped the plate she was washing and exclaimed out loud. “Regina?!”

The whole diner turned to look at the three girls. Belle stared at Ruby, scolding her with her eyes.

“Sorry…” She whispered to her friends and started to pick up the pieces of the broken plate. Belle looked at Emma.

“Regina? The Regina?”  Belle inquired looking into Emma’s eyes, searching for signs that her friend might be lying. She found nothing. Just the confused eyes of a heavily confused woman. Truth be told, she’d never seen Emma like that before.

“How did that happen? Did something happen between the two of you or something?” Emma didn’t want to reveal the events of their encounter. Regina might not want her too either… Not to mention she didn’t know how to explain it all.

“Nothing specific… She’s just so fucking hot…Have you ever even noticed her?” Emma was starting to really get into it.

“Yeah…Noticed her create the damn curse that brought us here…” Ruby muttered to herself.  

“Ruby!” Belle looked at her, and then back at Emma.

“She’s so freaking hot! Oh those lips…And her eyes…Have you seen her jawline? And she’s insanely smart…Such a sly sense of humor… And her voice… That just does all sorts of things to me…” Emma wasn’t addressing her friends anymore. She was basically talking the glass of alcohol in her hands and occasionally turning her head to one of them. The two girls realized she was getting a bit turned on.

“Okay honey we get it…” Belle stopped her. They had started to feel really uncomfortable. “How long has this been going on?”

“I don’t have a clue…It feels so strong I’ve lost track of everything else… Oh God this is so messed up! How the fuck did I get into this mess?” Emma almost put her head through the counter and took the last sip out of her drink and ordered another drink.

“You are not getting any more drinks Emma! But can I ask you a question?” Ruby put down a towel and sat down, still behind the counter. “How does she feel about you? Do you have any idea?”

“I actually don’t… Like, I’m not even sure she plays on my team.”

The sheriff noticed Ruby opening her mouth to say something, but the young woman hesitated. She opened her mouth once again but Belle eyed her as if trying to stop her from speaking. Unfortunately for them Emma was a smart girl and she was well aware that something was going on that she didn’t know about.

“Okay what are you two hiding from me?” She was serious. Not sure what to expect, she fixated her glance on the two girls, mentally forcing them to give her an honest answer. It was working.

“I just don’t want to tell you something that might not be true Emma. If you really are in this situation, this might mess up your judgment…” Belle said, her eyes sweetly looking at Emma, only to see a perplexed woman trying to figure out her next move.

“Just tell me already. After all this, I’m sure I can handle pretty much anything” she laughed at her own remark and looked at her friends, waiting for a response.

“Fine, but don’t get your hopes up or anything. Okay?” the blonde nodded and with Belle’s consent, Ruby continued. “The thing is… Before you got here –the first time- Regina had many relationship- Escapades? Basically they didn’t work. She would parade around with some new man in her life for a few months but a while later they seemed to have broken up. Then she’d spend a long while alone, and then you came along, Graham died and suddenly it all stopped… So you know…Folks started to wonder…”

Emma just stared at Ruby while she was speaking those words. Could she possibly be telling the truth? Then again, why would she lie? Had she been the one to turn the Evil Queen? Had the Evil Queen turned? Countless thoughts went through her mind, when she was interrupted by Belle

“Just please don’t let this get to you, okay Emma? Promise?” Belle persevered, and the blonde nodded, but all three of them knew she was clearly lying. She was going to let this get to her. In fact, she was probably going to let the thought gnaw at her brain until she asked Regina herself. Or found a more discrete way of getting it out of her. 

The three women sat there, looking at each other, when Emma abruptly got up and ran out the door of the diner. Belle and Ruby chased after her and stopped her in the middle of the street.

“Emma what happened?” Ruby grabbed her arm to prevent her running off again.

“Something’s not right. I have to go” Emma pulled her hand away and left in a hurry.  She must have been running for about ten minutes when she reached her destination. The Mayor’s office. She sprinted up the stairs and entered the main room. She was right. The room looked as if someone had broken in, set fire to half the room, and drove a chainsaw through the other half. But where was Regina? Emma scanned the room but there was no sign of her. Then she heard an agonizing scream. She walked in the direction of the couch, and right behind the white leather piece of furniture was Regina.

This may have been the first time Emma ever saw Regina wounded this bad. Or at all for that matter. She had blood all over her clothes and a huge bruise on her left knee. Emma helped Regina up.

“What the hell happened here?” the savior looked around the room and then back at Regina.