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True Love Isn't Evil Or Dead Too

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AN: Hey, y'all. This FanFic is a direct sequel to Be Obscene's Don't Breath/Evil Dead crossover, True Love Isn't Evil Or Dead. This is also a slight crossover with Ash vs Evil Dead as there will be some characters from the tv series will show up in the following chapters of this brand new FanFic. This FanFic will be about twelve chapters. I hope that all of y'all will love and enjoy reading it just as much as I will love and enjoy working on and writing it. I have decided to write and post this very first of this sequel a little bit earlier than I was originally going to. I promise that I will get back to working on and writing my other two FanFic's soon. Now on with the story.


Fandoms: Don't Breath (2016 Movie). Evil Dead (2013 Movie). Ash vs Evil Dead ( 2015 to present tv series).


FanFic Rating: This FanFic is rated M for smut, swearing, violence, and a lot of gore.


Characters: Rocky. Mia. Ash. Uncle Ash. Pablo. Kelly. And many other characters will show up and a lot will be referenced and mentioned as well, including some OC's that I have created exclusively for this FanFic series.


Pairing: Rocky/Mia. Pablo/Kelly. Other pairings may show up in later chapters of this FanFic.


Setting: The Plot of this sequel picks up right where Be Obscene's True Love Isn't Evil Or Dead, the original FanFic, the first part of this epic crossover event had left off.


Summary: After going through a portal to Michigan to visit Rocky's Uncle Ash, Rocky and Mia go through another portal after they meet Uncle Ash. Who knows what awaits them on the side of that portal?. And what happens next?. You will have to read it find out. (The sequel to Be Obscene's True Love Isn't Evil Or Dead). (Rocky/Mia.) (Selfcest). (There will be twelve chapters).


Recap: I'm sure he'll explain everything. He's quite the talker," he laughed. Both girls just stood there giving blank stares, "So are you two together or...because I mean it's totally ok if you are..." a new portal put an end to the awkward exchange. It opened up by the fireplace. "That will be him. You've fought those things before right?"

"Fuck yeah, " answered Mia, "You got a chainsaw I could borrow?"

Ash picked up a chainsaw he had handy, "All gassed up for ya!" He turned over to Rocky, "Sorry we had to cut the reunion short, Rock."

"Thanks! But who is this guy? How are we supposed to know if we can trust him?"

"He just told me you're part of the prophecy. He seems to know about what's going on. He just needs some help."

"So why aren't you coming?" Mia questioned suspiciously.

"Ah...I'm not part of the prophecy. Good luck!"

Mia rolled her eyes and held Rocky's hand, "Are you sure about this?"

"You think I'm going to let you do this alone?"

They both smiled at each other and faced the blank looking pool of black. They took a step and disappeared into it, going on to the other side to face whatever Hell awaited them.


Rocky and Mia both step through the portal and out on the other side. The portal closes behind them and the two women take in the place that they are in right now. They standing right in front of the same cabin that Rocky's Uncle Ash is living in, except this cabin is a little bit worse for wear. And it seems like they were the only two people around at the moment. Rocky and Mia walk closer to the old run down cabin and as they git closer, that's when they see an Oldsmobile Delta 88 that's parked near the front of the cabin.

The two girls share a glance with each other and they grasp one another's hands tighter. And then they both jump and scream a little when the cabin door bursts open and a guy that looks exactly like Uncle Ash but instead of a right hand, he has a chainsaw, a chainsaw much like the one that Mia herself has where her own lefy hand had used to be. They both stare wide-eyed at the older man. Rocky can't believe it. He looks exactly like her own Uncle Ash.

Mia is just as shocked and confused as Rocky is right now at this very moment. This can't be real. But then again, both her and Rocky have been through really, really crazy and insane shit recently and in the last year or so this shouldn't be anything new to them. 'This is fucking nuts. But my life was sane to begin with. With the whole people being possessed by evil demons trying to kill me shit. Come on, Mia. You can do this. I have Rocky with me now, she and I can do this since we have each other now'., Mia thinks to herself as she looks over Rocky and she blushes slightly. That's when she notices that Rocky is also blushing a little bit as well.

"Uncle Ash?"., Rocky asks him, confused as to what's going on and just exactly where they had ended up. 'This doesn't make any sense. Well, Mia and I look just alike. My doppelganger who I might be in love with. So maybe this guy is my Uncle's doppelganger'., Rocky thinks to herself as she and Mia wait for 'Chainsaw Ash'., to say something. The other Ash smirks at the two women and he pushes the cabin's door and he holds it open for them.

"Come on, you too. It's safer inside this cabin than it is out here. I promise that I'll explain everything. Well, everything that I can explain anyway"., Ash says and the two girls share another look with each other as they walk up the cabin's steps and past Ash into the old beat up cabin. Ash closes and locks the door behind the three of them. 'This is going to be interesting'., Ash thinks to himself as he follows Mia and Rocky into his cabin.

When the three of them walk into the living room, Mia and Rocky notice that they are not alone. There are two other people in the cabin and they are both sitting down on the couch. One is a guy in his late twenties. And the other person is a woman who's also in her twenties. And Ash sits down in a chair near them and he gestures for Rocky and Mia to sit down in a love seat that is right across from Ash and his two friends. And the two women do just as Ash had asked them to do. The other two smile kindly at Mia and Rocky. Ash smiles at them as well. 'i have a lot to explain to them. So fucking much to say and so little time to say it in. Let's get this party started'., Ash thinks to himself as he smirks a little to himself as he starts to gather his thoughts a little before he starts to explain some things.

"Okay. Let me introduce you guys. These are my two friends, Pablo and Kelly. They have been helping me fix this fucking shit that I had actually caused a while back. Let me explain as much as I can"., Ash says once more and he begins to tell Rocky and Mia his own story. And both Pablo and Kelly fill in Ash's story when forgets something. After Pablo and Kelly tell their own story, Rocky and Mia tell the other three people their own stories, leaving out a just few things. Rocky looks over to Ash. Pablo and Kelly share a look with one another before they turn all of their attention back to Ash and to their new friends as well.

"Ash, my Uncle Ash had mentioned some kind prophecy thing that we are all part of apparently?"., Rocky asks him and he waves his left hand in a dismissive way. Rocky stares at him slightly in anger as does Mia. Pablo and Kelly look between them, the two of them scared a little because they are worried if a might happen. Ash stares at her for a second before gets up from his chair and he walks past Rocky and Mia and his friends.

"That can wait until later. I promise that I'll explain everything else in the morning, including the prophecy that I told my doppelganger, your Uncle Ash about, and then he told you about. We all have been through really horrible shit, so let's get some rest and we can all talk some more later when we all have had some sleep under our belts"., Ash says to them and everyone nods their head in agreement with what Ash is telling them. Ash nods to them all and he leads the two women to their bedroom. "Here's your room. My room is just down the hall and just across from my room is Pablo's and Kelly's room. Get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be one long ass fucking day"., He says to them and Rocky and Mia nod back to him as he leaves to go to his own bedroom. Rocky and Mia then walk into what will be their new bedroom for who knows how long.

Rocky quickly finds the light switch and she flips it on, turning the lights one and the bedroom is bathed in a soft light. Mia removes the chainsaw from her arm and she places it by the bed on the floor. Rocky closes the bedroom door behind the two of them and she and Mia then start to strip to their underwear, leaving them in just their bras and panties. They glance over at each other and they blush a rather deep shade of red at seeing each other almost naked.

Rocky gently grabs Mia's right hand and she leads them both to their new bed, which is in the very middle of their new bedroom. Rocky and Mia get on the bed and under the bed covers and they cuddle against each other. Rocky kisses Mia softy right before they fall asleep, waiting for what the coming days will bring them. But they know that they can take what life throws at them.


AN 2: Hey, y'all. Yes, I'm writing the sequel to Be Obscene's True Love Isn't Evil Or Dead and I really hope that y'all will love and enjoy reading it just as much as I will working on and writing it. I apologize for the shortness of this first chapter. I will get back to working on and writing my other two FanFic's before I write the second chapter of this FanFic, but I will try to update all three FanFic's as often as can. This FanFic will be about twelve chapters long and every chapter will be about 2k to 4k words long, other than this first short chapter. There will be a flashback later on in this FanFic that will pick up right where Evil Dead (2013) had left off of, which is just a year before Mia and Rocky first meet each other.

And as I have just said before, I'll try to update and post, Cassie Cage x Sonya Blade: A Futa Mother's Love, The White Room: (Damon Salvatore And Stefan Salvatore), and True Love Isn't Evil Or Dead Too weekly or as often as I can. I promise that the next chapter, chapter two, will be way longer than this first chapter was, and it will be somewhere along 2k words long. If I have had made any mistakes in this FanFic or one of my other countless FanFic's, please let me know in y'all's reviews. I thank all of y'all for reading, reviewing, favoriting, and following all of my work. As always please read and review. Until next time.


AN 3: Hey. y'all. There a few other things that I have to tell all of y'all right now: Since I'm writing three different FanFic at the moment, I won't be working on anything else for a while, including any FanFic request that I have been asked to write as will take me a while to finish writing all three of my current FanFic's: Cassie Cage x Sonya Blade: A Futa Mother's Love, The White Room: (Damon Salvatore And Stefan Salvatore), and True Love Isn't Evil Or Dead Too. There's another thing that I want to say to all of my readers: I'm very grateful for all of y'all. And to Be Obscene: Thank you for being my friend and for letting me write this sequel to your awesome FanFic. I can't wait to write more of this awesome FanFic. If I have had made any mistakes in this FanFic or one of my other countless FanFic's, please let me know in y'all's reviews. I thank all of y'all for reading, reviewing, favoriting, and following all of my work. As always please read and review. Until next time.